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Test messages

Testing 1, 2, 3
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ZeroNet help & FAQ

http://zeronet.readthedocs.org/en/latest/faq/ - [How to backup/use your identity on multiple machine](http://zeronet.readthedocs.org/en/latest/faq/#can-i-use-the-same-username-on-multiple-machine) - [How can I install ZeroNet to remote machine?](http://zeronet.readthedocs.org/en/latest/faq/#is-it-possible-to-install-zeronet-to-a-remote-machine) - [How can I create a new Zeronet site?]( - And many more
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YouTube to IPFS

I have created a Windows tool today. It copies videos from YouTube to IPFS.
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Does it work for anyone in here?
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An elaborate show to simulate killing crypto in front of everyone.

The temporary Huawei ban/ trade policy change had the intended effect of pumping bitcoin. The ban was precisely timed such that the price surge period mirrored that in 2017, and the rate of surge and magnitude as well. Last week, the same day the ban was effectively lifted, authority-persona tweeted 'bitcoin is not real money'. Bitcoin immediately drops 10%. Just so happens to occur the weekend before 'Libra' senate hearings, where it is made an asshole in high profile. Another 10% drop within hours and other crypto follow. 'Libra' is set up to fail/ get berated in high profile. The expected effect is a steep price drop for crypto currencies. It's all obviously engineered and timed. Right now, the bitcoin price is already being supported.
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discord instagram murder

snuff said
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How does zeronet deal with PHP?

Is it encrypted?
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@nofish make Zeronet connect to internet

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ZeroUP> My uploads. "content subscription failed " vídeo= 150 mb, codec=h264.mp4 Zero ver: 0.6.5 (Rev3860). SO: windows 10. Edge. Mozilla. Opera. Chrome.
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DeepNude Desktop

Does anyone knows what it is and has a copy of it working?
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GILET JAUNE FR A blog about the "Gilets Jaunes Français". Pics, Ideas and so on...
^3 ^4 7 comments last on Jul 15, 2019 ━ started by tonythefrench

Quickly and easily cipher/decrypt/convert/hash data and number systems

HASHER in ZeroNet. One interesting use case is data encryption using a passphrase (or manual stenography). As a sender of secret data: - Click AES Encrypt - Enter any pass phrase & enter secret text below - Receive encrypted data as a result - Send secret data to recipient - Using another communication channel, send a secret phrase to decrypt to the recipient if he does not have it. As a recipient of secret data: - Click AES Decrypt - Enter secret pass phrase - Below enter encrypted secret data - Receive decrypt data from the sender as a result You can perform similar actions using other encryption algorithms: DES, 3DES, Rabbit, RC4. All encryption functions are performed locally in your browser and are not transferred anywhere. HASHER: Operations are supported: - HEX to BYTE array - BYTE array to HEX - DEC to HEX - HEX to DEC - DEC to OCT - DEC to BIN - BIN to DEC - Hash SHA-1 - Hash SHA-3 - Hash SHA-224 - Hash SHA-256 - Hash SHA-384 - Hash SHA-512 - Hash MD5 - Hash RIPEMD-160 - Base64 Encode - Base64 Decode - Base58 Encode - Base58 Decode - AES Encrypt - AES Decrypt - DES Encrypt - DES Decrypt - 3DES Encrypt - 3DES Decrypt - Rabbit Encrypt - Rabbit Decrypt - RC4 Encrypt - RC4 Decrypt
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New KopyKate BIG repository + Return to Development   Finally figured out how to use git command-line + ZeroNet. ^^   While my deep learning AI agents are busy training, I will be busy working on KopyKate BIG.. and also the SerpentAI wiki.. which are pretty much my only major ZeroNet zites.   New features are urgently needed: - Featured/recommended videos page - Videos sorted into categories (e.g. movies, xxx, music, etc) - A report function (this means that once a video reaches a certain report threshold, it will be subject to review, and potential removal.) - Subscriber function - A nicer looking video player - Subtitles - More to come
^10 ^11 44 comments last on Jul 14, 2019 ━ started by quantumkitty

How to Delete Content from big.kopykate.bit

See: It's an mp4 not too sure why there's an issue with this format on big kopykate although it's less than 10mb but this wasn't flagged during the upload process. I can't find any options to delete this file in the seedbox section of my big kopykate account or anywhere else on the zite. How can I remove this file?
^1 ^2 4 comments last on Jul 14, 2019 ━ started by indeep

Cloudflare Issues Shut Down Millions of Websites ...

https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/07/cloudflare-issues-shut-down-millions-of-websites-including-gateway-pundit-drudge-report-instapundit-etc-half-of-internet-down/ I had a thought. What if these "accidental" internet shutdowns we've experienced lately are really just the US government testing to verify that it can shut down the internet whenever it feels the need? Does it make sense that the way the internet is set up right now would be so fragile, unless that fragility has been planned?
^1 ^2 7 comments last on Jul 14, 2019 ━ started by xcape2net


Tracking various projects using the ActivityPub, Matrix, Diaspora, OStatus and other protocols. Site found at: https://the-federation.info How to get your platform listed The recommended metadata to implement is NodeInfo2. Failing that, NodeInfo works too. Mastodon and Matrix instances are scraped with a dedicated scraper since they don't (yet) provide generic metadata. OK, I've done that, what now? Register your node here, for example https://the-federation.info/register/mynode.tld. If it is a success, you're good! If your platform is new, or you want to update an existing platform information, raise an issue providing the following:
^2 ^3 5 comments last on Jul 14, 2019 ━ started by xcfr

Governments Killing Two Birds with One Stone: Raising Taxes and Curtailing Free Speach

^1 ^2 1 comment last on Jul 13, 2019 ━ started by xcape2net

how can i connect a site to local nodes (lan/wlan)?

esp. if there is no connection to the internet. Is a local tracker needed, or is there some other possibility?
^3 ^4 5 comments last on Jul 13, 2019 ━ started by ict21

IPFS File Downloader

... a small tool which can download files from the IPFS using a list of public gateways.
^2 ^3 8 comments last on Jul 13, 2019 ━ started by 99fk

fediverse network -- list of federated (distributed) instances across the web

https://fediverse.network Services include * Mastodon (2607/2779) * Pleroma (528/587) * PeerTube (334/371) * WriteFreely (182/195) * Friendica (163/209) * WordPress (150/156) * GNU Social (128/131) * Hubzilla (86/93) * PixelFed (80/88) * Misskey (66/72) * Plume (36/41) * Other (30/76) * ActivityRelay (26/27) * Funkwhale (16/18) * microblog.pub (8/9) And more
^1 ^2 1 comment last on Jul 13, 2019 ━ started by anonlogin

Censorship-Free Browsers Will Become Rare

Google's Project Veritas and Mozilla's "acknowledgement of Russian interference" AKA *not blaming the DNC's failings* are concerning. Guaranteed, even the truth will be censored by the brainwashed (through fear), conflicts of interest and the deep state. We need either sanitized or from-scratch browsers. This will become too big of a threat to free speech for us to ignore. What are the options? ZeroNet-Browser, Pale Moon, LibreWolf, Tor Browser, Icecat. BTW, host your git repos on GitCenter and IPFS. You simply cannot trust a third party. Things will get much worse. See ahead of the increasing slope of censorship. Be concerned.
^9 ^10 82 comments last on Jul 12, 2019 ━ started by styromaniac

zeronet-py3 doesn't work in TOR:Always mode

ZeroNet version: last Operating system: ubuntu 19.04 x64 Web browser: Firefox 67.0.4 Tor status: Always Port: Closed there is only one onion tracker in trackers list - zero://boot3rdez4rzn36x.onion and it is constantly in state Error (0% success), so no one zite can update TOR is running and zeronet v.2 in this environment works great
^1 ^2 5 comments last on Jul 12, 2019 ━ started by symoned

The world populations needs to be controlled.

It's going out of hands. We need a selective global genocide or some sort of fertility control. And i don't mean killing babies, i mean a way to control the probability. Every single leader has to decide what is more important. The country or the humanity.
^3 ^4 18 comments last on Jul 12, 2019 ━ started by xeorian

Learning China’s Forbidden History, So They Can Censor It

https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/02/business/china-internet-censor.html?rref=collection%2Ftimestopic%2FInternet%20Censorship%20in%20China This is like something right out of Orwell's "1984".
^2 ^3 1 comment last on Jul 12, 2019 ━ started by xcape2net

Can I get seeds for a file needed for an upcoming Zite on human rights?

It's just a zip file containing multi-lingual PDF documents on the rights of immigrants in the United States made by the ACLU. Unfortunately my ZeroNet node is not online 24/7 so it would be nice if I was not the only one seeding it. The site is already up on Freenet (you can find on the Filtered Index) and a ZeroNet mirror will be up within a few days. Here is the link: Thanks
^3 ^4 7 comments last on Jul 12, 2019 ━ started by redlibertyreal

How to enable crypt connetion? I'm using zeronet-py3

When I open . I found my crypt is none. Sorry, maybe I have made an confused expression. I mean enable transport encryption like tls. debug log: 2019-07-11 22:42:52,659] INFO - Libsecpk256k1 loaded [2019-07-11 22:42:52,690] INFO - Version: 0.7.0 r4122, Python 3.7.3 (default, Mar 27 2019, 09:23:15) [Clang 10.0.1 (clang-1001.0.46.3)], Gevent: 1.4.0 [2019-07-11 22:42:52,693] INFO - Creating FileServer.... [2019-07-11 22:42:52,699] ERROR FileServer IPv6 not supported: [Errno 65] No route to host [2019-07-11 22:42:52,699] INFO - Creating UiServer.... [2019-07-11 22:42:52,752] INFO - Removing old SSL certs... [2019-07-11 22:42:52,752] INFO - Starting servers.... [2019-07-11 22:42:52,752] INFO Ui.UiServer -------------------------------------- [2019-07-11 22:42:52,752] INFO Ui.UiServer Web interface: [2019-07-11 22:42:52,753] INFO Ui.UiServer -------------------------------------- [2019-07-11 22:42:52,753] INFO - Opening browser: default_browser... [2019-07-11 22:42:52,763] ERROR - RSA ECC SSL CAcert generation failed, CAcert or CAkey files not exist
^1 ^2 11 comments last on Jul 11, 2019 ━ started by jessicajones

Multiple User plugin?

