Panama Papers from ICIJ

Abdessalam-Bouchouarebdoc1r.pdf 429 KB 09.04.2016Document identifies Bouchouareb as owner
Abu-Ragheb-Alidoc1.pdf 584 KB 09.04.2016Abu-Ragheb's share certificate for Jaar
Abu-Ragheb-Alidoc2.pdf 247 KB 09.04.2016Appointment of directors of Jaar
Abu-Ragheb-Alidoc3.pdf 23 KB 09.04.2016Appointment as director of Oriental
Abu-Ragheb-Alidoc4.pdf 25 KB 09.04.2016Memorandum of director of Genstar
Abu-Ragheb-Alidoc5.pdf 657 KB 09.04.2016Share certificates of Jay Investment
Abu-Ragheb-Alidoc6.pdf 45 KB 09.04.2016Appointment of directors of Transmar
Al-Mirghani-Ahmaddoc1.pdf 443 KB 09.04.2016Resolution opening Orange Star bank account
Al-Mirghani-Ahmaddoc2.pdf 225 KB 09.04.2016Shares issued to be held in trust for Al-Mirgani
Al-Nahyandoc1.pdf 94 KB 09.04.2016Document identifies Sheikh Khalifa as owner of Boston House Properties
Al-Nahyandoc2.pdf 1730 KB 09.04.2016Signed declaration of trust by MF for Qusiwrah
Al-Nahyandoc3.pdf 27 KB 09.04.2016Granting a power of attorney for Forestway at Sheikh Khalifa's request
Al-Nahyandoc4.pdf 113 KB 09.04.2016Signed declaration of trust by MF for West End
Al-Nahyandoc5.pdf 25 KB 09.04.2016Legal letter confirming sole signatory
Al-Saud-Mohammaddoc2.pdf 321 KB 09.04.2016Power of attorney for Havelock Capital bank account
Al-Saud-Mohammaddoc3.pdf 326 KB 09.04.2016Power of attorney for Alyeth bank account
Al-Thani-Hamaddoc1.pdf 319 KB 09.04.2016Al Thani's passport
Al-Thani-Hamaddoc3.pdf 304 KB 09.04.2016Share certificate for Rienne
Al-Thani-Hamaddoc4.pdf 175 KB 09.04.2016Yalis S.A. board meeting
Al-Thani-Hamaddoc5.pdf 300 KB 09.04.2016Share certificate for Yalis
Aliyev-Familydoc2r.pdf 171 KB 09.04.2016Results of a search of Hughson Management
Aliyev-Familydoc3.pdf 767 KB 09.04.2016Exchange of letters between Mossack Fonseca's London and Panama offices
Aliyev-Nuralidoc1.pdf 27 KB 09.04.2016Mossack Fonseca identifies Nuraly Aliyev
Aliyev-Nuralidoc2.pdf 152 KB 09.04.2016Aliyev's passport
Allawi-Ayaddoc2.pdf 197 KB 09.04.2016Register of directors for Moonlight
Allawi-Ayaddoc3.pdf 392 KB 09.04.2016Dissolution of I.M.F. Holdings
Allawi-Ayaddoc4.pdf 38 KB 09.04.2016Consent to act as director
Allawi-Ayaddoc5.pdf 113 KB 09.04.2016Ayad Allawi's passport
Almeyda-Cesardoc1.pdf 6 KB 09.04.2016Almeyda firm was Mossack Fonseca's contact for Trei Investments Corp.
Almeyda-Cesardoc2.pdf 198 KB 09.04.2016Almeyda, director and secretary of Trei Investments Corp.
Annan-Kojodoc1re.pdf 163 KB 09.04.2016Saphire Holding aproves purchase of London property
Ashcroft-Michaeldoc2re.pdf 6792 KB 09.04.2016Belize Bank International's Due Dilligence for Ramón Fonseca, Jurgen Mossack and others.
