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My corner of the Zeroverse.


I code shit on a daily basis but would rather live in the Eternal Buzz. Mmmmm edibles...

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Another Trip Around the Sun

on Sep 03, 2017

It's been another trip around the sun for this guy. I still don't feel older, except for some mornings. But I think that may just be due to not being that much of a morning person. I'd rather work for myself again; making my own schedule has always appealed to me. Someday in the not-too-distant future I'll be back in a position for that to be an option. For now, I knowingly validate my own wage slavery in the short-term pursuit of doing the right thing.

I am taking the initiative to return to writing, though. Although, I guess really right now I'm returning to what I've already written to do some clean up and submission to some magazines and whatnot that pay industry rates.

I will probably put some stuff up on my own sites. I don't like the idea of only making money from what I create. I'd rather that not have to be the case, but, for that, return to paragraph one.

Maybe also put up an NMC address and anyone who enjoys what I create can support as they see fit.

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