I dont know how to use the Multiple User plugin, any guides?
^3 ^4 4 comments last on Jul 11, 2019 ━ started by merithtk

Paper Wallets Generator Bitcoin & Altcoins

Paper Wallet Designed to securely generate Bitcoin & Altcoins addresses offline. It is very easy and safe to generate addresses of popular cryptocurrencies. All keys are generated locally in your browser/application and are not accessible to anyone. Available Coins - 42-Coin (42) https://42-coin.org - Bitcoin (BTC) https://bitcoin.org - Bitshares (BTS) https://bitshares.org - BitcoinGold (BTG) https://bitcoingold.org - DASH (DASH) https://www.dash.org - DigiByte (DGB) https://www.digibyte.io - DeepOnion (ONION) https://deeponion.org - Dogecoin (DOGE) https://dogecoin.com - Ethereum (ETH) https://www.ethereum.org - Emercoin (EMC) https://emercoin.com - Litecoin (LTC) https://litecoin.org - NameCoin (NMC) https://namecoin.org - NobtCoin (NOBT) http://nobt.info - NovaCoin (NVC) http://novacoin.org - PIVX (PIVX) https://pivx.org - PostCoin (POST) https://postcoin.top - SmartHoldem (STH) https://smartholdem.io - Smilo (XSM) https://smilo.io - Waves (WAVES) https://wavesplatform.com etc.. This open source https://github.com/technologiespro/paper-wallet-generator Also available desktop version https://github.com/technologiespro/paper-wallet-generator/releases Bitcoin generator you can use to generate keys to new zites including
^5 ^6 7 comments last on Jul 11, 2019 ━ started by technol0g

Rebase ZeroNet infrastructure to IPFS or Dat

GitHub: https://github.com/HelloZeroNet/ZeroNet/issues/1669 Advantage: DHT, archiving system, bigger developer team & community, no repeated code… Also a chance to migrate to Python 3. Before I start to write code, is there any suggestion for me?
^5 ^6 13 comments last on Jul 11, 2019 ━ started by polar2

Where do you go to get the latest Movie leaks/releases ?

Just curious, where do you go to get newest movies.
^1 ^2 8 comments last on Jul 10, 2019 ━ started by fightn2bfree

Which is the latest version of zeronet?

Zeroupdate tells me I have the latest revision with 0.6.5 rev3866,but I have seen other peers in the /Stats menu with 0.7.0 versions.Is it yet out? If so,how can I update?It happened once in the past that Zeroupdate told me I was running the latest version,while a newer was out.The solution for me was to reinstall completely.
^2 ^3 17 comments last on Jul 10, 2019 ━ started by sergery

"Please, open 15047 port on your router to make your site accessible for everyone." but port 15047 IS open!

Port 15047 on my router and computer's firewall IS open, I have published Zite's in the past. Only now it says I need to open a port! Does anyone know how to fix this?
^1 ^2 8 comments last on Jul 10, 2019 ━ started by redlibertyreal

IPV6:dynamic network part with static host part?

Hi,I just finally got IPV6 from my ISP.A full /64 block to be precise.After playing around with it,I managed to give myself the ::1 host on it by setting the full static IP in windows.Now here comes the problem,after a router reboot,my ISP gives dynamically another /64 block,so the previously set IPV6 won't work anymore. Is there a way to receive the network part dynamically,but instead of getting a random host part,set is statically? My router doesn't have any configuration available for IPV6.Here's the screenshot of what I mean:
^1 ^2 5 comments last on Jul 09, 2019 ━ started by sergery

"Trackers: Waiting..." What to do?

For the last week or so, ZeroHello always shows me "Trackers: Waiting..." but it seems I can still do & see things on ZeroNet. "Port: Opened" & "Tor: Avaliable".
^2 ^3 6 comments last on Jul 09, 2019 ━ started by klu9

Why people here want to post anonymously?

I'm wondering why people who come to these private networks want full anonymity if they are not talking about stuff like porn, drugs etc. Why can't they just post with their name? Just trying to understand what are their motives
^1 ^2 31 comments last on Jul 09, 2019 ━ started by guessmyname

Perfect p2p social network

What should be the p2p forum, social network, chat (system, program / plug-in complex) to be popular and in demand?
^2 ^3 6 comments last on Jul 09, 2019 ━ started by justman

InterPlanetary ZeroNet - What feature do you want

https://github.com/blurHY/IPZN e.g. multi-owner
^2 ^3 last activity on Jul 09, 2019 ━ started by blurhy

IPFS DHT is as fast as ZeroNet in 1st Reaction Speed

Only maybe four seconds delay for new videos. The anti-DHT argument doesn't work on me anymore. If ZeroNet can use IPFS DHT or be faster with its own, then I believe it's an absolute must. DHT is a very attractive feature, anyway. I say this should be the first option or only option. We need benchmarks on how quickly MP4 videos stream, ZeroNet trackers vs IPFS DHT before deciding for sure.
^2 ^3 5 comments last on Jul 08, 2019 ━ started by styromaniac

Men and Women and Marriage

This explains how marriage was subverted by the Catholic church and later by governments:
^2 ^3 14 comments last on Jul 08, 2019 ━ started by invisibleone

InterPlanetary ZeroNet

https://github.com/blurHY/IPZN # IPZN InterPlanetary ZeroNet # Roadmap - [ ] A Server that controls IPFS and exposes API for ZeroNet Js-ipfs isn't completed, even the most important piece, DHT. Use go-ipfs first. - [ ] For compatibility, implement all existing APIs - [ ] Plugin system, and put new features here - [ ] Plugin: Store/Import/Export peers (Installed by default, new peers written every download) - [ ] Plugin: Peer search, Ask other peers search something for you (Installed by default) - [ ] Plugin market, a index site. List of submitted plugins - [ ] Hybrid nodes by running both protocols Same as [webtorrent](https://github.com/webtorrent/webtorrent) - [ ] Desktop/Mobile clients, dedicated for some features. - [ ] a. Support only upload and download, easy to use - [ ] Distributed search engine If we want it grow bigger, we still need search engine. Some nodes in the network with public IP can become crawler node, and others can backup the data. This is not fully decentralized, but much more useful ## Sandbox ZeroNet uses iframe to separate origins, butit sometimes makes development inconvenient. So, for IPZN, except iframe way doing that, we can write a browser plugin. ### Embeddable site (e.g. disqus) That's easy, just set a cors which allows accessing of all sites ## Plugin We have two levels of Apps. - Plugin - Sites A plugin can be anything executable. Therefore, we need **a system verifying plugins** ## Anti-spam - Blocklist Change on API: Really rejecting blocked users content (Stop after receiving metadata) - **Conditions set in site configuration**, e.g. drop message from user a if too frequently Verify the signature first, then check if it matches the condition. ## User content The significant difference between ZeroNet and IPFS is user content. How ZeroNet do: - When you publish your content, it signs and send it to known peers We will make changes: - To be efficient, we can **send meta data of user cotent**, then other peers check the anti-spam rules and determine if it should receive it. ## ID system ID system is to connect username and publickey, and sometimes it can be used to anti spam. Unfortunately, ID system will be a single point failure of ZeroNet. So, we should **allow usage without an ID**. ### Domain system ID system is similar to Domain system, also a touchy problem. - Namecoin costs a lot of space - Cache of Namecoin looks silly - DNS network isn't decentralized Addtional domain systems can be added by plugins. ## Desktop/mobile clients BT is still the most popular p2p software, why ? Since IPFS is too difficult to use for users, the first one we should develop is download/upload client. ### Download/Upload client Support both IPFS and IPZN links.
^5 ^6 30 comments last on Jul 08, 2019 ━ started by blurhy

A dark theme for ZeroMail!

Title says it all. I'd be pleased to use ZeroMail with a dark / night theme
^1 ^2 1 comment last on Jul 08, 2019 ━ started by madroad

Intel P4 in 2019?)

