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Content too large 170753482B > 10485760B, aborting task...

Hello, i have added some songs already, and today i added new album and when clicked to publish it, it says: Content signing failed Content too large 170753482B > 10485760B, aborting task... same error appears when i try to edit some of the songs (they appeared in library and are playable, only not published to others i assume). The year of songs was 1995, i checked the hub, but i do not see i would be reaching any limit there. In hub (0) menu is: Identity address (limit used: 69.00kB / 976562.00kB) @ZeroLSTN can you please significantly increase my limit? Or such large content should not be uploaded yet?
^1 ^2 3 comments last 3 days ago ━ started by ssdifnskdjfnsdjk

How to help ZeroLSTN by seeding all music files

If You are having good amount of free disk space (probably more than 100GB), you may help ZeroLSTN by downloading music and becoming a peer for others. 1. Visit [ZeroHello](/) and type "lstn" into the search field that is above sites list 2. You should see hubs that contains music (2010,2000,1990...) if you can not see it, visit [ZeroLSTN](/ZeroLSTN.bit) and play some music from the period you want to share.. 3. on ZeroHello, click the hub (2010,2000...) you want to share to open it, now drag & drop by mouse the (0) button to the left. (Note that apparently hubs under 1960 not contain any files, so you will not see the option.) 4. in menu that appears scroll down and select "Download and help distribute all files" and set maximum size of the file to be downloaded (songs are usually up to 50MB (if in high .flac quality), .mp3 usually up to 15MB). it should start downloading files once there are peers Thank you for helping distribute Zeronet audio library!
^5 ^6 3 comments last on Jun 13, 2019 ━ started by ssdifnskdjfnsdjk

ZeroLSTN is dead

^1 ^2 0 comments on Jun 03, 2019 ━ started by nononono

Release: v2.0.0

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the vastly new and improved ZeroLSTN v2! Changes since the last release: * Ability to edit any song, and merge songs together! * Upload more than one song file at once! (see note below) * DARK THEME * Playlists * Support for Compilation Albums * Songs now organized by decade instead of by genre * Multiple genre support per song * Song deduplication * Helpful tooltips Yes, the metadata of any song can now be edited by anyone. This is a Wikipedia-style approach, and allows anybody to help curate broken or misspelled titles, albums, artists etc. Songs can also be merged into one another, so if something got past the deduplication checker, such that there exists two copies of the same song, one can simply be merged back into the other. Multi-song upload NOTE: Multiple songs or an entire folder can now be selected in the filepicker. This works recursively, so simply selecting your entire 'Music' folder and hitting upload will upload all the song files contained within. However, as a sidenote, do be aware that music purchased from some services such as iTunes etc. can include personally identifiable information in it. For this it is recommended to wipe any music metadata other than what's strictly necessary (like Artist/Album/Title/Year/Genre etc), so that you can be sure your name is not attached to the files (if you care). Also be aware that not all filetypes (.wma for example) can be played natively in the browser. To solve both these problems there is a python script in the site files at [scripts/cleantags]( that will convert all songs its given to MP3 and wipe any identifying metadata. The script is still a work in progress, so a backup to your music beforehand is strongly recommended. That's it, enjoy ZeroLSTN v2! Source code available here: http: Report any bugs [here]( <3
^9 ^10 18 comments last on Nov 24, 2018 ━ started by zerolstn

When uploading an album, "Reading song info" message lasts... forever?

My 2nd time trying to upload an album, and again I just get "Reading song info..." and it's been an hour. What is supposed to happen?
^2 ^3 4 comments last on Jan 26, 2019 ━ started by klu9

Suggestion to put on the site!

