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Privacy and anonymity

How are the mails protected?

After logging in: How can I test if mailing works?

1. The scenario below requires you or the button for sending the mail ("Encrypt & Send message") will be not available (greyed out)!

2. So, let's test if mailing works:

Do you have a tutorial?

What happens when I delete an email?

Where can I find a user list?

How different is mail@zeroverse from ZeroMail?

  • In short, see the elements from this poll.
  • more:
  • anonymity/privacy: This will be when you use mail@zeroverse with a new ZeroVerse ID.
    Read more at What about privacy/anonymity ?

    If you just log in with your existing ZeroID account, you can only enjoy the below advantages.
    increased storage: ZeroMail has 48K, while mail@zeroverse has 78K as standard.
    If you write many mails, as I do, you will love this. No more hitting max size limits like this, which exists in any ZN app/site.
    If I know you well enough, it is no problem to increase this. I've given buddies upto 1953K.
    documentation: You are here, so you know this difference :-)
    Check out also the picture tutorial
    de-centralization: With mail@zeroverse, providing the mail functionality and its responsibility isn't anymore in 1 single person's hands.
    layout: I've added the blue style mostly as distinguisher, so people wouldn't get a "shock" that someone deleted their emails.
    It should be visible that it is different. E.g. also the left navigation with the terms should signal this more.

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    Can I log in with my ZeroID ?

    Yes, users can use both: ZeroID + ZeroVerse at mail@zeroverse

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