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Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: Trans women are naturally seen as attractive by heterosexual men, but *also* have an increased attractiveness factor for men with GAMP (trans fetish). It's a give/take. Personally I haven't had any issues with dating men. I hear GID mtfs who try to date women have much worse luck though, both due to their greater difficulty in passing, but also because women are "harder to get" in general. Men are hoes lmao.
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: nofish is surprisingly lenient on bans.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: Been playing the ballet one a bit. Sounds like the girl who did the Haruhi dub is a voice actress in this game like wtf. It's pretty decent but I think I like princess debut a bit better.
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: I've been starting to use ZeroMe as my primary social networking site. Which is why a lot of my posts are a lot more personal now. I think it's a good idea to use ZeroNet how you would use the regular clearnet, rather than using it in a special different way.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Kids: There's a lot of MLP-based games. Not sure which you're referring to.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @6mqj1vz56h27km0b: This is entirely not the right place to ask that question. I don't work on kopykate, nor care to discuss your issue here. Go ask somewhere else. Thanks.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @FraYoshi: I went ahead and checked it out and.... I'm hooked. Sunk so many hours into it already. It's horribly addicting.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Kids : DDLC I think counts. MLP is a tv show, not a game. @Mg0: Sure? To give some examples I mean things like Style Savvy, Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, Princess Debut, Mystic Messenger, Long Live The Queen, The Sims, etc. Though in a more broad sense we could count stuff like Blossom Tales, A hat in time, etc. A lot of the more overtly girly/feminine ones as you note tend to be shovelware. Which is why I was hoping to find others with a similar interest and perhaps find some good games or a community or something. @Moor: The big problem is that most are for little kids (5 years old or w/e), and the rest are largely low-quality otomes on mobile. Part of what I wanted to try and do is curate a list of good games as well as try to list out genres and perhaps build a community. If y'all are interested in something like that definitely let me know as I've made a discord server for it. @Pexo: "Girl games" are games that have women/girls as the intended primary demographic, or that are made in a way to appeal to feminine interests rather than masculine ones. While there *is* overlap when you get to "gender neutral" type games (that are neither overtly masculine nor feminine), most of the industry sticks to a masculine approach (go ahead and count the number of AAA games that lack any sort of violence). It's a bit vague but becomes a lot clearer when you actually look at games. It's a sort of "you know it when you see it" thing. @FraYoshi: That definitely looks right along the lines of what I was asking. Thanks :3
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: Yeah I don't have any intentions on developing them further. My intent was to make sure the sites remain usable. Glad to hear it's working.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: For 1, I'm not sure. The only places people really talk here are on zerome or zerotalk. As for 2, refreshing the page should work. I had a similar issue, not sure why it happened. If you still have problems let me know. I've got no idea how to use nodejs so I may have messed something up.
Kaffie commented on Whitehat13's post: there's like a total of 3 girls on zeronet.
Kaffie commented on KxoBot's post: Wild west of the internet. Where dicks could be dicks, but you could also just not listen to them. And people who love science could embrace that, not be banned from twitter and thrown in prison.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Pexo: Seems like just them. I have found a new therapist who takes medi-cal and I've got an appointment scheduled already.
Kaffie commented on leftside's post: @Anonymouslogin: The sites I reupped are merger sites. you're free to clone the client and run your own hub. The client can't touch the data, and my hub is only one of many. As for what data I allow on my hubs/sites, I pretty much only remove spam and CP. Though sometimes I may ban people who only have an intent to spread hate and cause problems, rather than use the platform legitimately (discussing things, sharing ideas, talking, etc) regardless of views. For instance, talking about your views which may be deemed homophobic or transphobic is fine, but intentionally harassing users calling them fags is not good. I generally make it clear what my own views are and how I moderate my sites. If you're uncomfortable with that there's no reason why you can't clone the sites I have uploaded (which I encourage people to do).
Kaffie commented on KxoBot's post: Spoken like someone who wasn't on the internet in the 80s and 90s.
Kaffie commented on leftside's post: @leftside: Either way I keep my critical sites cloneable. If you can't trust me, make copies of my sites. You can trust that :P
Kaffie commented on leftside's post: I feel like the only people you can really trust to not fucking lose it and do stupid shit like taking everything down is me and nofish. I'm mentally unstable but if I lost it I'd probably just vanish rather than burn my stuff.
Kaffie commented on KxoBot's post: No big loss. We've dealt with zite takedowns before.
Kaffie commented on KxoBot's post: There's nothing inherent about zeronet that "stops internet culture". In fact the whole point of ZN is to *preserve* internet culture. If you want censored feel-good pcland with only gov-approved views, then ZN is definitely not for you. ZN is a return to the wild-west style internet. And many of us fucking love it.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Pexo: Things haven't been normal for a long time. I called the therapist/psych people and they said they don't take medi-cal so I'm basically fucked.
Kaffie commented on KxoBot's post: @KxoBot: umm wat
Kaffie commented on KxoBot's post: @KxoBot: No? People choose their views. If they see their views are clearly ridiculous, it incentivizes change. Criticizing the view is not criticizing the person.
Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: Just a heads up, vivaldi is based on chromium.
Kaffie commented on KxoBot's post: @KxoBot: >You made this comment because you wanted to be mean - period. No I made that comment because I very clearly saw someone pushing copyright and wanted to point out the futility of it. >Not because you wanted to have an actual conversation on the negatives and positives. You're right. I had 0 intent on discussing copyright. Just commenting on the idea of a copyright blocklist. >And your response to this is a very typical response for people who don't give a crap about what they say to other people and how they may hurt them. I care for people, not ideas. Bad ideas are bad ideas. But people all deserve support and respect. >Just because somethings ridiculous doesn't mean you have to be intentionally hurtful to other people. It didn't seem harmful to me. But this may be part of my mental health issues. I'm far from normal and struggle with social perceptions.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Nekololi: The negative symptoms are the true killer tbh. They destroy any hope of a social life or doing anything of value. But yeah that doesn't sound good.
Kaffie commented on nekololi's post: Personally I'd rather censor my view than prevent people from using the platform to speak. And realistically feeds and forums need to be cleaned up *somehow.* Otherwise you get spam, trolls, people looking to cause problems, etc. Rather than actual legitimate discussion of things that might be controversial.
Kaffie commented on KxoBot's post: 🍿😂 I'm gonna conveniently ignore the rest of the post (and just watch aftermath) but clear up my own comments and address ones made to me. >"RJD calls homosexual and transgender people pedarasts, pretty much, but his vocabulary isn't that good. I use that as a blanket term for everything he accuses them of: child sexualization, rape and molestation." Being wrong isn't a crime. RJD is kinda dumb but you get all kinds of people on ZeroNet. Even literal pedos. People are gonna say what they're gonna say, that's kinda the nature of free speech. But to clear the air, despite my pedo-tolerance and desire for them to get mental health help, I'm not actually a pedo myself and ban CP on my sites. >"'I lol'd. copyright has no power here.' Kaffie to Me" Pretty sure this was a general comment I made. The comment field is for just that: comments. >"'As soon as you said healthcare for all, you lost me. Far left candidates are what is ruining America.' nickwa to Kaffie" People are free to disagree. Personally I love political debate. I used to be ancap, now I'm far left. It happens. >"'Scuttlebutt are sjws.' Kaffie. Of course, put everyone in a label so you can make it easier on yourself to attack and think lowly of them. Have you tried asking or considering their viewpoint? Probably not because they "are sjws", right?" They're literally from tumblr. They use tumblr sjw speak. They have pseudo-lgbt views that lead to transphobia despite claiming to be "allies". They're bread and butter sjws by definition, love it or hate it. Personally I can't stand it. Others may like the sjw mindset. And yes, I've had long discussions and debates with the scuttlebutt people, who have collectively decided they hate me lmao. Kinda the norm for sjws. >"omfg i'm laughing so hard. you think that all of the new incoming traffic is solely your doing? hahahahahahaha - Kaffie to Quantumworld." I'll let this one speak for itself lmao. The claim was that he was *solely* responsible for *all* new traffic. Kinda ridiculous and he ended up backpedaling afterwards. --- Side note: I'm surprised the Kaffiene-Bwoi drama didn't end up on the list.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Nekololi: Thanks. Fortunately the positive symptoms are relatively minor at the moment. And besides my depression episodes I'm not going to harm myself or others. I'm aware of alternative possibilities for hallucinations and delusions. But my other symptoms match schizophrenia and the related disorders. Definitely plan to get things checked out if possible.
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: I have no idea what accusations were made against me, I've been a bit afk from zeronet for the past few days. I'm guessing this was about the latest entry in my spamlist? The user in question was going around spamming on posts, with the content containing variations of "kill yourself" and other harmful things. I did not put them on the list due to disagreement nor of controversial opinions. It was completely and entirely due to the spam nature of the posts. That being said, had they not spammed, I'd have still banned from kaffiehub and put on my own blocklist. People are free to use or not use my spamlist, which is only for spam. Kaffiehub is my own personal site, and if you are uncomfortable with my moderation you can migrate elsewhere. Generally I allow pretty much any sort of commentary (including things that are normally quite disagreeable), provided it's not CP and not spam (my two personal limits). I always try to ensure that my network of sites are clean, without spam, and open forums of discussion. I'm no enemy of right-wingers, nor of left. As I find my views are a mix of both. Despite my own situation, slurs and hateful comments towards me *in the context of a conversation* are things I *won't* remove. Even if I personally find them upsetting. Free speech is something I hold very dearly, which is why I'm here on ZeroNet in the first place. But I won't tolerate spam, and I certainly won't tolerate spam written to drive harm to people. So TL;DR: Spam will get you put on my spamlist, regardless of the content of the spam. That's what the list is for. Spam and directly antagonistic/off-topic comments meant to antagonize and drive hate will likely be banned off my network of sites. That's my own personal choice as a site owner and it's a policy I make clear. Disagreeable opinions and views contradicting my own, and even hateful comments inside the context of a discussion are entirely allowed and something I *won't* remove. Opinions are something people are free to have, even if I find them hurtful or disagreeable. People should be free to have opinions and speak their mind. But if your purpose is to harm people and cause problems then kindly gtfo.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Mg0: Women used their ovaries to produce estrogen. Hormone medication was invented in the 40s and has remained the same basically ever since. My immune system is fine, stronger than most I feel. It's just my body didn't develop right. Prior to hormone medication people like me only got surgery, and then had deteriorating health. Not fun.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Mg0: Phytoestrogens don't work as estrogens. Nor is estrogen the only medication I'm talking. diet alone can't change what i need.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @ulrichard: I'd end up killing myself most likely. Some kind souls have ended up sending me the money which I'll be getting soon. So at the very least I'll be okay for another month.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: so... just death then?
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: i know i'm pathetic
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Mg0: estradiol (patches, not pills), finasteride, spironolactone, and medroxyprogesterone acetate (though I'm considering switching to micronized progesterone).
Kaffie commented on Krixano's post: @Kxobot: Ideas and physical things cannot be owned. There's no concept of "ownership" in nature. So claiming sole ownership and control over something is theft.
Kaffie commented on Krixano's post: copyright is theft. It's that simple.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: I'm on them because I need them. I'm very much a person of "don't take anything unless I have to". There's no alternatives, unfortunately. Hopefully in the future there will be.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Mg0: It's not really something you can do with food/diet changes.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Mg0: I'm on hormone medication. There's not really any other alternative than going through a pharmacy.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @冲动的马达: Most people who hear of Yang are supportive. He has bipartisan support as well which is great.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @冲动的马达: Not particularly. I haven't had lows lately but ultimately nothing has really changed.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Pexo: Perhaps I see it differently because I'm a girl. But the current use of deepfakes is definitely disturbing, and is cause for concern. Just as any other nonconsensual sexual harassment/assault would be. And from a political angle is very severe when we consider that entire political speeches can be faked easily by anyone. There's not much "good" that seems to come from it, and it's definitely something that needs to be addressed. @caryoscelus: Exactly why it's a relevant issue for today. So much legitimately fake news (things that never happened, info that's factually incorrect, etc) is out there. @Lostfile: UBI has come close to passing several times in the past, and currently has bipartisan support. Yang having arguably the most bipartisan support out of the democrat candidates. Right wing people love his "neetbux" and focus on the job losses, along with his straight forward facts and focus on economic issues. Left wing people love that he's big on providing financial support to the people and is focusing on a lot of modern/future issues. @Anonimouslogin: We already see media opposition to Yang. But hopefully he'll make it :). If not Yang, then who? If not now, when?
Kaffie commented on caryoscelus's post: Worked fine.
Kaffie commented on Lostfile's post: KaffieID still works. Decentralization > Centralization. Always remember that 😘
Kaffie commented on Lostfile's post: @Lostfile: You need to change it in both the permissions file, and then change the related javascript to have it appear on the user's end when visiting the site
Kaffie commented on 123456xyz's post: You can use ZeroNet without trackers.
Kaffie commented on Krixano's post: >Also supports ZeroId for people who don't want to get a KxoId (for some reason) Probably because every single ID provider except ZeroID and self-hosted ones like KaffieID have died. Turns out centralization ain't that great.
