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2018-12-20 Backing up humanity

Ok, first post. This blog will probably stray from strict environmental issues to also be about things commonly associated with transhumanist topics.

Many dangers face the human civilization, most urgent is global warming but there are also other scenarios that threaten humanity (asteroid impacts, supervolcanoes, deadly gamma-ray bursts and so on). The later scenarios threaten not just human civilization but human survival as a species. Say that sunlight would be blocked out for a significant time-period, several years perhaps. The shortage of food would make humanity severely endangered as a species, perhaps reducing us to very small groups of individuals. Such small groups might not prosper in the long run, even if the conditions on Earth improve.

To reduce the risk of future extinction, humanity should back itself up on other planets, for the time being Mars is the most likely candidate. The late Dr Stephen Hawking was talking about this before his death I believe.

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