If you don't browse with care and land on a site or view media of questionable legality, that's on you. This site only tries to help you be safer. There may be sites and users the admin missed.

"Don't put your click where it doesn't belong!"

--Probably Your Grandmother

MOAB blocks sites, hubs and users for peddling or allowing child pornography (camera imagery, not lolicon), scams, and/or terrorism, and sites that would run CoinHive without your knowledge. If you think MOAB should have a wider scope, you should respond by creating your own blocklist. It might get linked with a detailed description if it's good. MOAB is cloneable.

This site will never block any sites nor users for sharing different ideas of history, people, politics, environmentalism, economics, and/or culture. Bias and conflict of opinion would be detrimental to the trust and usefulness of this blocklist. You may have noticed a tutorial "How to Censor ZeroNet." That was a prank intended for pro-censorship newbies to block themselves.

Send your criticisms and concerns to Styromaniac (Yep, that's me!) on ZeroMail and notify me on ZeroMe to check my inbox.

Pornography Blocklist blocks as many sites as ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit finds where a fair percentage of its content is porn.

NoMiner aims to block as many sites thunder33345@zeroid.bit finds that would run CoinHive (with or without user knowledge) as possible.

Kaffie's Spammer Blocklist

Untrusted Blocklist

Privacy Blocklist

SSD's List of Blocklists

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