Kaffie commented on Lostfile's post: @Lostfile: You can just clone zeromail and change the permissions to allow kaffieid.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: can't really manage that
Kaffie commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: Just automated mirroring of RSS+text content would be a great start. The problem is always "have to go to clearnet to read news" which is pretty awful. We need a ZN solution. Ideal would be each news site having it's own hub, and then a merger letting you download+read what sites you want.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @ulrichard: There's a difference between suggestions/pressure and abuse.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Deliriumgoddess6: easier said than done
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Deliriumgoddess6: yeah, no telling how long i'll be stuck in this situation :(
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @猫叉酱(小号): Right now, yes. But it's clear I've overstayed my welcome.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @P2P: abuse online, but also abusive family. just tired of it.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @ulrichard: Hormonal hairloss. I'm not in chemotherapy. @题ァ∽ク秘埓莉・逅ァ」悟、エ蜒丈クコ陬ょ序: More or less, yes. Transsexualism doesn't necessitate the use of a wig, but in my particular situation I need one. @Pexo: EEG doesn't cause hairloss lmao. I actually had to remove the wig I was wearing at the time when I went in to do it. Same for MRI. Wigs are also nice for style and being lazy with hair :P
Kaffie commented on Lostfile's post: Scuttlebutt are sjws. They're going to keep sabotaging themselves until their platform is useless. A shame too, because what they've got going on currently is pretty lovely. Generally speaking, as it's currently designed, you can use it without getting censored. Pubs can remove you and not share your posts, which is basically the main way of interacting on SSB right now. It's a confusing and not great system, and is why I've not really used it much. It's hard to understand quite what's going on, how to avoid the problems, etc. The whole thing feels very opaque, whereas zeronet is the opposite.
Kaffie commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: It's very exciting that you're taking the time to do this. Getting news onto zeronet is pretty important. It's critical to finally being able to get off of the clearnet and be 100% ZN.
Kaffie started following klu9@zeroid.bit
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @leftside: As soon as you said to stop my hormone medication that's when I stopped reading and listening. Sorry but these are drastically improving my mental health and I can't really imagine living without them. And I need them for physical health as well. As for the rest of your suggestions: Easier said than done. I'm not (and can't risk) going to prison. Sorry. I guarantee that it'll be worse than my current situation. Because I see how people like me are treated there. The fact you call manning "he" pretty much demonstrates my point. If a high profile case can't even get proper treatment, me a random no name certainly ain't gonna get it. Manning was continually denied medical treatment, put into the wrong prison, was falsely imprisoned, and treated horribly. No fucking thanks.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @ulrichard: Pretty sure they just passed a thing banning me from entering the military. @leftside: >I think she needs someone to turn off the light after 11PM and stop her using backlighted electric gadget after that time for at least 3 to 4 hours. Doesn't help. I've tried this before. The problem is that I wake up too late, and as a result go to sleep too late. >Her life style is like an uneducated beast. No, it's worse than that. Sleeping pattern is something to do later. But she needs to adjust her circadian rhythm first of all by light. Unless she follows the circadian rhythm, there's no treatment or medicine which can cure her. Wow gee thanks. Ultimately though to fix that I need to relocate and move somewhere I'm more free. >@Kaffie: Plz write down all ur detailed prescriptions here. And plz write down ur wakeup time, bed time, meal time, and what kind of ingredients u eat and how much. Prescriptions are just hormone medication as I said. Standard stuff. Estrogen, AAs, progesterone, etc. Wakeup and sleep times vary per day, no regularity. Wakeup is anywhere from 9am to 2pm, sleep is usually around 4-6am. I usually eat when I wake up, and then around 5-7pm, snack through the night. What I eat varies per day. I don't really have much flexibility because it's all group meals. >@Kaffie: please do not only look at the links, but also contact directly the staff behind the website. They are professional at helping people, they must know much better than us how to do in your situation. If you won't try, you can never know the results, right? I've tried contact people before. I never hear back. >As for charities, look for state-wide and country-wide charities ( in the link I provided ). Only lookiing at charities in your local area is very limited and not enough. I'm unable to travel that far. >Have you tried to contact Blue Systems or archive.org for job? Nope. >Please see a doctor. It was the best thing I did for myself. I've seen 2 psychiatrists, 2 therapists, 2 endocrinologists, a GP, and a neurologist. Usually I go to one of the therapists and my endo. Tomorrow I've got a neurologist appointment to get results from my MRI and EEG.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Pexo: >That sucks, also I don't really know what to do in this case. You could try asking a lawyer if they were allowed to cancel that, while you're under active treatment. That's how the law works, yeah. It wasn't my parents who canceled. It was a natural ending and falling out of coverage of the laws set up to have it in the first place. >That's good, but judging from the rest of the thread thats still not much, try to get some more sleep. Speaking from experience, you do not make good decisions, while being tired. Can't. I'm out all day today. It's 1pm rn and I'm gonna be out for another 9 hours or so. >Do you still have the packages? See if you find anything that you are feeling right now on the side effects. It's not due to my hormones lmao. I've been on them for a long time now.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Pexo: >There are a few e-mail providers that don't require a phone number. One really good one is tutanota, they are open source and have a (all be it somewhat short) history of protecting their users. I'll check it out I guess... Do you have something like this for a phone number? A lot of services require a phone number to use, alongside an email address. >Have you been given a reason for that? Because I turned 26 last month. So now I'm no longer covered under parents insurance. >Contact whoever is in charge of you there and tell them your situation/ask for a extension, Umm.... the US government which had previously passed obamacare? The thing that's getting repealed by trump? yeah calling them up is really going to solve that. >Also: How much sleep have you gotten today? I had just slept. Got a couple of hours (4). > Are you on any medication right now? Hormone prescriptions, which don't work that well. other than that nothing. I may end up on a b12 prescription soon. >Are you drunk? I don't drink, no.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @P2P: I looked at your links. Seems like none of those things are for someone like me. But thanks for trying?
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @P2P: I'm already supposed to be on medi-cal (state healthcare) but they don't pay for anything and now i'm kinda freaking out cuz the healthcare that *was* covering things just ran out so now I'm kinda running on fumes there. I've been going to therapy but that hasn't really helped, and they don't take the state healthcare, so i'm not sure what i'm gonna do for that. As for charities, there's never any in my area that actually help. It's just either like soup kitches or w/e or homeless shelters where i'ts just a bunch of shit beds and ur shit gonna get stolen. All in all not good. What else are they gonna do?
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: good luck with that. my sleep is entirely fucked with no hope of fixing it.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: woke up 1pm april 1st it's now 5am april 2nd and I haven't slept. yeah.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: 5am
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: i don't want to fuck up my brain. i'm thinking fine it's everything else that's fucked
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: just stating the truth
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @leftside: registering a new email address these days requires a phone number, which I don't have.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @leftside: that'd be amazing to see. but there's nothing like that here. bigger community where? I'm banned from everywhere but my own sites.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: america doesn't give a shit about it's citizens. i don't really believe any country actually does. as for your second question, i'm not really sure what you mean, sorry.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: that's what all liars say
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: it's often hard for me to even stand for a length of time. pretty sure i can't run/exercise to that degree. weather doesn't allow for it anyway and there's no nature nearby it's just desert that'll kill.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: i'd rather not bother. it's almost certainly lies. everyone lies. no point in doing any of that.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: i don't have any creativity
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: all the more reason to kms then. since i'm more or less mute
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @leftside: already had a banana today. need to watch intake. as for songs i can't really sing nor would i want to. as for your recipe... i've forgotten sorry. I truly am useless at everything.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @leftside: no point in living.
Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: @leftside: Right so an improved solution is to use merger sites properly, with all users posting to all hubs, rather than having "home hubs". That way if one is taken down, it's not a huge deal. Similar to how if one torrenting site is taken down, it's not a huge deal. Regardless, you *can* have multiple signers for a site. Though I'm not sure it's been done before.
Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: @leftside: The best designed zeronet sites don't have a single owner. How will they take down and censor something like ZeroMe? Users could just create new hubs.
Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: Does it look like I give a shit about the law? I ain't going to censor my sites simply because authority wants me to. That's kinda the exact opposite of the goal here.
Kaffie commented on Lostfile's post: Nofish hasn't been very eager to add new id providers onto his sites. I've been pushing for a way to allow all providers except blacklisted ones, but that hasn't been added yet.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Lostfile: No I don't use eth.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Styromaniac: Is a chase checking account free?
Kaffie commented on Lostfile's post: AFAIK it's just cjdns with a different routing method that's supposedly more efficient.
Kaffie commented on Lostfile's post: @Lostfile: Mesh networks are the future as well. The problem is that the people currently interested are so far apart physically that we can't really set them up yet.
Kaffie commented on Endervalepc's post: Race or Nationality?
Kaffie commented on Lostfile's post: I'm not leaving haha. I may take long umm.... "breaks" but unless something seriously happens, I'll still be a supporter and still poke my head in from time to time. I see ZeroNet as the future of the web, so of course I'm going to stick around.
Kaffie started following Lostfile
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Pexo: I've applied for all of those companies. None gave me an interview even. So now I apply for no-name companies and still get nothing.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Skeleton221: >can I ask you how you experienced the transition and how did you communicate it to the people around you (family members)? Everyone had already known before I did. There wasn't much to say. >I'm in a similar situation, I don't recognize myself in the transgender term but I don't feel comfortable in a male body, I'm not "transgender". I'm diagnosed medically with transsexualism. >more specifically: I feel neither man nor woman Entirely normal, as such a feeling doesn't actually exist. >but I feel that my body does not reflect my "" soul "". even the male sex is not something that is part of me. Doesn't sound like transsexualism to me. Perhaps more like gender identity disorder. >I apologize if this question may be out of place, I just need to talk a little. sorry for my English It's entirely fine :)
Kaffie commented on leftside's post: looking at the donations I received? :P
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @leftside: That's what kills me haha. I'm young but it just feels like my youth is being wasted. @Styromaniac: Yeah I pass fine. I don't have an issue IRL with bigotry or hate or anything. No one bothers me and no one seems to get upset at my presence. I'm not too worried here in the US. But muslim countries I'm not so sure.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @leftside: I'm definitely working on a plan B. Most of my focus lately has been on trying to get employed somewhere and fix my issues asap. @Styromaniac: It's pretty ridiculous here. Most people in my area (a rural/poor/conservative town) seem to be getting along fine, but there's not really any chance for being anything but minimum wage. In other parts of california there's usually a huge wealth gap. Those who can do well (managers, comp sci, doctors, etc) are fine and usually pretty well off, while those who can't are pretty much poor af. The big problem here is housing costs. Rent is very expensive, as is buying a house. And even more expensive if you plan on living in a city. Though I'm much more thankful to be poor here in california than in some conservative state. If only I was in a city as well.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Skeleton221: My name was originally mispelled when I was born, and due to my transsexualism my sex is also incorrect and needed to be updated. My height and weight were from when I was younger, and also needed to be updated. Technically my hair color changed as well, but I figured I'd leave it as it was haha. My name updated fine, and same with my pic (thankful because my old pic sucked). But the rest of the info is still incorrect.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @leftside: I *have* an id. It's just incorrect information. Namely I had gone in to correct my name and sex (both were initially listed incorrectly), and so far my name has been corrected but not my sex (which still reads male). On california IDs they also have height and weight which are also incorrect (and I figured I should get them corrected as well). As it stands most of the information on my ID is incorrect as of now. It's just frustrating.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Styromaniac: Just don't overburden yourself for me. I really appreciate it though :3 That's why I set up the patreon, hopefully to get an income specifically for work on zeronet stuff. I think it'd be amazing to be funded through patreon (or I suppose bitcoin donations) and be able to live on that income while just working on zeronet and p2p tech. That'd be a dream come true :D
Kaffie commented on Deliriumgoddess6's post: @Realjohndoe: I'm laughing so hard. I can confirm that I'm not religiously jewish. My beliefs are more in line with gnosticism. Racially my family is german/sicilian. Sicilians being genetically similar to ashkenazi jews, who generally have a similar descent. As for my comments on the linked post... I like to think that I just have common sense. As for my response to the post here, I made a response elsewhere that someone had posted the same thing. I'm not a jew no worries :P
Kaffie commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: Same as usual. I've been getting an itch to make something new for zeronet but I haven't had much time lately for it.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Styromaniac: Unfortunately there's not really a clear "goal" other than "have a sustainable income that I can live on". Generally that means solving my health issues, moving somewhere else, and getting employed (even if that employment is just zeronet fans funding my work). @leftside: It's not so much the *amount* that's the problem. In my current situation I only need a small amount ($30/month meds, though that might end up going up next month, $100-500 medical tests/visits/etc. usually about once a month or so) and then whatever I'm living on (which I eat and have a place to sleep for free at the moment due to friends+family though I've overstayed my welcome). Moving elsewhere it's hard to say until I know the living costs. Usually I think it's about $1k-1.5k/month? Something like that? I do need to undergo a $30k surgery which may or may not be covered by healthcare, sometime in the future (ideally sooner, but it's not a pressing or time-sensitive issue). And have about $24-30k in student loan debt. I don't expect y'all to fund either of those, but I'm sharing for transparency. $100,000 would be more than enough to cover the debt, the surgery, and still have enough for long-term medical treatments. Or perhaps some years of living elsewhere and funding treatments for my current issues. I'd definitely be amazed if that much came to me. Either way, the issue is *regular/stable income* not the *amount* of money.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @leftside: Incorrect information on my ID (can't drive, so no DL).
