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Kopykate commented on Pabloa's post: @Pablo Arroyo: hey Pablo. yeah, Venezuela seems to have always been the black sheep of South America, in many ways. It is anarchy, and the politics there have always been very toxic, even as far back as the 80s. The government is only a talking head, in the end. Without the people, they have no power. I believe that change has to start with the individual. Do the right thing, help your fellow man, work hard.. don't steal. Be a role model to others. I currently live in New Zealand. English has become my first language, but I'll still speak Spanish if necessary! Anyway - peace out <3
Kopykate commented on Pabloa's post: @Pablo Arroyo: makes sense, of course. I'm from Venezuela. ^^
Kopykate commented on Durand's post: Link not working, but here's the official github.. worth a look: https://github.com/JamesMGreene/sandblaster
Kopykate commented on Durand's post: @tkarita: thanks for that, tkarita! :)
Kopykate commented on Pabloa's post: epale. ^^
Kopykate commented on Durand's post: Don't they give you an HTML code that you can embed on your site? If so, have you tried doing so on a ZeroNet site? Did it work? If it didn't work, it's most likely due to the fact that ZeroNet uses iFrames in order to render pages, and iframes come with all sorts of trouble. Lots of applications simply fail to work if they are loaded within iframes, due to javascript security features.
Kopykate · kopykate@zeroid.biton Sep 21, 2016

Hi, government! Does my hair look good?

Desenhoeanime · desenhoeanime@zeroid.biton May 14, 2019Reply

thank you for your site :)

Daniell Mesquita · daniell@zeroid.biton Sep 08, 2018Reply

Its really you?

Squarezero · squarezero@zeroid.biton Jan 10, 2017Reply

@Execin: Or else what? ;)

Execin · execin@zeroid.biton Sep 21, 2016Reply

Hi Kopykate!

Government here.

Your hair looks good. However I just noticed you got some unauthorized hair products over the Internet. Remember to only use government-approved products

Or else...

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