Welcome to NetVision!
NetVision is a video sharing zite for ZeroNet, much like YouTube. Below is a brief guide on how NetVision works and some of its features.

NetVision has a system of Channels, much like YouTube does. One id can create multiple channels. Each channel has a unique page where the videos of that channel are featured. Channels are allowed to have a limited amount of customization, including toolbar color and background color. Within the next few weeks, more features will be added to channels, including playlists.

Videos and their associated information (description, comments, etc.) are stored in Categories. Each of these categories are Merged Zites. This allows you to choose which categories you want to see within NetVision and which you don't. You can start exploring the different categories on NetVision by going to the "Categories" page from the sidebar. See a category you like? Click it and it will automatically be downloaded to allow you to see videos from that category. Don't see a category you want? In ZeroHello, you can clone an existing category. Then, on the Categories page, you can add that category to the categories index so that other people can download it.

You can subscribe to channels. This allows you to see all of the recent videos of all of your subscriptions from one page, the "Subscriptions" page. In the future you will be able to see these new videos from the ZeroHello news feed.

Google Cast Support
KxoVid is currently the only ZeroNet zite with Google Cast support. This allows you to cast videos to any Google Cast supported device within your network, including Google Homes and Chromecasts. For this to work, a Google JS Script must be downloaded from the clearnet. But don't worry, this file is never automatically downloaded unless you want it to. When you click the chromecast icon in the navigation bar, you are prompted to download this file for the current session. Afterwards, you are prompted on whether you want it automatically downloaded whenever you load this zite.
Casting works by sending the url of the file to the cast-supported device so that it can stream the file. However, this requires that a proxy or zeronet server be used. By default, KxoVid uses the 0net.io proxy. However, you can change this setting in the "Device Settings" page listed in the sidebar. If you want to use your own zeronet server, you must make sure the ZeroNet UI Server allows connections from your local network and that it uses the ip of the computer it's running on.

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