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Test messages

Testing 1, 2, 3
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ZeroNet help & FAQ

http://zeronet.readthedocs.org/en/latest/faq/ - [How to backup/use your identity on multiple machine](http://zeronet.readthedocs.org/en/latest/faq/#can-i-use-the-same-username-on-multiple-machine) - [How can I install ZeroNet to remote machine?](http://zeronet.readthedocs.org/en/latest/faq/#is-it-possible-to-install-zeronet-to-a-remote-machine) - [How can I create a new Zeronet site?]( - And many more
^74 ^75 283 comments last on Aug 12, 2019 ━ started by nofish


What is it? What are its goals? Why should one be for or against it?
^2 ^3 55 comments last 3 minutes ago ━ started by xlk

ZeroMail not working?

I've entered the user, the subject, and the message and when I try to click on Encrypt & Send message it doesn't work. The button is greyed out...
^2 ^3 1 comment last 9 minutes ago ━ started by qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq

Darknet Markets

Hello everyone. I was wondering what happened to the old Darknet Markets? I remember back in the day Agora and a couple other like CGMC shut down on good terms. Heard the AlphaBay guy got caught and killed himself, and a lot of other sites just went down. DeepDotWeb has been out of update for years now, and I was wondering if the whole DNM scene is dead. Last I remember a lot of people were switching to Direct Deals for security reasons.
^2 ^3 8 comments last 21 minute ago ━ started by ascetic

I'm leaving ZeroNet.

You don't even fucking have a Brainfuck ZeroNet API, how can you say you're a good network? I'll return only when you make Brainfuck API for my "Mummy's Shop" website!!!!!!!!111
^7 ^8 26 comments last 30 minutes ago ━ started by gitcenter

How to setup a zite so that I can manually sign user certs?

Any clue? I tried looking at the source code of a few ID sites and I can't figure it out.
^2 ^3 0 comments 35 minutes ago ━ started by qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq

ZeroNet not working with TOR (0 trackers)

I can't use ZeroNet with TOR always on, I get 0 trackers and can't do anything. It worked last month but that's no longer the case. WTF?
^2 ^3 5 comments last 38 minutes ago ━ started by qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq


Can we get a button to order posts in chronological order?
^5 ^6 3 comments last 51 minute ago ━ started by steeljacket

TiddlyWiki ZeroNet support: compatibility fix and a saver plugin

[TiddlyWiki](https://tiddlywiki.com/) is an in-browser wiki engine written in JavaScript which runs entirely in your browser and does not require a server. I made ZeroNet compatibility plugin which allows saving wiki data on ZeroNet using only your browser, without re-uploading TiddlyWiki file manually. If you're not familiar with TiddlyWiki, read [interactive introduction to TiddlyWiki](https://tiddlywiki.com/editions/introduction/) or check out [the presentation](https://tiddlywiki.com/talkytalky/). Also visit [its homepage](https://tiddlywiki.com/) for more information. Now you can use TiddlyWiki for your ZeroNet zites. [TiddlyWiki on ZeroNet](/1MVyVRFfQ8nSR3dMxisz1pZBwrd8jJRezy/)
^4 ^5 7 comments last 2 hours ago ━ started by satoxyn1

Seth Rich’s Ghost Haunts the Courts

https://consortiumnews.com/2019/08/12/ray-mcgovern-richs-ghost-haunts-the-courts/ RAY McGOVERN: Seth Rich’s Ghost Haunts the Courts As if it weren’t enough of a downer for Russiagate true believers that no Trump-Russia collusion was found, federal judges are now demanding proof that Russia hacked into the DNC in the first place.
^4 ^5 8 comments last 2 hours ago ━ started by woobeewoobee

What's more plausable?

Two completely separate, poorly understood/unexplainable medical conditions exist where people see shadow people and one where young men just die in their sleep? Or there's a hidden threat of shadow people killing you at night?
^1 ^2 18 comments last 2 hours ago ━ started by kidcourageous

How can you use the master seed to regenerate your zite private key?

I made a backup of my new zite's data file, but did not backup the updated users.json file after creating the new zite. Can the private key for the new zite be recreated using my master seed? If so, how?
^1 ^2 10 comments last 2 hours ago ━ started by xcape2net

Should they be hung?

Norris McWhirter appreciation society
^1 ^2 4 comments last 3 hours ago ━ started by watteau

What is fakegit?

If you open one of the latest commits on GitHub ZeroNet repository (e.g. https://github.com/HelloZeroNet/ZeroNet/commit/1d5bde01cc85efdea4c37d238885d04de0c42362), you'll see `py3 (#25)` text, `#25` being a link. When you click `#25`, you are redirected to `fakegit/ZeroNet` repo. Q1: What is `fakegit`? Is it a hard-coded word GitHub uses internally? Q2: If so, was @fakegit username registered by someone, and no one noticed that? Q3: Why am I linked to a random user that's not connected to @nofish at all? Here's the user: https://github.com/fakegit?tab=repositories. Most, if not all their repositories are forks and have `pull` bot enabled. There's this: https://github.com/hanbang-wang/FakeGit, which looks similar, but it doesn't explain why GitHub shows a link to a fork, given that there were no pull requests from that fork at all; neither does it explain how it's connected to @fakegit user. Does anyone have any idea whether it's a GitHub issue or what?
^3 ^4 5 comments last 3 hours ago ━ started by gitcenter

Why does God punish us?

Many times some of us have been in pain or put through injustices for which there is no restitution. If God cares, why are these things happening?
^3 ^4 57 comments last 3 hours ago ━ started by watteau

ZeroNet Sites

can anyone please give me some good sites ? , im noob
^2 ^3 2 comments last 3 hours ago ━ started by hotwheels

Persian language

Hello How to type in Zironet in Persian/Farsi language? Is Persian language added to Zironet?
^1 ^2 5 comments last 4 hours ago ━ started by godfatherr

This site requests permission: NOSANDBOX

> This site requests permission: NOSANDBOX > Modify your client's configuration and access all site (Dangerous!) Did you see such a message on some site? [Here is](/1NtQvrYd8rJzQYP3j1snmi28mPn8wSXX4X/?Page:zeronet-design---sandbox) an explanation about it and why you should NOT grant the permission. quoting: "ZeroNet wraps every page served in a site by an IFrame, and then uses its sandbox attribute to limit what it can do, effectively sandboxing zites. ... lets sites deanonymize you ... an attacker can run any software on your computer, possibly stealing private keys and setting up a data locker ... That's why using NOSANDBOX is not recommended." i think the author is @crazylime
^5 ^6 5 comments last 4 hours ago ━ started by ssdifnskdjfnsdjk

Start doing exercise, you lazy fuck.

Do not quit. Do not fail. Do not falter. Do not give up. You wanna get out of feeling like shit all the time? Stop being a cow and put yourself to it. Force yourself through the suffering to get healthy. If you keep going after the first day you're doing better than 80% of men. Your feelings are not unique, men have felt them before and resolved them, or have failed. Take comfort in knowing that your actions have already been done before, and that succes is only a matter of my your initiative and willpower.
^3 ^4 5 comments last 4 hours ago ━ started by 223556

Help 08chan not working?

"Forbidden, you can only modify your own files" I'm signed in with my zerobit id how do I get it to work? Is it down?
^1 ^2 2 comments last 4 hours ago ━ started by molly

Youtube on ZeroNet

Is there any free, uncensored YouTube, currently hosted on ZeroNet?
^2 ^3 12 comments last 5 hours ago ━ started by dko1905

Listen 👂 here kid

Listen 👂 here kid 😤, i'm thirsty 😧 as hell 😈 and i 💁‍♂️ only drink 😋 two ✌️ things: ⚡️ battery acid ⚗️ and cum 💦. so unless 😒 you have some 🔋 double a's 🔋 lying around 😵 i suggest 🤭 you get those jeans 👖 off 🤤 right 👏fucking 👏 now 👄
^1 ^2 3 comments last 7 hours ago ━ started by genx

All publicity is good publicity

🤔 I've entertained the idea of telling big news corporations and journos about this super bad babby killin nazi redneck kkk zite, with the intent of getting them to sperg out like they always do, and getting more individuals on here. I'm not sure though, your thoughts would be appreciated.
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My cousin will reveal who He is! That's the real truth about Bitcoin creator.

https://satoshinrh.com/ Who is your God now Craig Wright? #faketoshi What about the next?
^1 ^2 9 comments last 8 hours ago ━ started by ryoichitsukuda

the EU is FUCKING us

few things that i noticed - GDPR - Article 13 - End of the 500 € note - Buying and Selling cryptocurrency becomes more and more difficult - The limit for anonymous precious metals purchases has been lowered drastically in almost every EU country - Additional fee for cash payments is being considered - You need verify yourself with a picture of your face and your ID in order to get a phone number - Fingerprints will become mandatory in ID cards
^5 ^6 29 comments last 9 hours ago ━ started by 90w8fuiosrhui

Free manga?

I need help finding a place where i can get free manga in english.
^1 ^2 8 comments last 9 hours ago ━ started by merithtk

Epstein docs?

Hi ! Where could I find Epstein Documents on ZeroNet? There are 2 Epstein downloads on ZeroUp but they are incomplete... Thanks
^3 ^4 9 comments last 10 hours ago ━ started by ironwoman

Request: PHP ZeroNet library.

My fingers are itching to start developing Zites. However, since they will heavily depend on local processing, and I happen to be using the widely known general-purpose programming/scripting language PHP, which BTW runs on the command line and doesn't need a webserver whatsoever, a lot of my interaction with ZeroNet will be not from JavaScripts on the HTML pages served to visitors (or myself), but rather from my computer running PHP CLI. And since ZeroNet uses "WebSockets", this is not super-straight-forward. I currently don't know how I would make the connection to the local ZeroNet software, in order to be able to talk to the API. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Is anyone working on a nice, robust PHP library for easy communication with ZeroNet? Remember: anything we can do to make it easier to use ZeroNet is a good thing if you want people to use it. I guess I could attempt to use some existing mess of a library for general WebSockets use, and then try to figure out how exactly ZeroNet communicates using these, but that will take me a very long time and exhaust me. Therefore, I'm asking about/requesting a specific, preferably official, ZeroNet library in PHP. Bonus points if it gets/has a procedural interface.
^2 ^3 10 comments last 10 hours ago ━ started by bvcfbfbcbcvd

The comic buried treasure at the center of Islam

Students of history may know that Muhammad basically took over a big pilgrimage site by force, thereby making great profit and fame. They may also know that (after he smashed miscellaneous idols) the one big uncontested ruler of that roost was a black rock that people said had fallen from the sky, i.e. a meteorite. Perhaps less well known (indeed, I may be making a crank theory here) let's note that this black rock turned up very shortly after the Christians turned the shrine of Elagabalus in Emesa into the Church of St John the Divine, and smashed a certain Black Stone at the center of it, a massive meteorite which the transgender Roman emperor Elagabalus had gone all over the city with in a chariot praying to it and had a big temple built for in Rome, until he died and it got shipped back home. A network of Sabean traders linked the two sites. Now anyway, the Church of St John is since turned into the Great Mosque of Al-Nuri, damaged during the siege of Homs. The Black Rock was smashed at a known site in the courtyard. So we have possible/probable fragments of the Black Stone that the entire pilgrimage to Mecca centers around, lying untended just under a bombed-out mosque, waiting for somebody to scoop them up and prove they match up with the ones in the little lensy thingy that the Muslims stare into. But if the Muslims knew it was the Elagabalus stone they'd probably decry it as a pagan abomination. ;) Oh, if someone could just _dig_ it would be so hilarious.
^1 ^2 1 comment last 11 hour ago ━ started by aspidochelone

Daniel Domscheit-Berg

Every time I hear some supposedly kkk anti-semite stereotype on tv or online reminds me of what info Daniel deleted. https://web.archive.org/web/20131020210919/http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-14616899 "Wikileaks' statement went on to state that Mr Domscheit-Berg had also deleted 5 gigabytes of data relating to Bank of America, the internal communications of 20 neo-Nazi organisations" maybe that info is still out there... hmmm.
^1 ^2 0 comments 13 hours ago ━ started by 0nullz

