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Krixano commented on Ovzrand's post: @Ovzrand: Click the pencil icon when you hover over the posts body, then click the Delete button.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: You know what... let me give you a chance to explain, why don't I? > I will no longer feel sorry for another person without a home. **What do you mean by this sentence?** Because this was the sentence that I had the most problem with, not those two **questions** I started my original comment with. > they're simply saying they've been burned, so why do it again If you can't tell already... this statement right here is **precisely** what my whole problem is with what you've been saying.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @caryoscelus: Can you explain why GPL is incompatible with MPL? Because I don't actually know why.
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: Ok, we both should know by now that applying adjectives to words don't necessarily always fit perfectly and that language often relies on **simile's** and figurative language. Languages use these *all over the place*. . The definition google provides: > denoting software for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified. . And now, for what Stallman wrote: > **In practice, open source stands for criteria a little looser than those of free software.** As far as we know, all existing released free software source code would qualify as open source. Nearly all open source software is free software, but there are exceptions... (emphasis added)
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: That's not really how language works. Open acts as an adjective. When you apply open to "Source" you are applying the definition of open to source. *Of course, this definition could then be changed in the future (like how it already has for many people, I suppose).* So, what's the definition of Open then. Open can refer to a lid being open. In this sense, the sources being "open" would mean that you can access the sources - there's an *open door/lid* to the sources. This is how I interpret the phrase "Open Source", and btw, I believe other people do so as well. Of course, we also have to consider what the definition was to the person who coined the term, and also how people interpret this word as well (how people use words is more important than their "official" definition, imo).
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @caryoscelus: I don't see how incompatibility with GPL is severe. MPL is also copyleft. And KxoVid isn't a library.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @caryoscelus: You're presuming that I deliberately chose MPLv1.1 over MPLv2 for a reason. . I don't remember exactly why when I chose this license, but I think it might have had to do with the fact that MPLv1.1 **directly** states that credit must be given, while with v2 it's more *indirect* - credit's given through "including original" and "including copyright" . Also, while I don't care *too* much about this, stating changes is kinda nice for the user.
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: I'm just saying proprietary 0net would still be better, even if just a little bit, than proprietary clearnet because it has at least one more benefit - decentralization. So saying that clearnet is better in this instance is, imo, illogical, **unless** you give reasons for why clearnet actually has the edge up on 0net by weighing in some other factors (like speed, etc.) Basically all I'm saying is, you shouldn't base good vs. bad on one aspect of something - **you have to look at the whole picture**.
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: > i've no idea why would i even consider it not free Because it takes away freedoms from people copying the code compared to something like BSD or MIT - therefore some would say because of this limiting in freedoms, it's not *really* free. Forcing a person to use a particular license is still forcing that person to do something. I'm not saying I agree, but this is just something that I've seen someone talk about (and actually, on ZeroNet). > "open source" is just about having sources available (regardless of license), that's obviously wrong No, it's not. Look at the words, "open" and "source" - your source is open. Free software is about freedom. Open Source is about open sources. All Free Software is Open Source because the freedoms require that. Not all Open Source is Free Software. > but unless the site would explicitly give a warning before it loads proprietary software KxoVid **does** give such warning.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Moor: But I'm not talking about patents. I'm talking about using the code directly. Who cares about patents - I don't care about patents at all. If you write code yourself, that code should belong/credited to you, **even if someone patented the technology** - you still put in the work to create the implementation, so I think patents are stupid. . Closed-source is one way to protect you from somebody directly copying your code - that is the *only* thing I'm talking about here.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @caryoscelus: The two main things I wanted from a license was Must "Give Credit" and Cannot Use "contributors' names, trademarks, or logos". I don't quite like that patents are allowed, but whatever. Additionally, I **didn't** want MPLv1.1 to apply forever, therefore I added that the license switches over to MIT once I die.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Moor: > now, credit is a legal issue as i mentioned previously Actually, you *didn't* mention this previously. Doing a Search right now, no mention of the word "credit" or "legal" in your paragraph whatsoever. . Additionally, Open-Source licenses have limitations that require credit be given, notice of changes, etc. (one such license is MPLv1.1) - so it *is* within the scope of Open Source. . *And,* the whole point about talking about suing is that you *cannot* sue someone who you don't know anything about - therefore, open sourcing your code is a **risk** that someone can easily steal it *without giving credit* and you have **no way** of suing that person. With closed-source, you don't have this risk.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Moor: > As Stallman highlights, one of the principles of open-source is to incentivize cooperative work Btw, re-read my first paragraph again - I pretty much say the exact same thing.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Moor: My argument has nothing to do with competition. It has everything to do with **credit**. Hence: > A person should get credit for what they do - and that's the stance I take. . Btw, something that people seem to miss or deliberately skip is that closed-source software incentivizes coding good-quality code in a timely fashion (otherwise you lose money) - something which open-source doesn't really have and is the reason why a lot of open-source software is bad quality. With open-source software, you can just put the blame or *responsibility* off on the open-source community rather than taking the responsibility for yourself.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Moor: So, are you saying that having open-source licenses that require giving credit to the original project isn't within the scope of open-source, or are you saying you can't sue if someone doesn't follow the open-source license (because if so, then why even have FOSS licenses that have these limitations)?
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: Sidenote: My other zites (KxoQA and Important Zites) are MIT. ZeroMedium is GPL atm - but I might change to MIT soon.
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: Except the "normal" internet isn't decentralized. ZeroNet provides more benefits than just open-source (which isn't exactly it's main purpose anyways). You can't deny that using ZeroNet is better than using "normal" internet *because* of this decentralizing regardless of whether things are open vs. closed source software. Your thinking is pretty illogical - you're basically saying ZeroNet zite has all (for example) 5 benefits, but it's not open source, so I might as well use a closed-source clearnet zite that has only 2 benefits - doesn't make much sense imo. Nonfree software on zeronet is better than non-free software on clearnet because zeronet has the added benefit of decentralization.
Krixano commented on Mfethu's post: There's also [KxoVid](/kxovid.bit) and ShareTube. KxoVid has music videos, a documentary in 4K, some tv shows I've uploaded, and some other videos - of course, klu9 already knew that, but chose not to tell you this (which is a deliberate disservice to you, imo - but of course he probably didn't like that I told him off for being a jerk, lol).
