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Mg0 commented on Kaffie's post: Again, not a sure fire thing but since you are seriously considering a $ sudo rm -rf / on you, might as well use your time wandering on alt science/medicine forums looking for compounds that may have some helpful effects on your situation and stuffing yourself with such things. Like, if you lack ascorbic acid (vit. C) you could use some capsules (big pharma solution) for that, or just eat oranges (alt. med solution). Of course, you may end not actually finding anything that could either help you or be readily available for you but what would you lose trying by now 🤷. As for possible countries to move to? south america ones have more criminality than the US afaik, temperatures are higher all year long and medical services might be worse than what you have, on the other side you could rather find fresh crops and since laws are distinct you may even find it easier to get a supply of meds that may help with your condition, or just pain-killers. idk really. At last, I kind of make an idea of you not being able to fix your current life because of your sickness and at the same time having to keep a minimum of social skills, a.k.a not looking like a utterly rude person so... if you feel the urge to scream really nasty things to someone or something then do it if it promises to relieve you of some torment. If anything else doesn't work, I'd recommend leaving a suicide note stating the way you want your belongings to be distributed, using a quick death method for avoiding much agony, and if possible, setting up your death place in a way that your body ends properly cremated (mind to make it so it won't start a big fire, #savetheplanet). Anyway, just try to have fun, whatever you end doing.
Mg0 commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: Make a clone in gitlab or or host one yourself, I have source for py3 branch, rev 4172 if that helps.
Mg0 commented on Kaffie's post: Have to say, your description of your states sounds too much like being high, but in control as well.
Mg0 commented on Kaffie's post: Just don't try harming others, whenever in doubt think what the other person would do to you after you do what you are thinking to them.
Mg0 commented on Kaffie's post: It's good to see you active again
Mg0 commented on SadLoli's post: @SadLoli: Glad to hear I was of help.
Mg0 commented on SadLoli's post: Make sure to check the 'Download and help distribute all files', and press the update button until it starts.
Mg0 commented on SadLoli's post: @SadLoli: Hmm, I'd say that a thousand files is a good upper limit for starters, but I haven't done much extensive testing yet, I think the approach is to have small (below 2MB maybe?) content.json files, maybe even 10MB content.json files wouldn't be prohibitive given good hardware and network but that's just me wondering.
Mg0 commented on SadLoli's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: Hold it! Rex research is working well since a while ago, I checked [this proxy]( yesterday and it's actually synced with the zite (it's only downloaded about 2.5G out of 6.7G but I tried some links and it downloads on demand so it's working). The zite feels relatively light given its size, just make sure to use content.json files properly. Not too many files for each
Mg0 commented on Somename666's post: Maybe an update to grub messed it up a bit, maybe it was because of a possible unclean shutdown or even an update to something that may trigger a grub.cfg reconstruction.
Mg0 commented on ulrichard's post: Well then, try looking at other car repair shops then, if they won't even accept bank transfers and won't even tell you the reason then it's not worth it in my eyes. It'd be sad if it's like the best shop at town or some old friends with your parents or something else but credit card only as payment is quite shady imho, not accepting cash would keep their shops burglars and bank transfers would be bothersome but should work as well. Ditching those two and leaving only CC without a proper reason is lame.
Mg0 commented on ulrichard's post: Can't you just arrange with them to make a direct transaction from your bank account to theirs? or, what about debit cards? (I think that's how they are called), which only have as much as the account backed by it
Mg0 commented on Styromaniac's post: What I mean is that I have a hard time understanding english when spoken that slowly, that's it. I may try again with max volume.
Mg0 commented on Styromaniac's post: I can't really understand what is being said, do you have subtitles for the video? or at least a brief description of what the video is about?
Mg0 commented on Axion's post: Nice avatar, welcome to 0net
Mg0 commented on Somename666's post: @SomeName666: I don't think that's the case, windows does actually only auto mount the first partition, but it can use both afaik, you'd have to mount it (assign a letter in windows) to the second partition to use it. But there's still corruption :/
Mg0 commented on weakish's post: @caryoscelus: OOHHHHH, so it's actually the whole way around!