ZeroNet is ruled by one person. And this should be fixed

> Several people came to conclusion that I'm going to steal nofish'es rights. That's not what I meant, however, if that's how you all understand me, it might be my problem, not yours. > > We'll fight centralization another way then. We'll write our own ZeroNet implementation, for other platforms, in another language. Completely independent of what the current ZeroNet looks like. Continue something that mkg20001 started. > > Thank you all for a wonderful discussion. --- As you all know, @nofish is the author of ZeroNet. First of all, let me say that I appreciate his work and respect him. However, we have a problem -- @nofish is currently the only man who has access to: - ZeroTalk, ZeroMe, etc., other zites - ZeroHello - GitHub repository & ZeroUpdate This leads to a couple of problems. Let's discuss them one by one: ### Social platforms On ZeroNet, any site that supports user content can't really live without any interaction from its owner. ZeroTalk depends on nofish to increase user data size limit. ZeroMe depends on nofish because of the hub list. Needless to say that if nofish leaves us, we would be stuck with the current sites with no further updates. ### ZeroHello ZeroNet homepage is the page that welcomes any user. However, it can do a little bit more than just welcome someone -- it's given so-called "ADMIN" rights. This means that, if nofish gets hacked (which wouldn't be a surprise to be honest), ZeroHello code can be changed to destroy the whole network. What's even more terrifying is that the changes would spread immediately over ZeroNet, destroying everything in a few minutes. ### GitHub repository & ZeroUpdate These two places are the places where ZeroNet hosts its source code, and that's what it uses for updating. We have two problems here at once: - Code poisoning. We've discussed it already, so I'll skip this part - Update stop. This might be even more dangerous in the long term ZeroNet aims at decentralization. All its sites are decentralized, so there is no single point of failure inside the network. Inside the network. Inside. But there's still centralization outside ZeroNet. And it's nofish. In case nofish gets into trouble, ZeroNet development will just stop. Most users get updates either from ZeroUpdate or GitHub. However, if the repositories stop being updated, there would be no way to synchronize the code among peers. You might say: just fork the network! Create your own SuperNet! Yes. SuperNet. Not ZeroNet. Not everyone will switch to *my* fork. Or *your* fork. Or some other fork. ZeroNet will be split into small parts that can't even communicate to each other: some forks would become outdated, some would stop being supported. The awesome ZeroNet community would be destroyed. In a single second. --- Is there any solution? One possible way to fix this is to help nofish to work on the project. Having a single owner is bad. Having several owners is slightly better, but it's better than nothing. *The below is just one of the possible solutions. Several users have brought it down. Thus, it's only here for historical purposes. We're in progress of making a better solution, however, some parts might still be valid.* Here's what should be done to implement this *right now*: - (optionally) Create a GitHub organization -- this will help communicating about the project & working on plugins - Add other users as collaborators to the GitHub repository - Give private keys from ZeroHello, ZeroUpdate, ZeroMe, ZeroTalk and probably a few other sites to the most reliable users Together, we can make a better solution by doing the following: - Setting up GitHub repository carefully: - We could allow to merge pull requests if there are at least 3 of 5 acceptions (in case 4 people join, of course) - Disallowing any changes to `py3` or `master` without pull requests -- this will be another security wall to prevent embedding malicious code - A way to change member list if the network votes to change it - This can be done by giving owner permissions to some of the trusted users - Improve multisign support - If the members decide that something must be changed, and they reach consensus, the zites should be updated - If the consensus is not reached, no changes should be made --- Finally, we have to discuss what group of people should actually have the rights to rule the network. Here's the best solution I could find: 1. nofish is included automatically 2. You can vote for any user (including yourself) by posting a comment below. Please explain why you vote for someone (or why you promote yourself) so that we can be sure you aren't a bot, and that we understand whether the mentioned person is a core developer, whether they can develop plugins for ZeroNet, zites, or whether they're good in theory, or whether they can bring good ideas, etc. 3. If you support someone, you can either post your own comment or just upvote someone else's (if person A promotes person B and you upvote that comment, that's a vote for B, not A) 4. You can vote for several people 5. After some period of time, a few users who have most upvotes will be chosen - The period of time is to be discussed. I'm not sure what's the correct way to choose it, so please mention this in comments if you know what to choose - The user count is to be discussed as well. I'd choose top 4 users, or if there are a few people who are voted for, only choose top 4 users among those who have more than 20% upvotes. This means that we'll most likely get 5 collaborators - People who have no *good* comments (i.e.: only spam) on ZeroTalk before Jul 1, 2019 won't be counted. However, if they post a comment (with some explanation, of course) and not just upvote, they *will* be counted --- Finally, this movement must be supported by @nofish in the first place to be brought into life. Looking forward to hear from you, @nofish.
^33 ^34 159 comments last 14 hours ago ━ started by gitcenter

zeronet- apk can't install

zeronet- zeronet- can't install
^1 ^2 5 comments last 15 hours ago ━ started by kai0


Greetings. I’ve always strived to be a force of good in this world, to help the needy and ultimately contribute as much as I humanly can to Make the world a better place™ In that sense and following the steps of countless useless virtue signalling hashtags, I am proud to stroke my dic– I mean, ego, and present to you: The #SwapACommie Campaign! What is the #SwapACommie Campaign? As its name implies, it’s a campaign that aims towards one purpose: To trade away 1st world Internet Communists for hard working 3rd world Capitalists, thus Making the world a better place™. Is this a serious campaign? Of course, why wouldn’t it be? Are you sure you want to cede your spot in that wondrous socialist utopia for a stranger? A noble sacrifice yes, a burden I along with my fellow capitalists would endure with pride so that dozens (or more) Internet Communists can live in the utopia of their dreams. Alright, what would it take to achieve such a daunting task? When there’s a will, there’s a way! A quick rundown of this program would go like this: Step 1: Contact your Local representative or related institutions and inform them of the proposal. After all, reducing the amount of communists living in USA is a matter of public health. Step 2: These groups acquire the necessary funds and fill the necessary paperwork to make this all happen. Step 3: A list of commie candidates is presented for approval. Step 4: These Internet Commies are given a few Starbucks coupons to allure them into a false sense of safety, before they’re snatched into helicopters and thrown into the– Whoops, my bad! I got carried away there! Disregard this step–or not! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Step 5: A list of capitalists is presented as part of the exchange. We’re willing to do a 1:1 exchange ratio if the standard rate of ten (10) commies for one (01) capitalist feels like a bit too much. Step 6: Both sides get a one way plane ticket. Step 7: ??? Step 8: Profit! Sounds feasible. What would these Virgin Internet Commies be getting in return? They will get to live in the Socialist Utopia of their dreams of course! They will be able to partake in many great activities, included but not limited to: The authentic experience of living with only ~$5-10 a month. They’re commies, they don’t like money anyways, right? Waiting in line for food when the last number of their passport matches the corresponding day of the week. Buying things like flour, eggs, and oil from food smugglers and resellers at absurd prices once they realize how futile it is to wait in line for food without the appropriate contacts. Hunt for meds across all the pharmacies in the country. Taking expired pills cause good luck finding meds in pharmacies. (one of my current personal activities) Hunt for that rare and elusive unicorn ATM that somehow still has cash (and pray to God or your Fedora that it belongs to your bank otherwise they will get jack shit, and even if its their bank’s ATM they get just a meager amount of cash) Attend mandatory Govt rallies and events, unless you want to lose your job in the public sector. You get your fancy red shirt and hat, and get to sing and chant praises to the politburo during their speeches! Watch our superior state tv and all those mandatory state broadcasts. As a result of hyperinflation, they will be able to buy less and less each week with their ~$5-10 a month. What a great way to lose weight! Learning how to hide their power-level in public, good luck flashing that brand new iPhone bought with daddy’s credit card on the street! Crime imposed curfew hours, good luck trying to stay outside after sunset! Only getting running water a few days at a week. A precarious electric grid and telecommunications system. A public health system that’s in complete shambles, and a private health system that’s struggling to stay afloat. And what would these Chad Capitalists Venezuelans be getting in return? The escape from this Socialist Nightma–Utopia. As well as: Freedom of Speech. Burgers. To be able to receive fair and just wages for our honest labor. While it might seem that us capitalists would be getting the short end of the stick, I assure you the exchange is as balanced as it gets for both parties. Hang on. Are you just trying to push this meme campaign as a desperate ploy to get your family out of Venezuela? You can bet your ass I am! (All my jokes are cries for help) Thoughts? Suggestions? Feel free to leave comments below! I ain’t some commie that deletes, blocks, or forces people to register (no ten bux required to post).
^3 ^4 5 comments last 16 hours ago ━ started by anaeru

And then they came for Plácido!

How does one harmlessly flirt in this chilling and sexless era?
^1 ^2 5 comments last 16 hours ago ━ started by watteau

Anyone try building an Angular site here?

Conceptually, it should work. Yet, there can always be gotchas. I'd like to try it and would appreciate any heads up.
^6 ^7 14 comments last 16 hours ago ━ started by crazylime

What do you think about the recent Hong Kong protest?

Shit is going crazy these days
^8 ^9 61 comments last 16 hours ago ━ started by killallniggers

It's music time

Give me your greatest tunes Negative xp - Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Ruined a Whole Generation of Women
^1 ^2 0 comments 17 hours ago ━ started by 223556

Listen guys, if you think about it...

ISIS is pretty fucking metal. They behead people, they're going to fuckin' war, and they get people to go blow themselves up. Take away the fact that they've clearly cooked their heads with the desert heat and the fact that they worship a faceless pedophile for a prophet and they're basically the most fucking metal thing to come out of the middle east since someone realized you can stone people AND burn them alive.
^1 ^2 10 comments last 17 hours ago ━ started by kidcourageous

What kind of alcoholic beverage do you like?

Personally I really like whiskey (of course I started with Jack Daniels but recently I bought Monkey Shoulders, which is really good and not so expensive imo), beer and vodka (though I mostly only shot or mix it with orange juice for example).
^1 ^2 5 comments last 17 hours ago ━ started by chinchin

No filesharing site?

So you are telling me that you built a whole decentralized www using P2P technology and there is not a single filesharing site? I would have expected something like thepiratebay, just without proxysites that regularly get taken down and without spyware and without the need of a BitTorrent client. Even a 1:1 copy of thepiratebay, where you still use a BitTorrent client, would be great
^3 ^4 9 comments last 17 hours ago ━ started by unadu

Why ZeroMusic Slow?

Does anyone know why ZeroMusic is so slow at loading music. Thanks.
^1 ^2 5 comments last 17 hours ago ━ started by dko1905

We are fucked.

Technology has now come to this point, nothing can be trusted anymore.
^4 ^5 16 comments last 18 hours ago ━ started by pseudonymity


I created a thread stating how 08chan is compromised. I am not sure if it is a bug on my end, however the topic has completely disappeared from ZeroTalk. Take note that once the ZeroTalk admins see this, they might restore it for the dumb goyim. Here is the supposed link: And here is what I wrote: The international jews are not idiots. They have already prophesiced that we will migrate to a decentralized option once 8chan shut down. So instead of letting an unknown person whom they cannot control start a decentralized website, they have decided to create their own, albeit an inferior version in order to prevent collaboration. 1) The website should use a very old, buggy and outdated engine (the millchan engine is around 2 years back from master) if the goyim requests for an update, explain to them we are not programmers. 2) If the goyim STILL collaborates in our dummy website, fake a spam attack and require them to create a certificate from a clear net third party. It was during THIS time that the site population went down because the BO gave very vague instructions on how to create a certificate. (hmmm) I have absolutely no proof that 08chan is compromised. However - The peak concurrent population was around 4500 peers, now its less than 900. - I also cant help but notice how artificial the first 10 threads were, and most of them were (((shooter))) threads. - Even if 08chan is not compromised, the BO is irresponsible and has not taken any steps to update the millchan engine nor he has he implemented solutions to the declining population count or the numerous bugs present. The BO might look legitimate and use anime avatars but that is because he is paid to act as one of us. Someone must create a new image board soon.
^4 ^5 14 comments last 19 hours ago ━ started by cometcrater

Conspiracies & The Occult

Tell US about your story not his story here!
^3 ^4 24 comments last 19 hours ago ━ started by 4565

Man Tried to Burn Down Telecoms Watchdog to Avenge Pirate Site-Blocking

A man in Russia who admitted to attempting three arson attacks says he took action in response to the authorities blocking pirate sites. The prosecutor demanded two years in prison but the man, who tried to burn down the offices of telecoms watchdog Roscomnadzor, has now received 18 months probation. [...read more](https://torrentfreak.com/man-tried-to-burn-down-telecoms-watchdog-to-avenge-pirate-site-blocking-190817/#disqus_thread) Priceless!!!
^4 ^5 8 comments last 21 hour ago ━ started by randomshits

Stop drinking.

It is a waste of money. To become willingly retarded and fuck your brain up is idiotic. It only shows how you can't deal with the problems in your life, so you escape by drinking yourself stupid.
^7 ^8 15 comments last 21 hour ago ━ started by 223556

Reminder: You Can Mute Users You Don't Like on ZeroNet (i.e. Trolls)

The three little dots next to a users name, press them, hit mute, and they're gone forever! Don't feed the trolls, silence them.
^10 ^11 9 comments last 21 hour ago ━ started by redlibertyreal

ZeroNet stopped working and there were 0 trackers

What's the point of this ZeroNet when it can get blocked? I was unable to connect to any trackers for a week until I changed my proxy. Everything was working fine until I accessed 08chan after which things went to shit and I couldn't connect to any trackers. Anyone else experienced a similar problem?
^4 ^5 19 comments last 22 hours ago ━ started by f35g64g654

Why did dudes marry 12 year olds up until the 19th century?