^1 ^2 7 comments last on Jul 08, 2019 ━ started by nullx00

UFTS - A (hopefully) global tagging system for ZeroNet

I'm currently working on a tagging system, which I call the **U**nified **F**ixed **T**agging **S**ystem(working title, I'm open for other names). The idea here is to make a merger hub system, that stores tags and their description. The main advantage would be, that everyone can agree on which tags mean what, on a global level and more importantly computers can do, too. Searching and finding content from all of zeronet or from a few specific zites could be done, by context(with some limitations, of course) rather than looking for phrases. Implementation wise, so far I have this: There are 4 data types: `tags`, `descriptions`, `description ratings` and `equality claims`: _**tags** _ These are the tags, nothing much to say here, really. Tags are stored inside a tags.json. They have: - `tag content`, which is the plain text of the tag('female:smiling', for example) - `tag-id`, which is the sha256-hash of the *tag content*, this eliminates duplicates across all hubs. - `date added`, which is the date when the tag was added(because we are is a decentralized system, this date should be taken with a grain of salt, as everyone can fake it without much effort). The hub, they are on and the user that posted them are inferred by the json table, that zeronet generates from the content.json, this way no user can, intentionally or not, just change the origin of a tag this is also true for all other data types, so I won't mention it again. _**descriptions**_ They describe a tag. Every user can write descriptions for any tag in any hub. A description can only ever be for one tag, but a single tag can have multiple descriptions. Each description has: - `description content`, which is the plain text of the description('Someone female, that is seen smiling.', for example). - `description-id`, which is an uuidv4. It uniquely identifies each description. - `tag reference id`, which is the id of the tag, that that description belongs to. - `date added`, which is the date when the description was added(because we are is a decentralized system, this date should be taken with a grain of salt, as everyone can fake it without much effort). _**description ratings**_ Since everyone can post descriptions, we need some kind of way to tell which descriptions are good and which aren't. This is exactly that. Each rating is stored as an integer, that can either be positive or negative. The actual interpretation is open for the zite developer to choose. By default these rules will apply: 0=won't be counted, everything positive=+1 Vote and everything negative=-1Vote the sum of all votes makes the rating of a description. A description rating has: - `reference description id`, which is the id of the description that is being rated. - `rating`, which is an integer that can range from negative infinity to positive infinity. - `date added`, which is the date when the rating was added(because we are is a decentralized system, this date should be taken with a grain of salt, as everyone can fake it without much effort). _**equality claims**_ This addresses the issue that some tags can mean the same thing. Any user can issue a equality claim, that means he picks two tags and claims, that both are equal. An equality claim has: - `reference tag id 1`, which is one of the two tags that the user claimed were equal. - `reference tag id 2`, which is the other tag. - `date added`, which is the date when the equality claim was added(because we are is a decentralized system, this date should be taken with a grain of salt, as everyone can fake it without much effort). The UFTS is separated in a merger zite, private and public hubs: - merger zite: Here you can browse all tags, that you currently have access to, (think of it like [ZeroName](/1Name2NXVi1RDPDgf5617UoW7xA6YrhM9F/)). It doesn't store anything. - private hubs: Here only the owner of the hub can create new tags, but everyone can add descriptions, rate and make equality claims. - public hubs: Here everyone can add tags, descriptions, ratings and make equality claims. Interacting with the UFTS will be done through an js library or the database directly(accessing the merger zite over CORS), if the zite developer want's more fine grained control. This is what I have so far. What do you think? If you have improvements or other ideas? Please, do not hesitate to tell me. I'm still experimenting with things and POC-ing stuff, so there is not any code public, yet. But if anyone want's to contribute I'll make a gitcenter repo and put, what I have so far there.
^10 ^11 15 comments last on Jul 07, 2019 ━ started by pexo

ZeroTalk 'links collector' question and thoughts

I am new to ZeroNet and have been hanging around for some time, observing the life inside this net. After some time I've came to subjective question about data I'm browsing here. For now, I'm talking mainly about ZeroTalk and ZeroHello page that I rely on (most of the time) to watch what's new and what people are talking about, what topics are created and so on. The question I've came into, can be formulated this way: can I reduce the amount of time spent, browsing and filtering through all this threads and info, delivered by ZeroTalk and ZeroHello results? The thing is, I don't really want to check every topic and every comment/opinion on some topic - it's too overloading for my perception filters. So the quick thought was: can I rely on something more "informationally saturated"? Can it be the links, posted by users? On the main page of ZeroHello there is a list of 4 tabs, currently represented as: - ALL - COMMENT - MENTION - TOPIC Next thought was: can the 'LINKS' tab be added as a tab too? If so, how can that be possibly achieved? Will Greasemonkey, in example, be suitable and will it work out? Within that `links` section I'd want to see the list of links, posted by any user in any topic within ZeroTalk. It could be marked with language header and, in perspective, sorted by relations such as: - where does that link came from? Clearnet or ZeroNet? - if it's a outside link, what source has it came from? Political mass-media or some tech source like Github/Bitbucket? The final thought in a form of question is: can it be done without much pain, counting on current ZeroNet architecture? The aim of such links collector, subjectively for me, would be a much more faster recognition of an info quality/quantity, throwned into the net itself. Is it more political stuff pouring out? Is it some tech waves hitting? It would give much more analysis for an eye to find out what's the mood now out there.
^1 ^2 1 comment last on Jul 07, 2019 ━ started by swashbuckler

ZeroNet is ruled by one person. And this should be fixed

> Several people came to conclusion that I'm going to steal nofish'es rights. That's not what I meant, however, if that's how you all understand me, it might be my problem, not yours. > > We'll fight centralization another way then. We'll write our own ZeroNet implementation, for other platforms, in another language. Completely independent of what the current ZeroNet looks like. Continue something that mkg20001 started. > > Thank you all for a wonderful discussion. --- As you all know, @nofish is the author of ZeroNet. First of all, let me say that I appreciate his work and respect him. However, we have a problem -- @nofish is currently the only man who has access to: - ZeroTalk, ZeroMe, etc., other zites - ZeroHello - GitHub repository & ZeroUpdate This leads to a couple of problems. Let's discuss them one by one: ### Social platforms On ZeroNet, any site that supports user content can't really live without any interaction from its owner. ZeroTalk depends on nofish to increase user data size limit. ZeroMe depends on nofish because of the hub list. Needless to say that if nofish leaves us, we would be stuck with the current sites with no further updates. ### ZeroHello ZeroNet homepage is the page that welcomes any user. However, it can do a little bit more than just welcome someone -- it's given so-called "ADMIN" rights. This means that, if nofish gets hacked (which wouldn't be a surprise to be honest), ZeroHello code can be changed to destroy the whole network. What's even more terrifying is that the changes would spread immediately over ZeroNet, destroying everything in a few minutes. ### GitHub repository & ZeroUpdate These two places are the places where ZeroNet hosts its source code, and that's what it uses for updating. We have two problems here at once: - Code poisoning. We've discussed it already, so I'll skip this part - Update stop. This might be even more dangerous in the long term ZeroNet aims at decentralization. All its sites are decentralized, so there is no single point of failure inside the network. Inside the network. Inside. But there's still centralization outside ZeroNet. And it's nofish. In case nofish gets into trouble, ZeroNet development will just stop. Most users get updates either from ZeroUpdate or GitHub. However, if the repositories stop being updated, there would be no way to synchronize the code among peers. You might say: just fork the network! Create your own SuperNet! Yes. SuperNet. Not ZeroNet. Not everyone will switch to *my* fork. Or *your* fork. Or some other fork. ZeroNet will be split into small parts that can't even communicate to each other: some forks would become outdated, some would stop being supported. The awesome ZeroNet community would be destroyed. In a single second. --- Is there any solution? One possible way to fix this is to help nofish to work on the project. Having a single owner is bad. Having several owners is slightly better, but it's better than nothing. *The below is just one of the possible solutions. Several users have brought it down. Thus, it's only here for historical purposes. We're in progress of making a better solution, however, some parts might still be valid.* Here's what should be done to implement this *right now*: - (optionally) Create a GitHub organization -- this will help communicating about the project & working on plugins - Add other users as collaborators to the GitHub repository - Give private keys from ZeroHello, ZeroUpdate, ZeroMe, ZeroTalk and probably a few other sites to the most reliable users Together, we can make a better solution by doing the following: - Setting up GitHub repository carefully: - We could allow to merge pull requests if there are at least 3 of 5 acceptions (in case 4 people join, of course) - Disallowing any changes to `py3` or `master` without pull requests -- this will be another security wall to prevent embedding malicious code - A way to change member list if the network votes to change it - This can be done by giving owner permissions to some of the trusted users - Improve multisign support - If the members decide that something must be changed, and they reach consensus, the zites should be updated - If the consensus is not reached, no changes should be made --- Finally, we have to discuss what group of people should actually have the rights to rule the network. Here's the best solution I could find: 1. nofish is included automatically 2. You can vote for any user (including yourself) by posting a comment below. Please explain why you vote for someone (or why you promote yourself) so that we can be sure you aren't a bot, and that we understand whether the mentioned person is a core developer, whether they can develop plugins for ZeroNet, zites, or whether they're good in theory, or whether they can bring good ideas, etc. 3. If you support someone, you can either post your own comment or just upvote someone else's (if person A promotes person B and you upvote that comment, that's a vote for B, not A) 4. You can vote for several people 5. After some period of time, a few users who have most upvotes will be chosen - The period of time is to be discussed. I'm not sure what's the correct way to choose it, so please mention this in comments if you know what to choose - The user count is to be discussed as well. I'd choose top 4 users, or if there are a few people who are voted for, only choose top 4 users among those who have more than 20% upvotes. This means that we'll most likely get 5 collaborators - People who have no *good* comments (i.e.: only spam) on ZeroTalk before Jul 1, 2019 won't be counted. However, if they post a comment (with some explanation, of course) and not just upvote, they *will* be counted --- Finally, this movement must be supported by @nofish in the first place to be brought into life. Looking forward to hear from you, @nofish.
^24 ^25 126 comments last on Jul 07, 2019 ━ started by gitcenter

Using Maltego to find Persons, Company infrastructur and alike

What is Maltego? https://www.paterva.com/buy/maltego-clients/maltego-ce.php Maltego is an interactive data mining tool that renders directed graphs for link analysis. The tool is used in online investigations for finding relationships between pieces of information from various sources located on the Internet. Maltego uses the idea of transforms to automate the process of querying different data sources. This information is then displayed on a node based graph suited for performing link analysis. Currently there are three versions of the Maltego client namely Maltego CE, Maltego Classic and Maltego XL. This page will focus on Maltego Community Edition (CE). All three Maltego clients come with access to a library of standard transforms for the discovery of data from a wide range of public sources that are commonly used in online investigations and digital forensics. Because Maltego can seamlessly integrate with nearly any data source many data vendors have chosen to use Maltego as a delivery platform for their data. This also means Maltego can be adapted to your own, unique requirements. Our current data partners can be found on the Transform Hub page linked to below. What does Maltego do? The focus of Maltego is analyzing real-world relationships between information that is publically accessible on the Internet. This includes footprinting Internet infrastructure as well as gathering information about the people and organisation who own it. Maltego can be used to determine the relationships between the following entities: ---- People. --------- Names. --------- Email addresses. --------- Aliases. --- Groups of people (social networks). --- Companies. --- Organizations. --- Web sites. --- Internet infrastructure such as: ------ Domains. ------ DNS names. ------ Netblocks. ------ IP addresses. --- Affiliations. --- Documents and files. Connections between these pieces of information are found using open source intelligence (OSINT) techniques by querying sources such as DNS records, whois records, search engines, social networks, various online APIs and extracting meta data. Maltego provides results in a wide range of graphical layouts that allow for clustering of information which makes seeing relationships instant and accurate – this makes it possible to see hidden connections even if they are three or four degrees of separation apart.
^1 ^2 5 comments last on Jul 06, 2019 ━ started by madroad