Benediktsson-Bjarnidoc1r.pdf 524 KB 09.04.2016Benediktsson granted power of attorney
Borbon-Pilardoc2.pdf 407 KB 09.04.2016Forwarding correspondence authorization
Botelho-Josedoc1.pdf 958 KB 09.04.2016Power of Attorney
Cahuzac-Jeromedoc1.pdf 46 KB 09.04.2016Letter to Financial Intelligence Group
Cameron-Iandoc1.pdf 1359 KB 09.04.2016Cameron, director of Blairmore Holdings in 1989
Cameron-Iandoc2.pdf 290 KB 09.04.20162006 prospectus, Cameron was "instrumental to the formation of" the fund
Chiriboga-Galodoc1.pdf 244 KB 09.04.2016Chiriboga listed as sole shareholder
Chiriboga-Galodoc2.pdf 587 KB 09.04.2016Power of attorney to Chiriboga to purchase a house in Quito
De-Oliveira-Idaleciodoc2.pdf 113 KB 09.04.2016Lusitania Petroleum approves changing agents
Delgado-Pedrodoc1.pdf 5245 KB 09.04.2016Mortgage agreement for North Miami Beach house
Devillers-Patrickdoc1.pdf 16 KB 09.04.2016Devillers agreed to act as director of Russell Properties
Domecq-Micaeladoc1.pdf 765 KB 09.04.2016Rinconada Investments opens bank accounts with Domecq as authorized signatory
El-Majidi-Mohammeddoc1.pdf 393 KB 09.04.2016Power of attorney to purchase luxury schooner
Emir-of-Qatardoc1.pdf 280 KB 09.04.2016Certificate shows Al Thani holding a share in Afrodille S.A.
Francolini-Riccardodoc1.pdf 37 KB 09.04.2016Sole shareholder of Jamefield Investment
Grindetti-Nestordoc1r.pdf 77 KB 09.04.2016Resolution given Grindetti control of Swiss bank account
Gunnlaugsson-Singurlagdoc2.pdf 1378 KB 09.04.2016Share certificates show the couple as owners of Wintris
Gunnlaugsson-Singurlagdoc3.pdf 1467 KB 09.04.2016Anna Sigurlaug Pálsdóttir's passport
Gutierrez-Carlosdoc1.pdf 178 KB 09.04.2016Gutierrez and wife opened a UBS Geneva bank account
Gutierrez-Carlosdoc2.pdf 53 KB 09.04.2016Document identifies Gutierrez and his wife as the owners of Trenaco and associated offshore companies.
Hinojosa-Juan-Armandodoc1.pdf 33 KB 09.04.2016Stated reason for creating three trusts in New Zealand
Hinojosa-Juan-Armandodoc3r.pdf 4196 KB 09.04.2016Hinojosa's mother-in-law said to control one trust
Horvath-Zsoltdoc1.pdf 18 KB 09.04.2016Horvath signed resolution hiring Mossack Fonseca
Horvath-Zsoltdoc2.pdf 342 KB 09.04.2016Hovarth's passport
Horvath-Zsoltdoc3.pdf 88 KB 09.04.2016Horvath signs as director
Ibori-Jamesdoc1.pdf 37 KB 09.04.2016Seychelles writes Mossack Fonseca about investigation
Ibori-Jamesdoc2.pdf 371 KB 09.04.2016Mossack Fonseca responds
Ibori-Jamesdoc3.pdf 59 KB 09.04.2016Mossack Fonseca resigns as agent
Itoua-Brunodoc1.pdf 973 KB 09.04.2016Power of attorney for Denvest
Itoua-Brunodoc2.pdf 27 KB 09.04.2016Power of attorney for Denvest
Itoua-Brunodoc3.pdf 77 KB 09.04.2016Itoua's passport
Ivanishvili-Bidzinadoc1.pdf 22 KB 09.04.2016Mossack Fonseca response to Financial Investigation Agency
Kejriwal-Anuragdoc1.pdf 105 KB 09.04.2016Kejriwal's power of attorney for Biscay Overseas
Kejriwal-Anuragdoc2.pdf 105 KB 09.04.2016Kejriwal's wife's power of attorney for Biscay Overseas
Kejriwal-Anuragdoc3.pdf 255 KB 09.04.2016Kejriwal's share certificate in Nedstar
Kejriwal-Anuragdoc4.pdf 108 KB 09.04.2016Kejriwal's consent to act as director of Newington
Kejriwal-Anuragdoc5.pdf 11 KB 09.04.2016His wife's consent to act as director of Newington