Put the option to delete the songs from the album, in case I uploaded 2 times of the same song and could have the option to delete.
^2 ^3 0 comments on Sep 07, 2018 ━ started by solens

I can not upload the songs! =/

I wonder if there is any limit for the user to upload the songs? I get to put some albums on the site more now after I send the songs to ZeroLSTN and when I do the search nothing appears what I did = / Here in my Zerome profile you have the links of the albums that you can upload! Thx! =)
^2 ^3 0 comments on Sep 07, 2018 ━ started by solens

Feature: removal of the "0 seeders" songs

Hello, i have visited an music album on ZeroLSTN and found some songs claims to have 12 peers, BUT they do not play saying it was, skipped because of 0 peers. I have a worry that the initial seeder already deleted his/her ZeroNet folder, so these songs will be left there 4ever without being playable mayking the user experience worse because of album incomplete and not playing queues. How to solve it? - is there any way to allow automatic removal of the songs that long term does not have any seeders? - or internally maRking unseeded files for reuploading so there will be an option next to the song to upload alternative song and replace old or new uploads will somehow not complain about duplicate, but replace?
^2 ^3 1 comment last on Jun 19, 2018 ━ started by ssdifnskdjfnsdjk

What information about me becomes publicly visible?

Sorry about my ignorance of the inner workings of 0net, still very new here. A couple questions: 1. If I upload songs, does any metadata about the account I was logged in wish become attached to the torrents? Do downloaders know it was I who uploaded them or do I just show up as a peer/seeder like any other? 2. Does my play history get stored anywhere publicly visible? Thanks!
^2 ^3 5 comments last on Jun 19, 2018 ━ started by stigmergikat

Russian translation fixes

Some fixes to ZeroLSTN's Russian translation. After manual patching the ZeroNet engine, I got access to the repo, but I still have some troubles accessing user data (the Issues tab, in particular) for some reason. So I cannot post this translation issue to the Git Center. 1. "Playlists": Плейлист -> Плейлисты (plural) 2. Revert the incorrect fix in the previous translation update: Uploads should be Загрузка, not Загруженное ("thing that was uploaded"), since the page actually does not display the uploaded content. 3. Capitalization fixes according to the Russian spelling. 4. "Queue Artist/Album/Song", "Play Artist/Album/Song": rewrite in more readable way. And others. The patch: ``` diff --git a/languages/ru.json b/languages/ru.json index fed074a..27465a2 100644 --- a/languages/ru.json +++ b/languages/ru.json @@ -6,14 +6,14 @@ "Album": "Альбом", "Years": "Годы", "Year": "Год", - "Play Queue": "Проиграть очередь", + "Play Queue": "Очередь воспроизведения", "Home": "Домой", "Search": "Поиск", - "Now Playing": "В проигрыше", - "Playlists": "Плейлист", - "Uploads": "Загруженное", + "Now Playing": "Сейчас играет", + "Playlists": "Плейлисты", + "Uploads": "Загрузка", "Login": "Войти", - "Browse by Decade": "Просмотр по Десятилетию", + "Browse by Decade": "Просмотр по десятилетию", "Nothing here yet...": "Тут ничего нет...", "Press the Upload button to get started.": "Нажмите кнопку Загрузить, чтобы начать.", @@ -30,21 +30,21 @@ "seed": "Сид", "seeds": "Сиды", - "Queue Artist": "В очередь по Исполнителю", - "Queue Album": "В очередь по Альбому", - "Queue Song": "В очередь по Иесне", - "Play Artist": "Проиграть исполнителя", - "Play Album": "Проиграть Aльбом", - "Play Song": "Проиграть Песню", - "Download Artist": "Загрузить Исполнителя", - "Download Album": "Загрузить Альбом", - "Download Song": "Загрузить Песню", - "Remove Artist": "Убрать Исполнителя", - "Remove Album": "Убрать Альбом", - "Remove Song": "Убрать Песню", - "Remove Download": "Убрать Загрузку", - "Clear Playlist": "Очистить Плейлист", - "Edit Song": "Изменить Песню", + "Queue Artist": "Добавить в очередь все песни исполнителя", + "Queue Album": "Добавить в очередь все песни альбома", + "Queue Song": "Добавить песню в очередь", + "Play Artist": "Играть все песни исполнителя", + "Play Album": "Играть все песни альбома", + "Play Song": "Играть песню", + "Download Artist": "Загрузить исполнителя", + "Download Album": "Загрузить альбом", + "Download Song": "Загрузить песню", + "Remove Artist": "Убрать исполнителя", + "Remove Album": "Убрать альбом", + "Remove Song": "Убрать песню", + "Remove Download": "Убрать загрузку", + "Clear Playlist": "Очистить плейлист", + "Edit Song": "Редактировать песню", "Song Files That Already Exist": "У нас уже есть этот Музыкальный файл", "Song Tags That Already Exist": "У нас уже есть этот Музыкальный Тэг", ```
^3 ^4 2 comments last on Jun 16, 2018 ━ started by mp4