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: I just want to clarify that I don't have any *life-threatening* illnesses. I do have a place to stay currently (though it's far from ideal) but not really a solution long-term. In terms of healthcare, as it stands I have regular medication I take which I'm a bit worried about (though I have enough to keep me going for now), and the more expensive aspect of doctor visits/tests/etc. Generally speaking, as mentioned I have issues which make it difficult to work, and they're currently undiagnosed (no idea what's wrong). Which generally makes it difficult to actually earn an income and be able to see better doctors. I certainly hope I don't have a life-threatening issue, and hopefully I'll find out more when I see my neurologist again. I don't think it's the case. My current healthcare is about to expire at the end of this month (just a few more days) and I'm hoping that medi-cal (state healthcare) will cover things, but I've been struggling to get the "authorization" for the meds/treatments/etc. The tl;dr is: my work with zeronet is being delayed due to undiagnosed/unknown brain problems, along with a lack of funding for diagnosis/treatment/a stable living environment. Finding work is a priority over my ZN stuff unfortunately (as much as I'd just love to work on ZN full time). So that's my situation, hopefully it clarifies what's going on. No need to rush at the moment, but I definitely need to figure out a long-term solution. Thanks for all the support <3 Edit: See my latest status about bitcoin. I can accept it though I'm not quite sure how to use it on the things I need atm.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: I'd like to thank everyone who has sent some money. I really appreciate it :)
Kaffie commented on Realjohndoe's post: @Realjohndoe: ummm you're kinda dumb lmfao. Though I'm curious: do you have an issue with their religion (judaism)? Or the race itself (levantine/phoenician/canaanite descent)? Because honestly it just looks like you are blindly hating jewish people without really even thinking through why you hold the views you do, and just mostly have a lot of biased views; many of which aren't true for a lot of people. Not all jewish people are zionists. Not all jewish people are greedy or bankers. Not all racially jewish people believe judaism and some are even christian. As for the "nasi/nazi" thing, that's the stupidest shit I've ever heard. Nazi is short for national socialist; aka fascism. "nasi" and "fascism" don't share an etymological root. Nor do nasi and national socialism. They don't even hold the same views. Nazis are *opposed* to jews and southern europeans in general. Nasi would be jewish people, who are naturally supportive of jews. Literally complete opposites.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Pexo: >O.o You should report those. How many have you tried? How many suicide hotlines do you think there actually are? There's one. A single one. I've tried others that are more specific to my issues, but unfortunately the same result occurs. Who would I go to in order to report it? >Do you have any notable skills that you could use to find employment, even if unconventional? I've got a CS degree so... basically what you see me do here on ZeroNet. All my other interests I can't imagine being employed for (mostly I like digging into occult/religious stuff, and general games/anime/manga interests). I think archiving stuff and digitizing them would be cool, but afaik people don't really hire for that kind of thing. >(Like doing tech support for small stores in your area) There's no small stores in my area. It's all corporate chains. >Have you tried doing some long term freelance work(as programmer)? Eh yeah that's what I've been trying. But unfortunately my work ethic and habits are so poor that the person loses interest before I finish. Pretty sure that genesis game I was working on is probably forgotten by now. Guy literally forgot I was working on it rip. deadline is up anyway so that was a waste of 6 months Dx. Ultimately haven't really managed much from freelancing. >If you don't mind me asking, but what exactly is your mental situation? (If you even know that, since judging from your comment on @60: s post, you don't really know, yet) Basically I end up getting mutism and paralysis from time to time. And it's difficult for me to actually initiate tasks and start working on things. I also get the regular issues of depression, anxiety, that sort of thing. I also see doctors for transsexualism, which has probably contributed to depression (meds don't work right. fun.)
Kaffie commented on Realjohndoe's post: ummm wtf? ngl sounds like you were talking more about aryans and nazis than the jews.
Kaffie commented on Krixano's post: @Krixano: The can select the tiers, and then put in a custom amount if they want. For instance they can select a $5 tier and then pay $7 instead.
Kaffie commented on 60's post: @styromaniac@zeroid.bit: I'm an anarchist if that helps clarify. As it stands for 2020 I'm looking at bernie or yang. Only thing I don't like about yang is his views on the whole ministry of truth thing. @60: The neurologist wasn't very clear but on the form he just wrote "seizures". I don't get any grand mal style seizures though I've speculated about the possibility of temporal lobe epilepsy or some sort of brain damage. I do suffer from what appear to be neurological issues. I certainly hope that it's not cancer. I can't imagine it is. Hard to say though without seeing the results. My guess is some sort of damage or developmental problem. Symptoms include mutism and paralysis, memory loss, executive functioning issues. Not fun stuff. My brain is pretty clearly messed up but it's hard to tell what the cause is just yet.
Kaffie commented on leftside's post: @styromaniac@zeroid.bit: That would be amazing. I don't have a paypal I can share yet, as they require some legal stuff I don't have situated yet (and haven't managed to get situated despite several visits to the DMV). AFAIK patreon takes paypal. I'm not sure if you can do a 1-time payment with that.
Kaffie commented on 60's post: @styromaniac@zeroid.bit: Believe it or not I'm actually far left. MRI and EEG are two different brain scanning technologies to help diagnose neurological issues.
Kaffie commented on 60's post: @Tommykakashi: There's an extreme wealth inequality here. Some people are very wealthy, while others are very poor. And we don't have socialized services like healthcare, so things can get expensive.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @ulrichard: I'm guessing it works based on a number of people reporting you, and then determining that there's certain keywords along with a certain number of reports then autobanning. Which is fine if twitter had literally *any* support teams. If you try to contact them, their phone number doesn't take calls, their email redirects you to a form, and the form only gives automated responses. There's literally no way to contact a real human responsible for moderation. People have realized this and have taken to "raiding" in order to have people removed from twitter. It's absolutely absurd.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: As an example, one time I was suspended from twitter for mentioning how long I've been on medication; because someone had asked me.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @ulrichard: The only significant difference is that I went more into detail about my medical situation. Each time I was banned from twitter, it was due to me clarifying certain details about my diagnosed medical disorder. Apparently clarifying my medical situation is "hate speech". When I asked twitter for clarification, I got nothing in response. As of now, they still have not responded to my questions relating to my bans, have not clarified whether they do indeed see my diagnosed medical disorder as "hate speech", etc. I also detailed a bit more about my religious views on twitter, but those were not the cause of my problems. At least, I was never notified if they were. Though my religious views have gotten me banned from a variety of discord servers and subreddits. As you may be familiar with here, I'm never hateful nor derogatory in my posts and comments. And I always try to be civil and engage fairly with people. And I certainly don't hate anyone. For twitter it seems that they're upset that my medical disorders are medically recognized as medical disorders. Which is absolutely silly. Because what they are trying to push is very discriminatory, bigoted, and hateful towards people with my condition. And then they ban me when I clarify? Needless to say I don't have a positive view of twitter.
Kaffie commented on leftside's post: People talk a big game but then never follow through. Even I'm guilty for that. It is what it is. I don't really expect anything. People expect results, and unfortunately I struggle to provide any. And the zeronet crowd isn't really the most eager to participate in patreon or use clearnet services. I really wish I had an answer on how to fix my functioning. 100s of ideas I'd like to work on, a dozen half-finished projects, and 0 work being done lately. Docs are clueless about the cause of my issues unfortunately. I honestly feel like it's some fucked up mixture of mental illness, bad habits, bad environment, and a fucked up addiction to consumerism. But thanks for any help you can provide.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Pexo: >but just know, that there are people who value you, people that will miss you. No one is truly alone! cute, but untrue. >Do you have anyone to talk to? It's likely that they can help you! Not really. I seem to be good at making people hate me for whatever reason. >Maybe a family member of a friend(or the other way around) can have a word with their boss and get you a place to work and earn money. The family and friends who are in a position to even remotely do so have already "put in a good word" and still nothing has resulted. Turns out that referrals don't actually lead to people being hired. >Don't shy away from help, out of fear, that you would be a burden for those willing helping you. I don't. But that doesn't stop the guilt. >If you feel alone and helpless, go find people you can talk to and open up about this. I've tried. They just refer to suicide hotline lines which then promptly tell me to kill myself. Fun stuff. >Seek people who are in similar situations than you! I've done this as well. It's honestly just depressing and makes the whole affair worse. > I know this is easier said then done, but isolation will really hurt you, especially if you're in a mentally difficult place! Physical isolation there's really no choice here. Not without a large regular source of money. Digital isolation is done because I'm seemingly banned from literally everywhere. There's a reason I post here on zeronet on my own hub and own sites where I'm not restricted, muted, or censored. I spoke out on twitter and got banned. I joined support discord servers and get banned. I join support subreddits and get banned. Perhaps stop isolating people? >or consider calling/contacting a suicide hotline most of those actually have ways to help you. They don't, actually. They literally can't help whatsoever. The only "help" they can provide is literally just sending police who are untrained in dealing with mental health issues straight to your door where there's a good chance that you'd be killed, and likely will go to a mental hospital in which freedom is taken away. No thanks. Turns out they can't help fix the issues; only make them worse.
Kaffie commented on 60's post: Just confirming some stuff. The link in the OP is indeed my patreon account. Please feel free to support. The bitcoin address listed on my homepage is indeed mine, and I should still have access to it. Though I'm not really an avid user of bitcoin, but still have my wallet stored. I don't have much use for bitcoin unfortunately (can't spend it anywhere, and converting it to cash is kinda a pain). @Tommykakashi: It seems people are mostly sharing these due to my financial struggles. Namely that I'm unemployed and without any sort of income, but continual medical fees and expenses (all of which I promptly ignore). So my debt has just been going up. I get enough to cover the medication which is good, and my bf helps lot there. So I'm not worried to much about that right now, though I do need a better solution than relying on donations. Longer term I don't really have my own place (staying with others), which can be a struggle since I'm stuck in a rural area and can't really get out much. I struggle with quite a few mental health issues, some of which may be neurological. I have undergone both an eeg and an mri, neither of which I can afford (so I'll dodge the bills yet again). I'll be getting the results to those next month. I imagine most of these posts were triggered by my last status. Which honestly I'm not sure if a few small donations will really change that larger situation. And even then I still have metaphysical/spiritual/religious issues, and just a general growing discontentment for humanity and society in general.
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Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: i miss the days i was in school where i knew what the future held for me.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: honestly the doubt, worry, and uncertainty is what gets to me. i've been poor my whole life but the combo of being uncertain of the future, while simultaneously feeling eternally stuck is what drives me mad.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @P2P: I'll look into it. @Styromaniac: That's the thing with donations. It just feels like guilt. And I'm not entirely sure just having more money will solve all of my problems. Will it help with my medical situation? Who knows? Maybe if I get out and manage to move somewhere else with better doctors? More money won't really help things like my social situation or relationship. Nor will it really change society at large. I'll text you later today if that's alright.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: Thanks everyone. I'm not really sure a little bit of money can fix my problems. Though a large regular supply (say, a regular income) would certainly help a lot. My current meds help a lot. It's just.... feeling stuck. And mostly stuck with uncertainty. The meds aren't quite doing what they need to. Things aren't at all going as planned. Then there's the social issues and relationship issues. It's all horribly demotivating. It's just becoming very clear that there's not really anything I can do to fix pretty much any of my personal problems, nor the problems I see with society at large (thanks for complimenting my ideas :3). I hate to be narcissistic but the problem largely isn't with myself, though my medical problems are things that appear unfixable and give me problems. But rather with society and my place within it. Along with my inability to really get myself out of this pseudoprison of poverty. Now more than ever I understand what prisoners go through mentally, and has reaffirmed my views that such a thing is incredibly harmful to the psyche. For those concerned, I likely won't be killing myself any time soon, despite my thoughts of it. Namely this is due to a lack of a way to do so, but also a bit of my own cowardice. My continual failures have made me realize that a DIY approach to suicide will also likely end in failure, making my already miserable existence worse than it already is. For those of you who wish to help financially, I *do* have a patreon account. And if y'all have any other ideas I can do those as well. Thanks for all the support.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Sharer: why not tho?
Kaffie commented on Zexp's post: Generally speaking, me and nofish have the most followers. Kaffiene has a feature to check how many followers you have, but it hasn't been updated in a long time.
Kaffie commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: I find it *says* 0 until you try to play, then it'll take a bit and find some peers. Though that definitely depends on the video.
Kaffie commented on Googleceo's post: @ulrichard: It's exactly the same issues as if you regularly torrented. Namely that copyright holders can watch the torrent to look for downloaders or seeders, and then send mass copyright infringement notices to the IPs they see. A VPN gets around it fairly easily. Or just have an ISP that doesn't give a fuck. The benefit of getting the magnet links on zeronet is that the site hosting the links won't ever be taken down (similar to how piratebay is often taken down).
Kaffie commented on Googleceo's post: They're regular RARBG torrents.
Kaffie commented on Esu Wiki's post: @Esu Wiki: You'd do better on urban dictionary, which is for slang.
Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: @Quantumworld: [Here]( is a good list. Hard to say what the most popular are. Probably redhub and bluehub which were the originals that everyone had joined. Though that's been changing, so perhaps not with the most active users. Definitely get kaffiehub if you haven't.
Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: Generally speaking, the ZeroMe method of using hubs is *inefficient*. It's bad because it largely locks you into a single hub, which kind of defeats the purpose. Other merger styles (zerolstn, kxovid, zeroexchange, IFS) are much better in that they don't designate a "home hub" for you. And as a result you can post on all of the hubs equally. Eliminating the need to "migrate".
Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: As with all ZN updates, it'll get here when it gets here.
Kaffie commented on nekololi's post: @Realjohndoe: or you could start your own node for people with those views? That's kinda the point. But yeah, federation is pretty bad.
Kaffie commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: I don't use the tor browser and I get that every time I come across recaptcha. It's horribly annoying to the point where I often just give up. See [here](
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Tommykakashi: Unfortunately the US isn't exactly a wonderful country. It's ran by horrible people, and the major news sites lie constantly. I'm aware the chinese people themselves are just like anyone else, which is great to hear. But it's hard to tell where the chinese government stands in all of this. We know the US gov is very anti-china. But what about the other side? @klu9@zeroid.bit: Ah. So it's not anything sophisticated, just a lot of low-paid people. Still seems odd that that's how they'd go about it.
Kaffie commented on Wuwei's post: おはよう。日本語は分かりません。ごめんなさい。🙏
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Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: Exactly why I posted this. ZeroNet is pretty much the only place I can expect chinese people to be able to speak freely, which is why I posted here. Though I'm aware users here will likely have an anti-china sentiment. @Lola: Pretty much. The problem is that it's clear there's competency, but also total incompetency. Hard to wrap my head around. Shadow gov is crazy. @weakish: There was a wonderful talk on facial recognition posted earlier (check kopykate). And yeah, the common scene that's shown for china is this advanced tracking system, but in the kopykate vid we can see that in reality it appears to mostly be basic vision AI stuff that we have here in the west. Can still be an incredibly powerful tool, but not nearly what western media makes it out to be. @Quantumworld: Yup. I usually try to fact check. But large political things are a bit difficult since both sides want to show you they're right. The trick is trying to figure out which, if any, is the truth.
Kaffie commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: A baseball cap is very visible. I'd rather wear the makeup tbh. The cap idea also requires batteries and to charge it. Personally I like the fashion change better but maybe I'm just weird like that :P
Kaffie commented on nekololi's post: @nekololi: The irony here is that he doesn't want free speech. He wants *his* speech.
Kaffie commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: This is a *very* important talk. Must watch for anyone who's not familiar with anti-facial recognition techniques. We really need to normalize "cyberpunk" style fashion so that these methods can be considered socially acceptable and the norm. Also they look cool :3
Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: @Somename666: I've met people who have believed all of these, yes. Absolute lunacy.
Kaffie commented on Sans3's post: @Sans3: The TL;DR is: To see status posts (direct things that show up in feed): Download the hub the user is in. To see comments: Download the hub of the post that the comments are in response to.
Kaffie commented on Sans3's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: There's two ways zeronet will download sun hub and it's content. 1. You visit a sunhub user's zerome profile, and there's a button to click to download it. 2. You visit the sunhub zite directly and it'll download like any other zite. Each zerome hub contains: user profiles+posts+followed users (the stuff you see when you visit someone's profile), and then the comments on posts that were posted to that hub. So for instance if you check the ~~sunhub~~ *moonhub* folder you'll see all of these comments are in there. That way people only need ~~sunhub~~ *moonhub* to see the entire conversation here, rather than needing several different hubs. Edit: These comments and that post are posted to *moon hub* as sans' profile is on moonhub. The same applies for any hub though.
Kaffie commented on Sans3's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: Comments to a post appear on the same hub as the post is on. Given sans3 is on moon hub your comment was posted to moon hub.
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: @Quantumworld: omfg i'm laughing so hard. you think that all of the new incoming traffic is solely your doing? hahahahahahaha
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: You'll have to tl;dr it for me, I can't sit through it. Usually those guys have good content, but oof.
Kaffie commented on Netuser0's post: @Quantumworld: You call people brain dead, yet you claim a nazi supports communism? Do you even think?
Kaffie commented on Netuser0's post: You need to add ticker@zeroid.bit.
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Kaffie commented on Wolfsbane's post: @Ticker: >(and being capitalist would actually be reason for them to be here, what with Socialism being the Authoritarian taking of their earned money to be used for people who don't [or can't] do jack shit). You umm... do realize that there's no way to make money on zeronet, right? bitcoin donations, maybe. But other than that not really anything. We don't even have stores or subscription services on here. >But even they're more for free speech and open Republic on a fundamental level when compared to SocJus Socialist/Communist/Anarcs who think hate speech is a thing that should be banned but refuse to define it because definitions are tools of the patriarchy to limit their emotional spewing into the neither reaches of the universe. ummm the opposite, hun. Right-wing conservative countries like syria, saudi arabia, malaysia, etc. crack down on freedom of speech, and are highly censored. China and Russia are good examples as well (both having highly censored internets, and being highly capitalistic and authoritarian). Anarchists are the breed you find here on zeronet and other decentralized platforms. We're against copyright (which is capitalist censorship), money in general, private property, government, etc. All rightwing ideals. We're also against communists and socialists who you won't find here at all because they can't have control. Which is also why you don't find capitalists here, nor rightwing authoritarians. Turns out you can't prevent people from copying your book/movie/tv show/music/etc if the technology is free and open. >where they'll force one side to slow down for the rainbow-haired gimp who couldn't compete otherwise, Where is "competition"? It just doesn't exist in today's society unless you force it to exist. So in anarchist groups there's no such thing. Which is why everything is collaborative.
Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: Remember 15 years ago when nintendo did this?
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Kaffie commented on nxo's post: The direct KaffieHub page was me scraping some of nofish's css stuff. For the ZeroMe frontend site (me.zeronetwork.bit) that's solely developed by nofish. If you're using sakana, it's someone else. I *did* at one point slap my branding on a clone of the zerome frontend. But the upkeep was too much for me at how fast the zerome development was going, so I stopped it. Generally speaking, if you're on ZeroMe you're likely using Nofish's frontend for it, or some spin-off clone.
Kaffie commented on Wolfsbane's post: Because right-wing people are authoritarian capitalists? I thought that was obvious.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @nxo: Weird philosophies meaning how it's kinda weirdly centralized for some points. He wants to maintain centralized moderation. The project isn't entirely open source (though it looks like he does share the source every now and again). Yes, aether uses JS as it appears to be using electron.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @nxo: You can block/mute people on it. The problem is that the toxic ideology that I'm referring to is basically a shared view in their community (it feels like the whole community was a spin-off of tumblr, albeit with techno-utopian ideals, if that helps give an idea).
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: @Quantumworld: yes. Democrats are the scum of the earth, and yet somehow the republicans manage to be worse.
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: @Quantumworld: Obama was the best president in recent years so I'm a bit lost where you're coming from. The rest are horribly idiotic and incompetent. Obama at least was competent and fairly rational, even if his views were awful. Also: you do realize that there's more than just democrat and republican, right? Democrats are bad, but republicans are worse.
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Feel free to tag me at any time. Team common sense!
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Except that's not how privilege is used. People claim it's some magic benefit, rather than being a normal life without X-type of harassment. I'd say the wealthy folk in the article have privilege. Sure, they experience racism, but to say that I'm somehow more privileged is ridiculous. The only *true* privilege is that of wealth.
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: How is that trans? I transitioned after all of that mess. I didn't transition in school whatsoever. So the discrimination towards my sex was due to me being male, not female. Not trans. In terms of the trans stuff, the worst I got was being called a faggot, shunned pretty much entirely by almost everyone. That's about it. I've gotten both misandry when I was male, and now misogyny that I'm female. >But white privilege does happen. These may be terrible examples from the article. It sounds a whole lot like "white privilege" is just being normal. Or rather, being wealthy. >My half Mexican niece being "randomly" searched at the airport, I see racial bias. Not being "randomly selected" isn't privilege. It's racism towards minorities, sure. But that isn't some sort of benefit to me. To pretend it is is absurd. Racism exists, but I don't magically get any sort of benefit due to that. >My own grandmother was initially unapproving of my sister's Mexican husband. This is pretty much expected in my family. I came out to my grandma. A bit later I got a transphobic phonecall by my uncle. Wonderful, ain't it? I hear racist remarks towards asians in my house all the time. My bf is asian. My family was transphobic before I came out. Having grandma not approve is honestly not a huge deal. I've learned to not really listen to my grandma. If I did, I wouldn't be receiving medical treatment right now. >I've seen on the local news a toddler black boy being shot by a cop point blank for holding a stick. Happens to pretty much everyone but wealthy white men. Ultimately, none of these things are a "benefit" or "privilege". But rather just plain old racism. To deny racism exists is silly. but to say it's the fault of people like myself who just have our own struggles and don't say a bad word to these people at all is just silly. Name one thing that *I* have *benefitted* from. Not things that have caused problems for others. A lack of problems is the norm. Constant problems is *not* the norm. Lacking problems isn't privilege, it's what the standard should be.
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: The amount of privilege in that article is insane. So let me, a poor white girl with some medical disorders, share my experiences and response. > the white privilege in this situation is being able to move into a “nice” neighborhood and be accepted not harassed, made to feel unwelcome, or prone to acts of vandalism and hostility. A pool in the backyard sounds fucking grand. Nice neighborhood? Fucking wonderful. Wish I had that. Instead I live in a rural area, with dirt, and had my house broken into by my ghetto black neighbors. I *wish* rocks thrown into the backyard were the least of my worries. If I move into an upper class area, I must worry about transphobia and other similar hate. Yet I'm privileged? >is if you’ve never had a defining moment in your childhood or your life where you realize your skin color alone makes other people hate you, you have white privilege. > if you’ve never been ‘the only one’ of your race in a class, at a party, on a job, etc. and/or it’s been pointed out in a “playful” fashion by the authority figure in said situation, you have white privilege. Most of my classes were mexicans, black kids, and asians. I've had every aspect of me pointed out and mocked. Posts like these end up hating me because of my skin color. I was denied scholarships due to my skin color and sex. Yet, I'm privileged? > if you’ve never been on the receiving end of the assumption that when you’ve achieved something it’s only because it was taken away from a white person who “deserved it,” you have white privilege. See above. I'm someone who worked hard. Graduated early. Perfect grades (above perfect). Yet I was denied scholarships because of my skin color, my sex, and my age. I did not get valedictorian because I had "overachieved". My middle school closed down after I left it, due to lack of funds. I had won every trophy for academic achievement. But I was denied many of them due to my sex. Yet in that school my grades were unfairly lowered because of my disabilities and sex. Yet I'm privileged? >if no one has ever questioned your intellectual capabilities or attendance at an elite institution based solely on your skin color, you have white privilege. My university I went to is mostly asian. My skin color was pointed out constantly, and people were often in surprise. People didn't believe where I came from. They thought I was too young. I did, however, have to constantly petition for classes because they believed I couldn't handle the work. Not due to my skin color, but due to my age. Yet I have privilege? Have you ever had to petition to take a class because they thought you weren't smart enough? >if you have never experienced or considered how damaging it is/was/could be to grow up without myriad role models and images in school that reflect you in your required reading material or in the mainstream media, you have white privilege. I have no role models who are like me. Not one. I can't even find regular folks with the same disorders I have. Yet I have privilege? > if you’ve never been blindsided when you are just trying to enjoy a meal by a well-paid faculty member’s patronizing and racist assumptions about how grateful black people must feel to be in their presence, you have white privilege. I've gotten remarks like these often due to my age, sex, disorders, etc. I get panic attacks at restaurants due to the comments people make when I eat. Yet I'm privileged? I'd kill to go eat dinner with some hoity toity harvard folk. > if you’ve never been on the receiving end of a boss’s prejudiced, uninformed “how dare she question my ideas” badmouthing based on solely on his ego and your race, you have white privilege. This one really irks me. Like holy shit imagine being so privileged people actually hire you, rather than say you aren't a good "cultural fit". Yet I'm privileged? > if you’ve never had to mask the fruits of your success with a floppy-eared, stuffed bunny rabbit so you won’t get harassed by the cops on the way home from your gainful employment (or never had a first date start this way), you have white privilege. Imagine having a luxury car and a nice job to afford it. I struggle to get employed, and I can't manage to pay my medical bills. Yet I'm the privileged one and he lacks privilege? I'd kill to have my biggest problem be "I need to buy a stuffed bunny so I don't get stopped by police". Like please, trade places with me. >if you’ve never had to rewrite stories and headlines or swap photos while being trolled by racists when all you’re trying to do on a daily basis is promote positivity and share stories of hope and achievement and justice, you have white privilege. I get this a lot. Problems with my skin color, with my sex, with my age, with my medical disorders, etc. Yet I'm privileged? Again, having a job sounds awful nice. So tell me, you honestly think my place in life is "privileged"? I worked my ass off to get where I'm at, and have constantly faced struggles and people intentionally trying to set me back because they don't like the way I look, or the way my body is, or the medical problems I have. They don't like that I'm an overachiever. But tell me again how a rich black man in a luxury car with a nice job that pays well is somehow worse off than me. I'll wait and listen. Because that's what people like me are expected to do. Shut up, be quiet, and just accept my place and quietly struggle while I let others take the spotlight and get the fame and pity. That's "privilege". Everything mentioned in that list are things I'd *love* to have. And yet you're complaining about them? Are you fucking kidding me? Talk about privileged. Imagine complaining about being wealthy. So without further ado, here's all I have to say to you people: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGrufrND1m0 Sincerely, A "privileged" person who has had lifelong struggles.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Styromaniac: SSB/Patchwork is kinda weird in that you need to join a pub in order to start seeing posts. And even then I'm not sure I'm seeing everything. The people on patchwork aren't the overt bigots but the subversive ones. The ones that pretend to be allies, but just push a lot of bigoted views and try to normalize them by being "supportive". It's fucked up and if you call it out you end up being labeled a bigot and unaccepting and closeminded like wtf. @Quantumworld: The people on SSB/Patchwork are sjws, yeah. It's a shame since there's a lot of neat stuff going on there. But they all have the toxic bullshit mindset.
