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Ace's ZeroNet Exploration

ZeroNet feels different, it works differently, it's opening up possibilities that weren't available before - I'm here to explore what ZeroNet is and what it can be

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21 hours ago · 2 min read 1
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I just installed my first site - that was EASY!

on Mar 07, 2016

After my last experience trying to get my hands on .bit domain names that didn't went as smoothly as I hoped it will (mind you, I'm very particular about the quality of the user experience that I like), just now I had a few minutes to tinker around with creating my own site, and that was far easier than I thought!

Admittedly I'm fairly comfortable in command-line interfaces so I had no problem typing in some createSite, signSite, and then publishSite to get my first ugly (but I love it) ZeroSite up in the air.

Considering the alternative such as Heroku, CloudApp, Cloud9, and a few others that gives you the "easy to setup website" pitch, ZeroNet is an order of magnitude simpler and easier to setup and get going.

I'm utterly impressed.


user_name1 day ago
erkanon Mar 07, 2016

Making a site is simple indeed in ZN. Bravo devs!

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