Web/HTML5 based computing - in words of @mkg20001

It can be a web "BIOS" (Soon)
or it can be a web OS running multiple "OS"

It sounds confusing? Its because the computing is changing in a manner you possibly never thinked about.

The operating systems you use (for example Win/Linux) is where you do works, but is also where you set your computer. In DCRS its different. DCRS check/set your device, and then run the work(s) system(s) that the user have installed. Then DCRS can be a "BIOS", OS and runtime at same time.

The work systems (WS) powered by DCRS can give you the same feeling of a OS (like DCRS is feeling of a BIOS), because is where you will can do works. You can also do settings for your work system. But for set your device, you need to easily access the DCRS interface, where all your device's settings are united.

Future can appear first, and just for you.

DCRS is a platform of future, that uses technologies of future, for devices of future.

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