The DB update bug: serialization issue in ZeroLSTN

Here are files, that cause the DB update error: ``` [12:52:39] Site:1MQveQ..kvJ3 Importing data... [12:52:40] Site:1MQveQ..kvJ3 Error importing merged-ZeroLSTN2/1HHBrQY2Duh7C9iREqrhKaXUsiVdvoTRG7/data/users/1Md6YJNZX5yrdSaL9mmrKZNMAfULoXzMX2/data.json: TypeError: 'unicode' object does not support item assignment in SiteStorage.py line 150 > MutePlugin.py line 126 > SiteStorage.py line 90 > Db.py line 363 [12:52:40] Site:1MQveQ..kvJ3 Error importing merged-ZeroLSTN2/1HLqL1eSZTRMpKLXjprjy7hFftuoAZEz1u/data/users/16HcyFK8526ZYJBKPpSDCbpJv6WWBNvENj/data.json: TypeError: 'unicode' object does not support item assignment in SiteStorage.py line 150 > MutePlugin.py line 126 > SiteStorage.py line 90 > Db.py line 363 [12:52:40] Site:1MQveQ..kvJ3 Error importing merged-ZeroLSTN2/1HLqL1eSZTRMpKLXjprjy7hFftuoAZEz1u/data/users/1FKuNsExQML7APuNmkCV8uzB5pKupcmnck/data.json: TypeError: 'unicode' object does not support item assignment in SiteStorage.py line 150 > MutePlugin.py line 126 > SiteStorage.py line 90 > Db.py line 363 [12:52:40] Site:1MQveQ..kvJ3 Error importing merged-ZeroLSTN2/1HLqL1eSZTRMpKLXjprjy7hFftuoAZEz1u/data/users/1N3zP3Mq2Bd5AE6JS8LEEUusSPdA7CH97D/data.json: TypeError: 'unicode' object does not support item assignment in SiteStorage.py line 150 > MutePlugin.py line 126 > SiteStorage.py line 90 > Db.py line 363 [12:52:40] Site:1MQveQ..kvJ3 Error importing merged-ZeroLSTN2/1HLqL1eSZTRMpKLXjprjy7hFftuoAZEz1u/data/users/195oGGXB8AhwWSoXFHpbVT4TL4wLi1Af5e/data.json: TypeError: 'unicode' object does not support item assignment in SiteStorage.py line 150 > MutePlugin.py line 126 > SiteStorage.py line 90 > Db.py line 363 ``` Those are the only files, that contain the "artwork" entries: ``` $ grep -r '"artwork":' */data/users 1HHBrQY2Duh7C9iREqrhKaXUsiVdvoTRG7/data/users/1Md6YJNZX5yrdSaL9mmrKZNMAfULoXzMX2/data.json: "artwork": { 1HLqL1eSZTRMpKLXjprjy7hFftuoAZEz1u/data/users/1FKuNsExQML7APuNmkCV8uzB5pKupcmnck/data.json: "artwork": { 1HLqL1eSZTRMpKLXjprjy7hFftuoAZEz1u/data/users/16HcyFK8526ZYJBKPpSDCbpJv6WWBNvENj/data.json: "artwork": { 1HLqL1eSZTRMpKLXjprjy7hFftuoAZEz1u/data/users/195oGGXB8AhwWSoXFHpbVT4TL4wLi1Af5e/data.json: "artwork": { 1HLqL1eSZTRMpKLXjprjy7hFftuoAZEz1u/data/users/1N3zP3Mq2Bd5AE6JS8LEEUusSPdA7CH97D/data.json: "artwork": { ``` The artwork table is described in `dbschema.json` in the following way: ```json "artwork": { "cols": [ ["hash", "TEXT"], ["image_path", "TEXT"], ["date_added", "INTEGER"], ["json_id", "INTEGER REFERENCES json (json_id)"] ], "indexes": ["CREATE UNIQUE INDEX artwork_hash ON artwork(json_id, hash)"], "schema_changed": 1 } ``` And here is how the artwork entries are written in the data.json: ```json "artwork": { "302689d4e5714a7960d23a0cf4ee2bb8690dc7599bfe1a220fce7e87010b9f55": { "image_path": "merged-ZeroLSTN2/1HLqL1eSZTRMpKLXjprjy7hFftuoAZEz1u/data/users/16HcyFK8526ZYJBKPpSDCbpJv6WWBNvENj/artwork/legend-1528502681652.jpeg", "date_added": 1528502681652 }, "7ec05822b9a71c5e4778d3ca9b2741420483179bfde4f979f1c9431e8207183b": { "image_path": "merged-ZeroLSTN2/1HLqL1eSZTRMpKLXjprjy7hFftuoAZEz1u/data/users/16HcyFK8526ZYJBKPpSDCbpJv6WWBNvENj/artwork/Sebastian_Stueker-1528832629755.jpg", "date_added": 1528832629755 } } ``` It looks like the wrong serialization format. The entries probably should be written like this: ```json "artwork": [ { "hash": "302689d4e5714a7960d23a0cf4ee2bb8690dc7599bfe1a220fce7e87010b9f55", "image_path": "merged-ZeroLSTN2/1HLqL1eSZTRMpKLXjprjy7hFftuoAZEz1u/data/users/16HcyFK8526ZYJBKPpSDCbpJv6WWBNvENj/artwork/legend-1528502681652.jpeg", "date_added": 1528502681652 }, { "hash": "7ec05822b9a71c5e4778d3ca9b2741420483179bfde4f979f1c9431e8207183b", "image_path": "merged-ZeroLSTN2/1HLqL1eSZTRMpKLXjprjy7hFftuoAZEz1u/data/users/16HcyFK8526ZYJBKPpSDCbpJv6WWBNvENj/artwork/Sebastian_Stueker-1528832629755.jpg", "date_added": 1528832629755 } ] ``` I manually edited and signed , and now albums that I uploaded are displayed correctly on my devices.
^3 ^4 1 comment last on Jun 16, 2018 ━ started by mp4