Seems odd since that's pedophilia. Perhaps bc that's when they started to produce children? Maybe bc that's when they start to ovulate?? Are we being lead wrong on this shit like epstien, a false flag to make people think they are sick when they should be wanting to fuck some 13 year olds? Don't lie, you know you want the pure tight virgin pussy with small tits, it's the most requested and pornstars like angel smalls getting railed by a massive cock basically looks like a 13 year old and a massive nigger. Any dude that says they don't get attracted to 14+ are fucking liars imo. Either that or don't believe in god, or evolution, so you have no escape. Bc both fucked 9 year old.
^3 ^4 14 comments last 22 hours ago ━ started by dkeyzjkeys

Search ZeroTalk

Is there a way to search zerotalk?
^1 ^2 5 comments last 23 hours ago ━ started by crazylime

Argentina just imploded.

Second highest one day stock market loss in history. Finance talk and intelligence thread?
^3 ^4 8 comments last 1 day ago ━ started by numismatist

How are these topics being created technically?

I've opened the F12 menu with the network tab in Waterfox and I load this page and press "Add new topic" and it adds the topic but no POST request (in fact, no request whatsoever) is made? How is that possible? What kind of black magic is this?
^2 ^3 5 comments last 1 day ago ━ started by bvcfbfbcbcvd


The holocaust never happened
^6 ^7 11 comments last 1 day ago ━ started by 223556

Newfags can't meme text.

   > finds way to meme text.  > works like a charm.  > feels good man.  
^3 ^4 14 comments last 1 day ago ━ started by pseudonymity

Is Amazon's RING a very privacy threat?

Amazon Told Police It Has Partnered With 200 Law Enforcement Agencies https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/j5wyjy/amazon-told-police-it-has-partnered-with-200-law-enforcement-agencies "At least 200 law enforcement agencies around the country have entered into partnerships with Amazon’s home surveillance company Ring, according to an email obtained by Motherboard via public record request. " More refs:
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Poll: What's Worse...

Having sex with an underage girl à la Epstein or incest with an adult offspring? Now, let's set some rules and say it's consensual in either case. Also, let's put the underage girls as being post-pubescent but under eight-teen. Also, let's say in both cases the offender knows the situation; that is, no long last family or being tricked at a bar by jail-bait. So, which one is worse? And please elaborate...
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Dark Market adress ?

Since the shutdown of all the dark markets by the FBI i can't find any new market ! Do you know some ?
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How does prostitution work in Communism?

If i want sex with a hot chick, and a hot chick can provide me with it, she is obligated to do it... for free of course, ... right?
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Recipes Zite - just posted: Geezer Gourmet zite cloned with httrack software from a remote wordpress
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rise up
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I'm leaving ZeroNet.

You don't want ZeroNet to be a success or grow in any way. This place is a cesspool of cancer. Rude, hostile cunts are the only ones replying with few exceptions. You don't even have a fucking PHP library to communicate with ZeroNet (or libraries/bindings for other popular languages). There's zero documentation and no "roadmap" and you have to actively pull out every little piece of information. It's obvious to me that this will never go anywhere, in spite of actually being launched. You are like the opposite of SAFE Network: SAFE people are super excited but never get anything running. ZeroNet people are apathetic cancer trolls but *do* have something (broken, incomplete) running. I really wanted and *needed* this to be a thing, but it's not a thing. Fuck this shit. I'm gone and won't see any replies to this because I'm immediately uninstalling this software now.
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What's with "Please install the PeerMessage plugin."?

When you try to register a new account on here, you apparently can only choose "KxoNetwork". When you go to their site, which is a confusing mess, it says with a bright red background: "Please install the PeerMessage plugin. You can download and install it from the Plugin Store" I don't wanna install any damn "plugins". What's this all about? This didn't happen a few days ago...
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What are your favourite symphonies? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Mine are: Tchaikovsky's 6th symphony ⠀⠀⠀ [magnet](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:B7F6369A101C25D186760AF1CF0E6CAD46CDD48B&tr=http://bt3.t-ru.org/ann?magnet) Mozart's 41th symphony⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ [magnet](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:9CEA4DB5C518221DAEA20471EF5E26D164D9C02E&tr=http://bt3.t-ru.org/ann?magnet) Mahler's 6th symphony ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀[magnet](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:00df53d99f70665bc4d362d5dd18827a636d66e7&tr=http://bt3.t-ru.org/ann?magnet)
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Full genome of the 1918 influenza virus was released, but no bio bomb yet

They said rogue nations would develop bio weapons with the influenza virus, but still nothing seems to have been done. How long until Armageddon/bio-war?
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fbi thread

Thread for us fellow fbi agents that get paid shitty. What makes you do it? Hows that pay LMAO?
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Testing ZeroNet py3 proxy

Hello! I've started using Heroku recently. So I thought it would be a good idea to try hosting the latest ZeroNet version on Heroku. I know there was HeroNet already, but it didn't work for me, and it also relied on an outdated Python 2 version. So, greet [awesome-zeronet.herokuapp.com](https://awesome-zeronet.herokuapp.com)! The app shuts down itself in 30 minutes of inactivity and deletes everything every 24 hours, so it shouldn't be used as a bootstrapping service; it's more like, uh, a proxy or a simple way to transfer a site between two computers. Please tell me if you find any security issues or if you want to set up a proxy yourself.
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Zeronet's Monetary System: NANO

What should the main crypto coin be that we start to accept and mass adopt to be Zeronets primary coin of use?? My vote is for NANO: heres why... Im a business man i understand MONEY! I know what real money is, i know what real assets are, and i know how to gain a LOT of both... Nano out of all coins (all i have seen at least) is the best thing to happen in the money space since the discovery of GOLD!! Nano is the purest and closest coin to gold and silver (I know there are gold and silver backed coins) MONEY is what we all want but few of us actually know what real money is. Real money is the “PEOPLES MONEY” aka “GODS MONEY” Gold and Silver its the only form of money that has ever truly worked in its pure form. NANO in order for it to be consider money it needs to meet 8 requirements… 1. Medium of exchange 2. A unit of account 3. Portable 4. Durable 5. Divisible 6. Fungible (interchangeable) 7. Store of value 8. Max number reached (I added this) NANO meets all these requirement and in a very spectacular way!! NANO can work offline only needing to update every so often, is instant transaction, decentralized, green (the reason POW coins will ALL eventually fail)!!! I have been in crypto since 2010 and other than btc when I first found it nothing has gotten me as excited as this!! Since 2016 my websites all have a 20% discount if you pay in NANO and is the only coin I accept and also one of the only coins I hodl!! As the world continues to learn how paper assets are created by the devil himself more and more people will turn to NANO through their education about what real money is… You see… the reason why gold and silver is the only real money until NANO is because it boils down to this. You have yours and I have mine, if I pay you, then you have more and I have less. SIMPLE. Its mostly called gods money for this one reason. There is only x amount of it in existence and the price only fluctuates with supply and demand. Until paper assets started to dictate the price, gold and silver only went up in value when the population grew and only went down when the population shrunk or more gold was mined. All the more reason why I listed number 8! This is my suggestion for anyone making a site that sells products on Zeronet! I would love to hear other ideas on what coin should be use primarily cuz well FUCK BTC it will die eventually due to time, and cost to run alone.
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Developers: When if ever will ZeroNet get native I2P support?

The Tor Project actively discourages P2P use on the Tor network as it tends to be a bandwidth hog while the I2P Project welcomes it (legal file-sharing of course, it's not at all bad for the network). I know in the not too recent past I2P hidden services were actually slower than Tor hidden services (wasn't always the case) but recent updates have changed this (or so I and others have noticed). Modern I2P is actually reasonably fast (comparable to Tor). I think it would be good for ZeroNet, the Tor network, and the I2P network to integrate native I2P support into ZeroNet. I can't really see a downside other than the fact that such an undertaking requires a great deal of effort. I do like the idea of implementing a DHT for peer discovery as well, I2P actually uses a DHT for its own form of peer discovery. But ideally (and this is just me rambling) you would have a Freenet-like DHT as a backup of zites under a certain size in addition to peer discovery in addition to peer discovery. I.e. if there are seeders, you connect to seeders to get the zite, else you fetch the latest known version from a DHT that way zites can be online without any active seeders. ZeroNet with Tor/I2P support AND a DHT both for peer discovery and to backup zites would be phenomenal for overall censorship resistance and zite resilience. Also private zites which I know you guys are currently working on would be a great addition. Now I advocate I2P integration and make a note of the fact that overall P2P use of the Tor network is discouraged, but keep in mind I do think that you should leave in optional Tor support as ZeroNet users in authoritarian countries need Tor to connect to the network safely (I2P doesn't have bridges or similar censorship circumvention tools as of yet) but for everyone else (and especially the Tor network) I think I2P would be preferable. Are there plans to implement this? I know on ZeroNet's donate page you can donate to contribute specifically to the development of new features ( If you add I2P integration to that page I am sure people would donate crypto to the cause.
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Did 08chan admin actually fix his site yet?

Couldn't update new posts for a few days after the ID's became forced. I checked today, and I was able to update some new posts but I was still seeing posts from yesterday at the top. Did this thing wind up being a honeypot to disperse the 8ch userbase to a broken website during the most critical days of retaining the 8ch userbase, or does it actually work now?
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WHy are jews so insecure using anti semitism when it's literally criticisms?

Sorry jews buttfucking 12 year old boys when your a dude is gay. How is that antisemitism? They will find a way, bc they are the niggers of society right now, blacks have been a blessing, jews are literally trash. Blacks, I love you, jews will try to divide us. It's prolly why the jews enslaved blacks and once they found out us white people wheren't on board and fought a literal war for them they gave up. So many white people said fuck jews at the time, blacks where free. Consideration, jews own sports, and they use blacks as slaves.
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A thief walked out with a $2 beer. A hero shot him to death

Harris had spent about seven seconds inside the store. The Top Stop Shop in Memphis was busy that night, about 10 p.m. on March 29, 2018, and when the unarmed teenager waltzed through the door, he didn't waste any time being sneaky. Dressed in purple pants and a hoodie, he grabbed a $2 beer from the shelf in plain view of Ghazali, turned and left, as the clerk raced around the counter. Ghazali burst toward the door past bewildered customers milling near the counter. Beverly Loverson was one. She saw Harris and the beer, and Ghazali and the gun, "and as he passed me," she remembered while testifying on the stand this week, "I said: 'Don't kill him. Don't kill him. It's just a beer.'" Ghazali spun around looking for Harris in the parking lot before spotting him bolting down the block. Ghazali took off at a sprint. He caught up and fired his gun, one, two, at least three times. Then, he went back to the store. As he walked back inside he said, "I think I shot him," according to an arrest warrant, and returned to the cash register to ring up the next guest. He never called 911. Two days later, Harris was found dead on the same block, collapsed in a man's backyard. On Thursday, Ghazali was convicted of second-degree murder, marking the end of a tragic case that has sparked protests and boycotts and inflamed racial tensions in Memphis as hundreds mourned the African American teenager. Ghazali is set to be sentenced next month, facing between 15 and 60 years in prison. "This defendant took it upon himself to be the judge, the jury and the executioner over a $2 beer," prosecutor Lora Fowler told the jury, according to footage of the trial from WMC-TV.
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[Poll] Chinks or Rioters?

Vote here: https://www.strawpoll.me/18490749 Lets see what zeronet thinks.
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Dear white people

You guys are racist bigots and I cannot believe all of the far right nazi extremism I see on this board. Why do you guys not use proper pronouns for transgender people? I can not stand all of your microaggressions when you talk to people. Why won't you pay a reparations tax to minorities? Minorities have had a difficult struggle and white people are guilty and must pay for their guilt.
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Lets get formmatting!