Mg0 commented on Somename666's post: It may be FAT corruption or a change of filename encodings, I think the former is more likely. You'll probably face lots of FAT errors if trying to read that data. Mind to mount in read-only and if that doesn't work then try using photorec/testdisk to recover anything. Only after that you may try dosfsck (FAT equivalent of windows chkdsk in linux).
Mg0 commented on Somename666's post: Whoa, nice corruption there, is that drive using FAT or NTFS as a filesystem?
Mg0 commented on weakish's post: @caryoscelus: Sorry, I don't know that syntax enough, does that '-' at the beginning of a line mean it's a comment? if so, the func declaration shouldn't be complete.
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Mg0 commented on weakish's post: tl;dr / I don't code: Taiwan will prohibit homosexual marriage. EDIT: nvm, I got it all reversed. homo is legit now, it seems.
Mg0 commented on Kaffie's post: You mean, games that emphasize appearance, glamour or vanity like dressing games, some that resemble housewifes everyday life like cooking? I don't play those but if I ever find the need I think I'd just wander thru clearnet flash minigames sites. There are a couple of those for handhelds, I remember many when I used to lurk for nintendo DS roms. Now that I think of it, I remember playing harvest moon a lot, I wouldn't label it as 'girls only' but it should very well fit in such category.
Mg0 commented on caryoscelus's post: Well, it makes almost anyone doing it look dumber but it may be a way to encourage some excercise into sedentary people. Dunno, there are just so many possibilities...
Mg0 commented on aoisensi's post: Doki Doki Literature Club, really people that has been a well known thing on the internet for a while already.
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Mg0 commented on Kaffie's post: Yeah, kind of reminds me of that episode of *My life as a teenage robot* where XJ9 required help from the skyway patrol but the paperwork. Oh the paperwork!
Mg0 commented on Quantumworld's post: I wouldn't recommend using a usb drive for anything for brief backups, I've never liked the idea of portable usb drives it feels too fragile. Instead, I'd recommend disassembling that disk enclosure and interfacing it with sata instead, it's going to faster, that's for sure.
Mg0 commented on Quantumworld's post: I particularly lack such amounts of storage space, so I mostly seed small things like some images or pdf documents.
Mg0 commented on Deliriumgoddess6's post: @Deliriumgoddess6: Uhm, you shouldn't have pasted it all, it's not wise speaking of privacy. Anyway, it seems you are running Tor from the Tor Browser Bundle; I run tor as a standalone and it doesn't use port 9151 for the `ControlPort` but yours does. I think you should check your `/etc/zeronet.conf` file, and ensure you have something like this. `tor_controller =` `tor_proxy =`
Mg0 commented on Deliriumgoddess6's post: Yeah, just checked. That means tor is not running. If you are on linux you could run `pgrep tor -fa` to check if it's running (probably isn't). You must start tor, btw, if it wasn't working when trying in on firefox then there's the cause as well.
Mg0 commented on Deliriumgoddess6's post: Then you have an issue there with Tor, click the Tor button at ZeroHello, does it decribe the error a bit better? like, is it related to the control port or what does it reference?
Mg0 commented on Deliriumgoddess6's post: Is tor status ok in ZeroHello?
Mg0 commented on Deliriumgoddess6's post: You don't have to set tor proxy on firefox for enabling it in zeronet, what you need is Tor Always Mode, set it up in
Mg0 commented on Deliriumgoddess6's post: You trying to use tor on the web, or zeronet over tor?
Mg0 commented on realkarmakun's post: lol styro
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Mg0 commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: Try restarting the zeronet client
Mg0 commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: I have an instance on a RPi 1, as others it has only one core so I can't tell :/
Mg0 commented on caryoscelus's post: You can set up a ZNC, it's like connecting to an intermediary irc network that is always logged in to the network you want to connect and it can be set up to keep logs
Mg0 commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: thanks for addressing this. Note all the zite required files would top at 200MB at the moment.
Mg0 commented on Kaffie's post: @Anonimouslogin: estradiol (patches, not pills), finasteride, spironolactone, and medroxyprogesterone acetate (though I'm considering switching to micronized progesterone). Kaffie posted that in another thread, dunno if she has changed any of those, neither the dosage.
Mg0 commented on weakish's post: I like runit
