Should you upgrade, or not?

It depends what kind of user you are. If you:

Where can you find out more about these new features ?

How should the findings from ZeroVersions.bit be interpreted ?

The peer amount is not complete, it shows "only" the peers to which my ZeroNet client connects to.
scan time:
  • e.g. getting 205 peers in the 2nd test (2016-03-25) took 3.5h, while getting the next 100 peers took a total run time of 11h
  • look at the evolution picture on the main page: depending on how long you do the scan, the results vary.

  • My scan environment:
    My ZeroNet runs over Tor, which may be limiting, or not.
    I also live risky, meaning: I always use the newest version from the master branch

    I will do regular updates of the scans - we will see how the situation evolves...
    These results can be useful for, e.g.:

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