    # _**Tested as working formatting tags you can use on ZT.**_ ### ------------------------------------ References ------------------------------------ [OP][1] [OP][2] [1]:Faggot [2]:Still_A_Faggot ``` [OP][1] [OP][2] [1]:Faggot [2]:Still_A_Faggot ``` ## _**You can use this to do comment/element jumping**_ Click reply and take the (#comment) string and use that as the reference. [EG][3] [3]:#comment_48_16YKCPxCUyjP3zF1CNtsWCHu44ToaNZJYM ``` [EG][3] [3]:#comment_48_16YKCPxCUyjP3zF1CNtsWCHu44ToaNZJYM ``` If you want to jump to an element, use inspect element in your browser to find its id in the code. copy the id string, paste it as your Reference and add a "#" to the beginning. E.G. Don't forget to leave a [comment][4] [4]:#comment_body ``` Don't forget to leave a [comment][4] [4]:#comment_body ``` ### ------------------------------------------ List ------------------------------------------ - a - b - c ``` - a - b - c ``` ### -------------------------------------- Num List -------------------------------------- 1. a 2. b 3. c ``` 1. a 2. b 3. c ``` ### -------------------------------------- Code line ---------------------------------------- `code line` ``` `code line` ``` ### ------------------------------------ Code block -------------------------------------- ``` code block ``` ` ``` ` `code` `block` ` ``` ` ### ----------------------------------------- Link -------------------------------------------- [link](http://youaregay.com/) ``` [link](http://youaregay.com/) ``` Yes, that is actually a working site. ### ---------------------------------------- Quote ------------------------------------------- It was once said that: > OP is a faggot ``` It was once said that: > OP is a faggot ``` ## They can also be staggered. Convo: > fag1: hay >> fag2: fuckoff >>> fag1: oh... > anon: what am i reading? ``` Convo: > fag1: hay >> fag2: fuckoff >>> fag1: oh... > anon: what am i reading? ``` ### ------------------------------------ Formatting --------------------------------------- # H1 ### H3 ## H2 _italic_ **bold** ~~strikethrough~~ --- ``` # H1 ### H3 ## H2 _italic_ **bold** ~~strikethrough~~ --- ^Horizontal rule ``` Yes, H2 and H3 are wrong way round... The Horizontal rule also brakes if you do not give it a blank newline above and below it. ###Paragraph formatting           If you want to make multiple newline spaces that the forum engine will not just toss out for being a duplicate. you can use a hair space on each line. This is not recognized as a space character so you can get that paragraph formatting just the way you like it.            Enjoy. ### ------------------------- Chan refugee bonus tip ------------------------------    > Such text  > Much meam   ~~If you want to meme text, put a hair space character before the ">" so the forum engine does not recognize it as a quote.~~  >  >  > Disregard that, OP sucks cocks. You can use `\>` to do the same thing, But as pointed out by [qspitzer][5], the hair space does keep things clean on the ZeroTalk list, not that you degenerates would care for such formalitys. \> \> \> If you do not like how the forum engine makes the newline spacing bigger when doing any of the above, you can also use `>`. (thanks [eighty4][6]). This will keep the paragraph spacing tight. > > >    > Much point  > Such wow     [5]:#comment_66_1Hc87xHmLsZyaGTQYnx2UmQPKwE1EmgxKX [6]:#comment_29_1CBZY3cuYKeHZXEeHVxRFLmsCr3UmELnTX  
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ZeroChat Live+ ZeroChat Live cloned, but with support for KaffieID, KxoID, and CryptoID
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ZeroSites+ ZeroSites cloned, but with support for KaffieID, KxoID, and CryptoID
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Censorship on Zerotalk????

There is a thread titled "Nigger hate thread". I noticed after I posted on it that it didn't update its position to the top of the list and thought it queer. Now, I see it has been commented on multiple times since then, the latest eight hours ago and yet on my Zeronet homepage, it lists the last update as having been one day ago. Meanwhile, within the Zerotalk zite, it is properly listed as eight hours ago. Thread suppression? Conspiracy? Aliens? You decide!
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My impressions of ZeroNet so far:

Positives: 1. It actually exists and can be used right now, unlike SAFE Network and their perpetual vaporware bullshit. (I'm now convinced that they will never deliver anything before the end of time.) 2. Although it took a lot of asking, reading and thinking, the overall structure makes a lot of sense to me now, even though I don't like the reliance on Tor for privacy; it should always be built in and never seen as an "add-on for those who want it". 3. No damn domain registrars, server hosts forcing me to send them photo ids, registration forms, CAPTCHAs, "phone verification" bullshit, IP address reputation nonsense (yet...), etc... But these points are maybe "too obvious" since they are the whole point of ZeroNet existing... Negatives: 1. The default interface is very technical yet flashy at the same time. I would have preferred a much more "toned down" and elegant/minimal interface, simply saying a few carefully worded paragraphs about what ZeroNet is and how to use it on a fundamental level. But maybe this interface will only be like this in the beginning? Still, whoever controls it really has a ton of power and especially *will have* as ZeroNet (hopefully) grows a lot. 2. Relying on Namecoin for domains might make sense, but it also introduces yet another thing that the users must learn about. As I understand it, Namecoin "support" isn't built in? You have to actually run Namecoin's own client to be able to visit .bit domains? Or is that just for *creating*/managing them? 3. The lack of sensible documentation. Just like with SAFE, even though I've a lot of experience with programming in general, and even JavaScript/HTML/CSS in particular, I find it very confusing as to how to get started with the API and whatnot. Granted, I haven't invested *that* much time and energy in it so far, because I'm still trying to get comfortable with ZeroNet existing at all, but still, I find that the same problem applies here; even though ZeroNet is much more logical and straight-forward (one might say "less wrapped in bullshit") than SAFE, the concepts are still not communicated anywhere near as clearly as I would expect and want them. I do unfortunately get the feeling that there is that same old arrogant attitude among "geeks" that "it's good if it's not too easy, because then it will weed out the worst morons". This might be true to some extent, but it also weeds out people who simply don't have the time and energy to sit around forever aimlessly searching and asking for every bit of information. My skin always starts crawling when I notice that a project or person appears to be leaving out crucial little bits of information in instructions/explanations because "it's too obvious" or "they will have to go through some pain since I took the time to write this for them"... Oftentimes, those "little pieces" cause me endless grief and frustration, usually resulting in me losing all interest in whatever the text was about. 4. The reliance on the default browser. There are no non-sucky browsers left, and as such, privacy and security are completely thrown out of the window. I have not managed to figure out how to use the Tor Browser with ZeroNet, which should "just work"... 5. Just like with SAFE, ZeroNet still has centralized parts: the official website on clearnet, the "main interface" thing, the source code repository, etc. What happens when the developers are blackmailed/extorted to start adding manual blocks of Zites, or they themselves realize that they hate certain Zites (which I would quickly do myself)? Basically, how reliable is the concept of ZeroNet? Right now, I have no idea. All the developers are mysterious unknown people to me, I have no grasp of how big this thing is, how big it can reasonably become, what's being done in practical terms to make that happen, what the "roadmap" looks like, etc. It seems like ZeroNet just started existing one day and is sponsored by some "cloud provider" which appears to be in direct competition to the entire concept of P2P, decentralized networks...
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Niggers suck bc we don't give them anything to do.

I know, bc I'm white, we sit around in these fag areas like suburbs, urban areas are even worse, all you can do is spend money for fun, no yards, no gardens, no friends bc it's all disorganized ages. Need a car to go anywhere, buses cost 8 bucks round trip, evening for a single guy is 40 bucks, that's what I made during my min wage 30 hour wtf! All jobs are min wage now, programming jobs suck nigger dick and still close to min wage wtf!! No wonder so many people shoot up others. If you are enraged and going to shoot up people, consider shooting up the government people instead of random walmart people bc you will actually do something. I would reccomend papartazzi videos to know where and when the faggot alite are going and then do your thing, not endorsing it, just saying the obvious.
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Will onenet be released?

I'd make it but I'm busy with fishing and pooping out that fish bc i'm not good at identifying the good ones. Other things I do, collect vegetables and fruits from my land, shooting squirrels and eating them. Using my obama phone to shitpost. I'm also a quantum physicist.
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Tor Image Posting

Is this fixed yet? It seems like the BO said it was fixed but I still cannot upload images on Tor, as they appear white in the thumbnail and will not load and open when I expand them and seeding them also does nothing with the percentage remaining at 0. I haven't tried zeronet in another browser but it seems that no one else is still having the problem. Is there a way around it without enabling fingerprints?
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Normie Safe Space

Group for normie talk, no meanies allowed, no racism, homophobia, transphobia or misogyny. Respect each others feelings, don't offend anybody, use correct pronouns.
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Dear black people

You guys are racist bigots and I cannot believe all of the far right national socialist extremism(like food stamps) I see on this board. Why do you guys not use proper pronouns for transgender people? I can not stand all of your microaggressions when you talk to people.(like saying nigga) Why won't you pay a reparations tax to minorities? Minorities have had a difficult struggle and black people are guilty and must pay for their guilt. Sounds pretty retarded once you realize white people are a minority.
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A little girl sees her father ready to take a shower. She looks at his crotch and asks

"What's that, daddy?" "Well, that's a penis, sweety." "Will I ever get one?" "Of course you will." "When? When I'm older?" "Nope, as soon as your mom leaves for work."
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US State Department, Stop Violating our Virgins.

An acquaintance of mine who is a virgin and works for the US State Department is required to get a pap smear as part of a physical before she goes overseas for work assignments. Her doctor was appalled that this medically unnecessary and painful procedure was required, even though it is of no benefit and is actually detrimental to the health of virgins. So, the doctor wrote a letter saying this, which this woman presented to the State Department people who were requiring the pap smear. Their response was to ignore the doctor's letter and continue to require the woman to get the pap smear. Obviously, the US government has no concern for the health of their female workers. Just another example of how governments pretend to be concerned about people but actually could not care less about them. Write about that, reporters lurking on ZeroNet!
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New Post on Red Liberty: Thoughts On Hong Kong and The PRC Part Two

Feel free to comment! Read full article here: "With sword in hand and ready to defend themselves, the people of Hong Kong can strike while the iron is hot, write the rule-book themselves, and dare to dream dangerously. Let them do so now without bloodshed, let the government bow before the people’s will for this is right. Let them do this now or tomorrow! The people cannot be stopped! People of Hong Kong, the city belongs to you and to you alone! There is no authority but that which derives from yourselves! Freedom loving people the world over stand with you! You are not alone!" Red Liberty is a Libertarian Marxist blog published on clearnet, Tor, I2P, Zeronet, and Freenet. Socialism or Barbarism, Liberty or Death. Freedom is always the freedom of dissent!
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There is no perfect time.

Start you lazy nerd. You say in a day but then the sun rises and you do nothing. Push your fucking out of that bed. Get over the mindset of laziness. Push your mind to through with it. Steel yourself. When shit gets real and you're still soft and fat, you'll be fucked.
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Can anyone see this new Zite?

I created this zite today, but I don't know if anyone can see it.
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To Nintendo Switch owners!

What's your opinion about this console is it worth of buying? If yes what games should I get :)
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Content Signing Failed - Content too large

Content too large 21682066B > 10485760B, aborting task... This is an attempt to publish an Angular site, so don't really have control over size of files since they are generated by the framework for distribution (using `ng build --prod`). Can discuss in new [ZT Zite Dev](/1KmgpXc9BLFxw1ccGANYVzvDh3YG95tSe3) under [this topic](/1KmgpXc9BLFxw1ccGANYVzvDh3YG95tSe3/?Topic:1565976496_1D9oYXWZH2S55PeoCFDKTqq8roNXqZqP7n/Content+Signing+Failed+Content+too+large).
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Is ZeroTalk the most "official" place to ask ZeroNet questions?

I must say that initially, it seemed to have quite a few helpful and nice people, but I'm being forced to reconsider my first impressions as I get an alarming percentage of incredibly rude and hostile replies from arrogant cunts, who then have to be muted, which is not something I want to do as it doesn't actually block them for anyone else (to the best of my knowledge). It would be useful if muting people blocked them from replying to any post/resource that you created/initiated. If this is how you treat excited new users, expect ZeroNet to remain obscure forever. (Which apparently is exactly what those users want...)
^3 ^4 19 comments last 3 days ago ━ started by bvcfbfbcbcvd

ZeroGamingTalk+ (With support for KaffieID, CryptoID, and KxoID that actually works) To double check, I even deleted it on my 2nd device and re-downloaded the site to make sure.
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Created a ZeroTalk for Site Development

A place where we can focus on developing zites without the clutter. Won't use up precious user space on main Zer0Talk. [Zer0Talk Zite Dev](/1KmgpXc9BLFxw1ccGANYVzvDh3YG95tSe3/?Home)
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Niggers are gay

Niggers like to fuck each other in the ass like their closely related monkey counterparts. They just fuck everything they see in the ass while making monkey noises and not having a functioning brain.
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Dear niggers

we cant believe how backwards yall are. please name one single thing you invented. ever. white supremacy is a fact not a belief. yall should be praying for our continued leadership
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Decentralized 4chan

Do you know this other decentralized 4chan that you can use with Tor ?
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How to manage identities?

When I open the site menu, I can choose different identities to use, but I don't know how to remove any of them. Is there some identity manager that I can use to remove my identities or is it just a matter of deleting a single file somewhere?
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Kill disabled people. Kill foreign people. Kill poor people. Kill foxes. Kill democracy. Kill socialism. Kill communism. Kill parasites.
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Self Destructing/Locking down ZeroNet.

