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FrameworkJS has been launched

on Dec 06, 2018

FMWK.png (1365x837)On ZeroNet, no need to recreate the same things for every new project you begin. Framework.js already comes with the basic libs and features ZeroNet needs.

It already includes the basic features expected from a web framework, plus more!
It includes, for reading: Headings, Paragraphs, Blockquotes, Badges, Images, Navbar, Logo
For forms: buttons, sticky buttons, inputs, text areas
For webpage/app: navbar/header, header menu, navmenu, scroller, footer
Other elements: Tiled lists, longcard lists
CSS classes: .full-size, .no-opacity, .color, .color-bg

For ZeroNet, FrameworkJS is the first usable framework, and the world's first click-to-clone web framework.
On FrameworkJS site, just click "Create your own zite", and it will redirect to your brand new project. You can also use FrameworkJS on your current project.
Zite owner can call JS to clone your own site or another site. Also, FrameworkJS is doing the begin of UltraApps with the detection of clearnet/zeronet, and supports ZeroNet dark theme. It also comes with the most useful ZeroNet libs

Framework isn't better, because ZeroNet didn't implemented yet the new features I suggested for site clonning.

FrameworkJS also includes Bootstrap and Material Design ready to use.

Use it on your project, and copy/paste the JS/CSS (except the custom ones) when a new version of Framework is launched.

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BOMB! Get Games has been closed. Is ZeroNet anti-censorship, really?

on Nov 01, 2018

getgames.png (1366x728)

"Open, free and uncensorable websites,
using Bitcoin cryptography and BitTorrent network"

This is the first phrase you read after ZeroNet title.

"Developed by the community for the community", is other apparently trustworthy phrase you see, even with the fact that zites aren't owned by the contributors and ZeroNet source-code is totally owned by Tamas Kocsis on GitHub and he lefts lots of pull request open without implementing or helping them (i2P, DHT, IPv6).

"We believe in
open, free, and uncensored
network and communication"

It is the bright, shining and inspiring phrase you read on ZeroNet credits - but on practice it doesn't sounds so true. Does Tamas really haves those beliefs, even with no actual interest on implementing quantum resistant addresses, i2P (considered better than Tor for anonymization), DHT (better than current torrenting), IPv6?

But this doesn't seems to be true when we review/see the Tamas' comments on GitHub and interviews. On an interview, he said that ZeroNet will never surpass the web, like the bugs will never surpass the birds. Is this the same that said that believe on open, free and uncensored?

This article will cover what happened on Get Games - due to Tor or Bitcoin Cryptography weakness - and can, on next, happen against Play, the torrenting site for movies. Is Get Games closed due to an powerful quantum computer funded by anti-piracy companies/governments, or hackers/forensics that visited each IP where the data traveled?

The closing of Get Games was discovered and announced on ZeroMe/Peeper thought Daniell Mesquita:

post9-2.png (647x754)

The original post:

[]( Some days after I'd downloaded this site, now it is closed. Thanks **@nofish**: I already said ZeroNet needs archiving system, a thing where IPFS is beating ZN. Govs reached the zite owner thought Tor, and Nofish didn't wanted to implement i2P, that is better than Tor. **@ZeroMux**: said that Nofish is wrong and i2P isn't that hard thing to implement, then disapeared, like GetGames site. Again, thanks, Tamas Kocsis, for not hearing me again


Daniell also relied directly on Tamas in GitHub, with a comment in the IPv6 pull request:

@HelloZeroNet @shortcutme Could you f****ng review this pull request? Could you f****ng study about i2P after implementing PY 3, as @MuxZeroNet already pointed out that you're wrong about the difficulties to implement it alongside Tor?

He also posted screenshots of ZeroMux (an important early contributor of ZeroNet) saying that is opposed about Nofish/Tamas saying that i2P is difficult to implement:

post9-3.png (652x590)

post9-4.png (652x267)

post9-5.png (652x768)

​​​​​​​Then, Mesquita noticed Tamas about the closing of Get Games, with the zite's screenshot:

Do you know that Get Games has been recently removed?You said ZeroNet zites are uncensorable. News sites said that Play can't be put down.

News sites said that Play can't be put down.

It is referencing to those news about Play:



Sadly, Daniell Mesquita is proving that those news are wrong, about the theoretical fact that Play and other ZeroNet sites can't be put down by an attacker, or even closed by the very owner (maybe the case of Get Games).

