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Missesrobot commented on Krixano's post: @Git Center: Zites that I use (which aren't mine): ZeroTalk, ZeroID, ZeroMail, ZeroMe, etc.   And yeah, I'd probably use more zites if these zites had more data/information. Think about it.. Facebook has so many users on it, that it could be considered a country in and of its own.   What we're doing here is literally, starting our own digital country.. with different laws from the rest. That's gonna take a hell of a lot of time!
Missesrobot commented on Krixano's post: This will likely eventually replace the Zeronet docs. lol
Missesrobot commented on Herp's post: Yep. ZeroNet embedding works - you just have to make sure you <video src="../[ZITE ADDRESS]/data/users/[USER ADDRESS]/FILENAME.mp4" style="width: XXpx" controls></video> In other words, don't use .. because it won't work on proxies.. or people who run zeronet on a different port.

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