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Neccesita Translaccion?!?



    happie hedgehog
    -Image courtesy WiseGEEK

    1- A (cute) warm-blooded worm-eating nocturnal insectivore that doesnt like to be bothered.
    2- A free and independent spirit who does not follow a leader or a group or a hive-mind.
    3- A recluse (like a monk) and/or widow (who likes to hide)

    Southern Hedgehogs??

    Ever herd of "Southern Hospitality"?
    I nose...its a joke. You only get it in the deep south. Neighbors and people are supposed to care.
    We dont like the cold up norte. And theres nothing like a warm summers day...
    Being southern (or hillbilly country) is a way of life, not just a location.

    But sometimes Im a Mean-ole pokey-monster w attitude...
    Im a huffing puffing ball of ouch when I dont like you -
    or you wake me up-
    or ewe being MEAN.

    Please be a NICE HUE-MAN...

    We have noticed some buggies crept in here and we wanted to let ewe nose what we found.

    Of course you know about this famous hedgehog, Sonic.

    O.. O.. You mean *this one*...?

    (There isnt much difference except height and size...)
    Why did "A Video Game company" choose the Hedgehog?

    You will probably outgrow me (or bore of my pokey-ness) before I finish nudging you…


    Every content creator and industry regular presumes you DO NOT mean well-
    that you indent to break the law, when in fact- you are allowed to do so.

    A good laymans definition of FAIR USE under US Copywright law

    The feed dispenser will keep you up to date- if you use it.
    (Im not going to tell you to check back often- I will assume youve rsync-ed the feed)

    Harry: MOZILLA! Wheres my feed dispenser?

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