Ansho Rei

Developer, musician, freedom and privacy advocate.

Proud owner of a Russian anime bot account (TM)

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Ansho Rei commented on Publicality's post: I would, but I find it really hard to finish any :-/
Ansho Rei commented on Blurhy's post: I agree with @Pexo, t's too easy to attack small sites in such a system. It does sound a bit like i2p where you have multiple "dns" where the users selects which one they wish to use.
Ansho Rei commented on Crazylime's post: 20MB for a rotating circle seems a bit heavy... Is it supposed to do anything else? It also looks like there's a bit too many font files included, dunno why you'd need a couple of dozen?
Ansho Rei commented on Blurhy's post: No access to the full internet? Good luck posting to that blockchain! Using ZN? Post whenever, wherever you like. Synchronize however you like: hotspot, LAN, bluetooth, USB stick etc. Blockchain is amazing, don't get me wrong, but it's not a good backend to a decentralized system. It's really good at being uncensorable though.
Ansho Rei commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: We should make sure Git Center always has the latest version. It's lagging behind.
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Ansho Rei commented on Blurhy's post: Easy enabling/disabling of plugins from the UI is a good thing. It only includes official plugins by default.
Ansho Rei commented on Port220irq5dma1's post: good morning :-)
Ansho Rei commented on Kaffie's post: Not yet, but I want to give it a try.
Ansho Rei commented on Manifesto's post: Tor browser has a problem with ZeroMe.
Ansho Rei commented on P2P's post: Let me be clear: I haven't complained, but this is an awesome update nevertheless.
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Ansho Rei commented on Reichard Nixon's post: It's like a Twitter without annoying blue checkmarks acting all holy.
Ansho Rei commented on Port220irq5dma1's post: You draw well. There's some other ZeroNet users around who post their art and I've been thinking of building a deviantart inspired zite. (I'm the 1+Gallery dev btw) Would you be interested in something like that? No promises, kinda busy with work.
Ansho Rei commented on Nickwa's post: Guess I'll be mocking Samsung as well then.
Ansho Rei commented on Port220irq5dma1's post: I recommend upgrading to [ZeroBlog++](/19fZJhX7FGENeRRLB8ftgrziBJ5vsLtFog/), it's what I use for mine. This one has some nice features such as tags, a ToC, drafts and probably some other things I can't remember rn. To upgrade your blog: 1. Shut down ZN. 2. Edit your blog's content.json 3. Replace the cloned_from field to the address of ZeroBlog++ (`19fZJhX7FGENeRRLB8ftgrziBJ5vsLtFog`) and save the file. 4. Start ZN again and go to ZeroHello 5. Click on the three dots next to your site and select "Upgrade Code" from the menu. 6. Clear your browser's cache because you'll likely still have the old cached CSS messing with the layout. The easiest way to do this in most browsers is F12, then going to the network tab and setting "Disable Cache" to true, then reloading the page (Ctrl+R). After that you can close the devtools again with F12.
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Ansho Rei commented on Blurhy's post: IIRC someone already did do IPFS + Tor for OpenBazaar.
Ansho Rei commented on Blurhy's post: I'll be following IPZN closely, and contribute to it when I can.
Ansho Rei commented on Newtons's post: Dark theme is amazing, sad that old zites don't always support it.
Ansho Rei commented on Nexusoneus's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: it could be used to gather the IP's of ZN users, which could be dangerous for people in countries were ZN is banned. It's not really doxxing though
Ansho Rei commented on Decile's post: Would have happened at some point or another. They're not left, nor right. They're status quo and this means subversive technologies like ZeroNet are their enemy. They still don't even like "traditional" social media, and consider those to be too subversive. But at least they have some power of those, be it through tarnishing the companies behind them or through a combination of propaganda and lobbying as we've seen in the EU. There is no way for the media to hold that power over ZeroNet.
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Ansho Rei · anshorei@zeroid.bit21 hours ago

Working on a DeviantArt + Pinterest inspired zite.

The zite will be built modularly and all of it will be released on Git Center so that it's easy for others to use any parts they want. I'm realizing that we'll need a tool like npm to automatically download the right packages from Git Center to build a project.

Iloveguac · iloveguac@zeroid.bit16 hours agoReply

Oooh, that's a neat idea.

Ansho Rei · anshorei@zeroid.biton Aug 12, 2019

Here's a link to my friendly Svelte ZeroNet Router repository, I'll probably write a blog post about using Svelte and my router to build a simple Zite.

Ansho Rei · anshorei@zeroid.biton Aug 11, 2019

Over the weekend I've tried every single Svelte router module and none of them like ZeroNet very much. So I made my own. I'll be adding it to Git Center soon.

Ansho Rei · anshorei@zeroid.biton Aug 08, 2019

I've posted a new blog post: Addressing some of the Rampant Disinformation spread about ZeroNet in these past couple of days
It's hard to find time to write these between my job and my time spent tinkering with zite development, but considering how chaotic this week has been I felt there was a need to explain in detail how ZeroNet works for the newcomers who've decided to stay, and why they should ignore the idiots spouting lies on the clearnet.

Port220irq5dma1 · port220irq5dma1@zeroid.biton Aug 09, 2019Reply

Came for the decentralized, uncensorable platform, stayed for the community.

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