As good as zero net is for our freedom, there remains a legal problem. Most authorities do not care if the data was automatically pulled from Zero, or if you actively even was aware the content was on your HDD. The fact that something illegal was on your HDD is enough for them to say you knew, so they can chuck you into the legal grinder, Were a stuffy old judge that does not understand technology will chuck the book at you for being a degenerate. We all know that innocent until proven guilty is dead, and Authorities operate on the flawed thinking of "you have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide". So, we need a method that allows the storing of ZeroNet data in a way that meets the following conditions. A. It is not stored in a legible manner on your HDD. B. It can be destroyed in a way that is quick, so the entire data does not have to be zeroed or Gutmanned. C. Destruction is not detectable, so you are not charged with destruction of evidence. D. It is able to pass plausible deniability. E. Can pass the handing over of a password, so you are not charged with obstruction or contempt. F. Does not require full disk encryption with a hidden system OS, as the point is to seed all the time, and the clean OS needs to be used constantly for deniability’s sake. Veracript is obvious, But, I'm worried the problem with this is that the browser and the OS will leave foot prints behind that shows that the hidden volume existed in logs. Or, in the free space data that the authorities could grab if they felt the need to take it to the forensics lab after there donut brake. So, I'm thinking that we could have a Linux distro VM with LUKS set up in a way to have a fake and a hidden volume. It is not that unusual for People to have VM's that they do not do very much with. E.G Just have it as a toy they played with, or just testing it out. If we use a privacy distro that inherently wipes its self after each reboot, The fact the VM fake boot password has nothing can not be considered suspicious at all. However, The reel VM boot is where your ZeroNet is actually run within, and is where the data is kept. Running this in a VM allows you to host Zero net in its own environment, and, gives you the ability to just give the police the fake PW in that unlikely event you got your IP pegged that one time you was careless, or, a vulnerability was found that allowed Zites to leek your real location. There are also ways to get LUKS to delete its keys when requiered, so, for added peace of mind, you could have a way for the ZeroNet volume to Nuke it's keys in a quick manor and reboot, forever rendering that part of the data forever destroyed.
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Why has the storge size of ZeroTalk dropped?

A few days ago, there were 67 MB of data in ZeroTalk. Today there are 53.6 MB. What happened?
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wow classic

who's in? my body is ready!
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Stop being fat.

Start exercising you whale.
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Chomsky favors the estate tax and massive income redistribution--just not the redistribution of his income

One of the most persistent themes in Noam Chomsky's work has been class warfare. He has frequently lashed out against the "massive use of tax havens to shift the burden to the general population and away from the rich" and criticized the concentration of wealth in "trusts" by the wealthiest 1 percent. The American tax code is rigged with "complicated devices for ensuring that the poor--like 80 percent of the population--pay off the rich." But trusts can't be all bad. After all, Chomsky, with a net worth north of $2,000,000, decided to create one for himself. A few years back he went to Boston's venerable white-shoe law firm, Palmer and Dodge, and, with the help of a tax attorney specializing in "income-tax planning," set up an irrevocable trust to protect his assets from Uncle Sam. He named his tax attorney (every socialist radical needs one!) and a daughter as trustees. To the Diane Chomsky Irrevocable Trust (named for another daughter) he has assigned the copyright of several of his books, including multiple international editions. Chomsky favors the estate tax and massive income redistribution--just not the redistribution of his income. No reason to let radical politics get in the way of sound estate planning. When I challenged Chomsky about his trust, he suddenly started to sound very bourgeois: "I don't apologize for putting aside money for my children and grandchildren," he wrote in one e-mail. Chomsky offered no explanation for why he condemns others who are equally proud of their provision for their children and who try to protect their assets from Uncle Sam. Although he did say that the tax shelter is okay because he and his family are "trying to help suffering people.
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is 08chan down for everyone?

Or is it just me? I keep getting a malformed database error
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ZeroNet should warn users that they are not anonymous

After the 8chan refugees had their IP addresses exposed, I think ZeroNet should do a better job warning users that if they are not using a VPN or Tor, their IP can be retrieved by any user with little effort. The only place where I see this warning is on the ZeroNet FAQ. I think the ZeroNet client should pop up a warning on the first time it's used. Alternatively we can bundle Tor with ZeroNet, which can encourage users to use Tor.
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Boomerposting Time: How do uploads get bootstrapped?

Alright, so let's say I upload a file to ZeroUp, or a video to KopyKate. The broadcast goes out to 5 peers or so. But what I want to know is: how are these uploads getting started up? Specifically, how does ZeroNet pick clients to upload the file to, and how does the target client even decide to take my file over someone else's? Is that what the purpose of the Download & Redistribute feature on a site is for, like a dedicated ZeroNet client LARPing as a server for any content pushes it happens to get wind of? I was mostly curious since it appeared my files would be seeding up to other ZeroNet connections even before I share the link, so I was curious how this is managed under the hood.
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Looking for a job related to zeronet and crypto

contact me: 0mrb@protonmail.com
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When you mute retards on here, it should default to "full mute"...

When you mute the countless morons who post garbage here, you have to wait for an animation and click yet again to actually mute them. Otherwise, you just "mute" a specific post. What's the point of that?
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KaffieID permissions in content.json?

I am following [nofish's tutorial]( for creating a simple chat site, and at one point he has the "permissions" part of the content.json file read ``` "permissions": { "bad@zeroid.bit": false, "nofish@zeroid.bit": { "max_size": 100000 } } ``` This makes sense to me because all zeroid's are unique. But how would this be done for kaffieid? The usernames are not unique, so `"nofish@kaffie.bit": { "max_size": 100000 }` would not work because anyone named 'nofish' would then have that permission. Would `nofish@kaffie.bit` just be replaced with the public key instead? If so, how would one find the public key for a kaffieid?
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nigger love thread

share what you love the most about people of color, commonly referred to as niggers
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Nigger hate thread

Tell us why you hate niggers here
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Make a group, nerd

You want to discussion on a certain topic without holocaust deniers flooding your post? Easy, make a group! There you can discuss whatever you might want, it's like a subreddit, or a board on a chan site! Just select group when making your topic and you are done!
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Dont we need some categories here?

Before it will turn into monocultured echo chamber. I guess sooner or later everyone gets tired or repetitive content. Just asking, dont shoot.
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Some noice zeronet zite?

You have some?
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/B Random

You know what this community is for
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The age of echo-chambers is here.

With the discovery of groups by our pioneers, a new phase is motion. Now just add image posting, and we are golden.
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What is this?
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This community is for the discussion of politics
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This community is for the discussion of religion
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We Are Revolutionaries

We are the tip of the spear. We are the real niggas. We are making a difference. We will change the world. We will overthrow tyranny. We will fight the system. We will bring down the New World Order. God Bless you brethren.
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If all White Supremacists converted to Judaism...

Would they go around talking shit about the Goyim to every Jew they could find?
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Abortion is a good thing.

Racial hygiene. Only trashy people will get an abortion, thereby cleaning up your people by murdering the brainlets before they are born. A normal pregnant girl won't suddenly decide to have an abortion just because it's there. As for those Christians who are against this because you are killing a life, Yes, it is a life. It is a mind and soul you are ending with your actions. Yes, it is murder. I don't care. Only degenerates and whores use abortion clinics, I lose no sleep over losing trash.
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The alt-right of today are not Nazis.

My SS great grandpa would disagree strongly with that label and for good reason. The alt right supports Trump who A) legitimized Israel's claim to Jerusalem by putting the embassy there and B) loves slavs like Putin. Neither of those things are compatible with the Nazis, primarily because jews and slavs are simply not human. If you are alt right, you are mentally subnormal.
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Zeronet APP???

I assume there is not app for mobile... cuz i have looked and cannot find it. I would really like to see one of you brilliant coders to make a zeronet app... With all the censorship talk going around we need all the forms of internet access to be able to run zeronet!! Please make it so there is no fucking root or terminal shit to run...
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ZeroNet should focus on developing legal infrastructure and establishing legitimacy in media

Some people keep talking about Tor -- but what we need is the OTHER direction. There's nothing illegal about talking to people about things that the overlords of Google and Facebook think looks bad for their companies. There's no reason why anybody should even need Tor here unless their interests run in a few fairly narrow directions -- which is the same as is true for "the internet" because ZeroNet is simply the Internet, run by people instead of by corporations. NO OTHER DIFFERENCE. We should see more development of "whitelists" of forums and files that users have looked over and decided have no legal issues (not even civil), so that absolutely anybody feels comfortable seeding them. I say whitelists because of course there are always files people disagree about or which are OK for some countries and not others, the copyright extension treaty and that kind of craziness. Users should feel free to examine others case by case. Most specifically though, we need a legit infrastructure to help reassure and support those users who want to play it legal. DMCA offers safe harbor IF you can be reached and respond to complaints. Somebody here might get served with a DMCA notice and not check ZeroMail, and lose safe harbor, or check it only after logging in and starting to seed, etc. So some specialized tools that would allow you the seeder to authorize "some guy" who wants to shoulder the burden of DMCA notice watching and block your file-seeding/warn you of what's going on for that reason alone could give thousands of people safe harbor and he might not even get a notice, so that's really an improvement in efficiency and safety. Remember, Tor is NOT a magic force field. On 4/5/19 I think the Germans shut down "Wall Street Market", a huge darknet website. SAME DAY, Firefox "accidentally" let their main certificate for plug-ins expire, and all the plug-ins were disabled. THAT INCLUDED NOSCRIPT IN TOR. I haven't seen an update, but I bet there are hundreds, even thousands of people who didn't notice the little S symbol was gone before they wandered in to a government replacement for that site with some very special scripts running... Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
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You can edit your posts

This could totally be abused tbh. Discussion A claims C said B and C claims they said D. A is correct about his B claim C changes his post to D The record has been corrected™ Why is this a feature?
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What's your opinion about GNUnet and Lokinet ?

^3 ^4 11 comments last on Aug 15, 2019 ━ started by zerowatchdog

Google Leaks

Google calls SWAT on one of their employees. Employee says YOLO and releases a bunch of internal stuff. https://archive.fo/NnYv4 Daily reminder Google was founded by Jews.
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Bug: Each topic tab gets "ZeroTalk - ZeroNet" as the title unless you reload the page.

1. Pick any topic. Middle-click it to open a new tab. 2. Go to the new tab. 3. It has the title "ZeroTalk - ZeroNet". 4. Press F5. 5. It now has the actual title. (At least happens in Firefox/Waterfox.)
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Pro-abortion reporters ban math for Steve King ... not for me though!

Alright, here is CNN's newest Crusade: https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/14/politics/steve-king-rape-incest-comments/index.html King said *"What if we went back through all the family trees and just pulled those people out that were products of rape and incest? Would there be any population of the world left if we did that? Considering all the wars and all the rape and pillage that has taken place ... I know I can't certify that I was not a part of a product of that."* This is now being held up as a "bizarre comment" worthy of expulsion from Congress, comparable to fighting for the Confederacy against the U.S. government. So on this last vestige of the free internet, what is the math? Well, we can look up "Pregnancy from rape" on Wikipedia, which says 25,000 to 32,000 pregnancies result from rape per year in the U.S. Now the total births per year in the U.S. should be the 12.4/1000 population * (329,000,000 population) (from their article on demographics of the U.S.) = 4,080,000 births yearly. Crunch those numbers and get an astounding 1 in 148. Either rape really works (still), or Wikipedia is full of shit (possible), or my math is wrong (well, I just went on a chocolate binge and my judgment may be impaired). Now rape in ancient times was probably not LESS than during the Age of Political Correctness, unless all those rules about talking don't actually do anything to stop a penis (possible). So if we take (1-0.0068) to the Nth power, and get a result of less than 1/329,000,000, then that is the number of conceptions where you can pretty much guarantee one was a rape for every single American. That is log 0.9932 (1/329000000) or ln(1/329000000)/ln(0.9932). Which works out to 2874 conceptions. Before you multiply that by 20 (the old generation time), remember that it takes two to tango. Going back in the pedigree you add 1+2+4+8... so we want log2(2874). That's 11.5 generations. Which means that sometime within the last 230 years -- since 1789, when the Constitution was passed - EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN has had an ancestor conceived by rape. At least, unless some of those ancestors are the same, in which case the numbers are smaller, but then they're a product of incest.
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Looking for Ball Joint doll STL files. Smart Dolls, 1/3, 1/6 any really

I'm looking for STL file for BJD dolls. My daughter is really into them but they are ridiculously expensive. If I could find a 3d file for a doll, I could print one or several for her.
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Have you exercised yet today?

Stop making excuses. Get off the chair fatty. There is no perfect time. The perfect time was yesterday.
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Math question - am I inversing this formula correctly?

Original formula: `p = d * (m / (z * 2))` However, I now need to have d. Is this correct? `d = p / (m / (z * 2))` I simply applied the 6 = 3 * 2 therefore 3 = 6 / 2 rule, but my calculator is giving me different answers.
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What is this?

I get a message failed to download please go to
^1 ^2 0 comments on Aug 15, 2019 ━ started by grand

Are muted users notified about this?

I've been forced to mute a number of accounts already (maybe it's the same guy constantly getting new ones) because all they ever reply with is things like "You are so DUMB." or "Why would you want ZeroNet to grow? Go home, boomer." or similar nonsensical insult, always ignoring whatever the topic is actually about. When I mute them, are they notified in any way about this? Like, a "X just muted you." notification or something? If not, can they find out in any way? Even though it probably would become very annoying, it would at least be *interesting* if, when somebody is muted, they get notified about this, who did it, and on which "resource"/page it happened. In the optimal scenario, the muted user would then at least know why people are muting them, and possibly better themselves. (But in practice, it would likely be very annoying and depressing for a lot of people.) If such a feature is created, at least have a "don't display these kinds of notifications" button with each notification, and make it clear that this "signal" is sent when the "mute" feature is used.
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There is no hope.

