Sec-minimal, performance-oriented, POSIX-portable C-implementation of the Zeronet content sharing protocol

This is the home for the future libzeronet software project by Vincent Olivier. It is a POSIX C implementation of ZeroNet basic I/O (RAM,FS,NET) that radically focuses on portability (within the POSIX ecosystem), anonymity, security, performance and separation of concerns. For now, it will not replicate the ZeroNet Python implementation in its entirety and a fork that wraps around libzeronet for full functionality is also in the works. By default, it will only support connections to peers and trackers via Tor. I will need testers that can undersdand C within a POSIX environment so please inbox me if you are interested. Discussion here, here, and incidently, here.

UPDATE 2016-06-28: the Python ZeroNet reference implementation uses Gevent and libzeronet will use libuv which has significantly more fuctionalities than libev upon which Gevent is based, notably for filesystem I/O. Larger file support, being my main immediate objective with libzeronet, I think that libuv alone could be the solution. BTW, the only feedback I have received from a developer appears to be from nofish himself. He liked my comment on Github. Thanks nofish! Hopefuly some capable coder will soon inbox me to help with some testing at least.

UPDATE 2016-07-06: I will give a talk in Montreal, Canada on Monday July 11 about ZeroNet and libzeronet. There is a FB event and a clearnet website. My talk will be in French, but this is otherwise a bilingual event.

UPDATE 2016-07-24: Given the horrible cultural and social climate shifts I’ve been witnessing this summer within the hacker, open source and online freedom communities, I’ve chosen to commit performance and security fixes directly to the original Python ZeroNet code base (which and when at my own discretion) and keep libzeronet for my (and my friend’s) own personal private use. I will continue to post libzeronet-related random ideas, thoughts and musings here but I won’t publish code or binaries. If you are interested in using or testing libzeronet, you'll first have to make friends with me.

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