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21 hours ago · 2 min read
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We don't need the paid Photoshop!

on Aug 18, 2016

We have a free and cross-platform Gimp!

user_name - 1 day ago
zalex - on Aug 02, 2017

No, this is a standard "clone" and "heal" tools.
But thanks for the tip, I'll definitely try this plugin, it looks interesting.

flappyearz - on Aug 01, 2017

resynthesize? have been playing with it for a while, it's a foolproof easy way to fix up stuff. :)

treegb - on Oct 29, 2016

@zalex : When I'm using Krita for some Layout, I found that it is not like many people said only good for paining, it have many same concept as photoshop like transparent mask, transform mask ... and the image can transform / deform similar to photoshop "Liquify tool" : https://youtu.be/OmHflSluxIs

The filter in Krita is very adequate, not only basic "addition", "substraction", "burn", "saturation", but also very more than photoshop and Gimp. I don't use Krita to draw, I use it mainly for my tiny image manipulate job, but I found Krita is very useful in manipulate, very weird this different the impression people gave me because people mainly suggest Krita not aim to image manipulate tool, which conflict with my experience.

Many basic funtion can done with no problem with Krita, like "background remove" (done with drawing Black on "transparent mask" or use "levels tool" to seperate the target and white background out), or fix the hue, or transform / deform a little on distort image, I found actually Gimp is far behind Krita with many function. (I even suspect Gimp is moving very slow.)

But I believe people have the good reason to say this, I think Gimp is good for batch modify (some place I don't use it and not familiar), and maybe other extention I don't know yet.

And you are right Krita have most adventage for digital painting, if you use Krita I will suggest you have a graphic tablet, even not used with drawing. This is the reason,
for example I want to make a image there is a fruit on the table, from left is an apple and convert smoothly to orange from left to right, and in right totally orange, basically this is very easy to make, I just need to grab 3 image : Apple, Orange and Table. And DRAWING on apple and Orange transparent mask (transparent mask use white and black value to determine the corresponding transparency) separately, done!

But see, I need to DRAW, if I using mouse to draw, there is no pressure control (which graphic tablet have), I am so awkward to drawing/painting smooth white to black gradient, as the resault mouse always make final work more choppy. If I use tablet is is very natural and intuitive to do the same job. This is not saying you can't use mouse with Krita, you still can use pressing interval (pressing time) to act like the presure.

And Krita last time I used was months ago, still have many bugs. So keep active saving between works. Honestly I love krita but I don't need image working currently so I less touch it now.
Anyway, no matter which one is better it's not the point, I will support Libre source software no matter Gimp or Krita. I consider free as freedom not free bear.

zalex - on Oct 29, 2016


I know about Krita, but I think it's more appropriate for digital painting than for photo processing. But if you think that Krita is capable of retouching photos too, then correct me and I'll try to learn Krita more. By the way, I'm using KDE, so I will have no problems with the installation :D

Can you let me know how you do your website?

Blog.ZAlex.bit - ZeroBlog, a simple CMS for ZeroNet, just press Clone button.
ZAlex.bit - HTML5UP static templates. Maybe you just didn't noticed the link in the footer.

how you update your photo?

I'm just copied images to the site directory and added HTML links to them.

treegb - on Oct 28, 2016

I suggest Krita is a great tool too (open source), it have many feature even better than Gimp.
Krita is native on KDE but I think no problem to install on other platform. I use Debian Gnome and run with no problem.

Can you let me know how you do your website? Do you did it from scratch or with template?
And I'm also curious how you update your photo? DO you write html code manually or you have a site backend to update your image?


jayofthezero - on Aug 18, 2016

That's pretty good. I've probably gotten so used to GIMP that I'll find Photoshop annoying.

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