Mg0 commented on Pexo's post: True meaning of ethics escape my knowledge now but, 'inorganic' CP shouldn't be outright illegal as it is as cleanly done as CG animal torture or CG human mutilation media. Now, the point that it 'encourages such acts' is another thing, people is weak but that's not the fault of the former. Now, allow me to show once again how the end justifies the means: If a computer were to be trained to successfully generate new CP content without the need of true CP training data then that would mean that LE agencies could have a virtually limitless source of bait for pedo-criminals. What do ya'll think about it?
Mg0 commented on Kaffie's post: Damn, but it could help a bit, right? right!? also, what did people (woman mainly) of ancient times to produce estrogen? have sex?. Go have sex! (please don't [unless necessary] ). I have this dream of going full off-grid one day and that requires a vast knowledge of the human body and a big arsenal of natural weeds so to keep me alive and going when diseases strike; cases like yours make me think I've been blessed with a neat inmuno-system and a balanced body overall, but also tells me there's no such thing as a big-pharma alternative anywhere ...
Mg0 commented on leftside's post: I fall to curiosity on how related is the blurred preview to the actual image, also, trying to challenge me to infer if the image is or is not a NSFW image.
Mg0 commented on Kaffie's post: Death ain't gonna help here, none knows what lies ahead. I've been reading [this]( but hasn't yet summarized it yet. It mentions a couple things like cholesterol in diet being important and other things that may help with your case if meds aren't affordable anymore. Please give it a read at least.
Mg0 commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Not meant for heavy drinking (no drinking actually), just mentioned it because or how easy it seems to be to get along with the bartenders, at least that's the way it is depicted in most media.
Mg0 commented on Styromaniac's post: Well, good to know. Also, aren't there guys like bartenders nice enough to talk to for a couple hours? like in RPG games and movies.
Mg0 commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac still alive: confirmed. Was wondering what happened with you and the mushroom research, how is it going?
Mg0 commented on Kaffie's post: Is it possible to at least have the name of those meds? I'd like to do a bit of googling on my own.
Mg0 commented on Kaffie's post: Ok, I was going through this [article]( to understand better but still got no clue what kind of hormone treatment you are on. For the diabetes cases diets should do most of the leveraging but for the sexual ones ... I'm clueless. Maybe some types of food well-known to arouse or stimulate in any other way the sexual parts of the body would hold a clue here. Not that I'm a doctor though, just wanted to check for possible solutions.
Mg0 commented on Kaffie's post: You don't have permission to die, but has clearance to use lethal force to overcome the former issue if neccessary. Also, what are the meds you are on? Can't you find an alternate source of the main ingredients of those meds? I've always wondered why people don't look out what makes a med effective and try to produce a close-enough alternative for it. Medicaments are always expensive, the less there are, the more they are needed and the fewer labs producing it.
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Mg0 commented on ulrichard's post: @ulrichard: if you could use gparted it may be easier for you since it's a graphical interface for parted. With it you may restore the partition table as well if fdisk is able to find it, and being overcautious is not a bad treat in this cases. I'd recommend using testdisk in favor of fdisk/parted though, since it really takes the trouble to find the partition table. Luck
Mg0 commented on ulrichard's post: Even if smaller, the partition table is normally layed out at the the first sectors of the disk or really close, so your partition table should have been copied as well, but, I know that GPT does us a backup partition table at the end of the disk so maybe when you tried the HDD that partition table was checked against the (non existent) backup partition table and things happened.... if you haven't modified the HDD then I suggest using testdisk to see if it can find the partition table.
Mg0 commented on Sharer's post: XD, networking class, lol
Mg0 commented on ulrichard's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: I checked, nvmen1 is the first NVMe kind block device in the system, I too thought that it was the first partition but it's the whole device, and dd is known to make byte-by-byte copies of block devices, it should have worked nicely.
Mg0 commented on ulrichard's post: I've never worked with NVMe myself but I don't think it would incur into issues with the command you ran. Try running `fdisk -l <hard disk>` to see if it has a partition table, and if so, run `partprobe <hard disk>` to make the system re-read that partition table. Also, you mentioned encryption, probably it has to do with that.
Mg0 commented on LoliGod's post: @loligod, no problem
Mg0 commented on LoliGod's post: Yeah, shouldn't add #NSFW to this? just saying.
Mg0 · mg0@zeroid.biton Aug 08, 2019