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on Oct 16, 2018
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Interview with ZeroLSTN (creator of the zite ZeroLSTN)

on Oct 15, 2018

interviewzerolstn.jpg (1021x567)

ZeroLSTN site:
Interview on Riot.im

Daniell Mesquita:
Is LSTN open-source?
What is the diff between ZeroLSTN and Lola's Mixtape?

Yeah, it's on gitcenter or on github and it was the original. Mixtape is just for sharing playlists, zerolstn is like a full-featured music player and library.
Though it definitely needs some updating, that's for sure.
I intend to get to it soonish

Daniell Mesquita:
Can I interview you for ZeroNews?


Daniell Mesquita:
How you want to be called/referred to?

Let's just go with ZeroLSTN for now

Daniell Mesquita:
Do you care about privacy?

I do

Daniell Mesquita:
Too much? For sample, using Tor browser?
Using Noscript on browser?
Or just care about clearnet data storers, such as Facebook?
and Google+

Only when I'm doing something that needs ultimate privacy. My regular browsing consists of Firefox stable with 4-5 privacy-preserving addons.
I do not have a Facebook account.

Daniell Mesquita:
What do you think about Facebook/Google+ alternative, Diaspora?
Remembering Google+ will shutdown on 2019 because of 50 million user data leaked for about 3 years without Google disclosing what had occured
What is better, Diaspora or Mastodon? (both are federated instead of use central server)

Diaspora is nice, but I don't see it reaching mainstream status like Mastodon or other Activity-pub based social networks. Diaspora's development just seems slow and the UI isn't nice enough.
I think you got your answer :P
Mastodon is built on a standard API which a lot of other sites (like Peertube) have implemented, so I see it winning the race here.
At least until the p2p networks arise ;)

Daniell Mesquita:
Do you have optimistic viewpoint, that ZeroNet and its P2P technology can arise or even replace WWW?

It would need some more killer apps and some major marketing (organic or otherwise), but I believe it does indeed have the potential to be given that.
The biggest problem I see with ZeroNet at the moment is not user-friendliness, which is often the problem with other p2p systems, but rather developer-unfriendliness. The docs are a bit messy and hard to understand, and there aren't very many tutorials anywhere. In addition, developer chat is limited to some small corners of the internet.
Opening that up is I think the first step to creating a better and more content-filled ZeroNet, and growth will then naturally follow.

Daniell Mesquita:
What would be the competitors of those "killer apps"? Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram?
What could be done to make ZeroNet more user/dev friendly?
Developer chat?
About a more content-filled ZeroNet, how do you think original content can be incentivized, like on YouTube Originals?

For developer friendliness, better docs and more tutorials. I'm working on this in my free time at the moment, but anyone is welcome to help out by contributing to https://github.com/HelloZeroNet/Documentation.
Incentivization is tough. At the moment I think we could do well will just providing the platform as a free alternative to centralized platforms. Incentivization and money is something ZeroNet will have to handle in the future to stay afloat though.

Daniell Mesquita:
I'll do some pull requests for it. I found difficult to understand how to implement API.

Yes same.

Daniell Mesquita:
(I'm refering to the ZeroNet Documentation you shared)

Awesome, I look forward to it!

Daniell Mesquita:
You said about incentivization and money on ZeroNet. Do you think ZeroNet could create a token and its crowdsale?
Also, Content Creator programs? (including zites)
Or also a hackathlon, and bounties for developers
And participation on privacy/P2P/decentralizarion conferences?
Could ZeroNet have a former dev team?

Sure, all of the above. Whatever works to generate buzz around it.
A token wouldn't be the easiest thing to implement, and ideally would be sendable with the default ZeroNet client, but there's a lot of discussion in the way before something like that could happen.

Daniell Mesquita:
Could ZeroNet have a former dev team?

Do you mean formal dev team?
There has been talk of including multiple developers to the zeronet repository in the future, yes.

Daniell Mesquita:

Yes, this would help substantially with maintanence.

Daniell Mesquita:
ZeroNet could implement Ethereum plugin, but it is not too different from Bitcoin (except the smart-contracts, as I think and I'm not sure)
QRL (Quantum Resistant Ledger) already haves support for tokens, but no smart-contracts yet
What do you think about AI and quantum computing? The implications and benefits?
I would direct this question to quantumkitty/kopykate/misses-robot/sylvie/jane (oh this women haves too much nicknames and names LOL), because shee uses robots training AI


Daniell Mesquita:
ZeroNet could implement Ethereum plugin, but it is not too different from Bitcoin (except the smart-contracts, as I think and I'm not sure)

Yes, a cryptocurrency would most-easily be implemented plugin-wise. Couldn't we just have plugins for a variety of popular currencies and allow people to donate in whichever one they like?