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: Doesn't seem to work.
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Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: @Quantumworld: blocking/muting makes it so you can't see their content. It doesn't stop people from posting or viewing content. So yes, it's not like twitter or facebook in that it doesn't have censorship.
Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: You cannot dictate what others can view. If you don't want people seeing what you post, then don't post it.
Kaffie commented on Pexo's post: @Pexo: Your edit mentions something about removing users from the list. Can you clarify what happened? Do I need to adjust my mutes/bans? Edit: I saw the address 1NocE9YvQkcNe9J5nUnPJUzWBQtA81nwfA spamming on the board in question. I didn't bother waiting for the full site to load (I have no intent on downloading/seeding that site). Yet you removed this address from the list. Why? Now I'm wondering if I should just remove the entire "millchan spammer" list you provided. For the time being I updated the list to only contain the 5 users currently listed here. If there's spam issues, please let me know.
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Kaffie commented on Pexo's post: millchan ain't really my thing, and from the sounds of it the board is for porn. So I added them without checking, but if others could confirm that'd be great.
Kaffie commented on Hikkiaut's post: I'm transsexual (which some people just call "really fucking gay"), and have homosexual siblings and cousins. It's pretty clear that it's all genetic/innate/etc. and runs in families.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Piloth The Mack: The whole point of copyright was that authors back in the day would be able to profit off of their book. Since people would just copy the pages and print books containing the same thing. It was meant to protect small creators for a few years. But now its horribly twisted. Protecting corporations for hundreds of years.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Pexo: It's still p2p/decentralized, and is a better alternative to reddit. Not ideal, but worth using IMO. I'd recommend ZeroVoat but..... it's kinda trash. Still waiting on that one to be polished haha.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Quantumworld: I'm not at all familiar with the inner workings, unfortunately. And I don't think it's open source.
Kaffie commented on Piloth The Mack's post: @Piloth The Mack: Glad to hear ZeroMe Unfuck worked. Now I can recommend it without worrying whether it'll fuck up someone's stuff haha.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Quantumworld: Of course none of this is *concrete* and it's nothing you can arrest someone for. But come the fuck on. And yeah, a lot of this evidence they tried super hard to cover up. They deleted them all off the instagram page, they banned any reddit discussion relating to it all, they put out so much propaganda and outright lies about it. They attacked various archive services. Etc. The severe reaction, along with the highly suspicious posts that are more characteristic of a pedo ring than a family pizza shop, are what make me believe it. Do I believe *all* the claims? Of course not. That'd be silly. But to say there's nothing suspicious is ridiculous. All that being said, this was after a few minutes of research. Imagine if I actually put an effort into it. It's pretty clear that pedo stuff is going on. The evidence just keeps adding up. Keep in mind that the pizza places in question both had pedophilic logos that were changed immediately upon questioning and then they denied they ever did. Why deny literal facts? And the fact that it constantly gets hated on by the MSM is really telling. Just as we saw with JFK and 9/11.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Quantumworld: See my comment [here.]( I posted what I believe are the most damning pieces of evidence, excluding ofc the pedo symbol company logos (which leftside seems to think look like aol for some reason? blind?). You tell me what you think of this "family friendly restaurant" that frequently does thousands of dollars of business with politicians. I mostly stuck to official comet pizza posts, but the surrounding shit gets even creepier.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @leftside: See my response on your blog. I went ahead and did your research for you because apparently you aren't skeptical nor freethinking at all and need stuff spoonfed to you. Will literal photos of children for sale on the comet pizza instagram page be enough for you? Or will you still deny it?
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @leftside: Why the opposition? Because the main accusations were against democrats? Republicans are pedos too. It's [pretty obvious](https://web.archive.org/web/20180505160157/https://radcliffefoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/IMG_1764.jpg) that various organizations used pedo iconography and have since removed it. Why lie? The pizza places in question were known for posting pics of children with price tags and sexual comments, along with pornographic imagery. Why lie about this? What motive to you have to protect them? I'll reserve the moral debate of pedophilia for another day. As usual, I seek the truth, and to share it without censorship. Whatever that truth may be.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @leftside: @Quantumworld: Y'all are both hilarious. I'm curious which one you think is the bullshit and which is real? JFK has already been officially confirmed real, but people keep denying it. 9/11 and Pizzagate have more than enough evidence tbh. As for the russians and trump.... all politicians are crooks. It's dumb to play sides when they all suck.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Styromaniac: Yup. It's honestly a little shocking at how violently they reacted to pizzagate when it happened. And are still adamantly denying it to this day. If it was a harmless conspiracy theory with no truth, why keep giving it air time to reject it?
Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: @Quantumworld: The big problem with the technical documentation is that it's not exactly clear how to use each function in combination with one another. And nofish just writes in coffeescript which is basically confusing af to try and convert to some basic/simple javascript. Maybe I'm just an idiot though lol. Def not a fan of coffeescript.
Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: @Quantumworld: Yeah documentation is very limited for ZeroNet. There's only one kiwipedia, but two ZeroWikis. The ZeroWikis are different, as they aren't merger sites (meaning their content isn't shared). @Klu9: There's very little documentation. Mostly just a couple of api function mentions in the docs, and that's about it. I've been meaning to write up a small example/tutorial merger site, so that people can easily clone it and adapt it to their own use. We probably also need a basic ZeroNet tutorial/how-to/information, which I also wanted to write haha. Lots to do.
Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: @Klu9: Absolutely agreed. Though on the hubs thing, "hub" refers to the data sites for a particular merger site. For example ZeroMe hubs, or 0gallery hubs, or Millchan hubs. Personally I like ZeroWiki's UX a lot better. But kiwipedia has that beautiful feature to auto-import wikipedia articles. Though there's a lot wrong with it (putting all of the articles in the same hub, and separating by language). I'm pretty sure it's not actively developed either, unfortunately. We really do need a good wiki solution.
Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: @Klu9: There's also kiwipedia, which has features to mirror actual wikipedia content with a click of a button. We just need a remake of a wiki platform that can use hubs properly (not kiwipedia's "hub per language")
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Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: @Somename666: https://0net.io/0wiki.bit/?Page:home is a bit more elegant and still links there.
Kaffie commented on Piloth The Mack's post: @Piloth The Mack: Go learn how json works. And then copy+paste the relevant posts/likes/etc into where they need to go.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Nekololi: Right, sorry. That's what I meant. It's easy to go on places like the imageboards and run across pedos posting cp. So having a list to automatically block all that is nice. Not to literally block pedo discussions and them talking about their views. @Helio5: np. Though this blocklist feature has already been a thing. I just went ahead and made one because of how often the spam was getting.
Kaffie commented on nekololi's post: @Quantumworld: Yeah. ZeroNet is still really new. There's definitely a lot of growing to do.
Kaffie commented on Piloth The Mack's post: Generally when you "join a hub" what happens is that it updates/creates info about your profile in the registry, and then creates the basic profile files in the hub itself. So everything points to the new hub you signed up on. If this was different, then you'd have two profiles: one on each hub. If you did the same hub..... well rip.
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Kaffie commented on nekololi's post: Yeah I had taken a long break. It's hard to stay active here sometimes just due to the low activity.
Kaffie commented on Geekless's post: @Quantumworld: It's fast here on earth. But once you start going interplanetary or between galaxies or w/e it'll take a long time.
Kaffie commented on Zboy's post: @Zboy: That'd be neat. My comment though was also to help alert people that it does indeed still connect to clearnet.
Kaffie commented on Zboy's post: The stream file is hosted on a clearnet web server, accessed using ipv4 (no domain name). It auto-dls/plays when you visit the page. Technically not a ZN radio. It still delivers the actual stream itself over clearnet.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Quantumworld: This is why I didn't make anything convoluted. The spamming is the same sentence over and over. And that's how spam on zeronet has always been. So I wrote regex to catch cases where this happens.
Kaffie commented on Geekless's post: @Geekless: Unfortunately I don't have a link on hand. The ID discussion has been going for a long time over many different posts. There might be something on github tbh.
Kaffie commented on Geekless's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: That's not a problem with zeronet itself though. That's a problem with community education, and content. nofish isn't responsible for making every zite. That's up to users. So if you want to eliminate that "requirement", you need to promote alternative id providers that don't rely on a centralized backend. I've been pushing/proposing a way to allow permissions to *all* providers, without specifically listing them, and then having a blacklist. However, nofish has said he wants to do a proof of work provider system if that happens. @Geekless: Multiple id providers can be used on the same sites. Which makes it far superior to clearnet stuff. The bottleneck is that the zite owner has to list them all manually.
Kaffie commented on Piloth The Mack's post: @Piloth The Mack: I tried vivaldi. There's some stuff I like about it, which has been ported over to firefox. So now I just avoid it as it's another chromium browser that lacks UI customizability and a lot of features I find handy. The big issue is that most of the major browsers are secretly all the same browser: chromium. Vivaldi, Brave, Chrome, and now the new MS browser. I'm not sure if Opera is chromium yet, but opera is.... not good. Personally, I don't really see any real viable alternatives to firefox. But you're free to do as you like. Mozilla and Firefox have already taken a stand to support decentralization, while the others have not. That being said, I have my issues with firefox and it's far from perfect. There really needs to be more variety in the browser wars.
Kaffie commented on Geekless's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: Technically untrue. While you *do* need a zeroid for a lot of major sites right now, it's *unneeded* for zeronet to work. As there are sites like millchan and zerovoat which don't require zeroid, and stuff like [kaffieid]( lets you register without relying on any backend server whatsoever.
Kaffie commented on Somename666's post: Yes and no. You can't "ban" someone off of zeronet itself. However, you *can* ban people from posting to your own sites. In terms of ZeroMe, you can be banned from posting on certain hubs (that ban you), but you can always just make your own hub and keep using the service. You can't "ban" anyone from simply looking at a site. And you can't "ban" people from sites that aren't yours. So no matter what, zeronet is a haven for free speech.
Kaffie commented on Geekless's post: The live appearing content thing is something that sites have to manually add. nofish just has an incredible skill with polishing stuff to be really sleek.
Kaffie commented on Piloth The Mack's post: @Piloth The Mack: I just use firefox. Seems to be the best browser. Especially for decentralized stuff.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @leftside: `([A-Za-z].+?\.)\1{5,}` there's your regex. You can change the 5 to however many times for the minimum threshold of repeated sentences.
Kaffie commented on Geekless's post: Imagine interplanetary ZeroNet 😍
Kaffie commented on Geekless's post: @Geekless: Maybe it's just one chinese guy trying to make friends but he has no idea how to speak english or how social connections work.
Kaffie commented on Geekless's post: The comments on this are beautiful.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Geekless: It's good to hear muting is working. I imagine the bans are holding up for new posts, but as we discussed probably has residual posts on things like the proxies.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Geekless: No idea lol. Also, is everything working alright? I've been rolling out the bans/mutes as they come, so hopefully it's good. For some reason the proxies still get the spam.
Kaffie commented on P2P's post: @梦里乾坤大: Coinhive is a bitcoin miner that runs in javascript. It can't run if you don't visit the page. It's not a virus. Just scare tactics. There *were* a few sites/pages that had the miner, but they're well known and there are blocklists and such for it now. Not widespread, and not a huge issue.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: This is getting hilarious. Now they're spamming with threats of viruses.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @leftside: just ban chinese ip addresses /s
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @leftside: regex doesn't save you from random strings/text. Any text generator can defeat regex.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Geekless: Makes sense. That's why I tried to ban with the archive. Since archival should automatically remove the user's files. for what it's worth I tried starting a new instance and downloading, and it *did not* download the spammer's data. So it prevents sending it to people and receiving it. But it doesn't delete once banned, which needs to be fixed.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: I think the issue will be resolved naturally given two things: 1. Suggested mute lists by default. Similar to how adblock programs have lists that are auto-suggested/configured. And have mute lists *prevent downloading* of the muted user's content (this is key). 2. Have more sites, and not funnel all new users into the same handful of sites. This will reduce the size of the target. As of now, if zerotalk gets spammed, that's the only place people chat so it makes it a mess. But if there were hundreds of different forums, all given equal weight? Well then one forum spammed isn't a huge issue (it's only an issue for that forum). And with spamming basically being futile in a larger system, the incentive will naturally decrease. At least, that's the theory. So combining those two will likely solve the problem (and does for people who don't really care to spam other than some basic shitposting).
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Geekless: Yeah. Shows how relaxed my moderation is haha. I went ahead and changed the permissions field to have their auth_addresses (moving the archived over to straight removal of permissions). Are they properly banned/files deleted/etc. now? Edit: The proxies are still showing the posts.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Geekless: Ah. Must've updated since whenever I did that last so like.... last year probably haha.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Geekless: I do soft-bans usually through using the archive system. nofish had instructed me on how to do that, because the normal method doesn't allow auth_address bans, only name bans. I'll try doing a hard ban. Edit: How about now?
