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Shouko's Blog

ZeroMe: shouko@kaffie.bit
You may have to visit KaffieID and my hub first or you may be unable to follow my ZeroMe account:
(你可能需要在访问我的 ZeroMe 账户之前先访问一次 KaffieID 和我的 Hub 才行:)
ZeroMe 2: shouko@zeroid.bit

This is my personal blog. I am an undergraduate Chinese student and is currently learning Japanese. Anime and programming are my favorite.

这里是我的个人博客。我是中国的一名本科学生,目前正在学习日语。动漫和软件开发什么的最喜欢了 ^_^


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Latest comments:

Announcing Shouko's Hub - and what's wrong with ZeroMe

on Oct 30, 2017 · 4 min read ·

Firstly, I would like to announce a ZeroMe Hub created by me: hub.shouko.bit. You can seed it and (optionally) join it if you like. This hub provides high quota for content once approved by me (you can contact me by ZeroMail or ZeroVerse's mail to shouko@zeroid.bit).

What's wrong with ZeroMe?

As a (fairly) new user on ZeroNet, I happily started off by joining ZeroMe. It was fun and exciting to experiment with decentralized things which is exactly what Internet is supposed to be. After a while I realized that this site is a merger site (which was not implemented the last time I tried ZeroNet) which includes a lot of sub-sites called hubs and I have to follow one's hub to receive the updates from the person. Therefore I found Get All Hub to add all the hubs provided by maintainer of this site.

However, when the messages from these hubs are comming in, I noticed something that I didn't expect ZeroMe to be.

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How to add trackers to ZeroNet

on Oct 29, 2017 · 2 min read ·

Yesterday I wrote a blog post on why we should add more trackers to ZeroNet, and here is the guide on how to add trackers to ZeroNet.

(昨天我写了一篇关于为什么我们应该给 ZeroNet 添加更多 Tracker 的文章,这里是添加 Tracker 的教程)

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Extra ZeroNet trackers needed

on Oct 28, 2017 · 4 min read ·

The official ZeroNet implementation contains hardcoded trackers as following:

trackers = [

which is not good practice since any tracker may be blocked or be abandoned at any time. Since an arbitary version of the ZeroNet client may depend on an arbitary list of trackers, the network might not be as robust as expected.

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Hello, world.

on Oct 25, 2017

Finally, I am back on ZeroNet. From now on I will also blog on ZeroNet, without any specific focus. And, I will remember to backup my credentials this time :)

ZeroNet has changed a lot since I left last time. Most suprisingly, the user base is still growing these days. It is really pleasing to see so many people supporting the decentralization of Internet.

This is also a backup plan for me as we might experience Internet "cut off" in some areas in China. Anyway, it is possibly yet another Plan B. The best plan will always be to study abroad and work abroad, seeking for migration if possible.

That's all of my Hello World.

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on May 31, 2015

My zeronet blog has been successfully created!

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