Daniell Mesquita:
What do you think about AI and quantum computing? The implications and benefits?

It's powerful but it's dangerous. I believe it will bring a net-benefit to the world though.

Daniell Mesquita:
Do you have concerns about ZeroNet zites (they uses Bitcoin addresses to be accessed) being broken with quantum computing?
Sorry for speaking like who speaking for a newbie, but it is a interview

At the moment no. I would be more concerned about my Bitcoin wallet being hackable, and at the moment nobody seems to be freaking out about that being a possibility.

Daniell Mesquita:
Do you think ZeroNet should get paranoid and implement quantum resisting crypto before it get attacked?

(Apologies for the late responses, your messages only just came in)
I believe it should, but not at this time. There are more pressing issues to worry about, such as the python2 deprecating in 2020, ZeroNet's inability to be packaged by major distributions due to it's unorthodox dependency structure, as well as major refactoring of a lot of its file to make it more contributor friendly.
Nofish does plan to tackle these issues before the end of the year. Afterwards I'd be more open to increasing ZeroNet's security in the long term.

Daniell Mesquita:
Do you have other zite project for ZeroNet, other than ZeroLSTN?

The first zite I ever made, if you don't count my mirrored website, was a pastebin called ZeroPaste. I even registered ZeroPaste.bit as well. Alas, it was 90% done but I already found myself working on ZeroLSTN before it was ever completed.
I have ideas for new sites though, but I want to fix up ZeroLSTN again but I get to those. But before all that, I think making ZeroNet more developer-friendly is top priority.

Daniell Mesquita:
Do you think some year JavaScript will beat Python?

In what sense?

Daniell Mesquita:
Have more developers
When it haves more devs using it
JavaScript's creators already said that plans to use something like Coffeescript on new JS version
And coffeescript is like PY

They both have thriving communities, I'm not too concerned than one being better than the other. Also afaik the latest versions of JS have already implemented many of the nice features of cs, so cs has effectively been rendered obsolete.

Daniell Mesquita:
Is the new JS using short/simple coding like cs (coffeescript)?

I'm not entirely familiar with developments in newer versions of JavaScript, just what I've heard about past versions implementing some cs features.

Daniell Mesquita:

so cs has effectively been rendered obsolete.

Then it is not true

Perhaps not, but this is what I remember reading.

Daniell Mesquita:
Do you use CoffeeScript on ZeroLSTN, to make its source simpler?

I do not. I learned it thinking it was necessary for ZeroNet development but then realized it was not. In addition to resources for website developers being written primarily in JavaScript/TypeScript I didn't see any reason to use CoffeeScript.

Daniell Mesquita:
What was the need when you created LSTN?
How this idea came?
What LSTN means?
You don't think using "Zero" prefix, makes its name generic?

I wanted an easy way to stream my large music collection to my phone which had limited storage and didn't want to use a paid solution. I also thought I could increase my collection by creating a streaming site that others could look at and contibute to. That was the inspiration for ZeroLSTN, and LSTN is short for "listen". ZeroLSTN is pronounced "Zero Listen".

Daniell Mesquita:
You don't think using "Zero" prefix, makes its name generic?
Maybe, but Zero does sound cool in a name, which is why I personally think everyone is so fond of using it :)
Do you think make it depending on a prefix is cool?
It is not generic name, but redundant
LSTN is a good name

True, but I want to help promote ZeroNet at the same time while showing people ZeroLSTN who may not already be familiar with ZeroNet. It's a win-win name for marketing both products.

Daniell Mesquita:
Ah, understood
It makes sense
Personally I don't want to use "Zero" prefix
I think there are other ways to promote ZeroNet in a site
For sample, showing a message to help making the network stronger by downloading ZN
Message after some use
Is you against ads on clearnet version of zites?

I do try to encourage ZeroNet proxy users to download ZeroNet in various ways on ZeroLSTN. For instance, one cannot download songs unless they are using ZeroNet, which is ideal if you don't want to waste your bandwidth listening to the same song over and over.
I don't really agree with ads personally, but a proxy owner is free to do whatever they like as they own their proxy. If they want to do so to encourage users to download a proper client, then I respect that.

Daniell Mesquita:

For instance, one cannot download songs unless they are using ZeroNet, which is ideal if you don't want to waste your bandwidth listening to the same song over and over.

But do you show a message about it?
The major principle of UX (User Experience design) is intuitivity

Admittedly not yet. One of the many things on my laundry list of TODOs for that site.

