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No. Hero's Name Added By
1. Superman eki@zeroid.bit
2. Batman eki@zeroid.bit
3. Iron Fist eki@zeroid.bit
4. Luke Cage eki@zeroid.bit
5. Jessica Jones eki@zeroid.bit
6. Dare Devil eki@zeroid.bit
7. Spiderman eki@zeroid.bit
8. Arrow eki@zeroid.bit
9. Gaban eki@zeroid.bit
10. Sarivan eki@zeroid.bit
11. Megaloman eki@zeroid.bit
12. Voltus eki@zeroid.bit
13. Bubbles rainbowcat@zeroid.bit
14. SuperGirl rainbowcat@zeroid.bit
15. yolo matehegedus@zeroid.bit
16. Power Ranger eki@zeroid.bit
17. Iron Man eki@zeroid.bit
18. Saint Seiya eki@zeroid.bit
19. you mother fucker joaco3150@zeroid.bit
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