You cannot change the system using the system. All supposedly right-wing, based and redpilled modern political movements are a cuckservative or controlled op and are only there to serve as a distraction to entirely circlejerk instead of an actual solution. Among others: Trump, FN, PVV, AfD, One Nation, etc etc The individuals in these kind of movements are not the smartest or most aware of men(Read: boomers), and they would rather have them participate in the rigged politics than realise there is no hope and only violence will get them what they want. You want to save your people? Make tons of them. Yet, Richard Spencer (fat), saves the white race, by having a cute dog and a squarehead russian girlfriend. Politics is only a pressure vent for frustration. Pay as little taxes as possible, stop feeding the system that is actively destroying you.
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[SOLVED] Why dbQuery on 1MeFqFfFFGQfa1J3gJyYYUvb5Lksczq7nH stopped working??

`./ZeroNet.sh dbQuery 1MeFqFfFFGQfa1J3gJyYYUvb5Lksczq7nH "SELECT * FROM follow WHERE auth_address IS '16dEowtNbV89NxPcDrAKkmnuXtiJVoVcDm'"` [The above command worked OK at least till Feb 11.]( What's wrong? I got the following error msg when I do the same thing now: `SiteManager Deleting orphan site from content.db: 1MeFqFfFFGQfa1J3gJyYYUvb5Lksczq7nH`
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Global currency chat

A place to type about currencies, exchange rates, interest rates, economics
^3 ^4 11 comments last on Aug 15, 2019 ━ started by watteau

Revive Club Penguin on ZeroNet?

^5 ^6 9 comments last on Aug 14, 2019 ━ started by genx

A little help please

I keen getting, "Connection with UiServer Websocket was lost. Reconnecting." A few days agin (like when I first landed here) it happened in occasion. Now it's happening a lot. Tor is enabled for Tor sites, I am NOT on a VPN.
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Reference#1: [Firefox is seriously disturbed in purpose. Most addons have gone disabled.]( Reference#2: [Google accused of sabotaging Firefox, again. Google had intentionally slowed down the YouTube loading performance of Firefox and Edge. Google “switched to using a JavaScript library for YouTube that they knew wasn’t supported by Firefox,” : technology]( accused of sabotaging Firefox, again. Google had intentionally slowed down the YouTube loading performance of Firefox and Edge. Google _switched to using a JavaScript library for.html) ##UPDATE Workaround site for youtube: http://Invidio.us ##UPDATE Youtube unblocks tor-browser again. - 2019-05-15 22:15:16+0900 \#google \#evil \#firefox \#tor-browser
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Political views thread

What are political views of this site?
^2 ^3 13 comments last on Aug 14, 2019 ━ started by arckat

Confused about something said in that "Zero guide"...

"One more word about trackers. You need a static IP or Tor connection to share zites with other peers if these peers don't accept your zite update (for example, they don't have this zite at all)." While this "Zero guide" contains a lot of valuable information, the author uses *very* questionable wording in a lot of places, needlessly confusing the reader. The stuff I just quoted is just gibberish to me. I have literally no idea what he's talking about. Do you? Source:
^1 ^2 3 comments last on Aug 14, 2019 ━ started by bvcfbfbcbcvd

8Chan Refugees Blow Their Anonymity

*The Daily Beast captured 819 IP addresses for 08chan users connecting from 62 different countries. Most users in our sample, 437 of them, are in the U.S., with Canada (46 users), and the U.K. (37).* *Some users connected over VPNs, shielding them from our analysis, but hundreds logged in directly from cable TV broadband networks and other residential services.*
^7 ^8 169 comments last on Aug 14, 2019 ━ started by petrina

Is there some way to reach interested visitors other than them actively knowing about and going to my URL?

Let's say that somebody finds my Zite and they want to essentially "sign up for news on this". Maybe 0.00001% of people would think to use my RSS feed (and keep it around). Some might bookmark it and check back manually regularly (and eventually get bored). Most would in practice want to essentially "enter their e-mail address to get notifications". But there's no "e-mail" on ZeroNet that I know of (built in), and the clearnet e-mail has been made worthless (long story). Is there some way for a visitor to actively "subscribe to notifications" from me, so that I can at any later point (unless they muted or removed their "subscription") "push my message" to them, for example: "Hi! We finally have launched XYZ! I hope you're still interested! If so, go to: ..." ? Of course, the first time this is abused to send unwanted messages, they would just mute/block the sender, with one button, so there is no risk involved for the user. Every e-mail client I've ever seen makes it insanely difficult or impossible to set up any kind of real "block"/blackhole thing, and that's without a doubt per design to take away control from the dumb consumer sheep. However, ZeroNet I would expect to be on the user's side, forcing the sites that want to send such messages to not abuse the trust, or they'll immediately get silenced by the user and never be able to reach them again. Doesn't this seem reasonable? But of course, if ZeroNet takes off, evil powers will be making all kinds of evil changes to the UI to suit the evil scumbags who treat every surfer as an entity from which to extract the most amount of money and private data...
^3 ^4 3 comments last on Aug 14, 2019 ━ started by bvcfbfbcbcvd

The holocaust never happened

Your daily dose
^13 ^14 14 comments last on Aug 14, 2019 ━ started by 223556


4chan shut down when ?
^1 ^2 8 comments last on Aug 14, 2019 ━ started by scsksvskvs

New Zite - PDF Library Books (TOR links)

Just uploaded my PDF library books list to Enjoy! Also, this is my list of favorited bookmarked zites:
^3 ^4 9 comments last on Aug 14, 2019 ━ started by anglosaxon

My Minecraft Dolphins died again, after 3 days

my previous dolphins always died within 10min, so it got at least better... idk what their issue is, they were in a big aquarium with air above, some coral, fish and a conduit inside.
^4 ^5 3 comments last on Aug 14, 2019 ━ started by unadu

Any licensed hams in the northeast US operating on 2m packet?

Obviously it would be unwise to post any callsigns publicly here, but I'm almost always on 144.39. Also general ham radio thread
^4 ^5 6 comments last on Aug 14, 2019 ━ started by joalmo

*IPFS* + ZeroTalk = 🤩

Ok cool so all of us love reddit and now 0talk. But needing to link multiple things that take you all over the web is honestly getting old... Upload times for files to share, files getting taken down, the headache of trying to remember where you saw something then finding it then eventually sharing it sucks!! what if you had this: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmajtgewSqxQVUxR2mT1NfRmUXQ9g1vKzxpCNrdynVHkNQ With 1 link you get 5 links: 3 IPFS desktop clients for Mac, Windows, and Linux 1 .gif just to have some fun 1 short video to better explain IPFS if you dont know about it... Short of embed codes this is the best thing we could be using! These desktop clients i found make using IPFS node and file sharing super easy. It has a nice little bandwidth tracker to show you how LITTLE it really uses. You can easily support the network and help better decentralize the internet simply by allowing it to run in the background. (hope to see it being used more now)
^3 ^4 9 comments last on Aug 14, 2019 ━ started by theecollector

08chan users came from USA and Europe (the map)

https://img.thedailybeast.com/image/upload/c_crop,d_placeholder_euli9k/dpr_1.5/c_limit,w_690/fl_lossy,q_auto/unnamed_1_kw5fqc A IT tech has studied the IPs of the users of 08chan ZeroNet zite. About half users are not behind TOR wall and a lot has not VPN. This is the article: https://www.thedailybeast.com/8chan-users-migrating-to-zeronet-are-accidentally-revealing-their-locations «The Daily Beast captured 819 IP addresses for 08chan users connecting from 62 different countries. Most users in our sample, 437 of them, are in the U.S., with Canada (46 users), and the U.K. (37), a distant second and third place. Ordered by states, California, Texas, Washington, and Florida top the list.»
^1 ^2 20 comments last on Aug 14, 2019 ━ started by kensan

Millichan / 8chan "seed" botton

From what I read on the clearnet about 8chan, they say that "users can unknowingly store illegal content on their machines", but on both 8chan and millichan there's a "seed" button for every image, so my understanding is that text/links are automatically seeded, but images/webs etc are not. Is this correct?
^3 ^4 9 comments last on Aug 14, 2019 ━ started by lebowsk

Hello ZeroBrainTalk - any brain left here?

is there anyone who is right in the head?
^1 ^2 9 comments last on Aug 14, 2019 ━ started by mentaldiarrhea

Hey, the holocaust never happened

Holocoaster, jew soap, skin lampshades, shrunken heads and masturbation machines. All lies.
^3 ^4 7 comments last on Aug 14, 2019 ━ started by 223556

h3bhkj5gqz4n3pjm (he or she) wrote about this

now we got "Tom & Jerry Classic Collection", minecraft Dolphins, everybody needs "help" (because faq and documentation "is not available for them", anglosaxon and specialy nickwa bring so many progresive perfect ideas for sites, like "Moderators can modify or delete any post from the UI." "Admin can now delete and edit other users posts and content" or site cloning (search engine which crashes tab - never saw before). Today is Sunday, expect zeronet facebook before Friday morning (with sms login of course) ZEROBOOK and why storage files on personal HDD (it brings many problems), you can create whole cloud network for storage data and *.json files to bring consumer conform to new level. And looks like duende is on vacation, or commit suicide from recent situation developement.
^2 ^3 8 comments last on Aug 14, 2019 ━ started by z0z0z0z0z0z0z0z0

Quantum penguin sees cosmic frog?

Bright flash of infrared light coming from the black hole at the center of the galaxy observed by the Keck II telescope in Hawaii. Shadilay!
^1 ^2 0 comments on Aug 14, 2019 ━ started by undisclosed

I am Kira, name our enemies and they shall die of heart attack

My Death Note is thirsty for ink and I am thirsty for blood. Write down bellow the names of the rotten apples. Let's bring a beautiful new world order, together.
^2 ^3 4 comments last on Aug 14, 2019 ━ started by lightyagami


leftism ? why so much of it here ?
^4 ^5 37 comments last on Aug 14, 2019 ━ started by fuckkker

Predicted mass shooting and terrorist attack tomorrow in San Francisco

There's an event going on in Golden Gate Park called the Outside Lands, it's a music festival. Leon Bridges will be playing and a shooting will likely happen. The Golden Gate Bridge is predicted to have it's supports attacked as well, possibly causing a collapse. It's being called the biggest false flag event since 9/11. Everyone in SF, please stay safe tomorrow and avoid the festival and the bridge. --- Simultaneously there's a predicted event going on in Jerusalem. Some well known Mosque/Temple will be attacked. Various sources on this one. I usually am a skeptic of this stuff, but this one has me spooked. Today's Epstein suicide was also predicted. Please stay safe everyone. <3 Kaffie
^9 ^10 54 comments last on Aug 14, 2019 ━ started by kaffie

08Chan Updated Site Code ?? (not sure)

There was a github (?) link that had this thing where you download a data directory and then paste it into your data directory in Zeronet. It may have been the updated site code and maybe some optional files like images people are uploading. I can't find the link I had to reinstall ZeroNet, so if anyone has that link, that would be great.
^1 ^2 2 comments last on Aug 14, 2019 ━ started by poopy

How to make the app written in Python2or3 for Android?

Does every app have its own python interpreter? If so, how much memory does the interpreter consume for each app??
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Did youtube block tor?

Is anyone able to use youtube with Tor? The site loads for me, but all of the videos and titles are grayed out. I remember that youtube [temporarily went down]( for Tor users at one point, but is it now down permanently?
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LOL, all the VIPs and IT people were looking at kiddie porn at Epstein's palace?

https://kadn.com/fbi-agents-swarm-jeffrey-epsteins-private-caribbean-island/ Steve Scully, an IT worker who worked on Epstein’s island from 1999 to 2006, said he often saw young women there and the main residence was filled with photos of topless girls. “I don’t know if they were kids,” Scully told NBC News last month. “They looked young to me In almost every one of his — the master bedroom, the office, and the gymnasium certainly.” Clinton, Trump, everybody important is free to walk past that while ZeroNet people worry if some zite they don't know about might have a kiddie porn image they didn't see.
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What's the meaning of "ignore: Do not sign files matching this pattern"?

What's the meaning of ["ignore: Do not sign files matching this pattern"]( What happened if u don't sign a certain group of files? Reference: [Exclude file folder_directory from downloading (content.json)](
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No Country For Straight Men: boffins discover common drug selects for male babies

https://journals.plos.org/plosbiology/article?id=10.1371/journal.pbio.3000398 - if Y sperm meet imiquimod, they get kneecapped. In countries like India, where they used to have to abort by sex, now they can just douche a little of this and go. Expect a country of incels and a few lucky gays.
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Content signing failed always. I grabbed the user cert from my zeroID and I still can't post. What gives man?
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Resetting Lenovo Thinkpad L450 BIOS supervisor password?