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: So are you against non-free, or non-opensource, because there's a very big difference here. Additionally, what definition of "free software" are you using here? Do you consider GPL free? There's *a lot* of libraries that use GPL. Additionally, how do you handle code integrated into a website - but which is optional? KxoVid *must* use closed-source (or at least non-free) functionality to get Chromecasting to work, yet Chromecast is optional, not downloading/enabled automatically, and not vital to the functionality of KxoVid.
Krixano commented on Adna's post: There's the PeerMessage plugin - KxoId, 0Play Game Center, and now StreamZ use it to get real-time communication *and broadcasting* in ZeroNet. Goto the Wiki page Here: There's also an explanation on KxoNetwork on how KxoId uses the PeerMessage plugin -
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: Learn more about StreamZ Here: Please read this before trying StreamZ for the first time - there's some steps required to get it to work (basically just update ZeroNet and install PeerMessage - also python3 version is recommended)
Krixano commented on Smopro's post: You're messages aren't stupid. You were occurring a legitimate problem that happens to be a bug on Gitcenter. And git's messages aren't always the most useful or good.
Krixano commented on Smopro's post: @James Archer: You should read my comments. I already explain what the bug is and how I've already told @gitcenter: about it.
Krixano commented on Smopro's post: @Smopro: Did you not read what I just said? **It's a gitcenter bug with this specific repo** and @gitcenter is working on a fix. Also, nobody called you a looser. . Forking the repo just *copies* the repo... that won't fix anything.
Krixano commented on Smopro's post: @Smopro: Talking to @gitcenter now. He knows the problem and is thinking about a fix right now. This particular git repo uses packed-refs with empty refs folder. Since the refs folder is empty - ZeroNet doesn't publish it (so rather than the folder being empty, the folder simply doesn't exist). Git checks for this refs folder in order to determine whether it's an actual repo. Because of this, it thinks it's not a proper repo.
Krixano commented on Smopro's post: @Smopro: I didn't mean the filesystem type - I meant we can't see your folder/file structure - so we don't know where the paths to things are. . Anyways, I suspect it's actually a problem with **that specific repo** - because just tried it and it doesn't work for me. Other repos from GitCenter work for me though - so it's a problem with only that repo.
Krixano commented on Maxp's post: Ok, first of all... It was never released. Secondly, it's not finished - which is why it was never released. **Not every github repo is finished/released or should be used (and to think so *is* dumb).** Thirdly, because it's not released, there isn't any need yet to have documentation until it's released. Additionally, nobody's expecting anybody to use it yet (hence why it wasn't released), so why are you complaining. . So the question is, why do you want to use something that's unfinished, not released, and has no documentation *because* it's not released? Additionally, why are you complaining about something that's unfinished, unreleased, and especially when you don't even know if it's close to being finished or even works? . Btw, if you looked at the one issue in the repo, the creator already says everything I've just told you. . > maybe this buddy thinks everything is clear OR MAYBE IT'S UNRELEASED *AND* UNFINISHED (asshole).
Krixano commented on Smopro's post: @Smopro: We don't know your filesystem, so there's no way of us knowing where you put your ZeroNet folder - that's *your* responsibility. Also, you have "user" as the user - is that really your username? If not, replace that with your username.
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: @Krixano: Ok, he's removed the banner from Kiwipedia
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: I don't know if gitcenter's on ZeroMe, so I'll tell him directly.
Krixano commented on 題ァ∽ク秘埓莉・逅ァ」悟、エ蜒丈クコ陬ょ序's post: This is really only true for some groups of programmers - especially Web Developers. Not everyone is like this.
Krixano commented on Binchan's post: Hello!
Krixano commented on Vcgbhbhgjn's post: Yes, it works both on KxoVid and by going directly to it. The video already has a few peers for me.
Krixano commented on 123456xyz's post: There's also PEX and Local Peer Discovery that's been implemented. This is essentially what Kaffie is alluding to.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Kaffie: I'm actually almost done with having federation for KxoId, so... And unlike these other centralized Id providers, KxoId doesn't access the clearnet - and because KxoId uses the ZeroNet network (by broadcasting messages throughout the network until it reaches my servers), it is more reliable and accessible than other id providers, where the server's ip address can be blocked.
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: And just so you know, people don't get on these zites **not** because of what you claim, but because they don't *know about* these zites. This is pretty clear considering some ZeroTalk posts I've seen about "having nothing to do on ZeroNet", or asking for zites that already exist, etc. This is the **real** problem: > The actual problem imo is, when you first start up ZeroNet, you are hit with only the official zites. Then there's ZeroSites, which is not good at all for discovering good zites, or zites in general.
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: Here's the link to important zites:
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: I mean, come on now. Would you like it if I (and others) kept on pestering you about supporting KxoId on your blog, because I think it's *really easy* and "all you have to do" is this and "Problem Solved"? Stop being a jerk.
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: And then, even with that one line, people are going to find more things to complain about, like how there's too much space on the about page, or they don't know how to click a tab, or the "Top Available Topic" links isn't clear enough because apparently blue links that show a pointer when you hover over them are apparently not clearly links, right? Or that the about page should explain this and that, etc., etc., etc. I've already told you - when I'm ready to start working on ZeroExchange again, I will. But there are more important things to be done - both IRL and to KxoVid and KxoNetwork and KxoId.
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: > re "the centralization of ZeroTalk": Can you explain? ZeroTalk doesn't use merger zites. Nofish has all control on what's allowed, what's deleted, etc.
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: Oh, idk... How about don't tell *me* what's easy and what's not when you obviously don't know enough about how my zites are developed. I have to setup nodejs and git and I have to find the zite's privatekey and make sure I have that, and I have to clone the repo and I have to symlink it to ZeroNet's directory. And then I have to make sure gulp is installed. Then I can change it, run gulp to build the JS and sign and publish. . And you want me to do this for one fucking line that is *already* visible elsewhere. And btw, I actually have things IRL to do too. I also have KxoId and KxoVid and I'm working on other *more important* things. One line on an About page does not trump KxoVid thumbnails, KxoId registration improvements, etc... . And btw, you couldn't even figure out on KxoVid that you had to scroll down and click the "Continue to Homepage" link... Next thing you know, you'll be wanting me to change this somehow because apparently it's not clear enough for you - like make it a button so it's more clearly visible. But then someone will complain that there's too many buttons and it doesn't look good... There's no winning with everyone, so why should I even try. If I find it works well for me, then that's what I go with.
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: And if anything, I'll just delete the about page completely - it's not needed. If people don't know how to lookup a description of the zite - that's their own fault for being brainless.