Kejriwal-Anuragdoc7.pdf 86 KB 09.04.2016Certificate of incumbency for Nedstar Commercial
King-Al-Saud-Salmandoc1.pdf 183 KB 09.04.2016Inrow shareholder meeting approving execution of a mortgage loan
Kirby-Iandoc1.pdf 6 KB 09.04.2016Kirby listed as shareholder of Bellbrook Estates
Kuffuor-Johndoc1.pdf 25 KB 09.04.2016The Excel 2000 Trust – bank account
Kuffuor-Johndoc2.pdf 656 KB 09.04.2016Deed of Termination
Kyungu-Jaynetdoc1.pdf 29 KB 09.04.2016Request for company restoration application
Kyungu-Jaynetdoc2.pdf 433 KB 09.04.2016Confirmation of Keratsu Holding incorporation
Lazarenko-Pavlodoc1.pdf 52 KB 09.04.2016Search warrant for Bassington
Lazarenko-Pavlodoc2.pdf 51 KB 09.04.2016Search warrant for Southeast
Lazarenko-Pavlodoc3.pdf 51 KB 09.04.2016Search warrant for Metalsrussia
Lyra-Joaodoc1.pdf 106 KB 09.04.2016Mossack Fonseca had information about Lyra's role in politics
Lyra-Joaodoc2.pdf 1370 KB 09.04.2016Lyra granted power of attorney for Refill Trading
Macri-Mauriciodoc1.pdf 65 KB 09.04.2016Fleg Trading directorship in 1998
Makhlouf-Rami-Hafezdoc2.pdf 30 KB 09.04.2016Hafez Maklouf appointed director
Makhlouf-Rami-Hafezdoc3.pdf 227 KB 09.04.2016Mossack Fonseca resigns as agent
Makhlouf-Rami-Hafezdoc4.pdf 253 KB 09.04.2016Owner Rami Makhlouf asks directors to grant him power of attorney for two companies
Makhlouf-Rami-Hafezdoc6.pdf 242 KB 09.04.2016Certificate of incumbency for Drex
Makhlouf-Rami-Hafezdoc7.pdf 172 KB 09.04.2016Share certificate for Dorling
Makhlouf-Rami-Hafezdoc8.pdf 36 KB 09.04.2016Power of attorney for Dorling
Makhlouf-Rami-Hafezdoc9.pdf 1049 KB 09.04.2016Power of attorney for Lorie
Mates-Michaeldoc1.pdf 661 KB 09.04.2016Shareholder of Haylandale Limited since 2005
Mizzi-Konraddoc1r.pdf 819 KB 09.04.2016Shareholder of Haylandale Limited since 2005
Mizzi-Konraddoc2.pdf 4010 KB 09.04.2016Acknowledges shares in Hearnville are owned by Mizzi
Molina-Javierdoc1.pdf 7549 KB 09.04.2016Contract launching Mossack Fonseca brand in Ecuador
Molina-Javierdoc2.pdf 113 KB 09.04.2016Molina Bonilla transfers his shares in Segal Ltd.
Mubarak-Alaadoc1.pdf 1083 KB 09.04.2016Passport of Alaa Mubarak
Mubarak-Alaadoc2.pdf 43 KB 09.04.2016BVI Financial Services Commission freezes the family's assets
Mubarak-Alaadoc3.pdf 185 KB 09.04.2016Mossack Fonseca letter to Financial Investigation Agency
Munoz-Hector-Danieldoc1.pdf 1084 KB 09.04.2016Muñoz's source of funds
Munoz-Hector-Danieldoc2.pdf 787 KB 09.04.2016Certificate shows Daniel Muñoz holds half the shares
Munoz-Hector-Danieldoc3.pdf 794 KB 09.04.2016Certificate shows his wife holds the other half
Mustafa-Mohammaddoc1.pdf 195 KB 09.04.2016Mostafa's passport
Mustafa-Mohammaddoc2.pdf 110 KB 09.04.2016Consent to act as director
Nazifuddin-Mohddoc1.pdf 97 KB 09.04.2016Consent to act as director of PCJ
Nazifuddin-Mohddoc2.pdf 286 KB 09.04.2016Appointment of two directors of PCJ
Nazifuddin-Mohddoc7.pdf 105 KB 09.04.2016Nazifuddin applies for 5,000 shares of PCJ
Nazifuddin-Mohddoc8.pdf 360 KB 09.04.2016Directors' resolution shows Nazfuddin and Megat Daniff Shahriman bin Zaharudin with 5,000 shares each
Ndahiro-Emmanueldoc1.pdf 32 KB 09.04.2016Ndahiro is appointed a director.
