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CryptMessage : 256 (BitCoin key)
JSEncrypt : 1024 2048 4096 8192

Please choose a secure password (minimum 10 characters) and do NOT forget or lose it. Remember your password. There is NO help if you forget your password. Use "Register" after forgotten password to create a new empty account. Register takes a few seconds while generating private and public key for encrypted communication.

Guest log in. Please uncheck saved encrypted in your browser (localStorage)" and click Log in. Log in with blank password. You can use all functions in MoneyNetwork but your private data is browser (localStorage) is NOT password protected.

ZeroNet ID select ... is used for communication with other ZeroNet users. Use an anonymous @moneynetwork.bit ZeroNet ID or use your preferred ZeroNet ID provider. Click on ZeroNet ID link to change ZeroNet certificate. Send me a PM ✉ if your preferred ZeroNet ID povider is not on the list.

You cannot post data on ZeroNet and data are not saved in your browser. ZeroNet certificate is required for this.
Private data are not saved unencrypted in your browser (localStorage). Recommend that you save private data encrypted in your browser.

Add more hubs. Get content from more MoneyNetwork hubs and help distribute MoneyNetwork content. User Data Hub: user data (user info and chat) used by MoneyNetwork. Wallet Data Hub: wallet data (wallet info and money transactions) used by MoneyNetwork wallets.
Use checkbox to add/remove hubs. Use url to see info about hub (will also add site).

help download and help distribute all user data files (public chat)? Thanks. I love you ❤❤❤️️
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