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: Right... except I actually need to setup my dev environment - which takes more time than I'm willing to do when I have more important things, so *not* problem solved - so how about stfu. . Also, doesn't take a brain scientist to realize it's a QA zite when there's *clear* things on the zite that tell you it's a QA zite (like, how people are asking question, or there's a "My Questions" tab, or on Question pages, there's a "Answers" section). Or the fact that it's named after StackExchange.
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: Uh... well. If you read the zite description on Important Zites, ZeroSites, and in the sidebar - I already have that.
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: Try Important Zites's Kiwipedia search - it's slow though, because ZeroNet doesn't support some necessary things to make this faster. It'd probably be much faster with python 3 version of ZeroNet though. . I'm just wondering why you support ZeroTalk when that doesn't have a search either... Of course, there's ZeroHello search, which doesn't necessarily search by relevance - **but Important Zites does!** . > If no result (likely), go to Wikipedia and repeat the process with fewer steps (i.e. use Wikipedia's search box). If you just want to use Wikipedia, then of course that's going to have more information - and then, why did you even go to Kiwipedia in the first place. This particular problem doesn't reduce the value that Kiwipedia has for people who don't want to use clearnet. And I would say that the value of kiwipedia not using clearnet *and* it being distributed, etc. overpowers/goes beyond Wikipedia's search (especially when there's important zites *and* Horizon).
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: Because ZeroMe has a profile *attached* to a hub. THe profile information is located on a hub. But my social network will have *one* profile on one merger zite - and will allow one profile to post to multiple hubs. The problem is, if I use the same hubs as ZeroMe, ZeroMe will detect that as multiple profiles and you wouldn't be able to see all the messages of a profile. . And duplicating data kinda goes against the idea of hubs in the first place, doesn't it? Duplicating is not really a good solution, at all. Because we are literally doubling the data size of every single message and image. . The best and most space-efficient solution is to just use CORS so that my social network can see posts on ZeroMe, but not the other way around. This will also give incentive for people to move to my social network - because otherwise there'd literally be no reason. . And yeah, you probably don't understand enough details, which is why you shouldn't be acting like things are so simple and that there's no problems with what you want.
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: I hope you at least understand that my new social network will only be one-way? I *really* cannot make it work two-way like what you want. It can show ZeroMe posts, but ZeroMe won't show posts from my social network. . I get the idealized notion that it would be cool to have all data grouped together and we only have different interfaces for them, but that really doesn't work out in reality. Also, it's kinda a communistic or socialistic idea, isn't it? (Not that that's bad - but communism has been shown to not work various times - so has Capitalism).
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: I'm posting a lot of comments here, sorry about that. There's just one more thing I want to say. . My idea for the new social network is *actually* incompatible with the way ZeroMe handles data. My social network will completely detach profiles from hubs - your profile isn't stored on a hub. Hubs will then become just places to post stuff - like topics or communities, etc. You'll be able to post to multiple hubs. But, ZeroMe gets buggy when you make posts on multiple hubs - because profiles *are* attached to hubs. So any posts made on a hub it thinks is made on a profile on that hub. If my social network used the same merger zites as ZeroMe - I can do this and people on my social network will be able to see posts from people on ZeroMe - but it doesn't work the other way around - people on ZeroMe won't see the posts of people on my social network correctly. So, instead I could just use CORS to still be able to read the ZeroMe data - but this is actually more complicated than you think and introduces bloat, etc. It is technically possible to do it this way though. **But** - people on ZeroMe won't see posts from people on my social network. So it's only *one-way* this way.
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: > But I do know ZT has much more activity from many more users. So I posted there because people post there. I.e. network effect. Right... I know. Because people don't care about the centralization of ZeroTalk, or the fact that it doesn't have a proper search, or that it isn't actually geared towards answer/question-type stuff like ZeroExchange is - not only with it's interface, but with how it stores it's data. . But, you know what's ironic here.... People don't use zites because there's not enough people on them. There not being enough people on them is because people don't use zites. It's circular. You can break this circle by being the type of person who uses new stuff regardless of how many people are on there - I'm just saying.
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: > (Also I clicked on the "About" page and it literally was just a page with a big "About Page!" written on it :) ) Yeah, I'm getting harassed by a lot of people about this about page. You wanna know what I'm thinking right now? Just shut the fuck up about it already. Sorry, I know you're not trying to be mean, I've just had this told to be my many people. I'm already aware of it - and some of these people already know I'm already aware of it. . When I get to working on ZeroExchange again, that is when I'll fix this. **But**, what I'm working on now is more important and just plain better and new for the network.
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: > I'm not seeing any hard problems; even if 0me wouldn't show the video embedded, it can still display a link. Exactly. So I can't make it *completely* compatible, but only *half-* compatible. > I'm not seeing any hard problems; even if 0me wouldn't show the video embedded, it can still display a link. You conveniently skip over the second problem that I told you about directly after the quote you made of me here. > But unlike many others, they are still usable, no? You've clearly missed my point here. The whole point is that It **is** useful to create your own rather than update or rely on an existing thing. Why? Because your effort may not even be merged into the official thing - which is *exactly* what happened here. What if I wanted to add a change to ZeroMe that would make it *completely* incompatible with an older version of ZeroMe. Nofish, hypothetically, doesn't accept this change. What do I do then? . Additionally, you are introducing code bloat and a bunch of other stuff (there's another word that I can't think of - but basically when you should go back and cleanup old and unused code - and make sure that the new code you are adding isn't having any negative effect on the code you already have, etc.)
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: > They've made a few small changes to the home page since then, but there are so many basic usability flaws with Kiwipedia I find it useless. You're overexaggerating this. > And even if the design & usability issues were fixed, it would still, like Wikipedia, rely on a critical mass of contributors, providing, editing and updating content. It wouldn't because you can import from Wikipedia, lol. Additionally, even if there were 0 users, Kiwipedia still has *information* that you can look at - which is literally the primary purpose of a wiki zite. Collaborators are only needed for *updated* information.