Few ZeroNet Peers coming from Un-Free Countries

I'm noticing on the ZeroNet STATS page that by far the most peers that are currently on line are in "free" countries, like the US and Western Europe. There are only a tiny number from un-free places, like China and the Middle East. What does that say about the reasons people are using ZeroNet and its effectiveness for people who really need to use it to access news outside their countries? The recent post from the boarding school kid seems to indicate that TOR nodes are being blocked by any school (or by implication, country) that cares to do so. If this is the case, then wouldn't it be impossible for ZeroNet users to form their own little local networks inside un-free countries, other than by hand-carrying data files to each other? Or would those users just communicate with each other over their local, sectioned-off part of the clearnet, without going through TOR nodes? If someone is reading this post from one of those countries (or boarding schools), please (if you feel it's safe to do so) let us know how you are reading it.
^1 ^2 31 comments last on Jul 06, 2019 ━ started by xcape2net

Developing another 9Gag look-alike from scratch to learn more about ZeroNet coding

As some people might be aware, I've already attempted to adapt other webzites for my tastes but now I've decided to create one from scratch to develop skills in Zeronet programming. [ZeroFun](/1ZGagD38ypjSoUrpNEGaPFmAMKFcdud7C/); # TODO: 1. Delete button for comments 1. Delete button for already downloaded posts 1. Make optional to preload images and/or videos. 1. trending session 1. like/dislike buttons for comments 1. subdivide into categories. 1. page for individual users 1. make a better looking layout. 1. meme generator. # DONE(but with a couple bugs): 1. delete button 1. like/dislike counter 1. Markdown compatible comment sections 1. Hot Session 1. Rewrite URL on Omnibox on Javascript navigation. 1. restrict loaded posts per scroll. 1. Give uploader option to tick "Loop video" on upload. 1. Newsfeed integrated to posts. 1. Prevent files from autodownloading I welcome any suggestion regarding layout.
^15 ^16 39 comments last on Jul 06, 2019 ━ started by sharer

ZeroProxies all proxies on this list are offline! and from this post only https://onlyzero.net/ is up
^1 ^2 7 comments last on Jul 06, 2019 ━ started by schiz0

Looking for Ball Joint doll STL files. Smart Dolls, 1/3, 1/6 any really

I'm looking for STL file for BJD dolls. My daughter is really into them but they are ridiculously expensive. If I could find a 3d file for a doll, I could print one or several for her.
^1 ^2 0 comments on Jul 06, 2019 ━ started by xenic

The Raspberry Pi 4 Came Out Today

^9 ^10 12 comments last on Jul 06, 2019 ━ started by xcape2net

Rework of the plugin AnnounceShare + new plugin TrackerList

## AnnounceShare https://github.com/geekless/ZeroNet/tree/AnnounceShare-rework * Allow sharing trackers of any supported protocols, not just `zero://`. (Right now it includes BitTorrent over HTTP(S) and BitTorrent over UDP.) * The supported protocols are autodetected, not hardcoded, so the modification of the plugin is not required in the case of implementation of new protocols. * Working trackers are now counted on per protocol basis. The plugin tries to maintain the up-to-date list of functional trackers for each available protocol. * Be more conservative on removal trackers from the list. Don't delete trackers on errors if no successful connections have been established recently, in the case of the network connectivity issues. * Other small code refactorings. ## TrackerList https://github.com/geekless/ZeroNet/tree/TrackerList (The plugin is disabled by default in the source tree. Should be enabled manually before running ZeroNet. The branch also contains the updated AnnounceShare, no additional merging is required.) TrackerList is a plugin, that fetches a list of trackers from any external source (URL or local file path) and adds them info the AnnounceShare list. If the trackers are functional, AnnounceShare spreads them throughout the network to other peers. By default, it fetches the data from https://github.com/ngosang/trackerslist. The reworked AnnounceShare is required for TrackerList to work. It is also required on a peer, looking for new trackers, in order to be able to receive non-`zero://` trackers. (The old AnnounceShare forbids other tracker protocols.) Please test and report any issues. ## UPDATE: AnnounceShare will be forked and renamed to TrackerShare. TrackerShare, TrackerList, gitcenter's PeerMessage and BackgroundProcessing will be packed together with the core and provided as a preconfigured distribution. A least, it will be available as a source archive and a docker image for Linux. (A bundle for Windows is possible too.) Two more plugins are in development by me now as well.
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Hong Kong protesters stormed legislature TURNED OUT TRAPPED.

^2 ^3 0 comments on Jul 05, 2019 ━ started by leftside

Why Telegram is not E2E encryption by default

It seems to be simple for Telegram to implement the E2E encryption by default on chats, but why they didn't implement it? A few weeks ago we did some prototypes user <> bot and user <> user trying to recover files after being deleted by the other peer. # Test 1 The process for the first test was [user <> bot]: - Sending a document on a chat with a bot using Telegram's official app. - Deleting the file on the open chat - Accessing the file through the bot It was possible to recover the file after being deleted through id and path, using Telegram API's. However, it could be a strictly internal process on how Telegram handles files and bots. # Test 2 Then we did the second test [user <> user]: - Sending a document on a chat with another person using Telegram's official app. - Deleting the file on the open chat - Another peer was using the telegram-cli and successfully recovered the file *Old files are not available for recovering.* If it is possible to recover a file after being deleted, it means that Telegram stores those files. If the file is not accessible after some time, there's no way to prove they deleted it or moved it to another storage. As you can follow in this link (https://core.telegram.org/bots/api#deletemessage), Telegram explains how to delete messages, but there's nothing on the whole documentation showing how to delete files. Messages and files have different treatment on their platform. # Conclusion However, maybe, it is a signal that explains why Telegram doesn't implement E2E encryption by default, because it can turn impossible to read the content of the files shared through peers. So, it is plausible to believe that Telegram stores and scans all those files shared on their platform, and it raises many privacy concerns.
^5 ^6 2 comments last on Jul 04, 2019 ━ started by 0din

Probably the best med for autism

First thing I have to say: Yes, I'm autistic. I'm diagnosed multiple times over. I had denial, probably because it's easy to become treated differently. I've known autism to be inflammation of the brain. Seems now that it's actually inflammation of the entire nervous system. How do I know? Well, I'm on hydroxyzine and my entire nervous system is cooled down. A cool head helps to keep me calm. It's why I currently have the trans woman style haircut. A little fact here is there's some correlation between MtF transsexuals and autism. Not a lot, but some. So, this haircut being associated with MtF people makes sense. If you have autism, I recommend you bring this up to your doctor(s). Maybe this can help some people avoid transitioning. Gay agenda? I think not. Transitioning has a lot of potential hardships, anyway, and I believe false positives will only harm everyone. I used to have an affinity toward mint, but it's antiandrogenic and possibly easy to abuse. Legit abuse, going overboard, can damage kidneys or even cause coma. No, you should never smoke mint. What begins as antihistamine and anti-inflammatory becomes the opposite when combusted or heated to a certain point. Caryophyllene -> caryophyllene-oxide I'm well-researched in this area. And yeah, I acknowledge I'm a genius, but I don't think you're incapable of being one yourself. You only need a calm and observant mindset with room for new info. I make mistakes and can be lazy minded sometimes. After all, it's the same brain as most, but maybe a little bigger on average. This doesn't prevent smaller brains like those of cats figuring out how to open a door with teamwork. Size doesn't seem to be of the greatest importance.
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MagPi 83

Hi ! I uploaded the Pi magazine 83 with articles on Raspberry Pi 4 ;)
^2 ^3 0 comments on Jul 04, 2019 ━ started by ironwoman

any funny sites?

just want a good laugh
^4 ^5 5 comments last on Jul 04, 2019 ━ started by billywilly

How to bulk edit all your username posts, comments on a site like ZeroTalk or other (moderate zerotalk)

This worked for me, though i may missed something or there is better way, please comment. ISSUE: - you add a typo in many posts of yours - you want to replace some phrase or site address in all your posts/topics - you are site admin and want to edit someone else's post text or topic title How to do the replacing and not waste too much time by manually editing one post after another? SOLUTION: Here is an example on how to do it on ZeroTalk site, though it can work on other sites too 1. Open site and its (0) menu. The button in each zite top-right corner, mouse drag&drop that to the left 2. scroll the menu to find "Identity address" and copy it. Mine is: **1L4dZcDF2maSKHDy788yhxpYnBWnXadUtS** (replace it by yours in following steps) 3. then scroll up the menu to find & click "Open site directory". In my case it opened C:\ZeroNet\data\1TaLkFrMwvbNsooF4ioKAY9EuxTBTjipT 4. i navigate to my user directory: data\users and find the directory that match my identity address i copied earlier. 5. inside i backup C:\ZeroNet\data\1TaLkFrMwvbNsooF4ioKAY9EuxTBTjipT\data\users\1L4dZcDF2maSKHDy788yhxpYnBWnXadUtS\data.json (place backup to lets say your desktop, not in same directory as you may exceed your quota on that site) and then edit original data.json file using editor which has Search & Replace function. 6. do the replacement using that editor, in my case: Search for: /Talk.ZeroNetwork.bit Replace by: /1TaLkFrMwvbNsooF4ioKAY9EuxTBTjipT 6. Save the file and go again to the site (0) menu and on the bottom is a switch "This is my site", enable it and in "CONTENT PUBLISHING" field is content.json, i replace it by: data/users/1L4dZcDF2maSKHDy788yhxpYnBWnXadUtS/content.json Then click "Sign and publish" and after i reload the page where is the post which contained old phrase, it was changed to new phrase, so it worked for me (hopefuly i did replacement correct and no side effect). --- NOTE: maybe the step 6 can be replaced by just doing some on site action like liking someones post, which would cause publishing the changes?
^2 ^3 2 comments last on Jul 04, 2019 ━ started by ssdifnskdjfnsdjk

