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You can Wget a website and add it to IPFS and it works

on Dec 24, 2016 ·
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The hardest thing about setting up IPFS (http://ipfs.io/docs/install/) is finding your Environment Path. In Windows just search 'PATH'.

You can Wget a website as previous post and then add that folder to IPFS by navigating to that folder in Command Prompt and then:

[wget website folder]$ ipfs add -r .

Which adds the entire folder to IPFS. When you then click the hash in the WebUI (Firefox add-on), the website will be live.

Here is Automate the Boring Stuff Zeronet and IPFS (you need to have IPFS installed and moved to PATH, and then in Command Prompt$ ipfs daemon; and the file needs to be available from someone running IPFS for you to get it).

Follow this tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CMxDNuuAiQ).

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on Dec 22, 2016

For Namecoin .bit names that aren't already owned, go to https://dotbit.me/ to verify.

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imdb.com's thumbnail images contain actual location data

on Dec 22, 2016

Check before using www.imdb.com's movie images because I think they contain actual location data.

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