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: > But anyway, in my opinion a new social network on 0net doesn't make much sense unless it can interact with existing data You can use two zites at the same time, ya know... lol. Additionally, a better social network would... be better obviously. So the attitude that we shouldn't ever makes zites unless it interacts with all other data from other zites stifles innovation and improvement, imo - especially when data from two very different zites may be incompatible (meaning, there's no way to combine the data). . For example, I may want my social network to support Videos. There's no way I can make that compatible with ZeroMe. What if I wanted to change the way data for images is stored to allow multiple images in one post - there's likely no way to make that backwards-compatible with ZeroMe's data. . And then, even if I put in all of this effort improving ZeroMe, nofish may not even accept my changes/additions because we may have very different ideas of what a social network should have. I could then clone ZeroMe, but that would have the same effect as creating an entirely new social network, but it just wouldn't be very distinguishing and I'd have to deal with all of this code I didn't create myself and I won't like (I don't like CoffeeScript). **And btw, this happened with both ZeroMe Plus and Peeper - which were two forks of ZeroMe with added features that nofish never accepted into ZeroMe.**
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: > Network effect: there just aren't enough people on ZeroNet to support multiple social sites. Well, this would actually be a good answer if the other zites I'm talking about were social zites or did the same things as the official ones - but they dont. Examples: ZeroExchange, ZeroMedium, KxoVid, 0Play Game Center, Kiwipedia, ZPlace, etc., etc. These zites provide things the "official" ones don't - especially 0Play Game Center (and other zites that utilize features that no other zite has). . Additionally, there are many zites that are outright *better* than the "official" ones. . The actual problem imo is, when you first start up ZeroNet, you are hit with only the official zites. Then there's ZeroSites, which is *not good at all* for discovering good zites, or zites in general.
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: > Does it really have to be a whole new one? I think this specific issue can be handled just by fixing 0me / making a new compatible interface for it. Why should I fix ZeroMe, when the social network I'm going to create will be very different from ZeroMe. Additionally, fixing this would require changing the interface completely. *And* I'd rather not touch nofish's code. You have to know when it's better to just start from scratch. OS's and tons of other software are messed up nowadays because they didn't do this.
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: Yeah, ZeroMe gets buggy when one user is on multiple hubs, sadly. I've been considering making a whole new social network like ZeroMe that fixes this since some months after I joined ZeroNet a year and a half ago. Haven't done it yet though - and people tend to stay with the "official" zites more for some reason.
Krixano commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: YAY!!!!!!! Thanks so much for your help (and your patience). . Basically, it was because you had no subscriptions, and on those pages I was trying to detect if you were subscribed to that channel, but I was getting basically a null exception because your subscriptions was empty. Video pages worked because I had did a check for null subscriptions on those pages, but I guess I forgot to do it for the other pages.
Krixano commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: Ok, I've just pushed an update. Make sure you get the update and that all files have downloaded. You *might* need to clear cache as well, idk. Then get back to me if it's fixed or not (because I'm actually not sure if this fixed it). Thanks a lot for your help. Btw, you're voice and the way you speak is really good, so you should consider making videos - and perhaps post them to KxoVid :) (or any video zite on ZeroNet - we need more original content regardless of what zite you post to)
Krixano commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: MyZeroTorrent is actually stored on ZeroSites. So, I would probably ask nofish to remove it. However, I might come up with a thing to hide zites like this from KxoNetwork search - or at least add a notification.
Krixano commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: Ok, video downloaded. Thanks! I seen an error pop up when you click on the Music category, but it was too long for the console to show it fully, so yeah.... I know it has something to do with mounting though, I think. . That Uncaught DOM exception is from an extension I think - it happens because ZeroNet zites are sandboxed in an iframe. . Btw, do you make videos a lot - because you sound like you could be like a YouTuber or something.
Krixano commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: > does the developer console show things that I should keep private? No, because zite's can't access things that should be kept private. The auth_key is your *public* auth key, not your private key.
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: is another proxy. This one's hosted by ZeroLSTN/anoa. And of course there's
Krixano started following Moor
Krixano commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: I can't download that video from ZeroUp Unlimited, it stops at 2MB. What version of Firefox did you run? Also, sorry this is taking so long. I really have *no* idea what's going on. . Here's something you can do without needing to do the video. Open Dev Tools (with Ctrl-Shift-I) and click on "Console" tab. Then either take a screenshot of that after you've clicked on your channel and don't see videos - or you can copy everything in there and paste it something for me to see.
Krixano commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: Mkv isn't supported by all browsers afaik. That's why it's not allowed on KxoVid. You might have had your quality settings too high for your computer to handle, idk. Also, what features are you lacking in OBS, lol. It should have plenty.
Krixano commented on Muted's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: > But if I understand you right, do you mean the inverse of a 0net proxy? A 0net zite that acts as a sort of intermediary which fetches and displays the clearnet articles you want but without you visiting them directly, with you staying within ZeroNet? Cause that sounds very interesting. So, I actually had this idea. And it's possible to a certain extent with the PeerMessage plugin. I might experiment with this in the future. I'll probably start with something simple like a Google proxy for ZeroNet (zite to search Google *indirectly* from within ZeroNet by broadcasting a search requests to peers of this ZeroNet zite, and the peers that want to do the actual searching on Google will and will return the results back to your peer).
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Krixano commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: Latest is what's shown on the homepage. . > refresh gives a "Connection with UiServer Websocket was lost. Reconnecting..." message For some reason, this makes me think you're on a proxy or something. In which case, can you try this: Open KxoVid and just wait without refreshing. Wait for however long it takes to load the videos. If the videos don't load after 5 minutes, then I know it's a different problem. . The closed port and Tor stuff isn't really relevant. . I wish I could like see a video or something... Also, it'd be helpful if you opened the Developer Tools in the video (or a screenshot) (You can do this by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I).
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: @60: Just seen you enabled cloudflare. Cloudflare does caching. It might be that, idk... . **Edit:** Maybe it's not cloudflare's cache, because you said you can go directly to the ip address to skip cloudflare. Doing so I get the same results. Odd....
Krixano commented on caryoscelus's post: @60: Your proxy isn't getting the latest update to his zite for some reason. I just downloaded his zite on my client, and it shows one more album than what's shown on your proxy. It's a bit odd.
Krixano commented on Eightyfour's post: @Pexo: I didn't know about this BigFile problem. That's useful to know. Is it still a problem?
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Againandagain: It's a relatively new zite, and most people on ZeroNet tend to only use the "official" zites created by Nofish and don't go on many of the others. Also, there's KopyKate which is another video zite which has been out longer and so more people know about it, etc. Also, it's hard to base stuff on Peer Count because different clients show different peer counts based on how many they can connect to in their area. Therefore, different numbers would be a better representation of how many people use the zite/popularity. There are 36 user accounts that have been signed-into at least once so far, and the peer count of KxoVid on (a ZeroNet proxy) is 1339 (which is more than I expected... wow).