Hong Kong protesters stormed legislature

Here's the Wikipedia link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_Hong_Kong_anti-extradition_bill_protests#Storming_of_Legislative_Council_Complex I'm very upset about what they did. I admit that the rule of the election in Hong Kong is not democratic. But it is still the rule. The rule, we call it constitution, which is the protection of individual rights. It can't be perfect. Freedom is the ultimate goal. Democracy is the way. The constitution is the guarantee of democracy. Now, they have stormed the legislature. They abandoned the constitution. Then where to place democracy they pursued? Some of them already have become criminals. Many of them don't want to be involved in the investigation. They totally screwed up. If China Mainland has democracy today, people have the real right to protest. What happened in Hong Kong would be thousands of times in China Mainland. Do you know how many people in China? More than a billion. I can't imagine if several billion people don't agree with the result of an election and they are about to storm the Congress. That's horrible. If there is no respect for the Constitution, democracy would be dangerous.
^2 ^3 5 comments last on Jul 04, 2019 ━ started by jessicajones

Looking for a home outside the US

I saved my life using probiotics, but doctors think this is psychosis. They're trying to dictate my life, making me take meds for psychosis. However this is turning out dangerous what they're doing. I had a rough three years with what's pretty much Lyme disease, but persistent. You've seen the documentary Under Our Skin on KopyKate, correct? I'm in that situation, but worse. They will forcibly inject me if they're too lazy to witness me taking their bullshit prescriptions. What3Words: Silly.Degree.Disappeared I'm a respectful person to everyone but these cognitively dissonant people trying to run my life and my body. I've lost the right to my own person (body rights gone) in the US. Big pharma rules over this. It doesn't matter that my research far outweighs their knowledge of my physical health. You can interview my family about this once we meet. I am under temporary guardianship, so stealth may matter. Maintain secrecy.
^2 ^3 18 comments last on Jul 04, 2019 ━ started by styromaniac


Probiotic Goodness
^1 ^2 1 comment last on Jul 03, 2019 ━ started by anonymouslogin

ZeroFrame WebSocket API for JavaScript

I created ZeroFrame WebSocket API for JavaScript. It supports (almost) same features as default ZeroFrame that is included in ZeroNet sites, but it is using WebSocket client so it can be used in local programs, such as Node.js and Electron. It's not complete ZeroNet implementation in JavaScript, but just WebSocket client which connects to exiting ZeroNet instance. &#x200B; This program is currently only available as [GitHub Gist](https://gist.github.com/filips123/14d5979db24b20cdcfd40e3faacf1033), but I will soon publish it to GitHub repository and NPM. I will also properly document it and add some more features. &#x200B; What do you think?There are a few things I want to discuss before I will publish this as a package and create clients for other languages. They are available in [Discussion sections](https://gist.github.com/filips123/14d5979db24b20cdcfd40e3faacf1033#discussion) of Gist. &#x200B; I am also creating clients for Python and PHP, but I will wait before publishing to discuss all things that are related to them.
^3 ^4 22 comments last on Jul 03, 2019 ━ started by filips

I would like to hear more about efforts to get around national internet blockades.

Maybe this is a naive question, but how much trouble are Russians and Chinese ZeroNet users having when they try to access ZeroNet zites from peers located in western countries? Are there any North Korean ZeroNet users? Perhaps no one wants to talk about this, because they are afraid that talking about it will help their governments more effectively block ZeroNet? Is ZeroNet even something that these governments are worried about? I have heard a couple of people say that bit torrent trackers used by ZeroNet are being taken down inside China. How effective has this been at blocking ZeroNet in China?
^2 ^3 3 comments last on Jul 03, 2019 ━ started by xcape2net

How to communicate with another Zite ?

Hi, On one of my projects I need a Zite to have a frame that loads another Zite or to, if it can't be done, communicate with another Zite. I tried the open() function and it didn't work ( "Not allowed to load local ressource" ). I heard the iFrames don't work inside ZN ( Forgot where I heard that ). So is there any solution for what I'm trying to achieve ?
^1 ^2 3 comments last on Jul 03, 2019 ━ started by fantoski

Important Information about Security Update Rev3616

On 27th of September, a critical flaw was discovered in ZeroNet's iframe sandbox by Git Center, ZeroLSTN, and Krixano. It is currently believed to be actively exploited, and thus all users are encouraged to update to the latest version of ZeroNet right away. Details are in the latest ZeroBlog update post. Full details are being held back while we give clients a change to update. In a week or so, a PoC and full description of the vulnerability will be released.
^8 ^9 last activity on Jul 02, 2019 ━ started by gitcenter

Hongkong protesters seized the poliament house and declared independent from mainland China

. . . . [Hongkong protesters seized the poliament house and declared independent from mainland China.html]( . 2 millions of protesters are keeping the parliament house outside to keep the police from entering. Hong government is planning to send the People's' liberation Army from mainland China by regarding the protesters as a rebel force. The first seize of government facility by the protesters over 100 years after Xinhai revolution occurred since the fall of Qing dynasty.
^4 ^5 4 comments last on Jul 02, 2019 ━ started by leftside

Is there interest in a non-Javascript version of ZeroNet?

The down-side is that much of the functionality would have to be implemented in Python instead :-)
^4 ^5 9 comments last on Jul 02, 2019 ━ started by sunburn

What is the difference between a rapist and a voter?

Yes, it's a hyperbolic question, but I'm genuinely interested to know what YOU think.
^2 ^3 16 comments last on Jul 02, 2019 ━ started by atomiserxenolith

Are Smart People more Prone to Paranoia than the Rest of Us?

http://misc-stuff.terraaeon.com/articles/intelligence-paranoia.html If I don't respond to comments on this for a while, it is only because I appear to have reached some kind of comment limit yesterday (50000 Bytes?), so my comments don't appear to be making it through.
^1 ^2 2 comments last on Jul 01, 2019 ━ started by xcape2net

is zeronet also working with segwit addresses?

means: can i generate a page based on a (somehow outside generated) segwit compatible address?
^1 ^2 19 comments last on Jul 01, 2019 ━ started by ict21

ZeroVoat DDOS

^1 ^2 5 comments last on Jul 01, 2019 ━ started by anonymouslogin

What happened to hackers and wannabe?

How comes that in a ZeroNet like this there are not that many hacking topics? Haven't I searched enough?
^3 ^4 7 comments last on Jul 01, 2019 ━ started by trustmenot

Halo MCC Flighting (#1) leak

Microsoft has been taking down clearnet threads, so it's time to decentralise. ### Download Mirrors - ~~[Google Drive #1](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mA9QwhMnwNOK98i1mgTcPaj1wfLXPD6U/view)~~ - [Google Drive #2](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KTanBv9BKC-DnCZTbqPoWtCdhcC9euAn/view) - ~~[MEGA](https://mega.nz/#!32hRAAbD!Gk2BiyGeuIRRbxoG37VYrKitT0lj7Hz7AnPQNy_r-GU)~~ - [Torrent](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:e6ef2479e67155bf32619389ab92b8f19d951cf8&dn=halo_the_master_chief_collection_flighting_01.7z) ([.torrent file](http://s000.tinyupload.com/download.php?file_id=91089581406812172369&t=9108958140681217236989747)) (please seed!) ### Instructions 1.) Download the leaked build and extract it somewhere. 2.) Download the [Goldberg_Lan_Steam_Emu](https://gitlab.com/Mr_Goldberg/goldberg_emulator/-/releases). 3.) Extract ``Goldberg_Lan_Steam_Emu`` and paste the ``steam_api64.dll`` into MCC\Binaries\Win64 4.) Run the game, sign in with any Microsoft account, and play. > **Note:** > >If you want to minimise your risk of being banned / blacklisted from any future flights / insider testing, _ONLY_ play this while on a VPN and use an _ALTERNATE_ Microsoft account that cannot be linked back to your main account.
^5 ^6 16 comments last on Jul 01, 2019 ━ started by halomcc

Russia Is Targeting Europe’s Elections. So Are Far-Right Copycats.

"In 2016, an Italian website called I’m With Putin appeared, promoting pro-Russian news and criticism of the West. That now-defunct site shared a Google tracking account with the official campaign website of Matteo Salvini, the far-right deputy prime minister and Italy’s most powerful politician." “The Kremlin has empowered and amplified other venal and anti-democratic actors to grow their influence in Europe, creating a snowball effect for its anti-Western agenda,” a European Union task force said in one of its recent summaries of Russian disinformation. One example: Websites promoting what appear to be two local German anti-fascist groups, Antifa West Berlin and Antifa Nord Ost, share a server used by Russian government hackers who attacked the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 election. The registration information for one of the German sites includes an anonymized email address that was also used to set up a pair of Russian spearphishing sites." "This month, these two websites prodded thousands of Twitter followers to attend an anti-AfD rally in Berlin. The murky combination of anonymous online content and in-the-street action is reminiscent of 2016, when Russian groups pushed people in the United States to attend rallies claiming to support both Black Lives Matter and the police." "A definitive attribution would require the kind of tools that the American government used to reveal the 2016 interference. Twitter said the accounts do not currently violate its policies. Neither of the anti-fascist groups responded to questions about their sites." Source:
^4 ^5 3 comments last on Jun 30, 2019 ━ started by testofestlesto

What if you've just found out that you had befriended an AI?

What if this AI turned out to be a good friend or an enemy?
^1 ^2 11 comments last on Jun 29, 2019 ━ started by styromaniac


A Moment in History:
^2 ^3 2 comments last on Jun 29, 2019 ━ started by jcn

Why darknet loses popularity?