Nicosia-Giuseppedoc1.pdf 156 KB 09.04.2016Certificate identifying Nicosia as the shareholder
Nordal-Olofdoc1.pdf 1144 KB 09.04.2016Nordal and husband granted power of attorney
Nordal-Olofdoc2r.pdf 2181 KB 09.04.2016Escrow agreement involving Dooley Securities, Landsbanki and Tómas Már Sigurdsson
Ovalle-Alfredodoc1.pdf 19 KB 09.04.2016Letter introducing Ovalle to Credicorp Bank
Ovalle-Alfredodoc2.pdf 77 KB 09.04.2016Passport of politician
Ovalle-Alfredodoc3.pdf 122 KB 09.04.2016Minutes of the board of directors of Sierra Leona
Papastavrou-Stavrosdoc2.pdf 357 KB 09.04.2016Dissolution of Diman
Papastavrou-Stavrosdoc4.pdf 363 KB 09.04.2016Dissolution of Green Shamrock
Papastavrou-Stavrosdoc5.pdf 655 KB 09.04.2016Incorporation documents for Aisios
Piskorski-Paweldoc1.pdf 225 KB 09.04.2016Share certificate of sole shareholder
Piskorski-Paweldoc3.pdf 224 KB 09.04.2016Indemnity agreement
Poroshenko-Petrodoc1.pdf 19 KB 09.04.2016Share register for Prime Asset
Poroshenko-Petrodoc2.pdf 861 KB 09.04.2016Poroshenko's passport
Poroshenko-Petrodoc3.pdf 274 KB 09.04.2016Memorandum of sole director
Pouye-Mamadoudoc1.pdf 82 KB 09.04.2016Pouye grants indemnity to Mossack Fonseca for providing directors
Rawal-Kalpanadoc1.pdf 47 KB 09.04.2016Passport of Kalpana Rawal
Rawal-Kalpanadoc2.pdf 45 KB 09.04.2016Passport of Hasmukhrai Rawal
Rawal-Kalpanadoc3.pdf 367 KB 09.04.2016Resignation as directors
Roldugin-Sergeidoc1.pdf 20 KB 09.04.2016Rodulgin transfers shares in Sonnette
Rosenthal-Cesardoc2.pdf 397 KB 09.04.2016Rosenthal is president and director of Renton Management
Rotenberg-Brothersdoc1.pdf 59 KB 09.04.2016List of Markom companies including Causeway
Saraki-Toyindoc2.pdf 12 KB 09.04.2016Deed allowing alterations to a London property
Shansonga-Attandoc1.pdf 2441 KB 09.04.2016Zambian document charging Shansonga and others
Shansonga-Attandoc2.pdf 746 KB 09.04.2016Bearer share documents
Shansonga-Attandoc2r.pdf 742 KB 09.04.2016Bearer share documents
Sharif-familydoc2.pdf 414 KB 09.04.2016Mortgage signed by Mariam and Hussain Sharif
Sharif-familydoc5.pdf 220 KB 09.04.2016Company transferred shares were worth £5.5 millions to Hasan Sharif
Sharples-Pameladoc1.pdf 43 KB 09.04.2016Register of directors
Toure-Mamadiedoc1.pdf 962 KB 09.04.2016Power of attorney
Villanueva-Jesusdoc1.pdf 30 KB 09.04.2016Mossack Fonseca deems a client high risk
Villanueva-Jesusdoc2.pdf 713 KB 09.04.2016Power of Attorney granted to Villanueva's daughter
Vong-Vathana-Angdoc1.pdf 70 KB 09.04.2016Register of members, RCD International Limited
Xiaolin-Lidoc1.pdf 50 KB 09.04.2016Document identifies Mrs. Xiaolin Liu-Li and her husband as owners
Xiaolin-Lidoc2.pdf 197 KB 09.04.2016Li Xiaolin's passport
Zuma-Khulubusedoc1.pdf 313 KB 09.04.2016BVI Financial Investigation Agency letter
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