Krixano commented on Tommykakashi's post: Ok... so I want to test something. Can you hit the subscribe button on someone's channel (doesn't matter which one)? This should resign your user/channel information. . Wait - unless you deleted your channel? Can you access the edit page of one of your videos?
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Krixano commented on Tommykakashi's post: Also, I'm seeing some interesting things in this screenshot that show me *maybe* why your videos and channel aren't showing up on KxoVid for others. I'll be looking into this.
Krixano commented on Tommykakashi's post: Yep, working on it. Thanks!
Krixano commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: The embedded video on your blog works for me. Btw, to clarify, I sometimes interchange Categories and Hubs. In KxoVid, Categories *are* hubs. They are just hubs based on a category. So they are like ZeroMe hubs, the only difference is your profile isn't attached to a hub - only the videos you put in that hub are (this has many benefits, which is why I did it this way - I also think this was ZeroMe's biggest mistake to not do it like this, but yeah...) . About the videos not showing until refresh - that's weird. I'll have to look into this, because I haven't experienced this even when I tested on a proxy ( is the ZeroNet proxy I use, by @zerolstn). Did it just start doing this after my update? Or was it doing it before this update? . I know about the Trending page - it's not done yet. I just thought of an idea on how to make it work the way I want to, so I may get to developing it soon.
Krixano commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: Yay! Thanks for using [KxoVid](/kxovid.bit)! Btw, I'm going to work out how to solve telling the user what hub to download if they don't already have the hub - it's a bit complicated and there's multiple ways I could do it (just need to find the best option).
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Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Sirlotaplot: Thanks!
Krixano commented on Nickwa's post: @Nickwa: A lot of people don't have money - so it's nice to be able to donate to someone with CPU mining (if it is actually worth it - haven't done the math).
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Styromaniac: Do you have any more suggestions/feedback?
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @leftside: Don't bother replying, you're being muted.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @leftside: Ok, I'm done with you. I'm just gonna call you a troll and block you. Because I'm not dealing with this crap.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @leftside: What category menu are you even talking about. The link to the categories page is listed on the sidebar. . What do you mean by sample videos? Are you not seeing any videos? Did you download a Category from the Categories page, **which was clearly explained in *multiple* places**? It's not my fault if you can't read English, btw.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @leftside: How about you answer my questions?
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @leftside: > Your site even doesn't allow text selection and copying to make a reference or a question about the site msgs. So I typed it by hands. Actually, the only place it doesn't allow this is precisely the place you wanted to copy the message that you had to hand-type. Every other place is copyable. I'm already aware of this issue. But, as a sidenote, you're overexagerating how much of a problem this is. Additionally, this isn't a *layout* problem.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @leftside: Let me explain. A user uploads a video into a category. A category is a merged zite. You have to download these merged zites (aka. categories) from the Categories page. If you don't download one of these categories, then naturally the data on that category isn't available - including the videos. If the data is not available, then the category's videos are, naturally, not listed in search results, on homepage, or on a channel's page.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @leftside: Also, this isn't an English as a second language problem is it? Because you can't fault me for that. Although, I do plan on working on translations.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @leftside: I was talking about Windows 3.1 and 95 and 98, etc.... Anyways, what part of that message don't you understand? Do you not know what a merged zite is? Do you not know how categories in KxoVid work (because that was explained on your first visit of KxoVid)? Is this the only actual problem you have? Additionally, this isn't a *layout* problem - it's an *explanation* problem - which is different from what Quantumworld originally expressed (which you +1'd).
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @leftside: > No matter what u say, most people would just give up finding out how to play with it in a minute. Just as a sidenote, old versions of windows had a tutorial that showed how to use the mouse. They also came with books of documentation on how to use Windows. People had to figure out how to use Windows to begin with, the only reason why they don't now is because they've already learned it. Additionally, adults had problems using Windows 8, yet little children were able to use Windows 8 just fine. Intuition is learned through experience and figuring things out.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @leftside: Except literally everything is *labelled* and right in front of your eyes. You click a video - it goes to the video page. Click play button, it plays. etc. I'm sorry, but it's not hard to figure out. If you can run ZeroNet, you should be able to figure this out when it's literally *given* to you.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: Yeah, sorry.. but I don't understand that at all. There's a sidebar to access links. A navbar to access more things. Things on the navbar are also there for both mobile and desktop. The things in the sidebar are for big lists - like subscriptions, or less used things. . Channel pages have a navbar. This provides the name and the tabs of the channel. The edit button for the channel owner is shown in the navbar. This edit button is relative to the content being shown. Clicking the channel name in the navbar always takes you to the channel, naturally. . You can easily access videos of subscriptions or recently uploaded videos from homepage or subs page or search page. Clicking on it goes directly to the video page. . Honestly... if you can't understand this layout, then maybe you should learn how to figure things out for yourself.... because I can navigate **way** more complex websites without needing any tutorial at all. . If you have a problem using navbars, sidebars, and tabs - then that's not really my fault. They're quite easy to use, just point and click. Everything is labelled. . Now if you are talking about *navigating* to the *administration/channel settings* stuff - then I'll agree on that. But that's not complex *layout*, it's complex *navigation*.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: Any feedback for KxoVid?
Krixano commented on Ktn's post: Be aware that some people may not have downloaded all of the ZeroMe Hubs.
Krixano commented on Tommykakashi's post: Ok, when you have the time, try one more time...
Krixano commented on Tommykakashi's post: @Tommykakashi: I still don't see your videos. Did you visit [KxoVid](/kxovid.bit) again? If so, try clearing the cache and refreshing. Upon refresh, you should be getting a message saying your data was published.
Krixano commented on Tommykakashi's post: Ok, I've published the fix. All you need to do is revisit/refresh the website, and you should get a notification that something published. This will resign your data in the NSFW hub/category and the signing should work now. No need to upload your videos again, they'll just appear to other people (because of the resigning).
Krixano commented on Tommykakashi's post: AHA! The .MP4 (extension) is in Caps! That's the problem. I'll have a fix out very quickly. Thanks!
Krixano commented on weakish's post: > New arch packages are postponed to enter Manjaro's repository, which causes missing dependencies. Have you *actually* had this problem of missing dependencies, or are you just guessing this is the case because new packages are postponed? I know I've **never** had this problem, ever.
Krixano commented on Tommykakashi's post: @Tommykakashi: Do you have the ability to try to upload again, and show me a picture of the whole page, including the error message?