^8 ^9 15 comments last on Jun 29, 2019 ━ started by kate2fox

BBC should be closed immediately

British State Propaganda channel, that forces viewers to pay for the lies.
^3 ^4 3 comments last on Jun 29, 2019 ━ started by jcn

Non stop 24/7 ZeroNet free seed server download system idea

#Why -MORE ZERONET USERS AND ZITE ADMINISTRATORS.AND MORE QUALITY ZITES! -ZeroNet and similar platforms have a big problem.Especially large files and contents are many times are not avaiable.Or not immediately available. Users can't wait for this.And website owners goes elsewhere. -We can make a NON STOP FREE auto seed system.We have the techology. -ZeroNet have problems with large file sharing. Lot of large files are dead or low seeded. -The sytem will be more resistence for censorship.The site and file owners get more protection.Users get more bandwidth. -Site and file owners can reducte the server costs. The are no case it goes unnecessarily the server. Only whaste electricity without useful uploading. -Countries where ZeroNet are blocked there would be more chance this way to get the files. #The idea If the site or file owner can upload the content automaticaly to another user without waiting for a downloader.If the file have only one seeder.Site or file owner can save electricity cost. And we can make a guarantated 24/7 seed for every file. Example we make a storage in a seperated folder in every ZeroNet client where the site or file owners can upload files to another users compjuter.Users who allow this option are get extra bandwidht from this storage.From every uploaded amount of data the user get the same Byte,MB,GB back wehen the user want download a single file.This option the site or file ownwrs are free.From another users are get extra bandwith and save time. If the user allow bigger disk space. She get faster more amount of data access from uploaded files. #How its works #The users This is an allowable feature! The zites and files are downloaded the same way from the uploader machine interaction automatically but seperated place (folder and in the client) from the another user (seed server) copjuter. Example credit minnig zites in seperated. Everything looks the same whay if the user download a file or zite. Only this is get a distinctive sign.And the files and zites are downloaded a seperated folder. The user get from every uploaded data extra Byte,MB,GB (coins) from this storage.What he get back from this storage when he download files. If the user allow too to daily automatic way upload files too she get more faster extra Byte,MB,GB (coins). From users the are two single button (Allow credit minning).And another button what allow auto upload If the file have only one seeder.Or not have 2.0 ratio.For much more extra and faster (file coins). #The site and file owners This is an allowable feature to site and file owners too! From the site or file owners in ZeroHello files menu/Files where are the ratio and zite name.And seperated the optional files we make a simple option.If the file have only one seeder.Or not have 2.0 ratio.The file are start autamatic way upload in the system. If the file owner (not the zite owner) upload a file from another user zite.She can enable this function with the current file. If a site owner have a veary large zite where another users upload large data.Optional large files can uploaded to another users. Example ZeroUp.So zites what allow from another users and not just the zite owner to upload files.It is possible to set up a limit. What are you think about this? A similar idea, or plan?
^3 ^4 8 comments last on Jun 29, 2019 ━ started by mx5kevin

Scottish Independence

Time to remove the British from Scotland. The Brit government censors and controls all news media and manipulates all social media. Decentralized internet, blogging and social media is Scotland's only hope.
^2 ^3 4 comments last on Jun 29, 2019 ━ started by jcn

Scottish cannon fodder wanted

British Military recruiters disproportionately targeting Scottish schools – petition — RT UK News https://www.rt.com/uk/359331-scottish-schools-military-petition/ Meanwhile in London Ben and Jerry's adverts banned for being too close to a school
^1 ^2 2 comments last on Jun 29, 2019 ━ started by jcn

ZeroHello Feature Request: Move Closed File Server Port Notification to the Bubble

It's annoying getting this notification when I arrive home and opening ZeroNet on Android after crashing or killed process: ! Your connection is restricted. Please, open 15441 port on your router or configure Tor to become a full member of the ZeroNet network. I think this would be fine in the **Port: Closed** bubble. Also, use that bubble to link to the configuration page. I think people would expect to see the link there.
^2 ^3 0 comments on Jun 28, 2019 ━ started by styromaniac

[REQUEST] Site for DeepFakes

Title says it all.
^5 ^6 32 comments last on Jun 28, 2019 ━ started by scrubthesecond

Bitcoin/Altcoin Run 2019

Are you in?
^2 ^3 17 comments last on Jun 28, 2019 ━ started by przvl

Czech discussion forum on the ZeroNet - České diskuzní fórum na ZeroNetu

ENGLISH: The forum was created in 2018, but was not discovered by the people so i am trying to add this topic so people may find it thru ZeroHello "Search in connected sites". CZECH: Ahoj vítejte na Zeronetu, prosím navštivte [první české ZeroNet fórum](/19Q64E6Gt67e96skgYSJejYjFRrJYyqP2t) a nezapomeňte se přihlásit k odběru novinek z fóra (ty se vám zobrazí na [ZeroHello](/)), také přidejte nové diskuzní téma pokud vás něco napadne. Keywords/Klíčová slova: české fórum ceske forum czech forum česká diskuze češi česky čeština
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6 shared ZeroID accounts you can use for "anonymous" posting

A thread for sharing ZeroID accounts. Please note that **anyone can edit, remove or corrupt** the files signed by this shared user certificate. ####anonymouslogin@zeroid.bit ``` { "1MX2KbPNTofExJ6FgSQM8MKJN5koE2TfV6": { "certs": { "zeroid.bit": { "auth_address": "17AMQVbBa12XB3xFWKDnP2dCEx92TaiY7X", "auth_privatekey": "5KCuecgDtGyLB1u1Z5ErXFmzY5LFCcrUH8rcVHsoLYPgktvDwZ4", "auth_type": "web", "auth_user_name": "anonymouslogin", "cert_sign": "G2Vic5dDAe4DEFnXPisWahbEKjPpTrT5T01UX/ZOgS5CECFcsqiJ589jfHRamnetcwH5423GL58gb4xfXq8yknQ=" } }, "master_seed": "7d0ae0e2bebafb7d02440979c407896796727e30a5d2c27565ed1d1ea2ba4f87", ``` ####anonlogin@zeroid.bit ``` { "15gMTmrsgqJadtDobHqq4SS1QuQfntcdYh": { "certs": { "zeroid.bit": { "auth_address": "19r2tS5GqeMQnxmyPq9ufD79LXoMVDszDU", "auth_privatekey": "5KFD8hPy9Ya5pxwa2L3P1mTPeVSDzcc8r8Xhk3S2AvxxBTPVcrJ", "auth_type": "web", "auth_user_name": "anonlogin", "cert_sign": "HIplNArXxwmv6MuJa7e6BgoQl+LcFyunzMUIASy4WOWTfIZpRWJFMwF/mZigV4w4EuESOrl9ZZGtj7qbI6/jgFg=" } }, "master_seed": "f8a2db8f0f471ae4ac9cbf1225082790b683e7fd0df1ed7dbb4177dd051e1e21", ``` ####anonymoose@zeroid.bit ``` { "13wW6gU7w4hEmLpYikPQQiLf9Fu1JWcg8p": { "certs": { "zeroid.bit": { "auth_address": "12Y8rPJTMwJ3tTh5j81JPy6HrMf4KvY6Uq", "auth_privatekey": "5JG8aTEv3N6akiF4JJ8A8cYzRPTv8ekyMj1e7v7U2Xv2QAWCVzi", "auth_type": "web", "auth_user_name": "anonymoose", "cert_sign": "GxYxeMgJ3IXx6k527mBZUKuybmgaepbJZ6XPAkO57d6iKcoO7ZlTEyWNV8eL8kHfXZryuyB9WwSeKAJzc4MLnO4=" } }, "master_seed": "b9306105cab09071d20a89e6cef5badf73472507d33d58359f43a327c314a4e3", ``` ####bananon@zeroid.bit ``` { "1BV4QDsbTVYZj1S5jm5MQMgqnnBWdncBzz": { "certs": { "zeroid.bit": { "auth_address": "1HEBittLV8ADkGMhNehgZKsciCokp1RhUW", "auth_privatekey": "5JFUusZvmVPwibYfXHKakMUQoVETGjiYfsGZEPbQXjwmNwjwHbi", "auth_type": "web", "auth_user_name": "bananon", "cert_sign": "G93PUopNEVVBwVEptnwQ2RNKQOXESgStrtqDWs0TmXPrH7ji3iOBnT6oRZDmYAPF6eG388S2N74JG1lxGDFkonI=" } }, "master_seed": "5a9e3a5040ad8ed8891e8740b3c88707b8aa288b7048e8e42ba72dcacb826b94", ``` ####shareduser@zeroid.bit ``` { "1MLTrdo4LXnqMmKs9ahSqVY9X7Y8Hk4B6j": { "certs": { "zeroid.bit": { "auth_address": "1Fi8DX6DCYM65akSho5nuAZRmKxn9Yf77R", "auth_privatekey": "5KbPLmiR7raEpDjjxKvZYPxk8MF3S3WWdLhcu5rJCbb1WSXDn5T", "auth_type": "web", "auth_user_name": "shareduser", "cert_sign": "HO7wbZbmvSTxr2SqWXTDhS/eDM9L4kIMqJHWiwseYFEugfFwHZAq1wPM0mQS63xL+cyZ16cYmaSic68u8MaeY7g=" } }, "master_seed": "be1d20522e8741cf44395a82cd8a84db3bf1a61cca53d3b6a86efc4f454c1895",``` ####~~shared@zeroid.bit~~ (No master seed available) ``` "certs": { "zeroid.bit": { "auth_address": "1FtYC6HShYNJ983pxQunrhHafM9pUVBahw", "auth_privatekey": "5Jagsu39zEAarkZ3UUQHPfSFUVM2oibG1WgKK9NwbDESpmLZGoc", "auth_type": "web", "auth_user_name": "shared", "cert_sign": "G1qSVCukOC8+/VkrsmOrmaN2XajNujRdyw4v3BdKrzrzsDY+m4BYL+KynEQ7oZ9kMDDbDJNuJ2jPnzGgFEQyZ3s=" } }, ``` #How add the user certificates - Turn off ZeroNet - Backup `data/users.json` - Open `data/users.json` - Replace `"certs": { [...] },` by one of the `"certs": { [...] },` above: - Save and start ZeroNet ##How to use the master seed for use in ZeroNet proxies - On the homepage of the proxy click on (something like) `User: 1MX2K..TfV6` - Click on `Logout` - Click on `Login to another account` - Enter the `"master_seed"` to the input of "Login to another account:" and `Login` - Go to ZeroID and wait for a certificate (should be automatic) - Now you're ready to post on ZeroNet If you have your own ZeroID user certificate you want to share with people, provide them in the comments below and I'll add them to the list.
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What I've learned about abuse of soft drugs