Multiple disks in album?

What is the best way to repesent metadata for multidisk albums? Many CD rips contains the disk number field in its metadata, and track numbers restart from 1 on each disk. For example, the *Unheilig - Gipfelstürmer Limited Edition*: Track 12, Disk 1: ``` *** Tag information for Disk 1/12 - Held Für Einen Tag.mp3 === TIT2 (Title/songname/content description): Held Für Einen Tag === TALB (Album/Movie/Show title): Gipfelstürmer === TYER (Year): 2014 === TRCK (Track number/Position in set): 12/16 === TPE1 (Lead performer(s)/Soloist(s)): Unheilig === TXXX (User defined text information): (DISCID): DD0F4010 === TPE2 (Band/orchestra/accompaniment): Unheilig === TCON (Content type): Gothic Metal === TPOS (Part of a set): 1/2 === APIC (Attached picture): ()[, 3]: image/jpeg, 303457 bytes *** mp3 info MPEG1/layer III Bitrate: 320KBps Frequency: 44KHz ``` Track 2, Disk 2: ``` *** Tag information for Disk 2/02 - Zwischen Licht Und Schatten - Demoversion.mp3 === TIT2 (Title/songname/content description): Zwischen Licht Und Schatten - Demoversion === TALB (Album/Movie/Show title): Gipfelstürmer === TYER (Year): 2014 === TRCK (Track number/Position in set): 02/10 === TPE1 (Lead performer(s)/Soloist(s)): Unheilig === TXXX (User defined text information): (DISCID): 8209090A === TPE2 (Band/orchestra/accompaniment): Unheilig === TCON (Content type): Gothic Metal === TPOS (Part of a set): 2/2 === APIC (Attached picture): ()[, 3]: image/jpeg, 303457 bytes *** mp3 info MPEG1/layer III Bitrate: 320KBps Frequency: 44KHz ``` As far as I understand, ZeroLSTN does not support sorting by disk number, so after uploading the numeration'll become messy. Should I sequentially renumber all tracks and get rid of disk numbers? Or should I change the album tag to something like "Gipfelstürmer Disk 1", "Gipfelstürmer Disk 2"?
^2 ^3 1 comment last on Jun 16, 2018 ━ started by mp4