Daniell Mesquita:

I don't really agree with ads personally, but a proxy owner is free to do whatever they like as they own their proxy. If they want to do so to encourage users to download a proper client, then I respect that.

I'm not talking about proxy owner, but site/service/app owner

They are welcome to do the same.

Daniell Mesquita:
What are your favorite developers on ZeroNet?
And who of they are your best friends?
And who on ZeroNet are your most trustable?

The closest devs to me personally are Krixano, GitCenter, anthyg and thunder33345. However I respect anyone who takes it upon themselves to participate in the ZeroNet community in any way, whether that be zite developers, zeronet maintainers or blog/content makers. We all have a part to play in making ZeroNet a fun and usable platform, and I encourage anyone who takes the time to do so.

Daniell Mesquita:

Admittedly not yet. One of the many things on my laundry list of TODOs for that site.

Is that list public?
What do you think is more important: fun or the truth?

It is semi-public. I keep a personal TODO list, but also make GitCenter issues for myself and others to keep track.

What do you think is more important: fun or the truth?

The truth for sure.

Daniell Mesquita:
But there is a equilibry to joint fun and truth?

I'm not sure what you're asking.

Daniell Mesquita:
For sample, irony
Or kiddings
Do you think there are a social regulation for this?

I'm neutral on the topic.
(Also very late here, need to sleep soon)

Daniell Mesquita:
You is on USA?
Then there is 00:00 AM
Well, I think this interview is with enough content
Thanks for it
Very good to interview you
Which photo/avatar you want as the cover for the post?

No worries, uhh I've posted some ZeroLSTN logos on my ZeroMe. Or my ZeroMe profile picture if you want a smaller one.
And thanks for the interview as well, was enjoyable :)

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Bunch of pull requests are bringing new updates to ZeroNet

on Oct 12, 2018

For years and counting to now, ZeroNet haves 35 pull requests that are left open by Tamas Kocsis (creator of ZeroNet).

Those pulls are requests from users with improvements for ZeroNet.

There are some of the features/updates that ZeroNet will receive, if Tamas accepts/merge the pull requests:

More Donation Options

Added pipenv files

Added noclone suffix for files that should not be cloned

[Testing] Added basic URL rewriting to sites

[Ready to be merged] Example of documentation folder inside the repository, with template for new entries

IPV6 Supports in the smallest code change

[Close to be merged] Better "show masterseed" notification

Improved Sidebar plugin

[Ready to be merged] Updated jQuery

[Ready to be merged] Improved favicon

The only of those, that haves changes in design, are the "Better "show masterseed" notification" and "Improved Sidebar plugin":

Better "show masterseed" notification:

46576601-13466480-c9a4-11e8-9446-e5e98ab0f6f8.png (854x388)

newdesignprivatekeyuserprompt.jpg (770x522)

Improved Sidebar plugin:

26616282-91178680-caf0-11e8-8ae4-03e58a528d0c.jpg (774x479)

46611243-a6d27f00-cae3-11e8-8714-d0866f0a6985.png (717x72)​​​​​​​

Sources: GitHub/Peeper

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Kaffiene and a lot of sites suffering about cross-site blocking from ZeroNet

on Jul 16, 2017

Recently, ZeroNet had implemented a security improvement: cross-site blocking. Basically, sites now can't do file requests to other sites.
Isn't this that Kaffiene and other search engines does? Yes.
They can have problems with the new ZeroNet update? Sure.

@Kaffie said here:
Already not a fan of the new ZeroNet updates. Completely kills some Kaffiene features.

@Kaffie commented:

**@Musickiller**: There's more strict cross-origin blocking, which kills a method I use to fetch files from the same+other sites. So here's a list of things I worked on that have broke because of this new update:

  • ZeroWiki support on Kaffiene
  • Other site indexes on Kaffiene
  • Every index besides basic searching on Kaffiene (though local indexes will come back soon)
  • ZeroMovie's frame escape
  • [http://zero/](http://zero/) protocol testing on Kaffie.bit

Luckily, due to an issue submitted [here](https://github.com/April93/Kaffiene/issues/20) I went ahead and fixed it for the main Kaffiene search. So at least it's not _complete_ disaster. But I've got a lot of work put on my plate now. And some features (ZeroWiki info boxes, for instance) might not come back.

@jro commented:
Yah. Having "big" problems here with new rules for optional files patterns ([https://github.com/HelloZeroNet/ZeroNet/issues/989](https://github.com/HelloZeroNet/ZeroNet/issues/989)). 2 sites down here :-( Do not like updates that "destroys" old zites :-( Can be fixed but extra work

@Peeper (@Plasmmer) commented:

**@jro**: "Do not like updates that "destroys" old zites". Security improvements are welcome, also the updates that are for the future, so the old sites needs to be updated. But about the archiving/nostalgy, ZeroNet needs a GIT/blockchain system like IPFS have. About the cross-origin blocking, its a problem, since ZeroNet needs to be the Internet we know + better (security/privacy).

