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Toobee commented on Toobee's post: @Dios: what to you think about free (libre) money? What, for you, is «socialist» in it? Do not hesitate to reply here or
Toobee commented on Toobee's post: @Dios: thanks for the test / answer
Toobee commented on Toobee's post: @Dios: not any more if you write something ^_^


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User from the Void. -------- - [Dark ZeroMe]( - If you hate white, come join us on the dark side. - [8values on Zeronet]( - Find out how you lean in politics. - [Blog]( - So far used mostly to post updates of my various ZeroNet projects. - [TED Talks 2017 - Speakers List Archive]( - Archive of speakers from when the ZeroNet founder was slated to appear at the conference. - [Share Test]( - Experiments with file sharing and video streaming using ZeroMux. - [Contact Me](

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