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on Feb 12, 2017

A Homepage for ZeroProxies


Because the HelloZeroNet Page is not really the right page for a Proxy.
When I visit a proxy I expect to at least see a custom title & description

Features and Options

The following things can be (currently) customized:

  • Proxy Name and Owner
  • Owner Contact
  • Donate Address
  • Promoted Sites
  • Title and Description
  • Whether or not to show the "Check Files", "Update" and "Update all" Buttons

Things that will be added:

  • Detect if the user is an admin and show all the disabled buttons


First you need to start ZeroNet with python zeronet.py --homepage 1ProxyQi6h6cy2gGybQECs2WgxnoEP4Cvr

Now you can visit your proxy to download the Zite

To customize the texts you need to install the plugin

Either copy it from the Zite: cp -r data/1ProxyQi6h6cy2gGybQECs2WgxnoEP4Cvr/plugin plugins/HelloZeroProxy

or clone the repo git clone https://github.com/mkg20001/HelloZeroProxy and copy it from there cp -r HelloZeroProxy/plugin plugins/HelloZeroProxy

Now you can customize the config.json
(Note: some fields like owner_contact or donate can be set to false or an empty array to be hidden)

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on Jan 02, 2017

Serve ZeroNet Zites (almost) like normal ones.

You can check out my "static" Zite

(If your zite does not use any of the ZeroNet apis / is a static html zite you could also run a normal ZeroNet instance and serve the files from ZeroNet/data/[your-zite]/)

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My own git @ git.mkg20001.bit

on Jan 01, 2017 ·
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I finally have a Git(Hub) mirror.
You can find it at git.mkg20001.bit
If you want to get mirrored comment with your GitHub username and a reason why I should mirror your acount/organization.

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I finally got a Domain

on Dec 04, 2016

My new domain name: mkg20001.bit

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My Hoster hates P2P...

on Nov 19, 2016 ·

I ran an IPFS node for about 1 Hour.
My friend (which owns the Server) got an E-Mail about "net-scans" or similar.
Is it IPFS or the Hoster?
Update: Fixed

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on May 31, 2015

Welcome to my small blog
Hope you enjoy this emptiness. (Content will be added soon - stay tuned)
Also visit: https://mkg20001.github.io (ZeroNet link soon)
Update: My page is now also available on /web

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