ZeroLSTN @ Git Center is unavailable

I cannot download for several days. I tried from different devices, located in different locations. Both from my actual ZeroNet installation or from a clean one, both running under Windows or Linux. No luck. The following message is displayed forever in the browser (with minor variations, such as peer count): ```no-highlight Connecting... Trackers announcing: 0, error: 1, done: 4 Peers found: 14 Peers found: 13 Peers found: 18 Peers found: 21 Peers found: 25 content.json download failed ``` Here is the full log from a clean ZeroNet installation: Maybe the problem is this, I'm not sure what it actually means: ```no-highlight [03:21:04] Site:1Code5..yGqj content.json: verify sign error: VerifyError: Valid signs: 0/1 in ContentManager.py line 888 [03:21:04] WorkerManager:1Code5..yGqj c7utmigvqefitdht.onion:23684: Verify failed: content.json, error: Valid signs: 0/1, failed peers: 7, workers: 1 ```
^2 ^3 4 comments last on Jun 14, 2018 ━ started by mp4

Music I upload and maintain (industrial/alternative/symphonic metal, gothic, darkwave, folk etc)

(See also: [mp4@ZeroMe]( ## Uploaded Albums: * **Ruoska** — \[industrial metal, alternative metal\] * [2002 - Kuori]( * [2003 - Riisu]( * [2005 - Radium]( * [2006 - Amortem]( * [2008 - Rabies]( * **Unheilig** — \[Neue Deutsche Härte, gothic rock, electronic rock\] * [2001 - Phosphor]( * [2004 - Frohes Fest]( * [2004 - Frohes Fest [Tannenbaum EP]]( * **Nightwish** — \[symphonic metal, power metal, folk metal, gothic metal\] * [1998 - Oceanborn]( (Tarja Turunen) * [2005 - Wishsides]( (Tarja Turunen) * [2007 - Dark Passion Play]( (Anette Olzon) * **Tarja Turunen** — \[symphonic metal, symphonic rock, gothic metal\] * [2007 - My Winter Storm]( * **Katra** — \[symphonic metal, gothic metal\] * [2007 - Katra]( * [2008 - Beast Within]( * [2010 - Out Of The Ashes]( * **Within Temptation** — \[symphonic metal, gothic metal, folk metal, doom metal\] * [2004 - The Silent Force]( * **L'Âme Immortelle** — \[gothic metal, industrial metal, dark wave\] * [2004 - Gezeiten]( * **Persephone (Sonja Kraushofer)** — \[neoclassical dark wave\] * [2004 - Atma Gyan]( * **Scorpions** — \[hard rock, heavy metal\] * [1990 - Crazy World]( * **Indica** — \[pop rock, alternative rock, symphonic metal\] * [2004 - Ikuinen Virta]( * [2005 - Tuuliset Tienoot]( * [2007 - Kadonnut Puutarha]( * **Urban Trad** — \[folk\] * [2003 — Kerua]( * **Meiko Kaji** — \[enka, j-pop\] * [2005 - Zenkyoku Shu]( (more to come...) ## Notes: I check and correct the following tags before upload: * Artist * Year * Album * Track Number * Track Title (Errors and typos are still possible, of course.) I'm not very good at classification, so I usually don't check the Genre tag. ## WARNING **If you see no songs in an album, press the *Rebuild Database* button in the ZeroNet sidebar and reload the page. Sometimes ZeroLSTN doesn't update the database automatically for some reason.**
^5 ^6 2 comments last on Jun 14, 2018 ━ started by mp4

