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Main ZeroNet Dev Board Yet another ZeroNet Dev Resources Index

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Yet another ZeroNet Dev Resources Index

This Index is also available on ZeroWiki, you can add dev resources there. If you find the page blank or has no enough content, please check history for a good version. Even so you can make request here if you find it useful :)

Table of Contents

Docs & References

  1. ZeroNet Documentation

    ZeroNet Documentation Github repo

    Unofficial clone of Documentation on ZeroNet #outdated


Tutorials & Learning Resources

name tags and instructions
ZeroChat tutorial new #official #javascript
ZeroChat tutorial old #official #coffeescript
Zeronet Tutorials #zerowiki #multisource
The Truth about ZeroNet Tutorials and zite examples written by imachug (gitcenter@zeroid.bit), including 13 chapters from understanding basic ZeroNet components to advanced topics like merger sites and merged content. Great starting point for new developers.
Tutorials on ZeroNet Dev Center -
Kopi Kopi is a ZeroNet boilerplate with all the necessary elements to start a new project without the need to configure and develop the same features again and again.
Zeroframe on NPM -
ZeroNetTemplate Site template for making ZeroNet sites with modern web technologies
Zeronet/React example site Get started creating a zeronet site using react. Need to be updated.
Udemy Courses This zite provides magnet URI's for a bunch of udemy courses. Every torrent includes: all videos, all subtitles and all course files.
Github Awesome Meta List Just awesome ;)


Tools & Dev Services

name tags and instructions
Mavo #official #experimental ZeroNet storage plugin for Mavo that allows any web application created for this platform to run in a P2P and decentralized way without any modification. [ref]
0git Git repositories hosted on ZeroNet
CodeR JSFiddle and CodePen alternative
Git Center Git Center is a decentralized hosting platform for Git repositories. Provides several collaboration features such as bug tracking for every project, and private and public repositories.
Git over ZeroNet
Static git repository page generator
NullPaste #pastebin
ZeroDB #database #WIP Visual editor to create Dbschema files.
ZeroFrame Router #vue.js A very basic router that works with the ZeroFrame API.
zeronet-websocket Nodejs websocket wrapper for ZeroFrame API
ZeroNet-cmd-lib Python websocket wrapper for ZeroFrame API, command-line tools for ZeroNet and some ZeroNet sites.
ZeroDevLib Libraries for ZeroNet site development


Devs & Opensource Projects


dev name tags and instructions
HelloZeroNet (Nofish) HelloZeroNet [Gitlab repo] Repos of all ZeroNet official zites
ZeroNet (src/Ui/media) [Git Center repo]
affeali ZeroWikiImproved Experimental improved ZeroWiki with history-diff feature.
binchan2 ZeroBlog Plus Enhanced ZeroBlog including TOC, tag, mobile, etc.
ZeroMe Mobile Hub feed timeline, language character filter and chronological timeline
Binchan's 0-Share Yet another enhanced ZeroUp clone
Emeraude ZeroMusic
ZeroNerds ZeroMeReloaded Enhanced ZeroMe
HelloZeroProxy Enhanced ZeroHello for clearnet proxy
ZeroNetLabs ZeroWiki
kopi Kopi is a ZeroNet boilerplate with all the necessary elements to start a new project without the need to configure and develop the same features again and again.



dev name tags and instructions
anoadragon453 ZeroLSTN [Git Center repo] ZeroNet Music Streaming Site
grez911 poster [Git Center repo] A simple blog platform for ZeroNet written from scratch using Vue.js and Bulma.
imachug (gitcenter) Kiwipedia [Git Center repo] Wikipedia clone for ZeroNet with auto-import
Krixano ZeroNet Dev Center
ZeroMedium [Git Center repo] Medium for ZeroNet
ZeroExchage [Git Center repo] StackExchange for ZeroNet. A place to ask questions and get answers.
ZeroFrame Router
ZeroDB [Git Center repo] Visual Editor for creating dbschema files for ZeroNet zite development.
Important Zites
NewImportantZites #cors The New and Improved Important Zites for ZeroNet. User-added zites, fast relevance-based searching with pagination, modern design.
Sorasumi Sayo (空澄砂夜) ZeroGreeter ZeroHello alternative (source code is also available in the zite folder)
0-Gallery User fully controls her/his own gallery by creating personal hub.
Sakana Yet another ZeroMe frontend, with a highly configurable UI.


Other js frontend & unconfirmed

dev name tags and instructions
AnthyG ThunderWave [Git Center repo] #encryption A beautiful chat for ZeroNet with Image-Uploading, and private chat.
R_MD_ZN_Blog A beautiful Responsive Material-Design Blog for the ZeroNet
Thundote #encryption A beautiful note-taking app for ZeroNet.
Antilibrary Antilibrary.bit-ZeroNet-UI [Git Center repo] #book-repo Front-End source code for the site Antilibrary.bit on ZeroNet
April93 (Kaffie) Kaffiene ZeroNet search engine
imachug (gitcenter) gitcenter [Git Center repo ;D] [Gitlab repo]
jaros1 (jro) Money-Network Demo with complementary and alternative money. Implemented in ZeroNet and AngularJS. Focus on privacy, encryption, max data in client and min data on ZeroNet. Work in progress.
jlxip 0sh ZeroShortener
Kopy Kate Kopy Kate Online streaming torrents based on WebTorrent and ZeroNet
kopy-kate-big Video sharing platform for ZeroNet, using the Big Files feature!
mcdev Millchan [Git Center repo] P2P imageboard engine for the ZeroNet network.
mkg2001 ZeroNet-kivy #official #android #WIP
mkg20001's Git(Hub) Mirror a small Git(Hub) mirror, where mirrors the Git projects of some people/organizations
rllola zeroTube
mixtape #WIP new music site
unkn0wn Torrent Share
zer0net ZeroVoat #reddit-like Enhanced reddit like site compared to ZeroTalk
IFS Intergalactic File Server, archive.org alternative.


Backend (python, etc.)

dev name tags and instructions
axeltherabbit EulerFinder A ZeroNet search engine (with coinhive - clearnet coin-mining js)
imachug (gitcenter) ZeroDevLib [Git Center repo] Libraries for ZeroNet
ZeroMailProxy [Git Center repo by bornfree] SMTP/POP3 protocol for ZeroMail
ThunderProxy A local IRC server supporting ThunderBird to send/recieve messages from ThunderWave chat (ZeroNet)
ZeroNet-cmd-lib Command-line tools for ZeroNet and some ZeroNet sites
liberit (Elspru) Zirch #search-engine
mkg2001 ZeroNetJS #WIP A JS version of ZeroNet, using libp2p.
MuxZeroNet ZeroMux Real time video transmuxing and streaming library designed for ZeroNet (Probably deprecated in favor of official big file support).
zerolib #WIP A Minimalist ZeroNet Protocol Library
rllola zeronet-torrent-plugin
nanos-zeronet-app #incomplete POC application that allow you to create and to sign your ZeroNet website updates using the Ledger Nano S.
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gitcenter: Could you please add Git Center?

Sure! I can't believe that someone can still discover this thread. It's also on ZeroWiki and anyone can edit it. Git Center is already included in the "Tools & Dev Services" section ;)

gitcenteron Nov 12, 2017 ^1 ^2

Could you please add Git Center?

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