Why not simple use a API/wrapper/sandbox for the cross-site requests instead of blocking it? Following this logic, Windows would block apps instead of creating antivirus. Its sadly funny. Also I heard that Nofish plans to block javascript in future. I don't know how this will be done.
@Kaffie: I'm very sad about this, since the ZeroWiki cards was my suggestion as @Plasmmer: and I plan to read infos about hubs from Peeper.

As seen, ZeroNet's developers are facing problems with his sites that uses advanced features, in that exact case, the file access of other sites.

The developers are trying to circunvent this issue. In another post, @Kaffie said here:

'Fixed' Kaffiene after the disastrous result of cross-site requests being blocked. Had to remove ZeroName, CensoredSearch, and ZeroWiki stuff. Hopefully there'll be a way to access other sites' content in the future. Of course, changing your browser to ignore CORS will bring back the ZeroWiki cards. You can do that in chrome by launching with --args --disable-web-security --user-data-dir

What do you think? Is ZeroNet right or there can be another way to improve security without making ZeroNet worst than surface-web/clearnet? Don't forgot to comment.

Source: Peeper.

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Kaffiene is now open-source

on Apr 23, 2017

The leading search engine Kaffiene - developed by Kaffie - received suggestions to be open-source from Plasmmer.

"I try to contact you by email, but isn't working. I have some nice ideas for Kaffiene. Do you have a GitHub page for it?" - said Plasmmer.

"No github just yet. And yes, I understand a reworked database would be nice. As I mentioned, my dev work has kinda grinded to a halt and I'm not sure when I'll be able to resume. I have some personal issues and I'm not sure how long it'll take me to work through them. Sorry >_<" - replied Kaffie.

"If you open it in GitHub the work can be less slow with help of community." -replied Plasmmer.

This conversation was in April first, and can be found here.

In April 07, Plasmmer posted:

Why do you can't reply emails on ZeroMail?" - said Plasmmer.

"Lazy, mostly. I hardly ever check it, and when I do I just put off responding. Sorry. I'm kinda shitty like that." - replied Kaffie.

"Why do not create a GitHub repo for Kaffiene? The development will grow, and we can suggest indexing with issues/pull requests." - replied Plasmmer.

"I believe I answered that one already ;). Like the previous answer, mostly it's just because I haven't gotten around to it. I really don't have an answer besides that. That's literally the entire reason you haven't seen much of my development lately. I'd rather not go into the personal details of my life, but I've got some issues I need to work through before I can resume ZN development.
Any sort of dev question almost certainly has the same answer; to save you some time. I haven't done much dev work in general, off and on ZN. And likely before that I need to get my actual income and living situations fixed.
Github is honestly on the to-do, but not for a while. The original plan was to get Kaffiene more or less automated and then move the code to github. But neither has happened yet." - replied Kaffie.

Then, Plasmmer forked the Kaffiene search engine, modified the branding/design, added little functions, indexed more sites and turned it open-source. From this, was born the Snifferdog search engine. See the announcement.

After this idea, mkg20001 (creator of ZeroMe Beta) begins his work in the Zule search engine, also open-source.

Then - in April 23 - Kaffie posted:
"Kaffiene is finally on Github. Bear with me while I deal with this. I've got no idea what I'm doing haha.

And yes, my name is April." - said Kaffie.

Now we have 2 open-source Kaffiene versions:

But Plasmmer seems to have interest in contribute with Kaffiene, and also to merge Snifferdog for focus in one only project.

"@Kaffie: I think Snifferdog did a enough sound. Good to see now Kaffiene is open-source.
@mkg20001: How will be Zule after this announcement? I'm fine with moving Snifferdog's ideas to Kaffiene." - said Plasmmer in the Kaffie's post.

Will Kaffie accept the help of Plasmmer and mkg20001? Will mkg20001 merge Zule into Kaffiene?

"The original plan was to get Kaffiene more or less automated and then move the code to github." - quote for Kaffie.

Is Kaffiene already "more or less automated" or it is now open-source because Zule and Snifferdog?
Visit the comments section.

Source: Peeper.
Links: https://github.com/April93/Kaffiene, https://github.com/Plasmmer/Snifferdog, https://github.com/ZeroNerds/Zule.

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