Introducing KxoId

Brought to you by @krixano and @gitcenter


KxoId is a new Id Provider, created by @krixano and @gitcenter, that ensures Unique usernames. It uses the PeerMessage plugin to:

  • make sure all registration requests only happen within the ZeroNet network
  • ensure the servers cannot be blocked easily by ISPs or Governments
  • and ensure that IPs are not leaked to the clearnet and that IPs remain hidden when using Tor

Federated System

KxoId uses a two-level system.

  • Level 1 - This is always preferred first. Level 1 uses only the official KxoNetwork servers to do the registrations. This offers the highest level of trust to ensure usernames are always unique.
  • Level 2 - This is used when the official KxoNetwork servers are unavailable on the network (e.g. if they go down). Level 2 uses a set of Trusted Peers to handle the registrations.

Zite owners can easily restrict login to only Level 1 ids on their zites.

Detecting Traitor Peers

Because Trusted Peers can give the private keys used for registrations to new Trusted Peers - there's always a chance a peer that intentionally malfunctions (e.g. intentionally allows registration of non-unique usernames) can become a "Trusted Peer". We call this type of Peer a Traitor Peer.

KxoId will have a system to try to detect Traitor Peers. When a Traitor Peer is detected, the following will happen:

  1. Any non-unique usernames the peer has created will be added to the Traitor Blocklist. We recommend both users and zite owners block these accounts. These users will be notified when they visit KxoNetwork that their id was added to the blocklist due to not being unique.
  2. KxoId requires that all registrations handled by "Trusted Peers" be logged in. So, the account associated with the traitor peer is also added to the blocklist. The ip address of the peer will also be added to a list.
  3. Unique usernames are re-verified and re-added to the database under a more trustworthy peer.

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