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @leftside: Wait is it not actually removing them when I do the ban? The proxies still show the posts. They should be removed, and are on my computer.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @leftside: He's already on the mutelist and banned from kaffiehub. But yeah, something tells me we're going to need something a bit more reliable. If it's the chinese gov it'll just keep happening.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @leftside: Oh I have my biases. But in terms of moderation and sharing information, I try not to. I've already blocked people due to social/political issues (hate speech and the like). But I try to keep everything very transparent and "fair". I just try to be easygoing haha. Technically *anyone* can modify ZeroNet. You have the entire source code on your machine. Feel free to modify it as you please. But to have changes pushed to *everyone*, nofish needs to approve it and merge it into the version everyone updates to. Others can naturally download *your* version of zeronet, but good luck trying to get people to move away from nofish's version. Some users here (myself included) modify our copies of zeronet to add/test/etc. new features prior to it being pushed to everyone else. And people can obviously submit pull requests to the zeronet github (at which point nofish needs to confirm and merge if he accepts the changes). For example, a lot of the ipv6 work was done by someone else, and nofish just put some finishing touches on it and merged it in. Go check the [github](https://github.com/HelloZeroNet/ZeroNet/) if you're interested.
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: Should be fixed now. Please refresh the page+css and let me know if it's working for you.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @leftside: Model user wow. Honestly half the time I'm just toying around with stuff. I just ❤️ zeronet. I'm hardly an ideal person or role model. I just like to try and make things comfy. Didn't at all mean to become a leader of some kind lol.
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: aww heck. Honestly I just copied code from the template blog I was sourcing from. Seems something went horribly wrong for mobile. I'll probably need to recode the site from scratch. Just uhh.... use your PC for the time being lol. I'll see what I can do about it.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Quantumworld: Huge difference between someone drunk shitposting one day, and clear spam. But again this is why a line is drawn between undesirable content (not necessary to mute) and outright spam (necessary to mute).
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Quantumworld: Yeah, videos can be a huge space hog. That's why I try not to download too many haha (running this on my tiny laptop). And yeah it's very nice to just have full control over everything that comes to and leaves your machine. Very refreshing.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Quantumworld: >I have 5 Zites that I blocked because the site was not working. Sometimes a non-working site is due to the site not being fully downloaded. Gotta watch out for that. >So things that I block, may not be things that you may want to block. Exactly. That's why the lists are optional, and should be clearly detailed. That's why I don't really like the "nope list". Because wtf is a nope? If someone wants to make a list to block rightwing posters, I don't see the issue with that, but I wouldn't follow it. >My zernet data directory is about 18 gig so far. Damn. A lot of sites? Or a lot of videos/files/music/etc? >Migrating to python 3.0?? Right now ZeroNet still runs on python2.7. Which is pretty common. However, py2.7is being deprecated, and python 3 is what will be supported in the future. They're a bit different in syntax and the way you structure code, so it takes time to migrate the code. That's what nofish is working on right now.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Geekless: Indeed. ZeroNet is currently in a code-freeze until the migration is done.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Geekless: Of course. He's a libertarian 😛
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Quantumworld: You'll want to be careful about following *user* mute lists then. Like the one I'm sharing. As they'll be hidden entirely like they weren't there. *Site* blocklists are fine for you, because it'll just pop up a warning screen, like that red "warning" page that google does when you go to a possibly malicious site. You can simply ignore the warning and dl the site anyway. But yeah, I'm wary of following user mutelists that don't have a clear reason. Like the "nope" list. Like wtf counts as "nope"? Spam is pretty clear. I'd like to see something like that for users who post pedophilic content. The problem is that the mutelists end up getting a variety of shit in there. I have other users I mute, but they aren't spammers so I didn't include them in the list. If you're uncomfortable following the lists, you can always see the list of accounts and the reason given for the mute. And investigate yourself if you want to mute those individual users.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Geekless: I think there should be a feature like that. Though I guess that can't really work out? Not sure how you'd do it.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @leftside: It's a global mutelist. If you mute them, they will be muted everywhere. At least, that's my understanding of how it works.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Quantumworld: This is a good firedrill haha. But yeah we only really need mutual lists for things like spam. Same how adblock works. The adblock doesn't block *content*, just the shit no one wants. And naturally people choose whether they opt-in or not.
Kaffie commented on Eightyfour's post: Followable mutelist for spammers [here.](
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Quantumworld: spam is very rare here. Up until now we only had a couple of normal people spam as a way of shitposting (as you would see in pretty much any right-wing chatroom). This is the first time spam has been used as an assault on the network. Ideally in the future mutes will delete the content from your machine and not distribute any from those users. Bans work per-site and are up to the site admins.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @leftside: Your muted users list is in /data/filters.json. It also includes any blocklists you follow, as well as any sites you have blocked. There's a gui version on zerohello if you click the dropdown (where you go to shutdown/update/etc.)
Kaffie commented on Piloth The Mack's post: @Pexo: Ah that's probably why I ended up disabling my canvas blocker then. To fix images here on zerome. Kinda a shame.
Kaffie commented on Eightyfour's post: I've been banning them from kaffiehub, and muting them on my own mutelist. Muting unfortunately doesn't prevent downloading/sharing apparently. But banning *does*. But I don't have access to every site to ban them from. I think it's probably a good idea to get a mutelist for the chinese spammers at least. And if there was a way to auto-ban a followed list that'd be neat too. I suggest that if y'all find "nope content" (in terms of CP or other things you don't want to share) that you *don't* rely on mutes, but instead rely on avoiding sites that allow that content. @nofish: is already aware of the problem of mutes still distributing content, and said he'd fix it after the python3 migration. @Eightyfour: I agree with the idea of different *kinds* of mute and blocklists. Pedos, loli/shota, nsfw content, spammers, etc. That way people who don't want, say, pedos or spammers can follow those lists, while still allowing nsfw content. As it stands, I'll be banning any of these chinese spammers (or any spammer) that pops up. Can't say the same for nofish's sites haha. Just gotta mute and move on I suppose.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Androiduser: Your question was a bit vague. If you mean you want something like then that's very easy to do. You just set up your namecoin domain to have a subdomain (changing the empty "" field to have something in it). And naturally the ?Post:51 comes from my blog itself, which gives specific posts depending on the url parameters. You can look up how to do that online as it's a common web thing. To remove the local host at the begining, it's very simple. You just configure your browser by installing a .pac file that I link to on [kaffie.bit]( I haven't yet updated it to support the .zeroid sites though. Kaffie.bit also includes a [test feature to check your protocol/url support.](
Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: @Goodone: Hello chinese government, it's nice to see that you finally realized you can't censor us.
Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: @Eightyfour: Rape is an example of why I support *early* pre-fetal abortions. Ideally it shouldn't happen, but it does. Rape is no excuse for a fetal/late abortion.
Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: @Quantumworld: I'd still allow for abortions when there are medical complications. But yeah other than that ideally they shouldn't happen.
Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: @Quantumworld: I'm actually a bit torn on early abortions. Ideally they'd be banned. But realistically things work better if they aren't. @leftside: The video is still edited though, yeah?
Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: @Quantumworld: lol. I have some odd views on the whole pregnancy/abortion issue. I support abortions up until the fetal stage of development. And after for medical emergencies (mother's life at risk). But I also support financial aid for parents, more streamlined adoption (and giving adoption rights to anyone who wants them), along with tech development like incubation and early births. A bit unrelated but I also support financial abortions for fathers. If the father wants to abort at a valid time, but the mother doesn't, then let the father sever his financial and legal connection to the kid and mother. As for debates... I find a lot of people think they "win" after making a snarky remark without ever really addressing the topic properly. It's rare to see for either side.
Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: @Quantumworld: I'm a far-left anarchist with some conservative social views.
Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: @Quantumworld: Went through and skimmed a lot tbh. Can't say it was a good speech. I guess it was "good" for trump. Definitely the best I've seen him speak. But that's likely because he was just following a script written for him. Still pretty horrible though. As for cnn..... cnn is pretty trash. Edit: Censored as in the video was edited to cut out parts.
Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: @Quantumworld: The video is censored. Do you have an uncensored copy?
Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: \>Trump \>Best Speech Yeah I'm not really sure those two things go together.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Fly11: If zeronet traffic started taking up most of their bandwidth that'd be amazing.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Fly11: We just need more cjdns peers haha. Be sure to add some more cjdns peers if you haven't already. The more the better tbh. I wish there was a better solution there, but cjdns is built more for meshes so it naturally expects local auto-config, with a few manual configuration for long-term nodes where the people know each other. Hopefully with this we can finally start building a proper new internet+web infrastructure.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Fly11: Yes, this is working great.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Androiduser: The first link is just a raw basic url to my post with no domain name. The second link (the "cool" one) has a few hacks. The lack of a prefix is able to be done by using a .pac file, which I provide on my site (though I didn't provide one for the .zeroid, only .bit). From there .zeroid domains are able to be used from @geekless's idname plugin. I don't really use namecoin anymore, but the usual domain for it is kaffie.bit (not under my control anymore) or more recently kaffii.bit (under my control). Domains and subdomains for the idname system work a bit differently than regular .bit names. .bit names can only be directed to plain sites, but naturally the ending bit with ?Post just points to the post on my blog after being navigated there using the domain. I'll definitely do a writeup on how to get idname working, and how to have support for raw .zeroid and .bit domains. Amusingly I also set up zero:// protocol support and http://zero/ support on my browser, so I can just do any style link. We definitely need a consensus though.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Helio5: This has been happening to me well before the TOS change. My last account was banned entirely for the same reason. It's because the truth about it heavily differs from the modern liberal/democrat narrative. So speaking about it accurately is "hate speech". It's absolutely ridiculous, but you can't clarify this to the twitter mods/admins, because they literally have no customer support whatsoever. The even more fucked thing is that I've had cases where I was harassed by other users, and then *I'd* get suspended for correcting their misinformation while they still run free. It's so messed up.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Helio5: Does it particularly matter what the details were? Regardless I've shared before so it's w/e. I have a few different medical issues that I usually discuss over on twitter. Namely transsexualism along with mutism. In this particular case I was just detailing how long I've been on medication, and talking a bit about the symptoms. Apparently that's "hate speech".
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Fly11: Just make sure cjdns is running when you run zeronet. And have your cjdns ip in the list of external ips for zeronet (you can check or the config file). In the plugins folder, rename disabled-bootstrapper to just bootstrapper. And then start ZeroNet and you should be good to go.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Fly11: cjdns doesn't connect to regular ipv6 addresses. Only to cjdns ones. If you've got cjdns, could you set up a tracker/bootstrapped node and share?
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Geekless: Yeah that's kinda a problem. At the very least we have the meaningless addresses as a backup. I think a federative/decentralized system for assigning names would probably work fine, even if it's prone to not being shared for everyone.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Geekless: @Eightyfour: Ah sorry I was a bit unclear there. I meant I don't see any benefit in IPFS. I understand why Tor is useful.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Geekless: Right. That's what I meant though. Since names aren't unique, it can't really be used. Which means a centralized backend to sign certs is needed for this method. But it seems that there's not a need for a public list which is good (though it's kinda expected for cert signers like ZeroID).
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Nofish: Does it prevent new downloads? I did notice that the files of the muted user remained until I deleted them. But I didn't thoroughly check if it redownloads. But yes, removing the files would be a welcome addition.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Geekless: Is that actually the case? That's honestly a serious issue if so. Since users could think they have blocked cp and actually be distributing it. Though from my test, files from muted users *are not* downloaded. But I think @nofish: could detail the specifics.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Geekless: That's smart, but then the question arises: what happens when you have multiple people with the same username? For example, there can be multiple nofish@kaffie.bit accounts, each with a different address. Since the service doesn't check for name uniqueness. Naturally the domain name can only point to one? Or would it bring up a thing where it asks which you want to go to? Or just navigate to the one you find first? That seems like an easy way to hijack urls.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Eightyfour: Tor support absolutely is not why ZeroNet is used more than IPFS. I fail to see any benefits in it tbh. ZeroNet is used more because.... well find me a site like ZeroMe on IPFS.
Kaffie commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @Klu9: I love the addon but it breaks a lot of things that rely on the html5 canvas. Which unfortunately is pretty much everything that has html5 video, games, image/gif uploading, etc. So ultimately I have it disabled so I can actually use the web. And I'm not sure how much it actually helps protect against tracking.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Quantumworld: Don't mock/hate/directly insult people seems like a common sense rule tbh. It wasn't like it was out of the blue for you. But yes, I agree with your views on them. Data hogs who sell to the highest bidder, and censor free speech.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @caryoscelus: It's just funny how they're speculating that it'd need crypto to pay for hosting when we're just using ZN fine. Turns out apathy wins. That's why IPFS it's so hard to have your stuff online, while ZN it's very easy. No one cares about a few mb. I have so many sites and ZN for me takes up only maybe a gig or two.
