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Speedie commented on Speedie's post: I screwed up . point is I am on mobile , and almost everything works . just the merger notificatiins don't .
Speedie commented on Speedie's post: whoops
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Speedie commented on ZeroLSTN's post: Works like a charm :D
Speedie commented on Eibriel's post: Yup , had to switch to chrome . totally buggy .
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delapsus resurgam
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Renamon is a goddess.
Speedie · speedie@zeroid.biton Jun 27, 2018
Speedie · speedie@zeroid.biton Jun 27, 2018Reply

I screwed up . point is I am on mobile , and almost everything works . just the merger notificatiins don't .

SSDifnskdjfnsdjk · ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.biton Jun 27, 2018Reply

@Speedie: yes, that one shows an AC/DC song. The previous one shows no songs )

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