How do people get and upload so many songs?

where are your sources what's your secret?
^2 ^3 4 comments last on Jun 12, 2018 ━ started by thunder33345

Release: v2.0.2

Aka the "I had free time today" release! **Features:** * 你好! Hola! Здравствуйте! Translations are here! If you're able to translate ZeroLSTN into any language other than English, than please do so using [the instructions]( * Your volume setting now remains even after closing and reopening ZeroLSTN. * Artist/Album names in song cells are now links to their respective Artist/Album pages. * The song title and artist name are now shown in ZeroLSTN's tab when they're playing. **Changes:** * Only show a song's year if it actually has one * Move the logo.png file into the img/ directory * Make the search field auto-focus when you visit the Search page **Bug Fixes:** * Trim song tags before uploading. This was causing some duplicate artists and such even though they looked the same. Turns out one had spaces and the other did not. * Fixed a bug with the progress slider breaking if you changed the song time before playing your first song. * Fixed songs sometimes not looping correctly. * Fixed being able to view songs by Blank artists. As always, thanks to everyone for suggesting new features and reporting bugs on the [Issues page](
^6 ^7 0 comments on Jun 09, 2018 ━ started by zerolstn

Release: v2.0.1

Some minor fixes after the big [v2.0.0 release]( Mostly bug fixes, but a new feature: **Features:** * Song timeouts. if a song is taking too long to load (or has zero peers), we now just skip to the next song in the queue and pop up a toast informing the user what happened. **Bug Fixes:** * Numerous fixes with song filenames. We now replace any special or accented characters that didn't play to well with ZeroNet. If you uploaded a song and had '? seeds' on it, this was probably why. Upload a new version and merge the old song into the new one to get things working again. * Don't show song edits on the uploads page. * Fixed song/album download. Artist download still in the works. * Fixed a bug where adding songs to a playlist would add many copies on those songs (turns out it was just in the display code, the proper amount got added in the DB). * Fixed a bug where the "+ Upload more songs button" would actually replace all the songs you were about to upload instead of adding to them. Whoops :) As always, thanks to everyone for suggesting new features and reporting bugs on the [Issues page](
^4 ^5 2 comments last on Jun 09, 2018 ━ started by zerolstn