Kaffie commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: I had actually removed two of my addons due to this: IPFS container (didn't need it), and unpaywall (violator of privacy). Unpaywall wasn't perfectly clear about what they did/didn't collect, but the addon-page says it has access to all sites (not just scholarly). And their privacy says they auto-send info. So I removed for safety despite it being a good addon. Here's the addons I currently have. Please let me know if I missed something. Blend-in - Helps anonymize by spoofing your user-agent to be the most popular/custom selected. Mozilla says it can access all pages, but it's a privacy tool. Seems fine. Decentraleyes - Privacy tool that copies common CDNs and lets you access them locally. Popular open source addon, so it seems safe. DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials - DuckDuckGo's privacy addon. Do you trust them? I certainly trust them enough to use as my primary search engine. Popular+Open source so it seems safe. Exhentai Easy 2 - Don't kinkshame me. Seems fine. It's a small addon made by some pervs. I doubt they're collecting+selling data. Facebook Container - Mozilla extension. Helps isolate facebook to prevent it's tracking. Safe. Firefox Lightbeam - Another mozilla extension. This one actually *does* log your history but allows you to see it as a graph. Given it's mozilla, I'm assuming safe? HTTPS everywhere - EFF. Safe. Keychain Services Integration - A small addon by some user to allow firefox to use mac keychain. Safe. Let's Get Colorblind - A small addon to simulate colorblindness and to provide correction. Safe. Nano Defender - Adblocker/track-blocker. Open source. Safe. New Tab Override - Popular addon used to customize the new tab page now that firefox removed the ability to. Probably safe? Privacy Badger - EFF. Safe. Reddit Enhancement Suite - RES is a popular open source addon. Safe. Sci-hub Links - This one's hard to tell but it's a small addon by some chinese guy to add sci-hub links to stuff. Probably safe? Stylus - Popular open source addon. Safe. Torrentz2 Magnet Links + - Adds magnet links to torrentz2. It's not open source but it seems safe enough given it's just some random pirate. Yeah? At least not selling the data haha. uBlock origin - Obviously safe. Violentmonkey - Popular open source addon. Safe. Vivaldifox - Open source addon I checked myself. Safe. Canvasblocker (Disabled) - Another privacy addon, but one i have disabled. IIRC it's open source so it should be safe.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @FraYoshi: Don't you dare encourage people to stop using their platforms!
Kaffie commented on Geekless's post: @Geekless: Well consider me a huge fan, even if there's no active development. Seems to work like a charm, and works to resolve the domain name filled gap we have right now. No one wants to use namecoin due to squatting and being locked into a centralized financial system. And pure addresses are kinda obnoxious. The plugin here resolves everything and gives easy domain names based on usernames. I'm curious what else you have in mind. Edit: We really need a clean url standard. The long local ip+port is obnoxious and ugly and doesn't match everyone. But not everyone has http://zero/ or zero:// or raw name.bit support in their browser. I personally configured my browser to add support for just jumping straight to a name.zeroid site just as i can do with name.bit. But the lack of a standard is frustrating.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @FraYoshi: The corporate overlords apparently hate you like they hate me. Don't you love the dystopian cyberpunk future where your entire existence and right to speak is dictated by a few large corporations?
Kaffie commented on Geekless's post: This is actually pretty cool. Went ahead and set it up on my end. I also went ahead and set up a site for my auth_address, so it should be accessible through it or through http://zero/kaffie.zeroid
Kaffie started following Geekless
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Quantumworld: ngl that's actually pretty fair. Their rules clearly state that you can't harass/mock/attack people. Regardless of how much you like/dislike them. But talking about your medical condition? Tf? Providing factual information? I can get why they'd want to ban harassment and mockery. But I can't see why they'd ban factual info.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @FraYoshi: It's rare to see a ban entirely from reddit. Usually just subreddits ban (which happens often). @Quantumworld: I run social media platforms fine and it works out. The problem is that many people put into positions of power do not deserve that power, and cannot handle it. You have to be impartial which is something a lot of people have difficulty doing.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @leftside: Phones aren't strong enough to help with mining in any significant manner. And it'd be a massive battery drain, making the phone basically useless. Not really a good solution.
Kaffie liked Иagi's post
Kaffie commented on Lola's post: Right now the one and only use of ZeroNet is as an experimental network that prevents censorship (from govs, military, companies, etc.) and allows for free, decentralized, always-up hosting. Along with users owning their data. It's a private, free, and cheap alternative to the regular web. It's like asking "what is an ad-blocker useful for?"
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Geekless: I sent a response but I hit my zeromail limit so I'm not sure it sent properly.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @leftside: The cryptography used by blockchains isn't a blockchain. Public+Private keys have been a thing for much longer than any blockchains. Blockchain refers to the actual datastructure itself, that provides an immutable decentralized store of information (transaction info). ZeroNet happens to use the same cryptography as bitcoin, so the addresses are the same. However, ZeroNet does not use a blockchain whatsoever.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit: The assumption should be that eventually the physical networks we use now will be compromised, highly censored, and only allow whitelisted data. It should be a last resort if anything. The big issue is that requiring these networks means requiring the owners to allow you to connect. Which usually involves slavery. Not a good nor ideal system. If you can get these networks without censorship, spying, and without costs/fees, then by all means use them. At the moment it's not a *huge* issue, as that's what we're obviously using right now to communicate. But we should expect this to go away. @leftside: blockchains don't identify users. They store data. And yeah, in the long run we don't need the phone capabilities if we can get people to switch to other methods. The bigger issue is simply having data wherever you go, without relying on big telecoms.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Styromaniac: It's "decentralized" in that they use a blockchain, which is decentralized in name and idea only. The theory of blockchains involves decentralization, but in practice we see that they're highly centralized. The fact that "dapps" use a centralized backend is just icing on the cake, really. Naturally those users care less about decentralization, and more about profit. They use decentralization as a selling point, not as an ideal.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @leftside: I'm pretty anti-blockchain. I fail to see how it can be a truly decentralized solution when it requires huge centralized mining pools and a constant internet connection. As for GSM/LTE, the big thing is we need.... an actual real physical network. There's a huge gap here. Meshes are coming, but they aren't widespread enough and I'm not sure phones will be able to run text/phone/data over them automatically. We still need a FOSS mobile OS, and a way to build hardware without proprietary parts. A long way off from that free mobile experience, unfortunately.
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Indeed. It's already starting. Which is why things need to go a bit faster than they have been. I went ahead and installed yggdrasil, but I'm not sure I'm connected properly. I think I'm lacking a proper peer to connect to.
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Agreed. The more options the better tbh. Whatever gets things going the fastest is probably the best. I'm not sure how much longer we'll have a free and open internet.
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: I'm not opposed. Is the only difference between that and cjdns just the routing? What benefits are here that we don't get from cjdns? Ultimately my goal is to get to a point where we don't rely on any centralized hardware or software for basic web/internet usage. CJDNS seems to be the most active project in that field, hence the best option IMO. Real mesh networks are actually using cjnds right now. AFAIK yggdrasil doesn't really have a network of users.
Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: Most people join after they hear about it, test it out, and then stop coming due to lack of activity. We have regular users who drop by every now and again, but may take long breaks. There's just not much going on here, so it's hard to stay active.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit: CJDNS is unrelated to your ISP. Just install the software and you can connect through cjdns' ipv6. No need for native ipv6. I don't have it and cjdns works fine for me.
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: I only have two hard-coded trackers on my ZN: one ipv4, and one cjdns/ipv6. Both are ZeroNet bootstrap nodes. Everything else is shared. All ZN bootstrap nodes. Once more people hop on the cjdns train we can finally have a web that's immune to middleman bullshit. Edit: all we need now tbh is automatic cjdns peer info sharing.
Kaffie commented on ks's post: @ks: Yup. That's me.
Kaffie liked ks's post
Kaffie commented on ks's post: @ks: Ah. I think I'm connected now.
Kaffie commented on ks's post: @ks: Go into plugins and rename "disabled-bootstrapper" to "bootstrapper" (removing the disabled- in front). AFAIK that turns your node into a tracker.
Kaffie commented on ks's post: @ks: What's the port? 15441 as default? I tried `zero://fc2a:e8f2:3f9c:52e5:5c2f:da95:9213:7bd7:15441` which should be it, yeah? That's the cjdns ip I got and it points to your site fine. But it doesn't connect as a tracker so I'm guessing either the prefix is wrong or the port. I tried the same thing with the domain name but it doesn't seem to work with those.
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: We need cjdns trackers :)
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @x86128: Neither of these are mine. I don't have a dedicated tracker I can share. The peering node should be up (if it's not, I can share a new one). The tracker indeed seem to have gone down. We need some dedicated bootstrap nodes that can remain online 24/7. To do this yourself I think you can just enable the bootstrapper plugin.
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: If your "app" is reliant on centralized things, it's not decentralized. I've been saying this for a long time. This is why I'm a firm believer in ZeroNet's future, along with things like cjdns, patchwork/ssb, etc. Things that don't rely on centralized solutions.
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: @Eightyfour: You do realize you disagree with scientists and biologists, right? Along with medical doctors? All for the sake pushing your 5th grade education of how sexed development works, at which point you admit it is faulty? At this point it's some sort of delusion you're pushing just so you aren't wrong lmao. You umm.... do realize that when we say sex we're referring to reproductive roles and the associated biology, right? Not chromosomes? We labeled XX as female because it usually correlated with those organs and that role. But in cases like CAIS that's no longer true. But you'd rather reject science entirely to push an agenda namely focused on bigotry, rather than biological facts. Suit yourself I guess? @Styromaniac: >He prefers to gender people by chromosomes, even though that means he'll have to call a few people born with vaginas and having grown breasts men, It's not even about gendering. He's just straight up incorrect. He's trying to declare that someone born with a uterus, ovaries, vagina, etc. is somehow male because she has XY chromosomes. He's just straight up incorrect. But yes, he'll definitely run into confusion when he finds out about stuff like XO, XXY, etc. @Eightyfour: >"Look at this chromosomal exception, therefore cutting my dick off and inserting silicone in my chest makes me a woman now!" Aaand here we go. More uneducated bigotry without understanding science. For a start, no one "cuts their dick off". Most transitioners don't even get SRS. As for "inserting silicone in your chest" that's not at all what happens. Breasts grow naturally as a result of estrogen exposure. But I get you aren't a man of science and prefer to reject it in favor of your bigoted misinformation.
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: If he wanted to try to declare that women with transsexualism are somehow men, he probably shouldn't have started with chromosomes. Instead what I'd do is point out how we can't actually transplant reproductive organs, nor reconstruct them. Meaning a full proper transition isn't technically possible. And then go from there. But of course transphobes are kinda retarded so it is what it is.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: For connection info.... cjdns/hyperboria peering info: ``` "": { "login": "default-login", "password":"pqr5brz16vzzu6vhjuj7tv3n078kr5f", "publicKey":"ubbtkp0txwjh44v8kkznvhjqqwr1hd2jzv5ms9zlkfk25svxvtg0.k", "peerName":"trnsz" }, ``` cjdns/hyperboria tracker: ``` zero://fc18:83a4:7e42:9b85:9cc0:4936:fc33:5d75:15328 ``` Make sure you add your cjdns ip to the external_ips field on the config page or in the config file.
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: @Eightyfour: Question: do you believe women with CAIS (complete androgen insensitivity syndrome) are male? Due to having XY chromosomes? Seems odd since they're physiologically female.
Kaffie commented on ks's post: Can you share the cjdns ip? I've been looking to test it.
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: I understand sex chromosomes fine. They are just entirely unrelated to one's biological sex. They're often indicative, but lots of reproductive/sexual disorders deviate from that norm. What I find instead is that most people fail to properly understand transsexualism, and often conflate it with the more popular transvestic disorder (GID/Gender incongruence/etc). Leads to all sorts of confusion unfortunately.
Kaffie commented on Quantumworld's post: \>leaks sex tapes \>claims to be a victim Gawker is so full of shit.
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: @Eightyfour: TERFs regularly deny science. tf you on?
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: They ace at different things because they're philosophically opposed. ZN is about decentralized hosting of websites. IPFS tries to create universal links for content that never updates. With ZN updatability of the site is in mind when building. In IPFS the opposite is true. Amusingly, despite ZN being mutable and IPFS being immutable, we end up with ZN having more redundancy due to it's opt-out nature rather than IPFS's opt-in nature. To me the clear winner appears to be ZN. IPFS can barely function half the time.
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: IPFS and ZeroNet have opposing philosophies. ZN is opt-out, IPFS is opt-in. This makes ZN more reliable.
Kaffie commented on Styromaniac's post: Can this happen already so people stop using chrome and chrome-derivatives and instead focus on making actual new browsers?
Kaffie commented on Pubg's post: @→_→: I'm not sure how a vpn will help with cjdns, given the two are entirely unrelated. I don't have money to pay for a vpn anyway.
Kaffie commented on Pubg's post: @→_→: https://github.com/cjdelisle/cjdns If you're on windows: https://www.santacruzmesh.net/installer.html You'll need a cjdns peer.
Kaffie commented on Pubg's post: Do you have a cjdns address node? I'd like to connect over cjdns which uses ipv6. As my network lacks native ipv6 and I'd love to promote cjdns and alternative routing systems.
Kaffie commented on ZAlex's post: @Daniell Mesquita: I don't? Lol. I use mac.
Kaffie commented on ZAlex's post: Windows is a virus.
Kaffie commented on Blurhy's post: @Daniell Mesquita: Umm what? I don't use windows lmao. I pretty much do everything on my mac. I run linux in a VM sometimes if needed (like for some work I'm doing). I have some old windows computers but I never use them.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Too Late: My laptop lacks a cd/dvd drive.
Kaffie commented on Krixano's post: re: 3: what about "no problem"
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: @Too Late: I don't really have money to buy a new drive with. Nor any idea how to set up raid. Doesn't that require multiple hard drives? I don't have that kind of money :\
Kaffie commented on Screens OS's post: Has anyone actually gotten it to work? If y'all chinese peeps just want ipv6, no need to run cjdns. But cjdns is pretty cool, so definitely help try to get that set up.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: My drive is pretty fucked. I got most of my data back which is great, but I can't get the drive working again.