Krixano commented on Tommykakashi's post: @Tommykakashi: It's the Category that you selected when you uploaded the video. Btw, I don't *think* the limit isn't controlled by JS, I **know**. I've developed 9 zites. The file size limit, again, does **not** apply to optional/big files, and the place where zite owners control file size limits is in the data/users/content.json file - which has to be **signed** by the zite owner. Even *if* you were able to change this content.json file locally to allow bigger files (which I already know you can't), you wouldn't be able to publish the file to other people.
Krixano commented on Tommykakashi's post: Hm... hold on - there should **not** be a 10MB limit (that makes *no* sense for a video zite - **and** there's been bigger videos that have been uploaded to KxoVid). Let me check into this. You did it on the "NSFW" hub I'm guessing? How big is the video? Also, what's the file extension? Btw, the limit is **not** controlled by JS. Changing the JS will **not** let you upload past the limit. This is to protect other clients on the network. *However,* **optional** file shouldn't be having a filesize limit unless you are uploading an unsupported file extension (in which case, it *should* have given an error saying something like "unsupported filetype").
Krixano commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: Yeah, I think I know what the problem is. It'll be fixed soon I think.
Krixano commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: Ok, thanks! I'll look into this.
Krixano commented on eyenx's post: I was actually considering making a zite for something like this. I still would like to do it in the future, I just don't have the time now.
Krixano commented on Quantumworld's post: Distro: Solus De: Probably Budgie
Krixano commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: KxoNetwork doesn't ever open new windows. And what is the url to this "Hello, welcome to ZeroProxy" page?
Krixano commented on Anonyme's post: @leftside: No - it's not normal, but it's also not strange. It's the same bug that I was talking about. Him having two different avatar images means he has two different profiles located on two different hubs. You can see this by clicking on his name of one of the avatars, vs. clicking on his name on the other avatar. One profile is on SunHub, and the other is on Red hub. . People get this problem because when you download the hubs *before* downloading ZeroMe, ZeroMe doesn't recognize your existing profile, so they end up creating a new profile on a different hub. This in the end causes two profiles on two different hubs. . Which is why someone made ZeroMe Unfuck - it takes these two profiles and combines them into one and moves it to the desired hub (that you specify). This will fix many problems with the following, etc.
Krixano commented on Anonyme's post: @ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit: Right! I forgot about that.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: Yep. Already planned.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: Thanks.
Krixano commented on Anonyme's post: @ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit: The problem isn't that he just appeared on his follow list - it's that *when he unfollowed previously, the unfollow didn't work* - that's at least what my understanding of what the bug could be is. And the reason I mentioned the whole two profiles on two different hubs thing is because clicking unfollow probably unfollowed from his other profile and not the current one (ofc, this is only applicable if he has this two profile issue).
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: Yeah, I agree that that would be better. It's on the backlog! Thanks.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: Yep, I know. That's on the backlog.
Krixano commented on Anonyme's post: @leftside: I don't have the time to explain everything about this atm, but there's a ZeroMe bug where you can have multiple profiles on multiple hubs. Then, when you click follow, it'll always use one of the profiles on one of the hubs rather than the one you currently use. It's a bit complicated-ish (because there's also issue with the way the ZeroMe database is constructed). I've ran into this bug before. You might be able to find an old post of mine about it, actually.
Krixano commented on Anonyme's post: Interesting... there's quite a bit of similarities to the Hebrew alphabet, *especially* the names of the letters.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Kaffie: Ah... ok. Thanks.
Krixano commented on Tommykakashi's post: Not too much. But by using KxoId, you are supporting an Id Provider where the registrations take place completely over ZeroNet (unlike ZeroId) - and, in the future, will be federated by trusted nodes. This means that if one trusted node goes down, registrations for id's are still possible. Additionally, it's more privacy-respecting by not leaking anything out to the clearnet during registration (including your ip address). **tl;dr: KxoId will be a federated id provider that makes sure id's are unique, and all requests happening within the ZeroNet network.**
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Pubg: Btw, it looks fixed on my end. Did you update ZeroNet? Btw, yell at me again, and you're getting muted.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Pubg: Well... I'm not the one who made the patches/commits, so don't yell at me. If you have problems, report it to the GitHub page, not here where @nofish might not even see it.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: Interesting idea. I was also considering to have blurred thumbnails until the video is clicked (or you click to trust the user/channel) - like ZeroMe. Mostly because having a plain default thumbnail cover the homepage or the search screen would look ugly. I will be adding thumbnails, I just need to find the right way to do it - because of the trust concern. Thanks!
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: [/Me.ZeroNetwork.bit/?Post/12h51ug6CcntU2aiBjhP8Ns2e5VypbWWtv/12gAes6NzDS9E2q6Q1UXrpUdbPS6nvuBPu/1553471244](/Me.ZeroNetwork.bit/?Post/12h51ug6CcntU2aiBjhP8Ns2e5VypbWWtv/12gAes6NzDS9E2q6Q1UXrpUdbPS6nvuBPu/1553471244)
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: It should be listing files and videos, and when you click on them, it should take you to the correct page to view them. However, you do have to enable this in the [Settings Page](/1GTVetvjTEriCMzKzWSP9FahYoMPy6BG1P/?/settings) (because you have to give KxoNetwork the cors permission for each zite you want searcheable). There's a link to the settings page just above the search box. Currently, you can search ZeroMe, ZeroUp, KopyKate, KxoVid, Important Zites, ZeroSites, 0List, and a couple others I think. The only one enabled by default is Important Zites - the rest you have to enable manually through the settings page.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit: Actually, I feel it has to do with the sensitivity of filenames on the OS you are on. Linux has sensitive filenames, Windows is insensitive. Additionally, to make things worse, URLs aren't supposed to be sensitive according to the rfc (iirc). I believe @nofish: has talked about this before, or maybe that was about non-ascii characters in urls.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: Oh, I thought that if people wanted to donate more, they can put a custom money amount. I don't really have many awards to give for higher money amounts - unless you have any suggestions.
Krixano commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @60: These aren't really IE problems. The problem is mhtml isn't supported by many modern browsers.
Krixano commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: It gives me a download prompt - and the default application to open it is Internet Explorer. It works after opening the downloaded file in Internet Explorer. Firefox doesn't support .mhtml files (without an extension) - which is likely why this happens for me. You can see browser support of mhtml from [Wikipedia]( (or, if you want to use @gitcenter'[s Kiwipedia zite](/1KiwiBCVBUcuypVm8FEmUW9YT6fJDXkN9r/?/imported/en/https-en-wikipedia-org-wiki-mhtml-browser-support/mhtml))
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Styromaniac: Huh.... interesting. Anyways... there's no rush from me. Take your time :) Also, I can't imagine trying to develop on a phone - I don't even like web browsing or doing the majority of computing actions on a phone let alone development.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Deliriumgoddess6: Thanks!
