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21 hours ago · 2 min read
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My evenings with Arduino

on Aug 02, 2017 · less than 1 min read

I was trying to find an alternative development environment for Arduino, but now I'm using this ugly combination.


I'm coding for Arduino on Raspberry Pi. The reason is that the main computer is not in my room (this means that I need to transfer a lot of details and tools) and it is used not only by me. And because of the limited finances, sometimes I use RPi as a cheap alternative to the desktop (of course, only for "light" tasks). But there are a couple of problems - I do not have my HDMI monitor, and I have to use an old TV with an analog cable, so the resolution is terribly low.

Because of this, the Arduino IDE looks too cumbersome and uncomfortable. And the space for the code is very small because of the panels at the top and the console at the bottom. I wanted to compile sketches from the console, but unfortunately, it goes for a very long time (most likely if you use the GUI, the libraries are loaded into RAM, and from the console it loads them again each time).

The final combination: i3 + mcedit + xfce-terminal + "minimized" arduino ide. It may sound strange, but it's convenient for me. On the left I have enough space for the code, at the top right I see the progress of the load (I use the keyboard shortcuts for compiling and calling the menu), at the bottom I see error messages or serial monitor.

And all this is perfectly controlled from the keyboard.

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