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My corner of the Zeroverse.


I code shit on a daily basis but would rather live in the Eternal Buzz. Mmmmm edibles...

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Green Card

on Sep 01, 2016

I've thought for years I wanted a cannabis card. I finally made it come true. Let me say... the pain relief from the motorcycle accident is amazing. Not that I didn't know of the many great benefits of one of nature's best presents.

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on Jul 28, 2016

Had a lively discussion tonight about Matt Davies and the legitimacy of his arrest and charges. My discussion partner on this venture wagered that it was because medical marijuana dispensaries have to operate as shady enterprises under false and fraudulent auspices. My counter was that no, it was because he felt the need to invest in seven dispensaries that put him on the radar. Legitimacy is one thing. Greed is something altogether different.

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Alone In The Room

on Jul 20, 2016

I guess I'm a loner. I do like my solitude and I've never felt more alone than in a room full of people.

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on Jul 14, 2016

I've played with IPFS and i2p but I think I am going to like ZeroNet the most.

Time will tell, though.

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