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Styromaniac: Why did you have to do that? Is there a certain circumstance in which webm doesn't stream?
Krixano commented on 60's post: There's KxoHub (ZeroMe Hub) that allows KxoIds. Click on the "apps" broken icon in the top right and it'll show you a list of my other zites, including KxoHub.
Krixano commented on Quantumworld's post: @Quantumworld: It's a *clone* of a *Webtorrent* demo, **not** a *ZeroNet* demo. It's not a *ZeroNet* demo. There's a difference.
Krixano commented on Quantumworld's post: @Quantumworld: I'm just curious what your definition of a "demo" zite is? My definition is something that tests the capabilities of ZeroNet. This doesn't. Secondly, it's an **exact** clone of a clearnet zite. So it's not a demo, it's a mere clone.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Styromaniac: I mean... I can make my own video player - but the only thing stopping me is that I *definitely* won't be able to make my own 360 Video Player.
Krixano commented on Quantumworld's post: This uses webtorrent for the videos, not ZeroNet. And it's getting a bunch of stuff from the clearnet. And it's just a clone of this clearnet website without any modifications: [](
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Styromaniac: I think really the only other option I have right now is trying to get video.js working. Also, I think it's because it uses WebGl so that you can move the camera with your mouse, etc. Although, browsers could still just implement a thing for this for the default video player - it's a little annoying that they haven't.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Styromaniac: Ok... I'm reverting the video player back to the browser's default, and this means 360 video won't be interactive / show the way it's supposed to.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Styromaniac: Are you on ZeroNet for Android, or using a Proxy?
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Styromaniac: Idk, but literally all of the open source video players I've tried have had problems. Plyr wasn't letting me set the proper url for the svg spritesheet it needed for its icons. Video.js's css wasn't working. And now Clappr is having CORS errors with videos and the mobile experience is bad. So, a *little* bit irritated by this.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Styromaniac: Idk... I might not be keeping Clappr (the new video player I'm using) anyways, because I just tested it on mobile, and it was pretty horrible.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Styromaniac: CORS stuff in ZeroNet really needs fixed! My local ZeroNet gets no CORS errors for the videos. only gets CORS errors for *some* videos (and for icons/web-fonts) and gets CORS errors for *all* videos.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Styromaniac: All videos, or just this one?
Krixano liked 60's post, 60's post
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: Ok.... the Clappr video player kinda sucks on mobile, doesn't it? *sigh* I'll have to figure this out now....
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Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: Not *completely*, in the sense of being a merger zite. However, I **can** use the CORS permission to read the KopyKate database and show KopyKate videos. I was actually already considering this. Also, [KxoNetwork's](/kxonet.bit) Video Search can already search the KopyKate and KxoVid databases (if you enable these in settings). Would this be a feature that people would want?
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: Hm... idk... I'll consider these. I will be taking your "Platform" name you gave me a long time ago though, if that's fine - for a new zite.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Deliriumgoddess6: Because KxoNetwork is where you register for a KxoId - It would get too confusing if I allowed signing in to KxoNetwork with ZeroId, imo. Additionally, the only thing KxoNetwork provides that requires signing in is uploading of plugins. Everything else should work without signing in (although, now that I think about it, I need to fix some things). Also, yes, KxoId is a little iffy at the moment. I'm still trying to work on things - but the Python 3 release is going to set things back a bit (just a forewarning).
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Deliriumgoddess6: If you cannot use ZeroId to sign in to KxoVid, then the zite might not have updated for you, idk... On ZeroHello, the zite should say it was updated *11 hours ago*. Secondly, the namecoin kxovid.bit does not work correctly (due to *someone else* incorrectly registering the name) - therefore you must register for a kxoid here: [/1GTVetvjTEriCMzKzWSP9FahYoMPy6BG1P/?/create-id](/1GTVetvjTEriCMzKzWSP9FahYoMPy6BG1P/?/create-id)
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Ok. It's working!!!!!! Thanks *so much* for your help!
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Krixano: Oh, wait... I currently have 0 trackers.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: It's because your piecemap shows 0 peers. Wierd.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: This is actually a problem for all devices right now. I'm probably going to switch to a different player library (perhaps video.js)
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: For some reason, ZeroNet doesn't want to download the file or something. I'm not even seeing it showing as trying to download in the sidebar of Science and Tech zite. I'm able to get file info now though (peer count, etc.)
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Are you able to play it?
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: > Is there way to prevent this since very few people know of this? Do you think this is fixable from the python side of it? I'm not sure. Apparently Nofish does this because according to the spec (rfc), url's are only allowed certain characters? idk.... But having the zite sanitize the filename works for now - even though it's kinda sucky because a filename with all chinese characters will essentially turn into just the number I append to filenames (to make sure they are unique).
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac:I was already sanitizing some things, just not parentheses (lol). I'm *so* happy I got this bug figured out. Ok, so I've deleted the video from your data.json file. Now, delete your video file and piecemap from your users folder. Then reupload. I've also published the update to KxoVid, so make sure it says updated 5 minutes ago (or around there) and that it's not still trying to download 1 of the files.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Wait, you are right! There are parentheses! I'll get those sanitized. Then, if you don't mind, I'll delete your video and you can delete the video file and piecemap in your folder, and reupload the video. (Or you can try renaming the file, but you'll also have to make sure to rename the piecemap as the exact same and edit your data.json to match the new filename)
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: I already do that, but I just don't know if I forgot to sanitize one or not. All I see are uppercase, lowercase, hyphens, underscores, and numbers for the filename of your video.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Wait... Hyphens cause problems?
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Idk if you want to go to bed right now or continue until this is fixed, but whenever you get the chance, can you check in your data folder under 1GWai (the Science & Technology zite) and see if a .piecemap.msgpack file is in there.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: I don't think I see an invalid character.... Hm...
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Ok. I seen you uploaded the video. But now I'm seeing this problem again that comes up rarely/occasionally. I cannot get fileInfo of the video file, which is why peer count doesn't show up. Either it's because I havened downloaded your updated content.json file, or something else, idk...
