ZeroNet Plus

This app gives new features to ZeroNet.

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Do you want to easily enable/disable your plugins and install new ones?

Custom download folders, decentralized updates, better ZeroHello page, new domain extensions and live streamming are missing features?

ZeroNet+ and its plugin are developed to achieve those and other features.

Note: ZeroNet+ is in an early development stage, and its plugin isn't developed yet.


Download ZeroNet+, open it and link your ZeroNet folder in the app.

ZeroNet+ app will do the rest of the huge work, communicating with zites in this form: zite > plugin > ZeroNet+ | ZeroNet+ > plugin > zite.

ZeroNet+ isn't released yet.

Features (as from the last build)

Upcomming features (in the next build)

Major features (in the upcomming builds)


Bitcoin: 1PLUS4suZCz3i2gga8QEgYZA4pnov15YsF.

Ethereum: 0xDDfC2e10702d8A781727A34D83B3bb3CA94a3E91.

Donations will incentive me to keep a better development of ZeroNet+ and other zites that uses it.


Developed by @daniell (Daniell Mesquita).

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