I am having trouble resetting the supervisor password on my lenovo l450. I got the laptop used, and I need to set the date which can only be done after the supervisor password has been entered. I am trying to reset it with the short-circuit method, but I cannot get my changes to stick. I am following this guide (https://www.reddit.com/r/thinkpad/comments/4z9czz/resetting_the_eepromlost_supervisor_password_on/) and I am able to get into the bios, but my changes do not stick after rebooting. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing and willing to point me in the right direction?
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How to blacklist/block zeronet identity provider/authority in content.json, but whitelist some of this ID provider certificates

There was an issue on [08chan zite](/1DdPHedr5Tz55EtQWxqvsbEXPdc4uCVi9D/), where the zite was using self-signed/onsite certificates "08chan" and also zeroid.bit ID authority/provider. Then due to SPAM, the owner disabled self-signed certs by removing line: "08chan": ["1NwwLdiFBcVAA4jXQ712ZtQfDHEMvk8BiD"] from data/users/content.json & published the file. Causes? a **PROBLEM**: new visitors was unable to download /see the content once submitted by the users with the no longer allowed 08chan self-signed certificates... **SOLUTION**? Admin again allowed self-signed certificates, but given these certs a zero quota on how much content they can publish (so he prevent new users using this identity wanting them to use zeroid.bit where the quota is high). And then specifically whitelisted all old users 08chan certificates in data/users/content.json: (example code which lists two allowed 08chan certificates and shows that the remaining users of the 08chan identity has zero quota) **RESULT**? 08chan old users can post and their content is visible to everyone, but new 08chan users gets a signing error that they are trying to publish bigger content than allowed (maximum allowed is 0 bytes ;) - so they have to use different ID provider - zeroid.bit in this case. Switching identity is done via site's menu (the corner button that is dragged to the left).
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Exclude file folder/directory from downloading (content.json)

In my site directory is content.json file i can set some directory (and its contents) or a file as optional, meaning that the site visitors will not download it automatically, but on their request. "optional": "(directory/.\*)", **How to entirely exclude directory (and its contents) or file from downloading?** Is it [this](/1DocsYf2tZVVMEMJFHiDsppmFicZCWkVv1/site_development/content_json/#ignore)? I used that docs to create this: "ignore": "((tar.gz|7z|)/(?!allowedtoshare.(7z|tar.gz))|too-personal-to-share/.\*)", i doubt it is correct syntax (double dots and parenthesis) My aim would be not to share tar.gz and 7z extension files except files: allowedtoshare.7 and allowedtoshare.tar.gz amd also do not share /too-personal-to-share/ directory contents
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Depression is a fake illness.

There is no depresssion in the jungle. Depression is a disease of those in too much comfort and complacency. Take away that comfort, and their depression falters. Fact.
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List of ID providers on ZeroNet

Anybody have a list of ID providers on ZeroNet?
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Just wanna fuckin cum ya know

Any other niggas out their that just wanna cum?? ;)
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Discord Banned 1397 Accounts and 159 Servers Because of Tarrant/Christchurch

*...on the evening of March 14th when our Trust and Safety team began receiving reports that a disturbing and violent video had just been live-streamed in Christchurch, New Zealand. At first, our primary goal was removing the graphic video as quickly as possible, wherever users may have shared it. Although we received fewer reports about the video in the following hours, we saw an increase in reports of 'affiliated content'. We took aggressive action to remove users glorifying the attack and impersonating the shooter; we took action on servers dedicated to dissecting the shooter's manifesto, servers in support of the shooter's agenda, and even memes that were made and distributed around the shooting.* *Our team worked around the clock to thoroughly review each report, educate users about the harm of this content, and remove any content that violated our Community Guidelines. Over the course of the first ten days after this horrific event, we received a few hundred reports about content related to the shooting and issued 1,397 account bans alongside 159 server removals for related violations.*
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Kids are raised weak.

Parents/teachers keeping their kids away from all the hardships in life that made them strong, not realising the temporary discomfort hardens them along the way. Keeping boys away from slingshots and not allowing them to build guns out of the legos they because that's violent and dangerous, telling them to play with dolls instead. Telling children to rely on authority to fix their problems instead of taking care of it themself. "Go to the teacher if he's bothering you" No wonder millenials are such limpwristed fags and eternal manchildren. They never learned what it is like suffering. Good times does not necessarily mean weak men. Weak parents and teachers breed weak men.
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Is anything wrong about this? Is my understanding of ZeroNet correct?

1. Joe downloads the ZeroNet binaries from zeronet.io on his computer and runs it. It opens up his normal Firefox with the ZeroNet main interface. 2. Joe selects "Create new, empty site" from the little menu, and starts editing the files in the right folder to create a basic HTML page which says "Welcome to Joe's ZeroSite! Leave your comments below:" and below is a simple textarea with a "Submit" button next to it. 3. Joe uses JavaScript and the ZeroNet library/interface thing to make it so that anything that is typed into the form is submitted not for display on that page, but as a text which only Joe can see. (Not displayed even to him on that page, though.) 4. Joe does the step to "announce" the site and also mentions it on ZeroTalk, to get some initial visitors. 5. Joe goes to bed, shutting down his PC as always. 6. 24 hours later, Joe comes back, starts ZeroNet and has now coded a local PHP (or anything that runs on his computer, unrelated to ZeroNet) script which can talk to ZeroNet on the same computer. He makes the script fetch all the comments submitted while he was gone, moderates them (rejects or accepts) in his custom-made, self-coded, private management system. If they are accepted, Joe's system bakes a new static HTML webpage which is identical to the original one, with the message and the form, but also containing the accepted post as HTML. Maybe he moderates and accepts 10 comments before pressing "announce", which makes his system tell ZeroNet to publish the changes. 7. Now, anyone who loads Joe's page sees the accepted comments, and they can submit new ones and Joe will see them as soon as he comes back from sleep and can moderate them locally in his special system, just like before. 8. Encouraged by how fantastic this is, Joe proceeds to build in more and more advanced and intricate logic into his local PHP system. It soon becomes a popular ZeroNet site, and the only "source code" that can be seen by visitors is the client-side stuff, which was always the case even on clearnet. Is there something about this which doesn't make sense? If so, which point? And what about it doesn't make sense? What I don't understand yet is how long Joe can wait before coming back online, before his page can no longer be accessed while he's offline, and what kind of limit there is on the number of comments he can receive. What if one million people send messages, causing many megabytes of data to just "live in the ether" until Joe finally comes back on? Seems like this would be ripe for abuse... to cripple the network with garbage traffic/data. But at the same time, there must be a longer "grace period" since nobody can be expected to be online all the time and servers are very problematic for a number of reasons (whether at home or in a data center)... Important: Please don't reply if you haven't read the above. It will save us all a lot of time and energy. I'm saying this because my previous thread was ruined by somebody who did not read before replying, and I hope to avoid this by clarifying that PHP (or whatever -- I'm just using PHP as an example because I happen to use that as my programming language) is only running on Joe's computer. (But then again, if somebody didn't read the above, why would they read this last part?)
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How to delete users?

When I'm running out of space I want to be able to delete a user or make a new one without having to delete my entire data folder, how do I do this?
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What is 08chan's address?

I want to access it. That's all.
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ZeroTalk clone/Forum software/chan clones

Hello team, I'm interested in starting a text-only forum akin to ZeroTalk, preferably anonymous and organized into categories/boards like a traditional forum or chan. Where should I start? Thank you for your help.
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Are we running a tor node

Over the last few days the advertised bandwidth of the tor network has skyrocketed from 400Gbits's to 500Gbits's, which coincides with the appearance of a lot of new people to this interesting piece of tech, me included. Now I wonder if we are all running a full tor node, a middle node or if there is something else going on, unfortunately I could not find anything anywhere about that, so I decided to ask here, especially since many sites block tor exit nodes, and even middle ones.
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An Article about distribuite networks like Zeronet

ZeroNet, Diaspora*, Mastodon and the refugee 08chan are analysed with the point of view of hate speech.
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How to add new login / ID providers into ZeroTalk clone?

Hello dear ZeroNet users, in zeronet/data/mysite/data/users/content.json i have: "cert_signers": { "08chan": ["1NwwLdiFBcVAA4jXQ712ZtQfDHEMvk8BiD"], "cryptoid.bit": ["18143WPue3rQykNaopx5KJKzYmaYhCjqhv"], "kaffie.bit": ["1KH5BdNnqxh2KRWMMT8wUXzUgz4vVQ4S8p"], "kxoid.bit": ["12F5SvxoPR128aiudte78h8pY7mobroG6V", "18Mt3CWBpiqJBLsPSu5JxB4B9MeaSwhyJ"], "millchan": ["1NwwLdiFBcVAA4jXQ712ZtQfDHEMvk8BiD"], "nanasi": ["16KzwuSAjFnivNimSHuRdPrYd1pNPhuHqN"], "zeroid.bit": ["1iD5ZQJMNXu43w1qLB8sfdHVKppVMduGz"], "zeroverse.bit": ["1HPgDoReCFtE9qy71hnp55ksBVvV1gHJLQ"], "zv.anonymous": ["1J1c7eML6uMwDU4uiKbKRxoqxGP6WMFMvb"] }, But after "Sign and Publish" and page refresh i am able to see only this: Select account you want to use in this site: Unique to site (currently selected) Register » zeroid.bit main content.json has this: "includes": { "data/users/content.json": { "signers": [], "signers_required": 1 } i wanted to ask how to add other identity/login providers into my zerotalk clone please?
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TOR not working???

Is it just me?? for the last week zeronet simply will not work through the tor browser... zeroid, zeromail, zerosites... will not work. I can load other sites from seed but new content will not work... i switched over to use a normal browser today and everything seem to be working fine but NOPE not on tor... is it just me?? @nofish
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Zeronet vs Freenet

In comparison to Freenet Is Zeronet step forward or backward?
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anonymous chatroom

check out our anonymous chatroom at
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New 0Net Sites needs Titles Listed

[New 0Net Sites]( needs to have site titles listed next to the addresses. Why would I go to a random site, if I have no idea whether it would interest me or not?
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Chans are down!

>4chan down >8ch down >endchan down >other chans down Get out your disco balls, people, it's party time!
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Something Productive

Tell me things that you do to keep yourself productive, just wanna hear it out ;)
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As of today Avast calls ZeroNet "IDP:Generic"

I know trusting an antivirus is an exercise in stupidity, and I've commented earlier about them spying. But as of today Avast officially sends ZeroNet.exe to the "Virus Chest" for IDP:Generic. Which is supposedly a junk hit for behavioral characteristics, so why wasn't it listed yesterday, hmmm? Yeah, you can bring it back easily, but it will scare off lots of new recruits.
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How do you mute someone? -idiot

Resident commie is spamming
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Not seeing certain users

I see people responding to a user I can't see, that user being: usr0 How to fix?
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Stop watching porn

You're fucking up your brain, idiot
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Why do my Dolphins always die in minecraft?

Seriously, is so much hard work to transport them to my base and then they die because they just stay underwater and suffocate. How do you catch dolphines in minecraft?
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My main questions about ZeroNet right now.

1. What exactly am I supposed to hold on to? A single private key for ZeroNet? Where is it stored on my system? Will this single private key file be the one and only thing that I need to keep secure and backup in regards to not losing control of my "ZeroNet account" and any "Zero sites" I create? 2. Is ZeroNet "released" already, or is this some sort of "early testing phase"? Can I start right now to attempt to get people to use my "Zero site", or is this for testing only, and all content on the network will be reset for the "stable release"? 3. How exactly is data stored? It just flies around nodes like little encrypted chunks, all stored in RAM/network, hoping that all nodes will never go down at once? How does ZeroNet get around the need for "vaults" (people running dedicated storage servers and getting paid for it with a special cryptocurrency)? 4. Is it possible for me to, right now, make a "Zero site" which nobody can modify or add content to or do anything to, and I am the only one who can add/modify/delete it? 5. When making a Zero site, it seems like it's a requirement for me to display the full "source code" (HTML, CSS and some sort of "enhanced JavaScript"?), because there is no server where PHP or whatever can execute. This makes sense, and is like SAFE Network, but nothing stops me from having a PHP script on my computer which, for example, adds content to my site in an automated fashion, or pulls new data from my site (which is set to only be visible by me) for processing locally... right? If so, is it easy to interact with ZeroNet from PHP? Must a ZeroNet node be running on the same computer? Is there some sort of minimal "server edition" of ZeroNet which can be (and maybe has already been) vetted? (It's scary running "sketchy"/new software on my machine.) 6. Assuming that I've sorted out all the above, how would I make my new "Zero site" known? Since the Internet (clearnet) is the way it is these days, all opportunities for advertising something have long since disappeared. Is there some sort of way that I could get legitimate attention to my Zero site on Zeronet itself? Like in that "main menu" thing which I'm using right now to post this? Is there some sort of "discovery system" in place for people to actually find my stuff? And if so, won't it quickly be flooded with garbage, making it impossible to find my site nevertheless? Do you need to pay with "Zerocoins"? If so, how do you get those? 7. Is really nobody moderating this thing ("ZeroTalk")? If that's the case, the quality of the posts is surprisingly high... Thanks in advance for the replies. These are the most pressing questions for me right now, but I'm sure I will think of many more...
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[Solved]How do I make other peers get changes to content.json in a ZeroTalk clone?