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Yay! Thanks. The *very first* 4K video on KxoVid! (is it that 4K video you mentioned previously that you are posting right now?) Crossing my fingers that there's no problems uploading the video now. Also, thanks for your patience while I sort stuff out. Goodnight!
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Btw, that zite is *really good*. Also, there's a thing you mentioned previously that Video Sharing zites should do. I'm going to be working on adding it. This is just a little hint.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Also, thanks a lot for your help! Yeah, it's late, but I'm usually up at night and asleep during the day on the weekends. (I'm in CST, so it's 2:32AM here) I wish chrome mobile had a dev tools thing so you can see error messages in a console.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: I've just released a small update to fix something. Basically, now when you click on a category *title* (on the categories page) when it's not downloaded, it will (or rather, *should*) download (as if you clicked the "Download" link). Some people were clicking on the title without clicking on the "Download" link first.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Btw, just as a forewarning, the "Delete" button (on the categories page) does absolutely nothing, even though it gives you a notification. This is because that API call isn't even implemented in the ZeroNet client. I or someone should make an issue on this on ZeroNet's GitHub.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Science and Technology actually isn't empty.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: How? You are just downloading a zite. You are doing `[address of category here]` right? Or is it just failing to download the zite? (if so, that's a problem with peers or the zite not being signed - so I can't actually help that)
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Ok, Thanks. I'm adding a different thing at the moment, but I'll try to look into this afterwards (in a few minutes). You can work around this right now by copying the address shown under the category title in the categories list and putting that in the address bar.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: What browser and OS?
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Ok. Weird.... Hold on.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: And again... are you clicking the **download** link? I've asked this multiple times, and you haven't given me an answer to this yet.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Ok, analogies aren't needed. I just need you to answer *all* of my questions. Clearly this only happens sometimes (meaning in particular circumstances), and not all of the time, otherwise I would have already caught it.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Ok. And you've clicked the "Download" link just below the categories description? That's odd....
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Right... because the merger zites not downloading. Or wait... do you get any notification that it's adding it or a notification to click "Add"? Also, are you clicking the "Download" link or the link of the title of the category.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: I've just resigned and republished the Science & Technology Merger Category, *maybe* that'll help, idk.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Hm.... yeah, sometimes I have trouble downloading some categories too, because of a peer problem or something, idk. I'm not really sure what to do about this. (If you click to Download/Add, but it doesn't actually add, then it's usually because it's failing to download because of peers or not being signed, etc. You can see this also if you copy the address and go directly to the merger zite.)
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: [On KxoVid](/14c5LUN73J7KKMznp9LvZWkxpZFWgE1sDz/?/channel/1Jqrw1mySvE2sd3uaxTMdCBaYtVMJohcC2/1538205673322/v/1538395341480)
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Quantumworld: Yes, I created both of them.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: Did you get the update? Is it working now?
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: This has been fixed. See my other comment.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Nvm, found it (on the channel settings page). Already fixed. Will publish in a minute. Thanks for your help! Btw, I have very poor upload speed, so it may take a while before you receive the update.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Upload link in the sidebar (on mobile), or the Top bar (desktop - cloud icon)? Or somewhere else? Sorry, I have multiple places where I link to the upload page.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: The Upload link/button? What button are you talking about?
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Other people had trouble with this, which is why I'm going to add some type of notice or something on the upload page.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Moor: Yeah, I don't understand it. I feel like they overcomplicate things.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: Yeah, I don't have a (clearnet) website anymore. I probably won't continue it either.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Moor: Actually, it worked - because they upload to first, and then they are able to do it.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Btw, I haven't yet give a notification on this yet - you need to first create a channel before you can upload. You can do this by clicking your user icon/name in the top bar and clicking "Create Channel". I'm actually going to work on this *now* - when no channels have been created, then the upload page will simply tell you to create a channel first.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: YAY! Thank God.... I was *really* hoping it wasn't yet another weird bug.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: KxoVid doesn't need the plugin. KxoNetwork does only to register. However, I've already added ZeroId support to KxoVid (so you don't need a KxoId).
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: You've tried it recently? You've downloaded the Categories from the Categories page? Not everyone has this problem - as you can see on ZeroTalk. I've also been fixing a lot of bugs recently. Btw, it's appreciated that you actually tell me about these bugs instead of just not letting the developer know and continue on working on something that's not working for other people.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Moor: Thanks!
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: Don't forget about [KxoVid](/kxovid.bit)! Actually, I'm just wondering... is there something you think is missing/lacking from KxoVid?
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @Pubg: You cannot use kxoid.bit. You must use [/1GTVetvjTEriCMzKzWSP9FahYoMPy6BG1P/?/create-id](/1GTVetvjTEriCMzKzWSP9FahYoMPy6BG1P/?/create-id). This is actually not my fault. Daniell registered kxoid.bit without consulting me on what address it needed to redirect to. If anyone can give me namecoin to fix this, then I will.
Krixano commented on Styromaniac's post: It uses UPnP, afaik
Krixano commented on Quantumworld's post: @Homosexuality: It's ironic that you include Jew in there, when the Bible, including the Old Testament, considers homosexuality a sin.
Krixano commented on Quantumworld's post: @Quantumworld: Yeah... people need to be careful - because there are actual homosexuals that use ZeroNet.
Krixano commented on Quantumworld's post: @Homosexuality: Then why do you keep putting a smile face at the end?
Krixano commented on Quantumworld's post: @Homosexuality: Are you saying "faggot" in a joking manner?
Krixano commented on Quantumworld's post: @ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit: I know ZeroNet's been pretty problematic in China. There's a GitHub issue on it. Not sure if this is related.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: The reason why that is there is so the interface looks decent on both mobile and desktop - and because if I wanted to fix this on desktop, I'll cause problems on mobile that would take more work to fix. I'll consider how to fix this though.
Krixano commented on Krixano's post: @leftside: Uh... no. My points stand on their own.
Krixano commented on P2P's post: @P2P: I've sent you a ZeroMail
Krixano commented on Peeper's post: @猫叉酱(小号): No, it's real. See @nofish: 's [ZeroBlog post](/Blog.ZeroNetwork.bit/?Post:138:%22The+Vacation%22+Sandbox+escape+bug+[Reported+by+GitCenter+/+Krixano+/+ZeroLSTN]). If you have ZeroUpdate downloaded, the button on ZeroHello to update will use ZeroUpdate. If you don't, then it will use GitHub.
Krixano commented on Daniell Mesquita's post: First of all, just to let you know, I've never drunken alcohol *in my life*, so if that's w