God, this place is surely becoming crowded! at least some folks will like it for testing zeronet's endurance with this many peers.

Kaffie · kaffie@zeroid.biton Aug 09, 2019Reply

I love it so much. This place finally isn't a ghost town.

Mg0 · mg0@zeroid.biton Apr 02, 2019

So, @Kaffie, you sure don't know me (like, does someone here do?) but I've been reading a bit about your condition, the donation stuff and the 'what about ending it all?' thing. So I have a couple things in my mind about it and I'm thinking of posting them here no matter if I have any experience or professional degree to talk about the matter because, there are no cops here, supposedly. So:

I have had lot of times when even the burning sunlight on my eyes couldn't deal with the gloomy view of the world and life I've had many times before, and really considered if life was worthwhile and why is it how it is and if god this and that... Gladly, even after agreeing how irrelevant being alive is I've never done anything to 'shutdown my inner operating system' because I'm not fond of pain (generally). The way I live my life shouldn't even hint depression to anyone but every now and then I get deeply disappointed on how things go on, but that doesn't matter much.

See, I've kind of geared my persona since I was a kid to not be affective nor social; pretty much whole primary school went through and I was always sitting alone to my liking, but I didn't just hate the world and all the people on it (didn't have too many reasons to do that, there were bully and gossiping girls but meh), I just loved loneliness and in all those days of silence I reflected deeply on my understanding of things, the world, others and myself. I've been forced to do things against my will (no shady stuff, but I didn't wanted to anyway) and that drained almost all of my will during a year or so. Man, I procrastinated so hard and unvoluntarily on those days and felt anxiety becoming a daily issue but that is over. After those days I wondered for a while why wasn't I feeling better/happier since the only issue with my life was supposedly solved, well after a while I found out that, after months of being slightly angry with pretty much any non-charming person around, I went to sleep some hours earlier one night and woke up almost loving how kind people can be to others sometimes.

Still have to check out if someone vaporized sugar on my bedroom but what I mean is that, what others say may not be true but they care for you, what they suggest may not help at all but they try to help. If part of the reasons that make you feel so bad are feeling worthless and unimportant, then mind the efforts of people across the net that find you worthy enough to go try and help you deal with this. I don't know how you feel, I'm not you but I know how I've felt and only can suggest things hoping they make you find reasons worth of stayin' alive (pun intended).

I love food, all those tastes make me happy; I like programming, small and sometimes silly pieces of code to amuse me or to learn is always interesting; I don't like going to sleep but I like sleeping a lot (mind the difference). I don't like being wet (as in taking a shower, no lewd stuff) but I really appreciate myself when taking a shower or a dump, dem ideas I get at such times are 1337; I like plants, it's like having a baby and going through parenthood over and over, while not being found liable by the fate of your offspring and having difficulty set at 'easy'; I like turtles (yeah, pun intended), haven't seen some in a while but they are kind of cute, like Yoda from Star Wars.

Well, this is a start, I won't keep repeating sugary stuff to keep you from doing whatever you are to do. It wouldn't be any pleasant but it's yours truly life here. Your life, and you decide what to do with it. I don't have power over your life, you don't have to do what I say, and afaik same happens with everyone else here. I personally fear regret more than death (and pain more than both but don't mind this). Hope this aids your mood.

PS: So, all that said.. I, uh ... sent you a zeromail like week ago or so and, well I'm pretty new here so I can't go complaining, right? but could you mail me back? or better, can you add my zite to kaffiene? no hurry tho, I get you are in no shape to attend this things now but was wondering if you ever received the mail. Wait, nvm. I should work on the zite a bit more, I'd request that later.

Mg0 · mg0@zeroid.biton Apr 02, 2019

Oh, so it automatically posts a "Hello ZeroMe!" ... now I get why all new users were greeting always the same and even twice sometimes.

Quantumworld · quantumworld@zeroid.biton Apr 03, 2019Reply

Ya, it is p2p. If you don't post we wont know you are here. Welcome to Zeronet..

Eightyfour · eightyfour@zeroid.biton Apr 02, 2019Reply

Welcome aboard and abroad!

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