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Web developer, crypto enthusiast, wannabe entrepreneur

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Johnny Mnemonic commented on Nofish's post: 1) Content filter plugin every zite can use (opt out of NSFW videos on Kate tube, opt out of copyrighted songs on ZeroLSTN) 2) Tipping plugin for Lightning network so that I can tip a few satoshis to every video I see or every song I play 3) Marketing plan where the community can join and help 4) Development plan for projects that meet an internet user's basic needs so that people can actually experiment with exclusively using zeronet (I am missing a note taking app, more songs on ZeroLSTN and maybe a few more websites to unwind) 5) Decentralized anti spam, reputation, or trust system so websites can implement user editable content while protecting the content from vandalism
Johnny Mnemonic commented on ulrichard's post: Wow, Chris in Switzerland. Can't wait for next year, hopefully world crypto network is coming back to Prague.
Johnny Mnemonic commented on ulrichard's post: Not sure if mentioned, but understanding what you bought is really important component of being able not to panic sell. If you don't know what you're holding, its easy to get scared.
Johnny Mnemonic commented on ulrichard's post: Agreed. The beauty of Bitcoin is that people can't manipulate it. If I printed my own money and asked you to lend me a 1000 usd, but denominate it on my money and then I printed some more, would we still be friends?

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