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I code shit on a daily basis but would rather live in the Eternal Buzz. Mmmmm edibles...

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Where We Are

on Aug 30, 2017

As technology has progressed to alleviate the time demands of one task, another quickly drops in place to fill the void left in the vacuum. Rather than make us freer, technology has actually been used to make us busier; more tied to work and wage slavery. The advances promised 60 years ago to make our lives easier with shorter, and fewer working days, automation of every day tasks, automated homes, vehicles free of burning fossil fuels, were quickly realized to work against the world the ruling elite was busy creating to cage us in.

All of that technology does exist today, but the connections between idea and implementation have been scattered far and wide in order to dissuade the casual observer from accomplishing that freedom. For the rest who are willing to put in the effort, they’ve made sure to make the implementation difficult. In their places we’ve been given the illusion of such conveniences through purchased access to tools that are actually used to track and control us rather than the other way around.

Society has also placed burdens on us to keep us in line and competing against our neighbors. Keep your lawn green, your grass mowed, your flowers pretty. Don’t use your space to grow your own food to provide for yourself or your neighbors. That’s just unsightly and a nuisance.

Bur the latest and greatest TV so you’re friends will want to come to your house, filled with glamorous furnishings to prove you have good taste, when it’s time for you all to drink your pain and suffering away.

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