ZeroLSTN Planned Database Redesign

This whole weekend I've been working on trying to figure out how to implement wiki-style song metadata updating, aka **Community Song Management**. Going forward, as more and more music is added to the site, it's going to become a necessary feature in ensuring the the overall library is kept clean and organized. This weekend, after going through nearly 10 different iterations of implementations, I've come to the conclusion that we're going to need to recreate the merger database with some slight tweaks, specifically the way songs are stored. Due to how songs are stored currently, it's not feasible to be able to implement a wiki-style system on top. The current system assigns an ID to each song consisting of the current unix timestamp of when it was uploaded. Initially, I wanted to create a new "update" object which would reference a song's ID and provide new information, which the site would then show instead. Unfortunately, upon spending time implementing this and then trying to query it, the queries quickly got out of hand. For each query for song information, the site had to account for songs that did have updates, and those that didn't, requiring multiple queries for each. This resulted in inefficient table lookups. And, this was of course is all made worse by the fact that the way existing song data is stored cannot be changed *by design*, as it's all signed with each respective user's private key, on merger sites which are controlled by the community that no one entity holds the keys to. Several further implementations were tried around until I finally decided the simplest method would be to store the songs in an array in each user's data.json, give each one an ID, and if two song's IDs match, just show the one with the most recent `date_added` value. The idea is that an update is just a new 'song', with the same ID attribute as the original. These can then be grouped together and queried very easily. Although, one attack against this is someone could simply change their `date_added` value as the maximum value allowed for that data type, therefore always being the latest edit. I'm not quite sure how to resolve that one just yet. Am open to thoughts there. Additionally, if there are multiple copies of the same song with different IDs, then they'll both show up, and while we can edit one or the other, we can't delete one of them. Perhaps we could have an update which simply marks the song as deleted. Thoughts on how duplicate songs would be worked around are appreciated. So that's the songs update, and while we're redesigning things, I've decided to change the way the merger sites are grouped too. Genres was a good initial idea, but in practice it's often difficult to assign a single genre to a song that may be a mix of many different ones, or a song that changes course halfway through. I originally planned on being able to assign multiple genres to a song, with the "main" genre being where the song file is actually stored, but if one is uploading a mix of different songs, thinking about which genre is the "main" genre is quite confusing... Instead, I propose merger sites by grouped by **Year** instead. Years are unambiguous, even for mixes, where their year would be the time at which the mix is produced. We could either have one merger site per year, or one per a range of years, say 5. One per year may be better as we break the data up as much as possible, which will be especially important as more and more songs are uploaded. All of the above changes come with a small cost, however, and that is deprecating the old, current databases and starting the entire library from scratch. I'd like to thank everyone who has uploaded music thus far, and assure you that it has been very useful in getting the initial foundation of the site off the ground. For the new databases, I plan to have a native batch uploading tool so that people can simply 'dump' their libraries and get the new databases populated very quickly. Once it is implemented, ZeroLSTN will switch over to v2.0.0. I'm very excited to see how it will all look once released, and for the future of the site in general. Thoughts and feedback in the comments on the new design are very welcome, and I look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts. Thanks for following along! **TL;DR:** ZeroLSTN's merger sites are being redesigned, meaning all music will need to be reuploaded. Should be quick with the ability to batch upload. Songs will no longer be grouped by Genre, but by Year which should be a lot less confusing. We'll also have Community Song Management, allowing anyone to edit any song. I have an initial design for how to do that, but it still has some problems and I'd appreciate any feedback or ideas you might have :)
^5 ^6 2 comments last on Jun 08, 2018 ━ started by zerolstn

Song Request: Al Green and Kungs vs Cookin' On 3 Burners

Let's Stay Together by Al Green This Girl by Kungs vs Cookin' On 3 Burners
^2 ^3 2 comments last on Jun 07, 2018 ━ started by zerolstn

Site fails to download

For some time I have not been able to download ZeroLSTN.bit to a new computer. Therefore I can only use it on a computer where it has already been downloaded previously. When opening ZeroLSTN, it will first download `content.json` successfully, and most of the other files will also download. However the following 4 files fail to download, apparently because they fail checksum verification: `js/bundle.js`, `js/bundle.js.map`, `dbschema.json`, `css/main.css`. Because of this the site will stop loading and display a blank (dark grey) page. Are other people experiencing the same, or is it just me? Here a snippet from `/var/log/zeronet/debug.log`: ``` WorkerManager:1MQveQ..kvJ3 Verify failed: css/main.css, error: Download failed, failed peers: 1, workers: 0 WorkerManager:1MQveQ..kvJ3 Verify failed: css/main.css, error: Download failed, failed peers: 2, workers: 0 WorkerManager:1MQveQ..kvJ3 Verify failed: js/bundle.js, error: Download failed, failed peers: 0, workers: 0 WorkerManager:1MQveQ..kvJ3 Verify failed: css/main.css, error: Download failed, failed peers: 3, workers: 0 ```
^2 ^3 3 comments last on May 13, 2018 ━ started by jetten

Opus files

Please make support for opus files!
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Add Your Genre to the Recommended List!

