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Ace's ZeroNet Exploration

ZeroNet feels different, it works differently, it's opening up possibilities that weren't available before - I'm here to explore what ZeroNet is and what it can be

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Wow! Setting up a domain is far easier than DNS configuration

on Mar 08, 2016

I keep finding myself awestruck by the simplicity of ZeroNet's choices.

After buying my domain name (and a bunch of others ๐Ÿ˜…) I proceeded to figuring out how to connecting it to my website. My first step was ZeroName and lo-and-behold, at the bottom of the page we have a little 'How to add a domain?` button that reveals the two simple steps that are needed to be done.

The steps on ZeroName

I configured my domain name and added the following JSON to my custom configuration section:

  {"zeronet": {"": "1NfVz57ebbUae6DiksXR88ZgwY9VY1jQiH"}}

Namecoin FTW!

and updated my content.js file with the new domain:

    "domain": "acehigh.bit",
    "files": {..},

The Namecoin configuration didn't need any additional action besides clicking OK after adding the custom JSON config, but for ZeroNet there is another step we need to do and that's to sign and publish the new changes.

I ran $ zeronet.cmd siteSign 1NfVz57ebbUae6DiksXR88ZgwY9VY1jQiH [priv_key_reducted] that did it's thing (be aware here - if you see something other than a successful message at the end of the output you might have done something wrong), and then I fired $ zeronet.cmd sitePublish 1NfVz57ebbUae6DiksXR88ZgwY9VY1jQiH and that finished almost instantly letting me know that it was published to 3 peers.

Signed and ready

And to make life simpler for you the reader, here are the steps copied from ZeroName for your convenience:

To register just add 'zeronet' key to your namecoin domain.

The "" key means the primary domain, any other than that is a subdomain.


    "name": {
        "formatted": "ZeroNet project"
    "bitcoin": {
        "address": "1QDhxQ6PraUZa21ET5fYUCPgdrwBomnFgX"
    "zeronet": {
        "": "1EU1tbG9oC1A8jz2ouVwGZyQ5asrNsE4Vr", 
        "blog": "1BLogC9LN4oPDcruNz3qo1ysa133E9AGg8", 
        "talk": "1TaLk3zM7ZRskJvrh3ZNCDVGXvkJusPKQ"
    "ns": [

After the changes confirmed by Namecoin network the domain will automatically added to the registry and anyone can access your site using the registered domain.

To make the homepage (ZeroHello) link to your site domain you have to add a "domain" key to your site's content.json file, for example:

  "address": "1TaLk3zM7ZRskJvrh3ZNCDVGXvkJusPKQ", 
  "background-color": "#F5F5F5", 
  "description": "Decentralized forum demo", 
  "domain": "Talk.ZeroNetwork.bit", 
  "files": {

No, really - done.


user_name โ” 1 day ago
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