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My corner of the Zeroverse.


I code shit on a daily basis but would rather live in the Eternal Buzz. Mmmmm edibles...

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Into the Fire

on Jan 12, 2018

This weekend I'll be buying the main pieces I need for setting up my home forge. I've watched a lot of videos on blacksmithing and my girlfriend bought me a book on how to get started this past Christmas. So this weekend I will go pick up some fire bricks, some charcoal, a blower of one sort or another, and hit up a friend of mine for some iron. I have a small anvil and decent hammers that will all do me well for the time being as I learn.

I'm excited to get started learning blacksmithing. I've been feeling the call to be more creative with my hands, building tangible, physical things.

I've already distanced myself from filmmaking. That gave me joy and fulfillment for many years but never really paid off and it was just time to move on.

Feeling this burning desire to create real things has also eaten away at my love of programming. I don't think my heart is in that any longer, either.

I just really need to start taking raw, hearty materials and turn them into useful, practical, worldly things we, and maybe others, can use.

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