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Bobthemighty commented on Bobthemighty's post: @Styromaniac: Well, crap.
Bobthemighty · bobthemighty@zeroid.biton Aug 12, 2019

How can we make our own Zerome into a private zite?

Pexo · pexo@zeroid.biton Aug 12, 2019Reply

@Bobthemighty: Depends private in the sense that only you can access it or private in a sense that only you and a few select others can access it? Because the first is doable, by cloning ZeroMe and pausing it on ZeroHello.

Bobthemighty · bobthemighty@zeroid.biton Aug 12, 2019Reply

@Styromaniac: Well, crap.

Styromaniac · styromaniac@zeroid.biton Aug 12, 2019Reply

The private sites feature isn't fully funded yet.

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