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21 hours ago · 2 min read
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on Mar 31, 2016 · 1 min read

It works!

>image here<

Major work on the joysticks has been completed. They were developed for microcomputer Raspberry Pi, and they are incompatible with PC. Obviously, they were created for retro games (Sega & NES), in particular for cooperative games.

>image here<
By the way, these homemade "inventions" are in harmony with LEGO-case for RPi.

To make the gamepads thinner, I decided to move all of the resistors and a big pile of wires on a separate circuit that connects the joystick to RPi.

>image here<
>image here<

A small manual (DIY):

As an emulator of retro consoles I recommend RetroArch. On the Internet there are many lessons on how to configure it on the Raspberry Pi.

To simulate keystrokes I'm using pikeyd. This is a program that allows you to assign a pin to a key on the keyboard.

To install run the following commands:

$ sudo git clone https://github.com/mmoller2k/pikeyd.git
$ cd pikeyd
$ sudo make 
$ sudo modprobe uinput 
$ sudo cp pikeyd /usr/local/bin/pikeyd

Place the configuration file in the path /etc/pikeyd.conf. I use this configuration:

# format:
# [keycode from /usr/include/linux/input.h] [whitespace] [GPIO pin no]

KEY_W        14
KEY_S        9
KEY_A        30
KEY_D        11
KEY_Z        25
KEY_X        31
KEY_C        7
KEY_Q        8

KEY_Y        4
KEY_J        17
KEY_H        27
KEY_G        18
KEY_B        23
KEY_N        24
KEY_M        22
KEY_T        10

Wiring diagram of the buttons:

>image here<

Now we want to launch the uinput module every time we boot up automatically:

$ sudo nano /etc/modules

Scroll to the bottom of the file and add:

Happy gaming and good luck!

>image here<

user_name - 1 day ago
zalex - on Apr 16, 2016

erkan: Nice, how much time did this all take for you?

I made the first prototype in November, and ended only in late March. I had a very long wait of several parcels with the details. If our local mail worked faster, I would have made the joysticks much earlier. Anyway I have not so often a lot of free time.

erkan - on Mar 31, 2016

Nice, how much time did this all take for you?

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