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Nzmj commented on Styromaniac's post: What doesn't suck these days :(
Nzmj commented on Styromaniac's post: And who decided on which sides there are, and why must it be a binary choice (sides)? >Before the truth will set you free, it'll piss you off - some song
*sigh* commented on Differentiation's post: Very good :)
*sigh* · nzmj@zeroid.biton Jul 08, 2019

How could you add IP addresses to a ZeroNet URL again?

Found it:,3ext3y6ckh77wdw4.onion:24115

You can copy a ZeroNet URL with its peers from the sidebar,
click on Copy to clipboard

*sigh* · nzmj@zeroid.biton Jul 08, 2019


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