1. Download YouTube videos up to HD resolution
  2. Convert videos to MP3/WebM audio with a single click
  3. Unlimited free conversions and downloads
  4. No additional software required
  5. Compatible with mobile phones

Add a bookmarklet to download with a single click

Right-click or drag-drop the following link to your bookmarks or favorites toolbar. Saving an online video in any format will be as simple as clicking the favorite/bookmark while watching or after you finish watching the video: Download this video with Save Media

Download videos online without even copy-and-pasting the URL

Just replace the domain with 'savemedia.com' in the address bar and hit enter.
For example: http://savemedia.com/watch?v=dXP2GdqYCOM

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  • Download video from any major video hosting site, including porn sites.
  • Convert or edit your videos to any popular file format without restrictions.
  • You can program automatic downloads based on a channel, user or keyword.
  • Keep track of any videos you've watched in your browsers to download them later.

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