Welcome to ZeroGreeter,

a tag-based ZeroHello replacement with a customizable interface.

It looks like this is your first time here. Please read the following carefully before proceeding.

ZeroGreeter requires the ADMIN permission to list your sites and feed.

Sites with ADMIN permission may do everything ZeroHello is capable of. As you can see, it is not a good idea to entrust random sites with it.

This is why ZeroGreeter is not simply asking you for the permission here. Instead, you should head into its data folder, and find its source under 'src'.

Audit the source, and build your own ZeroGreeter site according to the instructions. The developer(s) are not going to take any responsibility for your own actions. Use at your own risk.

This file was built with PACE = presto. It does not look like you built it yourself.

You won't be able to proceed unless you are the owner of this site.

If you really, really, really just want to use a prebuilt version, you may just flip "This is my site" in the sidebar. Be warned that this totally not good to do, though. You are at your own risk.

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