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Arch on LVM

on Aug 21, 2016 · 1 min read ·

ClearNet links:
Arch Linux

I'm gonna try to install Arch Linux, and will write about my progress here. As usually I will look into comments section from time to time.


  1. make a live USB stick
  2. Make partitions
Planned partitions:
sda 2 TB GPT
  |----    100M    fat32        /boot  As far as I understand, I should do it this way.
  |----    1T      lvm2 pv             Main partition
  |  |-    20G                 /       root
  |  |-    10G                 /var    ??
  |  |-    5G                  /tmp    ??
  |  |-    900G                /home   Home sweet home.
  |  `-    5G                  swap    4G memory + 1G coz I have 2 TB HDD.
  `----    ~1T     NTFS        D:\     For windows games.

sdb 1,5TB MBR
  |-    500G    NTFS        C:\     Windows
  `-    empty                       For the time when I need it most.

sdc 2TB MBR - 2 NTFS and 200-500G unalocated. My old drive. Mostly works as a metronome now. But my files are still there.

3) mount partitions
4) install OS
5) profit?


Phase 1.

USB stick.

On notebook:
cd /home/mk/Downloads/qbt
sudo -s
umount /dev/sdb*
dd bs=4M if=archlinux-2016.08.01-dual.iso of=/dev/sdb status=progress && sync

Phase 2.


On PC:

lsblk or fdisk -l
#next is from memory, so might be incorrect
(gdisk) /dev/sda
(gdisk) o     # create new gpt label
(gdisk) y     # yes, do create, please.
(gdisk) n     # create new partition...
(gdisk) 1     # ...number 1
(gdisk) +1M # that starts at 1MB
(gdisk) +512M # and ends 512 MB later
(gdisk) ef02     # type is BIOS boot partition (dunno if it's right) (actually, I'm not sure if this one is needed at all xD )
(gdisk) n
(gdisk) 2
(gdisk) +1M
(gdisk) +1T
(gdisk) 8e00     # the type is Linux LVM this time

I've also checked alignment with parted /dev/sda align-check optimal 1 and ... 2, but I'm not sure that any disk tool is aligning partitions wrong.

LVM creation:

pvcreate /dev/sda2
vgcreate sys /dev/sda2
lvcreate -n root -L20G sys
lvcreate -n usr -L10G sys
lvcreate -n var -L10G sys
lvcreate -n tmp -L5G sys
lvcreate -n swap -L5G sys
lvcreate -n home -L400G sys
lvcreate -n steam -L550G sys
# visualize with:
pvdisplay # or pvs
vgdisplay # or vgs
lvdisplay # or lvs
# or just

The current state is this:

I've saw white stripes on the screen and have decided that something is wrong with the video card, but then followed those stripes out of the screen, and when they reached the keyboard, I've decided to go to bed.

Plus somehow Mozart in my player turned into music of 1090-x... Have I been setting Arch for that long? I mean... I've only started! Have I started? I haven't even mounted anything! =(


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Dropping Qubes

on Aug 20, 2016

OK, I see that not many are interested in that idea, so I'll just install Parabola and see why do people love Arch so much...

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Big Bada Boom

on Aug 20, 2016

I think I'm gonna brick my sm-t531 the hard way......

Because I wanna do THIS!

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Qubes OS

on Aug 17, 2016 ·

In progress. I'll add stuff here as I explore this OS
I want to try something different. If you want more info on this topic, comment.


The first day

It took me quite a while to update all the VMs it had. But now when I finally have done it, I can install apps I need. By the way, I write this from Qubes =D

It's hot. But it gives me headaches all the time. It's the first OS that I had to read about before using even the GUI part of it. May be old people feel this way about things easy and obvious for me?

Feels secure

"What do you think of it?"

People are asking me "What do you think about Qubes?" The best answer I could think of is this: it does what it was made for. It seem to be the most secure OS I've ever used (or may be even seen).

It requires much more care than Ubuntu-like OSes that I've used before. It takes brains just to update it (you have to understand what is what, how it works and why it does not work). And it takes quite a lot of memory to run all VMs that I want to run. And most surely I won't be able to play games here, but I'll surely try =))))

Great news, by the way: it really works. It's not a concept, it's a product.

Quite beautiful

I'm not a designer, but I require stuff on my screen to be beautiful. At least, because that's what I'm staring at a lot. Qubes looks good. I'm very glad of that!

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on Aug 15, 2016 ·

SO... It is decided then. I'll install Qubes OS. For those who are still asking "WHAT THE FUCK FOR??!", I have an answer.

For years I lived with a thought that in our world, it's impossible to make any iformation really secure. I used to say "there is no lock that can't be picked". Always it's just a matter of time and effort.

Some days ago I thought I've lost my phone. With all passwords stored in my browser, and most of my logins saved in cookies. To evade long list, I can just say that almost ALL my accounts would be compromised. So I've spent a day changing my passwords, encrypting portable devices I've had left.

And when I finaly found my phone and encrypted all I could without much of an effort, still I felt some new thought and ideas sitting inside my head. Like "Why those governments are spying on us so easily, while we can make their life so much harder by a little bit of work on our side?" But most importantly, the question "Is it possible to at least have a chance of being secure in this world?"

So, the answer I got was "depends on how secure you wanna be, what exactly you want to do with your system and what do you expect to happen."

My problem is mostly with nosy people. And I wanna make my security holes so tiny, that they would have to sniff THAT HARD in order to get anything.

Again, I belive that it's impossible to be absolutely safe. I just want governments to do some Proof of Work, not Proof of Stake... for a change =D

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A Dream.

on Aug 15, 2016

I've seen a dream, that I would like to remember, and not shy enough to not share. So the blog will do.

