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Menotyou commented on Publicality's post: At least we're getting close to the release of the second manga volume, more than five years after the release of the first volume. The anime's first season ending is quite weird, as it jumps from the third light novel to right before the seventh light novel (assuming the 7th light novel won't suddenly jump to a different point in time, as I haven't read it yet). The sixth book was made into a movie, so if a second season was to continue from the first season it would skip two books, and leave some major plot holes.
Menotyou commented on Fenial 's post: ZeroVoat: ZeroBird Competition: ZeroMedium: Sharing books on ZeroNet: NetTalk: ZeroUp: Zero Arkanoid: KxoVid: Play: Kiwipedia:
Menotyou commented on nekololi's post: I don't understand the uproar over the removed zite. From what I remember the last time I visited it, it was just a simple site with a couple of drm-free games (probably from humblebundle or gog). I have just over 200 games in my humblebundle library, so I don't see this as a big loss.
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