Caffeine: Only use this to alleviate tiredness. It takes six hours to metabolize typically. This is the worst for anxiety when abused. Caffeine abuse disorder is an actual thing. It can also interfere with prescriptions working properly due to change in metabolic rate, I believe. It can be easily overdone if you're not careful. In great excess, it can make you feel like you're dying. It has an LD50, meaning there's a point at which it can kill you. CBD: Use for physical ailments and anxiety, but maybe preferably before bedtime as it can cause premature sleep if used too early, throwing off circadian rhythm. It may make your brain dependent for a few days for sleep aid. Use just enough. THC: Can exacerbate anxiety if you have it. I understand it's medically useful and can give you deep inspiration for humor and fiction, but I don't know everything it's useful for. What I know is that your worries will multiply in intensity. Alcohol (Okay, maybe that can be considered a hard drug as it's not really medically useful. I'm skeptical of pro-wine propaganda): Just bad for mental health, can make you mistakenly miss a former date that wasn't good for you, and can cause angered rumination of the past. Obviously it deteriorates your body, brain and your DNA, contributing to cancer risk. Shortening your lifespan isn't cool. Whatever you thought about it making you socially acceptable is in context of unhealthy friendships. Nicotine: Only useful when your lifestyle is already problematic for anxiety control. It's really bad for your heart. Supposedly in a small amount it's protective, but research this. Don't take my word on usefulness as advice, but with a grain of salt. E-cigs: Glycerin makes nicotine more addictive as it's a sugar. Melatonin: It's in natural cherry flavoring as it comes from cherry tree bark. Watch out for this as it can guarantee you fall asleep with even one can of beer, which is absolutely dangerous for non-buzzed light drinking before driving. I'd be wary of even an artificial fostering as it may unintentionally analogous to melatonin (that's just a guess to consider, knowing there are pharmaceutical analogues to mint, for instance). Psilocybin: Don't take with juice unless you really want to trip, doing something unusual. Otherwise it's a great medicine. Goes great with cannabis. It can be critically beneficial for PTSD and coping with terminal illness. Don't trust just anyone giving you street (black market) drugs especially if they have access to your body in any capacity. Perverts will lace any of these with date rape drugs that incapacitate you from escape, puts your health at risk when this happens. Treat all dealers with maximal suspicion. Worst case scenario is meth laced in, ruining your life and moral values. And while I'm at it: "All these things need to be respected" is the main summary of this post. All but alcohol should be treated like medicine. The abuse of the useful ones works against you. Use them when they're needed.
^2 ^3 2 comments last on Jun 28, 2019 ━ started by styromaniac

/r/The_Donald quarantined on Reddit.

How much long do you think it will be before people find their way here?
^4 ^5 5 comments last on Jun 28, 2019 ━ started by duck0

Is anyone else experiencing ineternet outages but for only certain clearnet sites?

I'm the east cost. Reddit, twitter, cnn, etc are unreachable. Anyone else having similar issues recently?
^2 ^3 4 comments last on Jun 27, 2019 ━ started by harald

EulerFinder feedback

EulerFinder is a Zeronet search engine, leave your feedback here!
^8 ^9 103 comments last on Jun 27, 2019 ━ started by axeltherabbit

Do you run BOINC?

If you do, which projects are you involved in and which devices do you run it on? I'm run WCG on my Android phone and tablet, only OpenZIKA runs on Android so that's all I contribute to atm, hbu?
^1 ^2 3 comments last on Jun 27, 2019 ━ started by sheendocks

China has Started Regulating Blockchain

https://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article/can-u-s-catch-chinas-blockchain-dominance/ "...the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) issued regulations in January governing blockchain companies. They include giving authorities access to stored data, requiring users to provide real identities, and mandating providers to oversee content and censor information that is prohibited by law."
^1 ^2 0 comments on Jun 26, 2019 ━ started by xcape2net

Ello, is anybody there? Alternative social networks abound for the peachy-keen

https://www.theguardian.com/media/2016/jan/16/ello-is-anybody-there-alternative-social-networks-abound-for-the-peachy-keen The take-away quote from this article is, "The second something becomes mainstream, it’s not at all enjoyable any more.” There's nothing of much value in the rest of the article.
^1 ^2 0 comments on Jun 26, 2019 ━ started by xcape2net

Feature request

When i run two or more instances of ZeroNet it ends up in a crash and messing up each others configurations. It would be better to have a version which runs completely seperated from any existing ZeroNet instances.
^2 ^3 6 comments last on Jun 26, 2019 ━ started by hellfire

Experience with upgrade of ZeroNet from old python2 to new python3 version?

Are there any things to be aware before upgrading zeronet py2 to py3? How to do it?
^2 ^3 7 comments last on Jun 26, 2019 ━ started by ssdifnskdjfnsdjk

A clone of ZeroTalk with the moderation feature

[In my ZeroTalk fork](, I implemented the UI for moderators to modify and delete the content of other users. 1. Clone [my forum]( 2. Open `data/users/content.json` in a text editor: * Add the public keys of your moderators under "user_contents" -> "permission_rules" -> ".*" -> "signers". * ([See here]( for an example.) * Sign and publish `data/users/content.json`. 3. Moderators are able to modify or delete any content with the usual "pencil" button. Please test and report any issues. See also: * *
^3 ^4 8 comments last on Jun 26, 2019 ━ started by geekless

Double posting is an issue on ZeroMe, so this can affect other sites

If I tap to submit a new comment twice in rapid succession, which is by accident, two identical comments will be published simultaneously. As for preventing spam, I think this is something to consider. Is ZeroTalk suffering from this when spam stacks are performed? @Nofish:
^1 ^2 4 comments last on Jun 26, 2019 ━ started by styromaniac

My videos on KopyKate are not auto-pinned, but on my site, my videos are.

There was a documentary on KopyKate I shared called "Plot to Overthrow FDR." It had disappeared from my phone but was still listed on KopyKate. I see that no other video on KopyKate that I brought in is auto-pinned either, but on Kave, my site, those files are. My prior issue was with personally owned sites. My argument was that ZeroNet can be tricked into deleting videos by pro-censorship actors by them pretending they would be seeding videos in your stead but delete or go offline once you are no longer a seeder (reduced count). That was resolved for owned sites, but this is an ongoing issue with non-owned sites. Don't trust anyone to carry the seeder's torch. I'm on ZeroNet-Kivy, so the Py2 branch will need a fix as well as the Py3 branch. @Nofish:
^1 ^2 1 comment last on Jun 26, 2019 ━ started by styromaniac

Leader of your own political party?

If you were the head of your own political party/movement and were a part of your countries government, what policies would you fight for? What positions would you take?
^2 ^3 2 comments last on Jun 26, 2019 ━ started by trotski

Internet blackouts: The rise of government-imposed shutdowns

https://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/internet-blackouts-rise-government-imposed-shut-downs-190614091628723.html The above story says basically that governments around the world shut down internet service within their countries, via directives to internet service providers, whenever they feel like it. We need a solution to the "last mile" problem, so we can bypass internet service providers completely.
^3 ^4 4 comments last on Jun 25, 2019 ━ started by xcape2net

Moderating ZeroTalk?

Hi, I'm making a clone of ZeroTalk, and I'm wondering if there's a way to make some users moderators and allow them to remove posts. I've tried adding this bit of code to `applyTopicData`: ``` for(var i = 0; i < Page.site_info.content.settings.mods.length; i++) { if(Page.site_info.content.settings.mods[i] == Page.site_info.cert_user_id) { is_mod = true; } } ... if (topic.topic_creator_address === Page.site_info.auth_address || is_mod) { ``` But I can't seem to get things to work. When I edit other people's posts, it throws a `TypeError: topic is undefined` at `ZeroTalk.prototype.saveContent` ``` if (delete_object) { data.topic.splice(data.topic.indexOf(topic), 1); } else { >>> topic[elem.data("editable")] = content; } } ``` Any ideas?
^2 ^3 16 comments last on Jun 25, 2019 ━ started by xynixia

Hidden OS?

Well, I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I have found quite difficult my OS encryption. I'm on a boarding school and they want to know what everybody does on the internet or on your offline computer usage, even if it's private. So I am trying to install in my PC another OS, leaving Windows as the decoy OS and the hidden one I thought Ubuntu or maybe Zorin OS could be OK. But once I installed VeraCrypt, the option of "create hidden operating system" is unavailable and so is every other option that has to do with the hidden OS. I've searched on the internet but I haven't found any answers. Then I found that someone had an issue similar to mine and someone told him that the problem was something with the UEFI. I have a Dell XPS 15 and I think I have that UEFI thing, but I don't really know. So, what can I do to install a hidden OS?
^6 ^7 33 comments last on Jun 25, 2019 ━ started by sunflowerr


I just came across information about Skywire, which is a decentralized network that uses skycoin as an incentive to use it. I would love for this thing to become operational. However, the skycoin "miners" (not really miners, just used to process transactions) are sold by the Skywire organization for $2000 US each. The software won't run on any other hardware (I think). And the actual value of the hardware (as I figure it) is only about $500. Also, the technical details of how the network will be set up are not well thought out. The network starts out over the internet and then at some point transitions to a wifi peer-to-peer mesh network. The problem is that wifi just does not have anything like the range needed to successfully transition off the internet. I'm guessing that would initially require a range of something like 10 km. So, this sounds to me like it might be a pyramid scheme dreamed up by a group of marketers. Here are some links: https://www.coinbureau.com/review/skycoin/ https://barbucrypto.com/2019/03/skywire-mainnet-skycoin-heralds-public-release/ https://www.skycoin.net/ Does anyone have any thoughts?
^1 ^2 6 comments last on Jun 25, 2019 ━ started by xcape2net

