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Mish Ochu

My name is legion, for we are many

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2017: New Tech, New Rules

on Jan 24, 2017

Wait a second, aren't you a Microsoft developer?​​​​​​​

You'd think so wouldn't you.

Honestly, I haven't touch .Net at home since .Net core was in beta 3 (I like the idea but one can stand getting the rug pulled out from under you for only so long, from a framework perspective).

I got onto the Bitcoin bandwagon a while back mostly as a consumer. As I dug deeper and deeper I realized what was so special (hint: it isn't the blockchain dummy). Decentralization is the name of the game (which is why I find all the corporate blockchain talk so funny...but then even politics makes me laugh so I guess I have a weird sense of humor).

So...this year I'm dusting off the C++ skills, pythonic powers, and other mostly seasoned open source tools and getting my hands dirty with decentralization:

  1. Simplify multi-sig address usage in iOS-based Bitcoin wallet apps
  2. Create a fully functional open-hardware/open-source Bitcoin ATM
  3. Create an iOS-based ZeroNet browser
  4. Flesh out a plugin system for ZeroNet
  5. Release Contre.bit (a decentralized chess game system with Bitcoin payouts)
  6. Release ZeroPress a decentralized blogging engine
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