I've woken up somewhere in a wooden house, probaby in the country. My friend is there. Also 2 other people - friends of my friend. One I've seen before, another - not.

I'm awaken by my friend. She told me something, told me who has arrived while was asleep? I welcomed her with a smile, since we don't usually touch each other. A friend of her that I know I welcomed in my dream with "Yea, I saw you there...", and thinking "..wish I have not." And she went into the background, almost disappearing in it. Person I liked, then was is nothing but an imprint on the background of my story. Would she return? To what end?

There is another one to great. I see her, in a second (as usually) I size her up. Not my type.. Who is?.. In 5 seconds (as usually) I know just how much of her is needed in my life. But this time I'm tired. Too tired to play any strategy. So I just tell her that in the morning the only thing I miss is a hug. No hints, no secrecy. Plain-text, no encoding, for all around to read.

Compatibility test is passed - she hugs me and kisses me in the cheek. I hug her, but kiss her in the neck and the nose. She is startled, but don't blush. The reaction I needed most.

I had to make a pause, and details of the dream are fading away. I turn the music on. Louder. Making sort of a locator out of it. Music distrupts my attention from the road and people, but being too loud it does not attract me. So I burrow deeper into my mind, in a search for a lost dream.

The following week, I get from my job earlier in an attempt to meet her more often. That angers my boss (mom). She makes it harder and harder for me to go early. Now I have a real reason to call her a "bossy bitch".

One day I am unable to finish my work in time and go to meet the girl anyway. Mother is angry, but I make it a point that there is no way she can stop me. Not only I'm stubborn, I also don't like to deal with other stubborn people. When a conflict is inavoidable, I'd rather let her detonate, than keep trying to please her. In the end, I'd rather be with a wife, than with a mother.

The last glance, the last touch, the last talk. I enjoy every second. I won't be remembering the words when I wake up, but I will remember the warmth and comfort I felt. I won't remember what she looked like, but I will remember what I felt when I was looking at her. So well that I will be able to reconstruct her face. That is the reason I touch her lips, that is the reason I smell her hair, that is the reason I hold her hand.

Mother will find a way to stop me. She will wake me up. "Get up! We are in a hurry!" She won't know why I will welcome her with anger. She won't care. Good. There will be a rainy day.

Good morning, ZeroNet. Musickiller is on the line.

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Lost and Found

on Aug 07, 2016 ·

Today I thought I've lost my phone. Realisation that someone might get access to my email (means "all my accounts without double authorisation"), and my browser (all open accounts and some saved passwords) made me feel uneasy.

Today was a day when I thought "hey! Any half-lame hacker can read my key files only because they are stored on 4 unencrypted devices, on 3 different platforms!" So I've encrypted my tablet and made plans of encrypting my notebook and (may be) computer. PC's HD is ticking like a bomb already, so quite soon no one will be able to read that data =D

So imagine how have I felt when exactly today I could not find my phone. Ofcourse I've revoked all authrisation that I could and changed some passwords, and then found the phone... But the feeling I still remember.

So as soon as I found it, I've locked it with a password. Can't encrypt it, but password will be enough, since there are no key-files there.

So today... ugh... Yesterday I've stepped into the world where the source I can trust most is my own head. I've also discovered that I remember almost all passwords that I make. Cool. All I had to do was to make it a high priority information and my head has stored it safe.

But some things are unclear to me. And if you are still reading it, I would appreciate some comments. How does encryption help, if as soon as I decrypt the drive, anyone from outside can read the data just as easy as he would have if the data was unencrypted? Or drive encryption actually helps even when one person has decoded it? And if it is so on linux, is it the same way on android or linux? You can just send places where I can read about it myself, if you don't want to write about it yourself...

Good night, people of ZeroNet. Don't loose your phones. And your heads too.

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Mass Storage Project

on Aug 06, 2016 · 2 min read ·

Again I fund inspiration while talking to KS... This time I have just thought that keybase is too dependant on trust, since it's server-based...

Read. Tell me where I'm wrong. Or why have no one done it yet?!

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Wanna have another reason to leave Russia?

on Aug 06, 2016

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I think I've broken something >.<

on Aug 06, 2016

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Brain Freeze

on Aug 05, 2016

Listening to some old songs that I've heared last time years ago. I feel unity with the world.

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Bathroom Prayer

on Aug 05, 2016 ·

Water, Mother of All, heal my wounds: of flesh and soul. Wash away my sorrow and anger. Make my thoughts clean and fresh. Make me calm and still, let only your waves shape my moods.
Fill me with Life and Love once again. Bring me energy of wast oceans you came from. Like your river, lead me into the brighter day.
And then leave me in peace, so that we could flow together once again. And also always stay with me, keeping me saturated with better dreams.

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A Song to Morpheus

on Aug 05, 2016 ·

My cat was running around the house, probably trying to get away from his own shadow. I've been sitting near the window, breathing in last rays of the setting sun, thinking. Something deep came into my head and under heavy emotional blow, I've started singing quiletly. Cat has stopped near me on his next circle, laid down at once, washed his fur and is sleeping now. Nice...

However, he washed himself for too long - he'll have to sleep with Kitchen Record's music. My voice is down for maintenance...

P.S. Sorry, no spellcheck this time too. Not in a mood to fuck my brain over a couple of typos...

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Blog adjustments

on Aug 04, 2016 ·

I'm thinking of posting some pictures in the blog without ipfs.pics (just wanna try what's gonna happen), so I need to know how to make some folder "unnecessary".

Anyone done that?

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on Aug 03, 2016 ·

Do you use RSS? How? Where?

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