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21 hours ago · 2 min read
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PocketMod 0.3 Beta

on Feb 25, 2017 · 1 min read

Incredibly, after more than a year of development, I'm releasing the first beta version of PocketMod Reloaded. The process is delayed mainly because of college and household responsibilities.

Free, recyclable and customizable orginizer.
Made from one sheet of paper.

Smartphone is a great thing, but it lacks the convenience of typing and battery life.
Notepad is great thing too, but it's very inconvenient to insert custom pages, although it would be useful to have a calendar or reference of resistors marking.

PocketMod is a case when the paper meets applications. It looks like a small pocket book with eight pages. With my app you can "install applications" to paper: you can print out Sudoku, shopping list, cheat sheet and anything you want. You can also enhance your notebook. Fasten with a clip a PocketMod to one of the pages in your notepad and get a lot of space for notes and any reference information in your pocket.


1. Download
Linux\Source Code

2. Install
Linux: install dependencies sudo pip3 install PyQt5 markdown pillow (some packages are available in repositories, eg. python3-qt5), unpack archive, python3 start.py
Windows: just run installer

3. Report
Write E-Mail to zalex@zausoft.ru with subject PocketMod Beta-Test and tell everything: what is working, what isn't working, are there any freezes\lags, what you don't like, which plugins would you like to add, any suggestions, etc.
GitHub, PyPI, setup.py, new website - later.

Also, check out new animation of folding guide:

user_name - 1 day ago
laithal - on Jun 25, 2017

thanks !

zalex - on Jun 25, 2017

laithal: Awesome - and great article. Thanks for sharing.PS: How do you get the "Read More" button on the blog post?

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laithal - on Jun 24, 2017

Awesome - and great article. Thanks for sharing.
PS: How do you get the "Read More" button on the blog post?

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