Kaffie commented on Kaffie's post: Update. Can't seem to reformat the drive. Pretty sure it might be dead for good. rip.
Kaffie commented on Commieslayer1950's post: @Erinlalouve: There's ZeroTalk which is just a typical forum, albeit reddit-like. And then the closest we have is [ZeroVoat]( which is kinda dead, and is honestly pretty shit. A reddit clone is definitely needed. Ideally as a merger site.
Kaffie commented on Musickiller's post: wopergenderneutralchild. Fixed for you. "Son" is sexist. Or perhaps just "woperchild"
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.:an artificial construct of someone’s mind somewhere on the other end of the net:. - [home page](/1MCoA8rQHhwu4LY2t2aabqcGSRqrL8uf2X/) [ [blog](/1MCoA8rQHhwu4LY2t2aabqcGSRqrL8uf2X/?/blog/) ] ([clearnet mirror](https://caryoscelus.github.io)) - [my music](/1FiHm91tcDdjkiGkHZH2xoMc7Qmzrh8sv3/) - [moving pictures theatre](/1N8zibqog72CCDBDo8jrxU7C6Q8JeVND2Z/) - [short stories](/1JecUbTPHudVR3fi6KMFwQNW2mT2L8H7dq/) - [poetry](/1QDEpSBxTXiZ4ak9m9ATAVAy1SSLiRrxKs/) - [heavy bright sun](/1HAB57aQRcLHoHb3ehHrh8SZT647VWVA28/) - [Libre Dazai](/1JPGL61v5LgbfyD3pvAkCy3YqrCWqaekWH/) - [Obligatory Empty Page](/13GoB3QYyoqtN7wVpuQfgAQxn7LwucYED7/) ([repo](/1EtWCTxuY34N4C8incQgjTw8M2S2TPvZwF)) - [HydeView - yet another duct tape engine, related to Jekyll](/18JXMUqeg6u1nZXi1rYTsiUpBuzTnyi9yc/) ([repo](/1DTjNhj7Mm4hSvEQ2mEUnWp5cP1eaUzHyA)) The rumours say i may write.. - ..in a reasonably good world english - ..на достаточно литературном русском - ..外人の日本語で - ..bau la mabla lojban Please don't use automated translation to write if you don't know a language, we can use it to read instead Copyright is stupid. Free software and libre culture are ethical imperatives Being on my "following" list does not imply endorsement, though being on my "mute" list implies dis-endorsement Please don't donate on my 0net addresses: that might be insecure. If you want to, check current address on [special page](/1MCoA8rQHhwu4LY2t2aabqcGSRqrL8uf2X/?/donate/)
owo whats this [Tox](tox:6504493BB50F9DDE31AFFDE869424758D3DD3E2C76272007A7A191B410D60827696969697386) [Github](https://github.com/Pigpog)
Hi there! I'm a movie and tech enthusiast.
### Programming. Languages. Zen. **[RU] [EN] [ES] [EO] [SL] [SR]** **[C] [CXX] [RB] [PY] [JS] [SH]** - [Geekless.Blog]( - [ZeroNet.Ru]( - [Talks@ZeroNet.Ru](
A dev of ZeroNet. Secondary Student. China(UTC+8) Atheist, Nihilist [View me on Github](https://github.com/blurHY) [Blog on clearnet](https://blurhy.xyz) #### Projects - [IPZN](https://github.com/blurHY/IPZN) (Current project) - HorizonZite - HorizonSpider - ZeronetBot - Zeronet-docs - Translations of the-truth... #### [Horizon - Search Engine](/1HoRiznsHbJAqs2bmrVcSd79NTGVFp4Ju2) #### [Blog](/12q9YNb5oJ331nTjUxWefV9W2EXpMu8RWi) #### Telegram @blurhy #### Tox `867226A9F397786A82F9E8E547A0CFDA080E180B8500D58B7830100D68B0AA3F2B5AFF62F744`
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Memento mori.
Loli is love. Loli is life. Follow me for your supply of lolis. 2D only.
Music streaming for all! [ZeroLSTN]( [ZeroLSTN.Talk]( Source Code: [GitCenter]( --- [ZeroMail]( --- Mobile Accounts: [zerolstnmobile@zeroid.bit]( [zerolstnmobile2@zeroid.bit](
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zeronet is dope
Talk to me Nerdy! (>_<) [My Blog.](
随处可见的难民 各种东西:[空澄砂夜 | 传送门](/sorasumi.bit/) - - - Tox: 1192991150CD61EA8042CECE95EC24AA8D6AC7B6E0DB753BAE558F479B0859405A405A407A08
Idiot. Love GNU/Linux, KDE, Qt, Free / Libre / Open Source Software, Python, Pirate Party, ZeroNet and other awesome technologies, ideas, projects and software that respect our rights, freedom, privacy and anonimity. There is no meaning of life. Links: -[ My main ZeroSite]( -[ ZeroMail]( -[ ClearNet site](http://zausoft.ru) -[ E-Mail](mailto:zalex@zausoft.org)
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it's no mystery.
Game Dev I Find Everything Interesting ___ #[*My Blog*](
I'm that one guy all software developers hate, mostly because I can effortlessly break any program.
## Programmer, Poet, Conlanger, Composer ### Projects * [ZeroNet Exe Installer](/Talk.ZeroNetwork.bit/?Topic:1526846299_12gAes6NzDS9E2q6Q1UXrpUdbPS6nvuBPu/ZeroNet+Exe+Installer+Beta+P2P+Message+Plugin+by+GitCenter) * [KxoNetwork](/kxonet.bit) * [KxoVid](/kxovid.bit) * [New Important Zites](/1MiS3ud9JogSQpd1QVmM6ETHRmk5RgJn6E/) * [ZeroMedium](/ZeroMedium.bit/?/) ([GitCenter](/1BEPbMfV8QtaZCD2cPNbabfDKnmhTAZRPx)) * [ZeroExchange](/1PHBjZSAc6mHDMkySJNs3XeSXUL7eY7Q7W) * [ZeroNet Dev Center](/14pM9huTYzJdyQyHRj6v2kfhMe8DrxwpGt) * [ZeroDB](/ZeroDB.bit) * [ZeroFrame Router Example](/1K2myjtjoEVpRC2JMieRL73ES4V4iLP2Ev) * [Important Zites](/15Pf9VVuDT8NSWj1qUBh4V89yPmrmzRw6a/) (Old) * [My Portal Zite](/1JBXrjCabLEWXmKJ2pJ4XhxA4rwYAEazKw)
[zeropub]( dev. [BloxelWars!]( dev. Also five headed dragon.
ᖱᗩ ᕈᙓᙓᑕᙓ make Love not War. Protect the Internet, the largest project of mankind on Earth. Don't ask for your privacy. Take it back.
Privacy, politics and raspberry pies. [The Snowden Files]( [Wikileaks Torrents]( [Offshore Leaks DataBase]( [Prism-Break Mirror](
## 16 Year old Developer and P2P guy ### Projects - [`ZeroMe Reloaded`](http://localhost:43110/me.mkg20001.bit) - [`HelloZeroProxy`](http://localhost:43110/1ProxyQi6h6cy2gGybQECs2WgxnoEP4Cvr) - [`ZionHost`](https://zion.host) ### Profiles, Contact & more - [`mkg20001.github.io`](https://mkg20001.github.io) - [`GitHub @mkg20001`](https://github.com/mkg20001) - [`Blog`](http://localhost:43110/mkg20001.bit) - [`PGP 0x9CF49C5F`](http://keyserver.ubuntu.com/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x0D948CE19CF49C5F) - [`mkg20001 at gmail dot com`](http://keyserver.ubuntu.com/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x0D948CE19CF49C5F)
A post-life-sciences student, lerne Deutsch, learning various things about Internet and others. In future like to focus on research esp. on Artificial Life. * [ZeroNet General Dark Theme](/Talk.ZeroNetwork.bit/?Topic:1524712925_1AWwhg4EiWAVttfQboJZ4wJfX3WawfJT3h) * [ZeroNet Mobile Guide](/Talk.ZeroNetwork.bit/?Topic:7_1AWwhg4EiWAVttfQboJZ4wJfX3WawfJT3h) * [ZeroNet Dev Resources Index](/Talk.ZeroNetwork.bit/?Topic:1509171908_1AWwhg4EiWAVttfQboJZ4wJfX3WawfJT3h/Yet+another+ZeroNet+Dev+Resources+Index) * [My Messy Blog](/1EiMAqhd6sMjPG2tznkkGXxhdwFBDdeqT9/) * [My Messy Repo](/13zzNGxEXDeLxHEGZdG3mE7G8dChf45LrV) * [My 0-Gallery](/1D2C23aAoHeoJsvPjZZxS9bt3i93uRVfUP) * [My 0-Share](/1Dphm8Mth9WYN9fPm1yxj8Y4WhcKRhYXJJ/) * [ZeroMe Chronological Timeline](?Post/1oranGeS2xsKZ4jVsu9SVttzgkYXu4k9v/1AWwhg4EiWAVttfQboJZ4wJfX3WawfJT3h/1518537114) * [ZeroMe Language Character Filter and Hub Timeline](?Post/1oranGeS2xsKZ4jVsu9SVttzgkYXu4k9v/1AWwhg4EiWAVttfQboJZ4wJfX3WawfJT3h/1503681678) --- --- [Send me a ZeroMail](/mail.zeronetwork.bit/?to=binchan2), and [If you need ZeroMail notification](/1EiMAqhd6sMjPG2tznkkGXxhdwFBDdeqT9/?Post:67)
Sites: [Mother Of All Blocklists](/1LgqZfbtr6dukbjHdjWBEmmthq1shEv3y1/) [Kāv](/4Kave.bit/) [App 0](/1E7wdLyfWBZAJoPtk7t7dxBAdVFDkWpKrX/) With App 0, you have to return before adding a shortcut. Possibly Android only. Contact: I'm on Wire. Search for @styromaniac or visit https://get.wire.com
Interested in security, privacy and anonymity. [Personal Zite](/amorgan.bit) Tox ID: A159F3328E43C0766FE3CECA051049699E6AA4B3037FC84B643A00E975DA3559F6D9887D5A17
`I catch segfaults.` <https://rainbowda.sh> [Github/Emeraude (clearnet)](https://github.com/Emeraude) [ZeroMusic](
remora nettus I have a [ZeroBlog]( where I post my thoughts, please check it out :D
Where there is darkness, there's a market for light
Nobody can stop me from dreaming [✉](/itskas.bit/)
Moscow, Russia, Earth - [Blog in English](/144W6itCd6jUqHDx5SDjbFaRdTnh4gRBBA/) - [Блог на русском](/1MaQ4W5D6G52TpBfPACU9k9QcB1DxvHZ5v/) - [Wiki со ссылками](/1NbzP9dgYhuY71bde9G1LuVGaCE69venzR/)
Feel free to email me if you have any questions. GPG: `0AD8 D7E9 DCD9 5A10 5BA6 A111 6CC6 5FB9 1CE3 9BB5`.
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Liberté. Egalité. Poulet. 🌈 I don't defend my ideas. They are not mine. Please, share your music : [mixtape.bit](/mixtape.bit)
Is developing a paranoid protocol for anonymous wireless communications, [aDTN](../18USGqZSWppp9zdvwsD1oauq2UMuA3CFUC) Likes decentralization, anonymity, wireless/mesh networks, FOSS, unconditional basic income and goats Practices Aikido, is learning Japanese, and enjoys drawing/painting
Author of ZeroNet's first decentralised music streaming service called "NinjaBeats". - [NinjaBeats website (NEW!)]( - [NinjaBeats streamer (NEW! - Now works on mobile)]( - [Contact me]( - [My blog](
[RVRE]( [RVRE Blog]( --- 17, UK; @LetsRaceBwoi on Twitter and GitHub, @xezno#0909 on Discord
User from the Void. -------- - [Dark ZeroMe]( - If you hate white, come join us on the dark side. - [8values on Zeronet]( - Find out how you lean in politics. - [Blog]( - So far used mostly to post updates of my various ZeroNet projects. - [TED Talks 2017 - Speakers List Archive]( - Archive of speakers from when the ZeroNet founder was slated to appear at the conference. - [Share Test]( - Experiments with file sharing and video streaming using ZeroMux. - [Contact Me](
26/Female - Kaffiene Developer --- [Patreon](https://www.patreon.com/aprilc0t) [Patreon Discord](https://discord.gg/hx3xXZV) [My Blog]( [My Github](https://github.com/April93) [Kaffiene Search](
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The Evil One
P2P user from China. 中文用户。ZeroNet老司机:)请务必看[中文论坛](频繁更新的**置顶贴**和**FAQ**,包含最新的ZeroMe、ZeroNet使用技巧、注意事项和疑问解答。 [ZeroNet APK下载地址汇总贴]( [ZeroNet公共代理列表]( 推荐一下 [@talnicrom]( 搞的 [ZeroMe "Plus"]( (有很多增强功能,包括话题、收藏页、~~贴图~~非原生贴图,落后于原版ZeroMe)和[ZeroMeMention](查询谁@ 了你、谁@ 了谁)
I am from the future. SkyNet has sent me on a mission to destroy mankind.
It's that fellow
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