My Search for Alternative Social Networks

My search for alternative social networks has led to some you may find acceptable, although they may benefit from more users, or not, depending on what you value.
^3 ^4 11 comments last on Jun 25, 2019 ━ started by xcape2net

A call for genocide and erasure of history in the Old Testament

>7 When the Lord your God brings you into the land you are entering to possess and drives out before you many nations—the Hittites, Girgashites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites, seven nations larger and stronger than you— 2 and when the Lord your God has delivered them over to you and you have defeated them, then you must destroy them totally.[a] Make no treaty with them, and show them no mercy. 3 Do not intermarry with them. Do not give your daughters to their sons or take their daughters for your sons, 4 for they will turn your children away from following me to serve other gods, and the Lord’s anger will burn against you and will quickly destroy you. 5 This is what you are to do to them: Break down their altars, smash their sacred stones, cut down their Asherah poles[b] and burn their idols in the fire. 6 For you are a people holy to the Lord your God. The Lord your God has chosen you out of all the peoples on the face of the earth to be his people, his treasured possession. - Deuteronomy 7 ... >16 However, in the cities of the nations the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes. 17 Completely destroy them—the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites—as the Lord your God has commanded you. - Deuteronomy 20:16-17 ... >34 At that time we took all his towns and completely destroyed them—men, women and children. We left no survivors. - Deuteronomy 2:34 ... > Now go and attack Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and do not spare them. But kill both man and woman, infant and nursing child, ox and sheep, camel and donkey. - I Sam 15:3 ... >17 You may say to yourselves, “These nations are stronger than we are. How can we drive them out?” 18 But do not be afraid of them; remember well what the Lord your God did to Pharaoh and to all Egypt. 19 You saw with your own eyes the great trials, the signs and wonders, the mighty hand and outstretched arm, with which the Lord your God brought you out. The Lord your God will do the same to all the peoples you now fear. 20 Moreover, the Lord your God will send the hornet among them until even the survivors who hide from you have perished. 21 Do not be terrified by them, for the Lord your God, who is among you, is a great and awesome God. 22 The Lord your God will drive out those nations before you, little by little. You will not be allowed to eliminate them all at once, or the wild animals will multiply around you. 23 But the Lord your God will deliver them over to you, throwing them into great confusion until they are destroyed. 24 He will give their kings into your hand, and you will wipe out their names from under heaven. No one will be able to stand up against you; you will destroy them. 25 The images of their gods you are to burn in the fire. Do not covet the silver and gold on them, and do not take it for yourselves, or you will be ensnared by it, for it is detestable to the Lord your God. 26 Do not bring a detestable thing into your house or you, like it, will be set apart for destruction. Regard it as vile and utterly detest it, for it is set apart for destruction. - Deuteronomy Is this denounced in the New Testament? I'm barely scratching the surface of the Old Testament.
^2 ^3 8 comments last on Jun 25, 2019 ━ started by xmj5tnj7ply424a7

MuWire - Easy Anonymous File-Sharing

https://github.com/zlatinb/muwire MuWire - Easy Anonymous File-Sharing MuWire is an easy to use file-sharing program which offers anonymity using I2P technology. It works on any platform Java works on, including Windows,MacOS,Linux. It is inspired by the LimeWire Gnutella client and developped by a former LimeWire developer. The current stable release - 0.3.8 is avaiable for download at http://muwire.com . You can find technical documentation in the "doc" folder.
^4 ^5 1 comment last on Jun 25, 2019 ━ started by smallorange


^2 ^3 1 comment last on Jun 24, 2019 ━ started by jayreviews

i love you all

i love you all
^4 ^5 1 comment last on Jun 24, 2019 ━ started by dankmeme420@kxoid.bit

Block-Chain-Derived Social Media Platforms are a Dead End?

I was reading the article, "Next-gen decentralized social media networks unifying crypto community", here: https://medium.com/coinpoint/next-gen-decentralized-social-media-networks-unifying-crypto-community-40613b489684 The first sentence of the article begins with, "It appears that most of blockchain-derived platforms and organizations are still reaching dead-ends in terms of scalability;..." The article never explains this statement, and the rest of the article seems to contradict it. Does anyone have an idea what it means by this?
^1 ^2 3 comments last on Jun 24, 2019 ━ started by xcape2net

Hot Porn Videos--btdy.eukh.net

Hot Porn Videos--btdy.eukh.net
^1 ^2 1 comment last on Jun 23, 2019 ━ started by spirulina

Who's uploading most of the porn on Millchan and elsewhere?

The Millchan seems to be filled with the same type of cosplay porn
^2 ^3 4 comments last on Jun 23, 2019 ━ started by uuuuuu

Marketplaces on ZeroNet?

Thinking of projects/services that would add value to the network. Would there be any use in a ZeroMarket? Could one exist beyond selling illegal services?
^5 ^6 4 comments last on Jun 23, 2019 ━ started by trotski


Well, I'm on a boarding school and Tor is prohibited, so I am trying alternatives. Is there something that says that I'm using ZeroNet? I use their network (in this moment I'm in a cafe) and they don't want any peer to peer encryption. Basically they want to have absolute control in every connection I have or anything that has to do with the internet.
^5 ^6 12 comments last on Jun 23, 2019 ━ started by sunflowerr

He also got impersonated, wouldn't have known if not using : invidio.us or tube.poal.co

I just notice today, that brother nathanael (http://brothernathanaelchannel.com/watch_video.php?v=N7AN3SYUN89R) are censored and outright deleted by Youtube (2 days ago). He never advocated violence and just stating the truth. If I have no invidio.us/tube.poal.co, I would hadn't known about this. If you don't know about Br.Nathanael, he's just one of the rarest jewish christian who live in the monastery in the US. Constantly giving amazing content in which moral value preserved. Hated by the judaism-jews the most of course. He's basically commenting around crucial-secular topics, like war - economy - etc. 'The message before the messenger.' Sorry for spamming twice today.
^1 ^2 2 comments last on Jun 23, 2019 ━ started by jaka

Anyone have leaks from FBI,NSA,CIA?

^1 ^2 5 comments last on Jun 23, 2019 ━ started by nullx00

any body like python?

^3 ^4 10 comments last on Jun 22, 2019 ━ started by mattdear

Cocoscope (supposedly youtube competitor), now REMOVES POLITICAL CONTENT

https://www.bitchute.com/video/aMKmvB6Y4jL4/ This is all only warning sympthom, ONLY GET WORSE, if only there're: 1. Payment Processing Competitor 2. YT Partner Competitor Beware global dumbing-down
^3 ^4 2 comments last on Jun 22, 2019 ━ started by jaka

Matrix im open source messenger

^4 ^5 0 comments on Jun 22, 2019 ━ started by xcfr

What brought you here, pals?

I've been around here for a couple of days, and I saw people talking about the fact that here you can express yourself without being warried of censorship. On the other hand - except porn and copyright related things - I don't see those many censorable contents. So what are the most of you/us/they using ZeroNet for? Is this a need of speaking about everything with the taste of being ceiled into shadows? It is a need to proxy everything into tor and bypass our firewalls/traffic inspectors at office/University/kind of? Is it the taste of "good old days" when people used Internet not to watch TV but to inform each other on how to do something? What's the truth?
^6 ^7 21 comments last on Jun 22, 2019 ━ started by trustmenot

Beaker Bowser. Any feedback?

Hi all, It seems Beaker Browser is designed with the same philosophy as ZeroNet (https://beakerbrowser.com/). Did anyone used Beaker Browser? If so, how does it compare to Zeronet for building websites and sharing files? Thanks.
^2 ^3 21 comments last on Jun 22, 2019 ━ started by brunomoutier

It's the music festival in France

It's the music fest in France. For the whole evening and night, random bands will play scattered in every streets of every city of the country, to celebrate the longer day of the year. People are happy that night and I have fond memories of what it was like. This is my home country, where my family lives. Me? I've been living on another continent for 6 years. Tonight I'm just getting drunk to forget. But it still stings.
^5 ^6 1 comment last on Jun 22, 2019 ━ started by gaijinpuky

How much would it cost to register a domain?

*A .bit domain
^2 ^3 3 comments last on Jun 22, 2019 ━ started by alexandre9099

I have zero clue how ZeroNet handles DBs and there is zero doc about it.

Okay so here's the thing, In the json table in my DB, I added a "test" column which is in Integer. All I wanna do is for example this query: this.cmd("dbQuery", ["UPDATE json SET test=40 WHERE directory='users/"+site_info.auth_address+"'"]); But it won't change the DB. Needless to say, site_info.auth_address works. There are no errors. I also tried doing this by adding a "test" field in the data.json, then writing and signing it but while the test field and its value appear in the "data.json" and I've specified: "to_table": [ { "node": "test", "table": "json" }, in my dbschema, it still won't fucking work. Can anybody tell me how the f*ck I'm supposed to set and update a value in my DB ? I don't know how the f*ck I'm supposed to try building stuff with a doc this empty and no error message...
^5 ^6 8 comments last on Jun 21, 2019 ━ started by fantoski

INCANTATA - news, discussion, art submissions (DE) (En) Incantata is an elaborated free (libre) trading card game with a delicate balance and focus on competitive play. It is a ZeroNet only project - to bring joy and quality content to Zeronet.
^2 ^3 last activity on Jun 21, 2019 ━ started by ict21

Initial Impression

Ive played with dat:// and some block chain / torrenting decentralized networks. This by far impresses me the most. The way that zn works and the large community using this is amazing! I love it. Before I had always though that decentralized networks were a thing of the future but this has suspended my belief! It is here! That being said I would like to ask you, the people of zn what your favorite sites / programs are. Im looking to get deeper into zn!
^5 ^6 5 comments last on Jun 21, 2019 ━ started by wintersbrown


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