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Ace's ZeroNet Exploration

ZeroNet feels different, it works differently, it's opening up possibilities that weren't available before - I'm here to explore what ZeroNet is and what it can be

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Things that aren't on ZeroNet just yet

on Mar 06, 2016

I personally have waited quite a long time for something like ZeroNet - furthermore, I've been toying with a very similar idea for at least 5 years - ever since I've found out about bitcoin, maybe even sooner.

Now that it exists, there are some very interesting things we can do with it, and I want to start right away... but a moment before I do, I explore what's around me and postulate what could be based on what I see, the result (or at least a very small subset of it) is the following:

Isometric world powered by the users

So you've probably heard of Minecraft by now, and you probably know that it's a very addicting game although it's very simple (well, at used it used to be, nowadays I don't follow anymore), and because of it's simplicity but diversity users could create the most amazing things that the original creator couldn't even dream of (hat tip to Notch).

Example JSISO World

This idea is similar in the sense that it gives the user some basic functionality, such as placing a block of some kind on top of another block, or breaking existing blocks, and augmenting the experience so that the game has some basic economics associated with it.

Among the features that I envision for such a game are: Users can buy or rent spaces among themselves, they can use custom sprites (images) to be displayed on their models, all the content is in one single world that all users have access to.

How to build: There are many tools that can be useful here, but http://jsiso.com/ jumps out immoderately as a prime candidate (the image above is of one of JSISO's demos) as it's easy to use and basically comes out of the box with the functionality that I'm looking for - that's for the display side of things, from the machines behind the scenes it looks like it could initially use the same mechanics as the ZeroTalk boards do in terms of data storage.


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