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Simple shoot-em-up in Godot

[Simple Godot Game]( **This is a work-in-progress! It's not really a playable game yet.** Sadly the godot export requires NOSANDBOX permission to run, I'm not sure what the security implications of this are exactly, there's nothing in the documentation about this (this should really be added!)
^2 ^3 9 comments last on Mar 28, 2019 ━ started by eightyfour

[ZAME] level "styles" - NEW FEATURE!

Creators can now change the graphical style of their levels. [Level styles - Youtube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6CgnnHbfAY) The options are - Default - Digital Fog - Darkness Check out the link above to see what it looks like in action!
^4 ^5 2 comments last on Mar 28, 2019 ━ started by krystof

Game Engines

Which ones do yo use?
^2 ^3 8 comments last on Mar 27, 2019 ━ started by krystof

About decentralized online games

So, some of you probably have already read or heard about [GGPO](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GGPO) and its famous open implementation [fightcade](https://www.fightcade.com/), do you guys think that such netcode techniques could be helpful for creating decentralized online games?
^2 ^3 1 comment last on Mar 27, 2019 ━ started by moor


Say Hello!
^2 ^3 4 comments last on Mar 18, 2019 ━ started by krystof

ZAME - First standalone game using ZN for networking - new level editor features!

[New level editor features youtube video - WIP](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZAOaCf1Gic)
^3 ^4 2 comments last on Mar 02, 2019 ━ started by krystof

GGJ 2019 [Global Game Jam]

https://globalgamejam.org/ Anyone participating?
^2 ^3 1 comment last on Jan 23, 2019 ━ started by krystof

ZeroFrame addon for Godot Engine

https://github.com/anoadragon453/godot-zeroframe-asset - Anoa and I have been collaborating on the addon where I made the UI and gave tips on Godot (where I could, I tried where I couldn't but was met with dire backfire) and Anoa programmed the addon. We hope to have it added to the official library of Godot Add-ons. I actually learned a great deal of valuable scripting here, especially when it comes to saving and loading config files so that settings can and do permeate form one session over to the following. The add-on though not fully finished yet is very close to a working state. When done we'll also set up and example project to show what the asset is capable of as well as means of using it.
^6 ^7 11 comments last on Jan 23, 2019 ━ started by krystof

Zame - a game showcasing the ZeroFrame Godot Engine addon capabilities

https://github.com/lentsius-bark/zame-zeroframe-godot - Considering the addon is pretty near its completion we went ahead and started making a game, a game, a... game.... a Zame! It will be a map editor and a simple platformer at the same time. Where one can make a level, save it and if desired upload it onto ZeroNet. Of course one can also check for uploaded maps on ZeroNet and download any that are found.
^4 ^5 1 comment last on Jan 15, 2019 ━ started by krystof

Ideas thread

Let's put them all together!
^3 ^4 16 comments last on Dec 16, 2018 ━ started by krystof

Highscore table on zeronet

how would you make it so that a game has a highscore table through the means of ZeroNet?
^2 ^3 4 comments last on Dec 10, 2018 ━ started by krystof

Updated the board!

Just finished updating the board to the latest version. I added links to the top bar including a link to the plugin repository. Highly recommended you check it out. Additionally, if you have any ideas as to what to add to this zite, let me know ;)
^2 ^3 2 comments last on Dec 08, 2018 ━ started by krystof

ZeroNet dev sites

A list of those.
^1 ^2 2 comments last on Dec 06, 2018 ━ started by krystof

Storing user profiles on ZeroNet

Imagine you've got a game and you want the user profiles to be stored on zeronet, How would you go about it?
^1 ^2 0 comments on Nov 01, 2018 ━ started by krystof

Team up!

Time for a team project!
^2 ^3 0 comments on Sep 22, 2018 ━ started by krystof


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