Whenever I try to sign and publish, it seems no other peers get it. Every other file works fine, though. This issue makes it so people will not be able to do anymore posts in a ZeroTalk clone.
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The Cult of Ron

We're looking for some talented individuals!
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This video will answer all your political questions

# [Politics - The Idiot's Guide to Smart People](https://youtu.be/R72atCX4leY) (clearnet youtube)
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ZeroTalk - Reverse reply order?

When I read a topic, the newest replies are displayed at the top, and the oldest replies are at the bottom. Is there any way I can reverse this order, so the oldest reply is at the top and newer replies follow afterwards in chronological order? I don't see any button or toggle to do this.
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https://zn.amorgan.xyz/ ZeroNet<-> ClearNet proxy now asks for password?

Hello. I use https://zero.acelewis.com/ proxy to link to my blog posts, but there seems to be only https://zn.amorgan.xyz proxy in a working state right now, and it now asks for a password to use it? You know who to contact to make this work again? Thanks!
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What thot will watch us when Kelly is on vacation next week?

I hope it's the one in the middle,
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Is there anything can't be decentralized ?

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Couple more questions about ZeroNet after reading the zeronet.io site...

"Anonymity You can easily hide your IP address using the Tor network." "Can"? Not by default/built in? Does it mean that my IP address is actually broadcast when making requests on ZeroNet? Please tell me I'm misunderstanding this... "Fast Page response time is not limited by your connection speed." How is this technically possible?
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Security risks of open code?

Since everyone downloads a copy of the site, doesn't that bring security risks with it? No developer is a security expert. What happens if someone tries to do something malicious here or anywhere else? I'm thinking of XSS, SQL injection, no rate limiting present and so on. Basically OWASP stuff. More specifically: then anyone who would download the zite would get that malware or the contaminated db on their home computer.
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Important Information about Security Update Rev3616

On 27th of September, a critical flaw was discovered in ZeroNet's iframe sandbox by Git Center, ZeroLSTN, and Krixano. It is currently believed to be actively exploited, and thus all users are encouraged to update to the latest version of ZeroNet right away. Details are in the latest ZeroBlog update post. Full details are being held back while we give clients a change to update. In a week or so, a PoC and full description of the vulnerability will be released.
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Why is 08chan stuck updating at 2755?

Why is 08chan stuck updating at 2755? I increased the download limit to 10 gigs. That certainly isn't the problem. I changed my cert to a ZeroID cert so that isn't it. Out of ideas. Frustrating.
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Can you use Tor Browser?

I tried to open my Tor Browser and going to , but I just get: "Unable to connect"... I expected it to work but maybe have some issues with WebSocket or whatever... but it doesn't work at all. That's strange.
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How do you get tor Always working?

When I enable Always, it can't connect to peers, can't get new content, can't publish/post, etc,... I tried meek/obfs4. It didn't seem to do anything. ## How to identify IP When set to Available, your IP shows up on the first line next to rev4172 Only when you are using Tor Always is only correctly different from output of command line: ```curl ifconfig.me``` ## Issue Status Tracking When I find a resolution, I'll update the title here and link to a solution in [this thread](/14swNBgrE3cTbreHgTGAYiGRBiPrnFCDJB/?Topic:1565465235_1D9oYXWZH2S55PeoCFDKTqq8roNXqZqP7n/ISSUE+Tor+Always+has+0+peer+connections) where I also have [diagnostics](/14swNBgrE3cTbreHgTGAYiGRBiPrnFCDJB/?Topic:1565465235_1D9oYXWZH2S55PeoCFDKTqq8roNXqZqP7n/ISSUE+Tor+Always+has+0+peer+connections#comment_4_1D9oYXWZH2S55PeoCFDKTqq8roNXqZqP7n) as well as [installation steps](/14swNBgrE3cTbreHgTGAYiGRBiPrnFCDJB/?Topic:1565465235_1D9oYXWZH2S55PeoCFDKTqq8roNXqZqP7n/ISSUE+Tor+Always+has+0+peer+connections#comment_3_1D9oYXWZH2S55PeoCFDKTqq8roNXqZqP7n).
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Content.json does not publish

My ZeroTalk clone does not publish the content.json to other peers to up the USED limit. Anybody know a fix?
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Difference Millchan Merger and Millchan

So basically I found Millchan ( and Millchan Merger ( Apparantly I need to find the boards for Millchan Merger myself but Millchan has them all already. Another difference I found is that the boards aren't the same, the content that gets posted on them is different. Also, Millchan seems waaaay slower than Millchan Merger. Which is the right one I should be using?
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No Proxy for localhost in tor is insecure?

https://www.reddit.com/r/TOR/comments/4lj2da/tor_unable_to_connect_localhost/ Aparently this reddit user thinks that setting up No Proxy for is not a good idea, and proceeds to link to the following. https://blog.jetbrains.com/blog/2016/05/11/security-update-for-intellij-based-ides-v2016-1-and-older-versions/ He just says. "Don't do that" and gives that site as an exsample, but does not expand on why. Is it a consern over Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)? I'm confused... Hopefully someone can give some insight.
^1 ^2 2 comments last on Aug 12, 2019 ━ started by pseudonymity

is that working? someone could tell me if it works correctly?
^1 ^2 3 comments last on Aug 12, 2019 ━ started by mrb

I frankly don't know what to make of this (ZeroNet)...

It's actually (apparently) running, right now, so that already is more than MaidSafe/SAFE Network has ever done... it seems like perpetual vaporware... But still, ZeroNet has a very confusing "account/id" system, and the overall "GUI" has me scratching my head. I want this to be great, but frankly, "confusing" is the best word I can use to describe it. And why does it piggyback on the default browser instead of using its own, secured, dedicated GUI/browser "engine"?
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Who do I email to get my verified tag?

Hello all, I am a verified poster on twitter and I would like to have the same privileges here so that I can avoid listening to the rabble and lord my status over the peasantry. Please let me know who to email to receive the status appropriate to my station.
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Beijing’s new weapon to muffle Hong Kong protests: fake news China’s media used to ignore the turmoil. Now the state is waging a campaign that could pave the way for intervention

https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/aug/11/hong-kong-china-unrest-beijing-media-response Beijing’s new weapon to muffle Hong Kong protests: fake news China’s media used to ignore the turmoil. Now the state is waging a campaign that could pave the way for intervention Lily Kuo Sun 11 Aug 2019 10.00 BST Last modified on Mon 12 Aug 2019 03.40 BST A protester at Hong Kong airport on Friday. Beijing-controlled media portray the campaigners as ‘thugs’ and ‘radicals’. A protester at Hong Kong airport on Friday. Beijing-controlled media portrays the campaigners as ‘thugs’ and ‘radicals’. As Hong Kong enters its third month of mass anti-government protests, across the border in China, people are seeing a very different version of events. On Saturday, as protests entered their tenth weekend and demonstrators and police clashed in Hong Kong, the People’s Daily posted an article on the Chinese WeChat webchat service saying members from “all parts of Hong Kong society” were calling for the “violence to stop”. As peaceful rallies at the Hong Kong airport continued over the weekend, Chinese state media posted videos on Weibo of a tussle between demonstrators and an angry resident yelling: “We just want Hong Kong to be safe”. Other special reports include letters between the Chinese and Hong Kong police applauding “the great bravery” of the Hong Kong police – a main target of the protests. Last week, a journalist with state news agency Xinhua travelled to Hong Kong and described the city as “shrouded in black terror”. Over the past two months, Chinese state media outlets have gone from near silence on the protests and blanket censorship of footage of the demonstrations to actively pushing news, editorials, videos and online discussions. “On the topic of Hong Kong, the mainland media can’t be seen as journalism. It’s purely propaganda… It is intercepting a small part of the information, distorting it and magnifying it,” said Fang Kecheng, a professor at Chinese University of Hong Kong, specialising in communications. In Chinese state media the demonstrations, most of which have been peaceful, are routinely described as “riots”. Daily coverage show footage of protesters hurling bricks, jeering at police, and surrounding police stations. The protesters are described as “radicals” and “thugs” seeking to topple the entire system through independence for the city, a former British colony now under Chinese sovereignty. Chinese riot police Facebook Twitter Pinterest Few protesters have been pushing for independence – their demands have included the permanent withdrawal of a controversial extradition bill and an independent investigation into police behaviour. Taking a page from the protesters’ book, the People’s Daily published a range of posters, one featuring muscular riot police facing off against brick-throwing rioters. “It’s hard to say whether it is right or not to hit them,” the posters declare. “I only hate that they are also Chinese people.” Protesters are also portrayed as “lured by the evil winds” of foreign agents. Chinese officials have accused the US and other western countries of being the “black hand” behind the protests – a narrative that pro-government figures and media in Hong Kong have also seized on. Observers see the shift as a way to prepare the public for more drastic action Beijing or the Hong Kong government may take toward the protesters as well as a chance to push China’s view of events. “The propaganda authorities perhaps realised this could be an opportunity,” said Fang. “There is not much to say when the marches are peaceful. But now with these violent incidents, the authorities can exaggerate them and stir Chinese people’s emotions. They can play into nationalist sentiment.” That appears to be working. A discussion topic on Weibo hosted by the People’s Daily – titled “Protect Hong Kong, firmly say no to violence” – has more than 1 million comments, most in support and some calling for more extreme measures. A “protect the national flag” campaign on Weibo has been trending, after protesters in Hong Kong twice threw the Chinese flag into the sea. Many mainland Chinese believe foreign agents are indeed behind the protests, a claim protesters and observers see as laughable. “At the end of the day, Hong Kong is still part of China. What they are doing is pointless. The foreign countries pushed and they just followed,” said a student studying overseas in Seoul who asked not to be named. “I don’t know their motivation is,” he admitted. “The news we receive is biased and only from one perspective.” Few Chinese residents are clear on why the protests began in the first place. “I don’t know the details,” said Guo, 20, who lives in Beijing. “But I think we should be united and together and we should be patriotic. Only a united country can continue to develop stronger.” Others also pointed to a lack of patriotism as the problem. “Maybe it’s the education system. If they were educated to be patriotic from an early age, it wouldn’t be the way it is now,” said Liu, 18, a recent high school graduate from Shandong province. Observers say Chinese state media have purposefully obscured why the protesters have been demonstrating for the last two months, focusing instead on violent clashes between the protesters and police. Chinese state media have described armed men who have attacked commuters and protesters as “patriots”. “Left out is reporting on and images of police violence, of which there has been a good deal and the attacks on unarmed protesters by armed thugs,” said Jeffrey Wasserstrom, a historian of modern China at the University of California, Irvine. “The implication is that what protesters have been doing is creating ‘chaos’ or luan, a very freighted word in the People’s Republic of China,” he said, referring to the term’s usage to describe the upheavals of the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s and 1970s as well as to criticise protests in Tiananmen Square that were violently put down on 4 June 1989. “This echo is worrying, even if it is always too simplistic to look for history repeating itself step by step in a different context,” he said. Not everyone subscribes to the official media’s version of events. Images have circulated online of ID cards posted by Chinese netizens in support of the protesters. A blogger on Weibo, who asked to identify herself only as Z, has been trying to share articles she believes show the real nature of what is happening in Hong Kong. Her posts are often deleted or blocked on Wechat or Weibo. An article she and her friends tried to circulate, with a timeline of events in Hong Kong and answers to questions about the protests, was blocked after receiving more than 100,000 views. “The main reason why Hong Kong people are against the extradition bill is distrust of the mainland judicial system, so how could they let the 1.4 billion people of China see that?” “I think all the actions that Hong Kong people took are reasonable and understandable. I feel sad and heartbroken,” she said. She added: “As a citizen, it is common to protest against what you think is unreasonable. It’s just that this is not common here on the mainland.”
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Spam has officially started on 08chan.... we need to start exploring countermeasures.

Check out qresearch and pol, they are currently being flooded. Someone is posting jibberish, changing identities, and posting more random words. Whats funny is this was posted on ZeroTalk a few hours ago as a potential vulnerability. 08chan root link: Personally, I'm not mad at the person doing it. I think he is doing a good thing.... he is forcing us devs to find a solution for this. ZeroNet is some awesome technology, but the truth is there are few if any measures to stop against network/communication sabotage through bad actors. What this individual is doing is exposing one of the weakest points of the system.
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Why doesnt MC Engine has an overview of known hubs, that when clicked are added as merger sites?

Right now it is very confusing and cumbersome for new people, so having at least some standard links to known boards would be the very last people expecting. To whoever is responsible for this.
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Privacy Box?

Has anyone used this product? How safe it is?
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