Before you start
Welcome to ZeroNet, a public peer-to-peer network supported by content creators, seeders and you.
Before uploading your first file, you are supposed to be informed that:
There is no private data
Everyone can see your files, since you are in a decentralized file sharing network, where everyone tries to spread data and information.

For your privacy, you must make sure you do not upload files that you do not want to share publicly. ZeroMux will not encrypt or remove any file content or metadata for you.
Choose File
I am sure that this file does not contain any unencrypted private content or sensitive metadata.
File size
Small Files: ZeroMux is not efficient for transferring files smaller than 350KB. If you want to upload many small files, you can pack them together as a zip / rar / 7z archive to reduce the size of the file list.

Large Files: Files bigger than 700MB take a lot of memory to download. If you are sharing a file bigger than that size, you should split it into 700MB or smaller volumes using 7Zip or WinRAR.
Rename this file:

I am sure that this file name above does not contain any information I don't want to share publicly.
Help out seeders and proxy owners
File sharing takes a lot of storage and bandwidth from both slow and fast computers that make up the ZeroNetwork. Please seed files, and donate to the people who are saving your files to make your files last long.
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