Please use this topic to propose your genre to be added to the Recommended List. The requirements for addition are: * Proper name. Start each word with a capital letter, i.e. "Hip Hop". * Is seeded. If I can't download your genre, chances are most other users can't either. Just paste your genre address in the comment and I'll check it out. Feel free to leave any other comments or notes. If you can't get your genre to download on other ZeroNet instances, consider adding it to a public proxy. (Currently I do not know of any, please feel free to suggest them in the comments!) Any private questions can be sent via ZeroMail to zerolstn.
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Release: v1.1.1

# [ZeroLSTN]( v1.1.1 released! This version fixes an XSS vuln discovered by @beardog108 where artist names including `<script>` tags could execute arbitrary JS. This was due to them being parsed as HTML, as I added `<i>` tags for the *Blank* artists. We now no longer parse them as HTML, instead checking whether the artist name is blank externally and then using Vue directives to wrap artist names in `<i>` tags or not. Thanks to @beardog108 for finding and responsibly reporting!
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Add saving current state (then login)

Volume, list of queued tracks, position in queue, history. It's handy for large queue lists or listening audio books.
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Release: v1.1.0

## Here comes the Search! * Search has been added. Access it through "Search" at the top of the page, or in the sidebar on mobile. * Fixed the tab lengths on Homepage. Didn't notice that til now, whoopsie! * Clean up up code indentation. It was horrible, my IDE was lying to me. * Added Christian genre to recommended list. ## Why a new minor version? The reason I'm bumping the version to v1.1.0 is because I feel Search was the last missing feature to make the site *usable*. Sure there's still a lot of things to add and fix up, but I'm starting to get the feeling I could use ZeroLSTN as my main music player (and just let ZeroNet deal with the hosting ;) ## Future I'm still buried in work and school, but hopefully I'll be getting more time soon. Implementing Search today took 1hr30m, if you want to get an insight into how much time I really don't have. The next major features will be batch uploading (I'm holding back on uploading my own personal library until this is implemented) and wiki-style metadata editing. There will be edit history, and no diffing. While history diffing would be a major space advancement (and implementation headache) for sites like Kiwipedia, song metadata is comparatively light compared to entire Wikipedia pages, therefore I don't think the extra overhead of processing diffs will provide that much benefit over any minor space savings. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy [ZeroLSTN v1.1.0]( and let me know of any comments/concerns!
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Can you access ZeroLSTN on Git Center?

Can you access [ZeroLSTN on Git Center]( I was having some trouble on my phone... Do let me know if you can't access it.
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Introducing ZeroLSTN Dev Notes!

[ZeroLSTN Dev Notes]( is a new blog for various developer posts related to ZeroLSTN development, as well as general tips and guides for new ZeroNet site developers to start creating their own Zites. I plan to add more posts about general zite development, in order to make things more accessible to the masses. There will also be tips and tricks for the experienced zite developers, as well as detailed guides for developing with more complex features such as Merger zites. The first post is a general overview of how ZeroLSTN works under the hood. I hope it will be useful to others to explain ZeroLSTN's architecture, and I plan to update it as the zite grows and changes fundamentally over time. I'm excited for any feedback. Let me know what you think!
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Release: v1.0.8

[ZeroLSTN]( v1.0.8 released! * Remove 'Songs' tab from the main page due to heavy processing. * Small UI fixes. With the recent influx of new songs, it's become apparent that the homepage is in desperate need of some pagination/lazy-loading abilities. The biggest resource hog was definitely the songs tab, especially if you have many genres downloaded. I've removed that for now for performance reasons. Fret not, adding searching capabilities is next up on the TODO list. I plan to have the default be a global artist/album/song search, while also being able to select what you're searching for (artist/album/...) as well. Please report any bugs on the [issue tracker]( or in the comments below!
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Just started listening to her. She has a crazy good voice. Who are some of your favorite singers?
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