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Paul's Vengeance

This is my birth yet also my death.

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HTTP Filter

on Jan 06, 2018

A HTTP Filter written by Java was completed, but not good enough.

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Looking for a way to build my own DNS server

on Aug 22, 2017

Due to some reasons I need to build my own DNS server, seems like I could use two VPS with dnsmasq to meet my need (as below)

me --> VPS(inside country) --> VPS(outside country) --> OpenDNS(or else).

may try it later.

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Assassin's Creed Origins Pre-ordered~

on Aug 21, 2017

Just pre-ordered the latest AC game on Steam, waiting for it to unlock.

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Domain Name Binded

on Aug 20, 2017

Hello ZeroNet!​​​​​​​

domain name binded at 02:55 8.21.2017 UTC+8

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